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Like, what is this.. this is what they call "twinkling".. I just raised the colors that were already there. If you'd film the sun, it wouldn't do this same thing. I guess like going through space, does this. lol.

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Insta home page post about it says.. blurred out image.. says..

False information. The same information was reviewed by independent fact-checkers in another post.

In the home page, I click, it briefly showed the why text, and then couple seconds later, home page reloaded on it's own. Removed the post.

I saw who it was.. went to their page, from my chrome bookmarks.. I categorize whoever in whatever folder, couple months later if they're still there after following.

Then I go to her page, can see the post.. I click the "see why" it was blurred and censored. Here's what it claimed.

False information Third-party fact-checkers said the same information was false in another post. While the posts are similar, there may be small differences.

Fact-Checker: Science Feedback Conclusion: False More Information: Addressing false claims that Vitamin K shots have toxic levels of aluminum, Hepatitis B vaccines contain toxic ingredients, and more - Health Feedback Learn more about how Instagram is working with independent fact-checkers to reduce false information.

ok so they're claiming, 100% of everything this woman said in the vid, it's all "hogwash". I watched lots of it, and didn't see nothing about no vitamin k shots.

Then I click the link about:

More Information: Addressing false claims that Vitamin K shots have toxic levels of aluminum, Hepatitis B vaccines contain toxic ingredients, and more - Health Feedback

That loads up another page that isn't on instagram.. that's interesting because never have I seen a link that goes elsewhere, when you're on the site.. ok let's check it out.


This is where they say it's all hogwash.

Addressing false claims that Vitamin K shots have toxic levels of aluminum, Hepatitis B vaccines contain toxic ingredients, and more Share Tweet

CLAIM Vitamin K shots are dangerous because of toxic levels of aluminum; Hepatitis B vaccines contain toxic ingredients VERDICT

SOURCE: Social media users, Instagram, 7 Dec. 2023

DETAILS Factually inaccurate: Vitamin K shots only contain small amounts of aluminum, well below the tolerable exposure level indicated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Incorrect: The composition of the Hepatitis B vaccine doesn’t indicate that the vaccine is dangerous. The ingredients, including aluminum, formaldehyde, and yeast protein, are present in amounts well below the level for toxicity. KEY TAKE AWAY Newborns benefit from early vitamin K injection and childhood vaccines. Vitamin K is important to prevent spontaneous bleeding due to vitamin K deficiency, which is common at birth. Children can get Hepatitis B from their mothers or other children and are at a higher risk than adults of developing chronic infections and complications from the disease. The hepatitis B vaccine is safe and effective against the disease. None of their ingredients are toxic at the concentration used in the vaccines. FULL CLAIM: Vitamin K shots are dangerous because of toxic levels of aluminum; Hepatitis B vaccines contain toxic ingredients; Tylenol causes autism; hospitals aren’t a safe place to give birth REVIEW

A post shared on Instagram in December 2023 listed several health-related claims revolving around the idea that pediatricians and obstetricians aren’t to be trusted as they disseminate false information. We analyze several of these claims in this review. Claim 1 (Inaccurate): “My OB-GYN said vitamin k shot was just a vitamin, but it’s designed to make babies blood thicker in case of OB causing [brain] damage […] Aluminum content is 20,000 times MORE than the recommended dose, for adults !”

The claim that vitamin K shots are dangerous to neonates because they contain toxic levels of aluminum has appeared before, such as in this post by Children’s Health Defense, an anti-vaccine website that often disseminates vaccine disinformation. Similar claims have been reviewed in the past and found to be inaccurate.

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for the synthesis of molecules involved in blood coagulation. In other words, vitamin K plays an important role in the body’s ability to form blood clotting to avoid bleeding. Sources of vitamin K include green leafy vegetables, as well as bacteria colonizing the human intestinal tract.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended giving a vitamin K shot to newborn babies since 1961 to prevent vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB)[1]. VKDB occurs when the body isn’t able to adequately form blood clots because of the lack of vitamin K and starts bleeding uncontrollably. Symptoms include bruises, paler skin than usual, and nose bleeds. The condition can be life-threatening when internal bleeding occurs, which can lead to brain damage and organ failure.

Babies are naturally born with low levels of vitamin K and their diet doesn’t provide them with external sources of that vitamin. Thus, they are particularly at risk of VKDB, which occurs in up to one in sixty newborns. One vitamin K injection at birth reduces by 81-fold the risk of suffering from VKDB.

