by pkvi
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"fake" money holders.

whats in your wallet, then?

federal reserve "real" money?

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"must be submitted in time to reach DARPA by 12:00 PM (ET) Monday, June 23, 2003"

"On February 4, 2004, a Harvard sophomore named Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook" which, he stole the idea from the Gemini Twins when he worked for them as a coder.

where do you get the idea Zuckerberg worked on lifelog pre-facebook?

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just like income tax...

you agreed to it before...

so why are you complaining now?

then you'll get the generic freebie 3rd world country shot.

besides, who said you'd have money anyways?

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they do not worship a jew. they worship an Israelite. there is a difference.

Jesus is Hebrew but not a Judean. he is of Jacob, not Esau. there are 12+ tribes.

the Judeans were left & the Israelites were taken into captivity in Egypt.

the story of Sodom & Gomorrah does teach people how to deal with them. you don't want it to get as bad as the first part of the story & if it does... there comes a time to say "you're fired" & burn them out

most Christians aren't cowards... they are trying not to be assholes or killers. they are trying to kill their ego daily to be better people.

oh & Muslims sex-traffic girls & boys too.. this fact alone makes your statement ridiculous.

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people throughout time work together towards a goal in a unit like a ship.

they would WORK on the SHIP of their god & go about things in that manner.

competing groups would recruit more followers.

they would tell stories of their gods abilities, magic, power, etc

outsiders referred to this like being kidnapped into a cult where the person has fallen under that god spell.

churches & courts are laid out patterned after a ship.

so... in previous centuries

work on a ships crew? who do you "workship" for?

work on/in a temple? who are you worshipping became worship.

i workship the god (X) don't try to cast your god spell on me...

i worship at the SDA Chruch don't try to cast your Godspell (Gospel) on me Mormon.

get it?

words evolve.

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its the GodSpell of the one you workship for...

by qclick
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idiot. "The miracle of Christianity is the concept of the trinity"

do you not know of all the "Trinities" in history? Ra, isis, horus king nimrod Semeramis tammuz

next, you'll be saying Jesus was a Judean & not descended from Jacob.

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only 15 years? youre a rookie.

your first mistake was thinking that a "conspiracy theorist" is a real thing & immediately means there is no truth to whatever the statement is.

it's not. It's CIA bullshit to distract & it's still going on.

legally collusion & conspiracy are the same.

and collusion gets prosecuted 100x a day in America.

so all DAs are "conspiracy theorists" in that sense of the word?

of course not.

it's all a diversion.

stay true to the path.

It's been over 60 years & the original JFK papers have not been released & those that have, say the CIA killed the POTUS.

and the CIA has held POTUS.

until Trump.

it's easy to get burnt out when your facing hysterical idiots who don't care for the truth but are only protecting their ego.

be the light the dark is afraid of.

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chickens eat bugs. we eat chickens.

cant have that anymore now can we?

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free will.

they need to give you enough clues to legitimately claim your soul.

crowley lays this out & to attain this, learn to walk backwards talk backwards read backwards etc...

everything is reversed in corruption land.

funny how it always comes down to good vs evil (god vs devil)

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"gloves off cap + P" was the message i saw. he was close to me on route 66 also. yikes...

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That's no theory.

that's experience.

he lied right off the bat & repeated Cooper's off-hand prediction about assets such as Usama bin laden using explosives on buildings as a false flag diversion power grab finishing the job that was attempted in 1993 as his own.

and like I said he hangs up on certain people.

when you've listened over the years live

then you see a pattern.

and btw a Wormtounge would say

what the crowd wants to hear

isn't that the job of the fool?

now no one can talk openly about the sandy hook event

among other topics.

get it?

or did ya nazi that coming?

there's a case to refer to now

by the minion gatekeepers

when someone dares to leave Plato's cave

truth does not fear the light of day.

peace out.

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AJ is a gatekeeper.

talk about masons talk about small hats & he hangs up on callers for decades

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Americans legally defend themselves everyday.

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"whites" are the world wide minority.

defend your homeland

reject globalist lies of utopia

this is war.

by pkvi
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it's not up to you whether it is happening.

you're either smart enough to jump out of the pot & help others escape

or you sit there in your ego & let yourself along with others boil by your prideful doubt because, as you put it, are "not sold" on the idea of systematic depopulation.

this is a boiling frog post. you're already watching people die.

and with that

I'm out.

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation." - Prince Philip

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