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we talked about "string theory, critical race theory, the beginning of civilization.." what the actual fuck is this? This witness is clearly a plant. with that knowledge we can ascertain that everything hes going to say is designed to further an agenda.

holy shit, it just hit me, this anit about guns like pervious hoax's. the purpose of describing the topics they talked about (topics that interested the shooter) are used as a way to profile him to the masses.

propaganda pushes this to the masses and they falsely draw association with others who might share interests. in the past they've done this to gun enthusiasts, incels, white nationalists. take the latter as an example They stage some glowie op, then throw some manuscript or archived tweets in with a few hot topic subjects like the jewish question, or some shit about immigrants and bam. the masses now view ALL white nationalist as crazy racists.

physics, ancient history and social pyso-ops are all things we talk about here. I think in the coming months "conspiracists" are gonna be the new boogie man to the sheeple. buckle up there coming for our tin hats!!!

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there using the "fabricate a problem, implement a solution" script

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i know one gun had "remove Kebab" on it. this events are very strange either way

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eerily similar to the Christ church one

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its hard to relate to people nowadays. I meet someone, talk to them and eventually the same thing happens. I realize that we live in different worlds now, I wake up and pretend im a part of this society, i interact with its occupants, listen to them talk about about the false reality they live in, and wait till i can eventually leave it

i think many are getting to the point were its becoming impossible to remain just a bystander. but to actually save these people, people unaware of malicious underbelly of our society and reality, you have destroy the one thing they have learned to trust in and rely on. the societal slave hierarchy we find ourselves in.

people live in the moment, the now is all that matters, what happened in the past or what the future leads to, doesnt matter.

like you said, even though you know whats going on you still just get up and go about your day like normal. I do the same. Its like being on a train and knowing in a few 100 miles the track is broken with no way to stop it. do you let them live like nothing is going to happen, or do you rip them from there blissful ignorance so they can be aware of there coming disaster.

its a dilemma i dont have the answer for. to save these people severe actions would have to be taken against the hierarchy. actions that would drastically effect the day to day life of common people. pulling them from the safety net of society would inturn cause them to look at us as the enemy. they would hate us and blame us for everything that would follow.. They dont care about the future, they care about now. people in the moment. your clearly struggling with that concept, as am I. personally i find myself building resentment for those who dont see it.

maybe this is there plan, push the small few to brink so they act, add to the chaos and create dived, once the people turn on those that tried to save them TPTB will step right back in under the guise of justice

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the flu is a tricky one, unlike most of these new viruses and cancers and linesses the flu has been around for much, much longer. I know personally, when ever there is a big atmospheric pressure change or drastic change in humidity i tend to wake up stuffy, these things kind of coincide with seasons. My current line of thinking is flus could be a seasonal cleanse our bodies go thru that is triggered by change in seasons. Kind of like how a snake sheds its skin periodically.

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well now, no wonder a pack hotdogs costs 10$ now

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covid has never been properly isolated = doesn't actually exist. LC or long covid is the result of being immunocompromised from being vaccinated.

if you look at the supposed symptoms of long covid (neurological issues, heart kidney and liver damage and increased rate of sickness) there the same as vaccine adverse reactions

so in conclusions long covid = vaccine damaged

my post was designed to give you alook into someone's life who is brainwashed into believing the official narrative and repercussions in blind trust.

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