Thus, contrary to the post, the vitamin K injection isn’t designed as a necessarily a safety measure against mistakes from obstetricians but to reduce the severity of any bleedings and prevent VKDB, a naturally occurring health condition.

The claim that vitamin K shots are dangerous because they contain 20,000 times the recommended amount of aluminum is inaccurate. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that the total allowable exposure to aluminum through the intravenous route not exceed five micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day. One microgram is one thousandth of a milligram, or one millionth of a gram.

This means that the allowable aluminum exposure for a baby of an average weight at birth (three kilograms) is 15 micrograms per day.

Package information leaflets for vitamin K vials state that the vials contain no more than 100 micrograms of aluminum per liter. The leaflets cited above, as well as the vaccine information resource Vaxopedia indicate that newborns only get 0.5 milliliter of vitamin K solution. This means that they only receive 0.05 micrograms of aluminum through their vitamin K shot, at most. Thus, one vitamin K shot only contains 0.33% of the total allowable daily amount of aluminum.

Christine Gold, a pediatrician at UC Health University of Colorado Hospital, told USA Today that the vitamin K injection is “safe and life saving” and pointed out that “[a] baby who grows up to ever put his or her hand in their mouth, or whoever takes a bite of ice cream, will see more of those stabilizers/buffers at that time than all of the vaccines or vitamins we inject combined”.

Lena Claire van der List, a pediatrician at the University of California Davis, told the AFP that she has “zero concerns about the additives that are required to stabilize and effectively deliver this life-saving medication to newborns.”

Claim 2 (Incorrect): “My OB said … Hep B was safe ! But Hep B vaccine: contains aluminum, yeast proteins, formaldehyde, salt, borax, proteins from Hep B virus”

We previously explained that Hepatitis B vaccines are safe and effective at providing long-term protection against the disease. Hepatitis B is believed by some as a purely sexually transmitted infection, suggesting that children aren’t usually exposed to it. However, this is a misconception.

Indeed, transmission can occur from the mother to the baby during pregnancy or birth. Child-to-child transmission is a major route of infection in regions with high HBV transmission because children are more likely to have contact with each other’s body fluids, such as saliva and tears.

While the list of ingredients presented in the claim is accurate, the claim that this makes the vaccine dangerous is incorrect.

Hepatitis B vaccines do contain some yeast proteins, because the vaccine’s manufacturing process involves baker’s yeast. However, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia explains that yeast proteins are only present in low amounts (one to five milligrams per milliliter) and that there is no data suggesting that they are dangerous.

The Hepatitis B vaccines also contain aluminum salts that are used as adjuvants. Adjuvants are substances added to the vaccine to enhance the immune response to the vaccine, thereby improving its effectiveness. Aluminum is progressively eliminated from the body through the kidneys and the level of aluminum exposure from diet and vaccines isn’t considered dangerous. In fact, children receive more aluminum from their diet than through vaccines. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia indicates that a baby receives about four milligrams of aluminum via vaccination during the first six months of life, but 7 to 117 milligrams through their diet.

The University of Oxford explains that formaldehyde is used to inactivate viral toxins present in the vaccine. Thus, formaldehyde actually serves to make the vaccine safer. Although high concentrations of formaldehyde are toxic, the amount present in vaccines is safe. In fact, formaldehyde is also naturally present in our body as it is essential for DNA synthesis. The amount of formaldehyde naturally circulating in the body is about 1,500 higher than the amount contained in vaccines received during childhood.

The fact that proteins from the Hepatitis B virus are listed among the supposedly toxic ingredients illustrates the lack of scientific understanding exhibited by the claim. Indeed, the whole idea of a vaccine is to contain harmless parts of a pathogen, in order to train the immune system to detect and target the pathogen in a future encounter. It is thus perfectly expected, and actually necessary, that proteins from the pathogen it targets are present in the vaccine.

Claim 3 (Unsupported): “My OB said it was fine to take Tylenol while pregnant now they’re saying Tylenol is causing Autism and Asthma”

Health Feedback already reviewed that claim in a previous article. We found that currently available data on the association between Tylenol use and autism are inconclusive. In our previous review, we detailed the limitations of the scientific studies that had reported an association between Tylenol use during pregnancy and autism.

