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they kept daily diaries, if they seen a yeti someone would have wrote about it. This picture is the back shot of one of the hikers walking ahead, you can see his trail thru the snow. The reason he looks taller is because they are standing/walking on 3+ feet of packed snow.

Dyatlov is easy when you think about it critically. The reason the Russian government is so weird about tis event is because they don't want the real truth to come out. They treat these people like hero's and purposefully poison the well with radical theories.

Take the cut on the tents. They say there tons of cuts and the hikers cut there way out of the tent. They forget to leave out that everyday someone was designated to sow holes, because it was common for equipment to puncture holes in the tent. they had a oven, axes skis tons of sharp objects all in side the tent.

they also talk about radiated clothing but leave out that one of the hikers worked at a reactor.

Another thing left out is that Igor was a loose cannon. He was wild, would argue with everyone, nearly got the whole trip cancelled because he almost got arrested.

He was also dating that chick (Zinida?) before they left, then she started "seeing" another hiker during the trip itself.

Id bet my life Igor caught them messing around late anight and a fight broke out in the tent. Thats why everyone had to abandon the tent in a rush, one of the men threw the other one and tore a massive whole thru the tent.

tensions flared and the group split, Igor might have been killed initially, he had sign of fist fighting and was messed up.

one group went to the tree line, they had signs of tramua. This was from climbing the tree to get kindle of branches. The tree had branches broken indicating someone climbed up. He might have fell and broken bones. They started a fire but it was too little to late and died of exposure.

the four by the creek bed is tricky, they seemed to live longer then the rest. They might have went back to the tent for resources because alot of them were better dressed with mix matched cloths.

my best guess for them is that they were digging a den in snow for cover from the cold wind and didn't realise they're was a running creek just under them. The snow den collapsed and they were all crushed under the weight and exposed to the river.

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I agree. Its kinda weird to me, when i figured this out i didn't run to god. Sure being the center of everything does have some obvious importance but jumping on the bible like its the fucking only truth around doesn't sit well with me. Especially considering it stems from the most corrupt organization in history.

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i think were fucked, every kid i see know a days has a tablet or phone. Its their everything, basically raises the kid in some situations.

See we could revert back to landlines and flip phones because we have lived that life. I dont think this up and coming gen could though, smart phones are all they know.

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a nice big glass of silica rich mineral water 3 times a day

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do not trust anything that claims DNA can give you a timeline or date. They have no fucking clue when it comes to "when" speciation occurs.

They all use a computer program (BLAST for an example) that uses a formula that includes a variable called the "Random Mutation Rate". See the problem is that random mutation doesn't occur, thats old dogma based of Darwin masquerading as scientific theory.

truth be told, alot of were told about DNA is total horse shit. I got a really interesting papar about it. They had a huge conference in Europe were all the world experts in genetics attended. TLDR it nearly ended in a screaming match cus half the people wanted to throw out the whole model genetics is based on.

our DNA is in a constant state of change, it differs depend on where it was taken and every single interaction you have with the world around you alters it. You bang your foot, your DNA changes.

by WoodDoe
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stop watching tranny porn

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ok ill make you a deal, send me a link and ill check it out. But let me just ask you one thing... what if there just lying about it? you know, kinda like how the experts and media and politicians lied to us about covid? take care

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come on now, you cant really believe there gonna probe the sun.. according to your model the outside of the sun is over 10 000f. Theirs massive energy jets of cosmic radiation exploding from it in all directions daily. its all just nonsense frew

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we need a REAL truth board. no political theater, no trust the plan shit, no gain of function, just cold hard facts.

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i made many post about virology and a couple FE here and there but tbh its like yelling into an empty room. theres too much programming for them too get over

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