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cant wait for people to start pretending they never got a vax

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well first off the electron microscope shouldn't even been used in biology. Harold Hillman said numerous times that the cellur model might not even be correct because the electron microscope process is very destructive and causes artifacting.

the little globules of partial DNA are simply the fragments of a dead cell. thats why they cant isolate it. theres no grabbing, they have never ever isolated a virus. they even admit this.

I think you may have been mistaken about the process of "isolation". See its never ever happened, thats what this whole deal is about

what they did in the past is mix cells from a sick person with a bunch of other cells (like diseased monkey kidney cells and baby horse blood) to make a cell culture. then inject that same diseased toxic mess into different animals. like inject it into the brain and see if they get ill or die. or cut there throats oppen and pour right in the tissue. most die because well, they get toxic dead cell tissues injected into there organs. this is how they proved viruses make us sick and are contagious...

then came the PCR, which doesn't isolate anything either, just gives you a tiny reading of DNA so small that its meaningless and also gets increasing less accurate as the cycles go up. even now they have never isolated any virus ever.

also i believe you may be talking about The Tobacco Mosaic Virus. if so the Bailys covered that also - https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/viruses-unplugged/tobacco-mosaic-virus-the-beginning-and-end-of-virology/

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i heard him talking about this. what you posted was totally new to me but makes sense now. I guess the woman he founded the organization with didn't want to work with him any longer she see left to work with other people. reiner didn't say a thing about her claims though. im starting to think reiner glows in the dark.

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doesn't stop the fact that theres no curve, and our ancestors viewed the world as a flat geocentric realm.

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tbh i dont know alot about cancer. will keep an eye this thread cus ill be diving into this soon enough

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bill hicks is putting his acting career to good use here

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our "planet" has a tilt while it rotates, meaning the visible sky should also tilt with the planet as it travels around the suns. this is why we apprentilly have seasons.

all good right? well no because our view doesn't tilt along with the planet. the stars are in the same spot no matter what

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naw man i assure its not that, alot of Pro Flat earthers were at one time interested in space. I loved space(or modern cosmology), all my favorite shows growing up involved space and or extraterrestrials. Even space conspiracies, like life on mars, or that we might have come from there millions of years ago.

ohh Nibiru was huge one for me too. I fucking loved that idea of another hidden planet on a 3500 years orbit. life on Jupiter's moons, space is so interesting that you could spend a lifetime just thinking about it.

its a time sink, the ultimate time sink. that alot of us fell into

the thing that broke it for me was the constellations. they never change and have been the same since inception. no matter what night, no matter what time of the year, if you look up into the sky you see the same thing.

if you look up at the north star on the shortest day of the year, the stars are in the same place as they are on the longest day of the year. all spinning around Polaris which is in the same spot. this shouldn't be the case if we were actually spinning around the sun moving thru the milky way

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wait i thought when a building is on fire it only burns for a couple hours then free fall collapses on its self. how could this be?!!?

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lmao fact checkers please respond!!

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well the majority of them do believe trump and the space force are gonna save us all so i dont think you really had a chance anyway

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thanks for the heads up fwend

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viruses and immunity dont exist my frewn. Hepatitis is liver inflammation and deterioration. whats happening with "hepatitis" is the person is consuming (to much alcohol) or doing some activity (intervenes drug use, steroid abuse) that is causing the individuals liver to deteriorate. When this happens internal bacteria breaks down the dying tissue to get ride of it.

if some one wants to get "immunity" or cure Hepatitis they have to identify what they are doing thats causing there liver to deteriorate and fix that behaviour.

if you were to go to the hospital and get an anti viral med or whatever they bullshit they try to feed em, all its going to do it temporarily stop the cycle of cellular breakdown. its not going to fix the problem of liver damage or fix what was initially causing it. its like the whole idea of putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound, sure it might stop bleeding but doesnt fix the internal damage

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remember when feeding kids insects was child abuse? cus Pepperidge farms remembers

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