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Whoever did this .. jeezus christ well done.

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There still resembles no viable evidence that facilities are even primarily testing for influenza AT ALL and that RT PCR for labeled CoHoax Pneumonia is the ONLY testing made.

What is some other fuckery is the absence of reporting on bacterial pneumonia cases which we all know due to masks had to have escalated to astronomical levels.

Not a peep is IMPOSSIBLE

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You can't tell me everything predicted in campy sci fi films of the 60's 70's are not being mirrored today. Its almost uncanny.

We should be having watch parties to predict whats next.

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70's science fiction has really fucking taken hold.

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Someone had pointed out that the video of the shooter at the door saying "Open the door BRO" does not exactly fit the image of the shooter.

Now we get he is transferred from juvi and denied bail?


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The statistic has never changed .. the average age of death exceeds the average lifespan of humans.

The behavior of EVERYONE in charge is not indicative of a group seeking the best interests of the people on the whole. This was engineered chaos.

Prove me wrong.

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Wasn't that the victim who said that?

My emphasis is that Trumpers are telling me that Trump didn't do business with Epstein --> then WHY was Trump so buddy buddy with Epstein at all?.. and for years?

Epstein made his bones serving in some mysterious role in the 90's and early 00's and the friends he had could not have known what he was into.

Frankly Donald is a scuzzy person to begin with. Ayh remember the 90's.. no one thought highly of him. He was just another sleazy NYC democrat.

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If ayh cared ayh would keep a healthy screen shot catalog of all the triggered Trumpers everytime ayh post something about Donald and his salacious past.

He was a NYC Democrat who donated to Hillary Clinton THREE TIMES.


He palled around Epstein but had no business relations with him.


He pardoned a sex offender rapper

WAAAHHHH HE REALLY LIKES UH.. uh.. yeah can't explain that.

Trump was never on your side and there are countless examples if you'd judge him as harshly as you do any RINO.

He will be this generations Bush.

We'll show you.

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Its been my position that my only concern with depopulation is not having been informed. If Klaus had come to me, said, listen, they gotta go, ayh would have said, ayh know how to drive a bulldozer.

Since they didn't include me --> now its us vs them vs (them)

More precisely its us vs (them) with human shields in between like a really bad miniature golf course.. ~(o.o)~

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