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Ayh see that and the hour us right BUT BUT BUT the problem with that is that the other guy is wearing shoes.

So unless he was trying to leave or had just come in and was being dejected?.. ~(o.o)~

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Ayh will type slow bcz ayh know you have a difficult time understanding things here..

When a person(s) says one thing then immediately states the opposite, we not only put on display why we distrust this person but also offer evidence of such to validate said distrust.

Your inability to decipher this perhaps best demonstrates you are not mature enough to be here and your attempts to instigate with vague contrary deflections are inexperienced.

Advice, sit silently and read for a few years.

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What is to trust? Do ayh require the FDA to define what ayh shd already know about certain mechanisms of food and drugs? Or are things so surpassed reasonable that ayh need to put faith into a government agency to convince me that radical things are okay to consume --> which by very premise of being radical enough to need be explained, is probably evidence of not being ideal.

Abridged: Never have. Ayh grew up in the age of them flip flopping on salt and eggs.. so they never gave me a reason to trust them.

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Ayh don't know if its lying so much as its this arrogance that historians have about their submissions. They become so certain of some things that they become stubborn.

Look at the time period of alienating people who thought the Earth was not the center of the solar system .. it was scientists and historians who aided in persecuting wrong think.

Historians are like philosophers in being too stubborn about their perceptions.

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Its remarkable what a burden he is.

There is countless examples of known but unexplored passages and chambers and he dismisses them.

He dismisses DNA analysis of mummies.

He bullied archeologists from even submitting requests.

Like you said, he acts more like a gate keeper than a scientist.

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Its worse than that bcz --> they are hunter gatherers in thin amounts and yet they manage to evenly distribute thru thousands of years of harsh supply? That goes against the very dynamic of migration's success and evolution.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence to show 40,000 years ago peoples travelled the islands of the South Pacific.


These same genetic people also went purely north from the Middle East and thru Siberia and across the strait. That makes no sense.

Ayh question genealogy studies and haplogroup understanding.

The absence of descent south from most groups who travelled north makes no sense during the ice age (20KYA)

Then if we look at the spread of evolution in the Americas.. its primarily in the southern regions -- why was it not more evenly distributed thru the North and South?

Too many discrepancies and much reason to believe there are missing major cultures from our history books

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This guy has been shown to impede digs since the 1970's.


Bcz he MUST be a the site of every discovery so he can be accredited for it. Fast forward to more modern times and he MUST visually be there for documentation of new discoveries to take credit. Thus, discoveries can not be made all over the place at the same time.

When he dies, perhaps history can improve.

(sorry for the repost, had to correct something)

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For some time now it seems that PDW is two communities. There is the moderated FP one where a certain narrative is allowed and then there is the less moderated citizen community where they oppose 90% of what is FP.

Perhaps u/Doggos would be willing to accept compiled data to show this gross discrepancy.

Easier experiment, u/Doggos, would be to post and pin content that is more contentious to TD (note Donald) and see the response.

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The obsolesce behavior of the consumer is the most annoying part -- its a novelty for a few weeks then never used again, thus a waste of money and bandwidth and spying.

They thank you for the allowing to spy tho.

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