One limitation is that exposure to Tylenol isn’t controlled in these studies. This means that researchers are uncertain about how much Tylenol the mother took. Another is that some studies didn’t include a control group—a group of mothers who didn’t use Tylenol during pregnancy—so that it isn’t possible to establish a comparison.

Furthermore, focusing on the alleged risk of Tylenol overlooks the benefits of that drug. As we explained, alternatives to Tylenol for pain relief are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids, both of which carry proven risks for pregnant women, unlike Tylenol.

Claim 4 (Misleading): “My OB-GYN said it was safe to birth in a hospital but About 11,300 babies die within 21 hours after birth each YEAR in the United States!”

This claim appears to imply that it is safer to give birth outside of hospitals. We found that the figure cited in the claim appeared in a report from the non-profit organization Save the Children from 2013 finding that 11,300 babies die within 24 hours after birth in the U.S. However, these data are ten years old and more recent figures aren’t readily available. Thus, it’s worth pointing out that the claim relies on possibly outdated information.

This number of perinatal deaths is high compared to other industrialized countries and the report from Save the Children suggests that inequality in access to healthcare is part of the reason. However, this doesn’t mean that hospitals are more dangerous than other places to give birth. In fact, research showed that planned home births are associated with a higher risk of infant death, seizures and nervous system disorders than planned hospital births.

REFERENCES 1 – Hand et al. (2022) Vitamin K and the Newborn Infant. Pediatrics Vaccine vitamin K

Published on: 13 Dec 2023 | Editor: Pablo Rougerie

Health Feedback is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to science education. Our reviews are crowdsourced directly from a community of scientists with relevant expertise. We strive to explain whether and why information is or is not consistent with the science and to help readers know which news to trust. Please get in touch if you have any comment or think there is an important claim or article that would need to be reviewed.

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ah, so hey got it incorrect about this least resistance to electricity.. hmm.. silver, eh. But yeah I heard that gold doesn't rust. They use it in headphone jacks. I never heard about like pure silver being used for stuff other than silverware. lol.

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Looks like this chick might of had some type of little vending table stand on a sidewalk. Then something happened. What are those things scattered on the ground.. one seems like it has a litlte wind-up thing. Was she selling those. Then she gets raped, but was it this thing. I don't know, it doesn't seem like it. But it's ripping up these wind up gizmos in each hand, and stomping on them. Somebody kicked over the table. Uh, did she get raped.. maybe not cause her panties are just down, and not off, right. Why's she out cold like that.. her arms on the side, top open. What's that on her hea, some hat.. seems like a paper with a price on it.

Then what's going on with this android in the bad coat and shoes that a person would wear. Then it's "head".. it had this hat on too but it got nudged off. Some type of tech bang type shot by it's head. It looks like it has clamper jaws but camera things, 3 lenses above it's jaw thing. It's looking "upwards".

Now you got this odd flying creature that's in the air above the fence. Coming down towards that android, it seems. What is this thing. It's more biological, compared to how the droid didn't have "blood" type flesh thing. So, now you're getting into the occult. But for some reason it's got chrome knives around it's head. Seems like this clamper mouth type thing with it but it's teeth are chrome. Are the knives like it's teeth. Has this big cartoon tongue. Then these arms.. and some type of knight in shining armour, chrome type of chest outfit. But it looks like the background where I thought.. oh maybe it's like camouflage tech they had but don't tell us about till years later. No it's more just chrome. Now this thing is shooting out these skull and bones type gremlins goulsout of it, or something. Then you see the trajectory lines of how it came over the fence and down at it. No indication of this yellow orange type circular head shot on the droid, which may have knocked off it's hat. Oh, the creature on top.. looks like 4 arms. But some type of what was that flying off.. a chrome hat. It's coming down to get this android. Doesn't seem interested in the girl. So what is this scenario.. seems futuristic.

Oh, she's got a shoe off, the chick. lol

I look up who the artist was. See this:

"It was a Robert Williams painting of a robot rapist about to be punished by a metal avenger. It was deemed too controversial and was changed to the now famous cross and skulls design. Robert Williams is an American painter and a founding member of the underground comix movement."

Ah.. so it's like a cop thing nailing the android for rape.. but her panties are not off her legs. What happened to her though.. she got knocked out cold, it seems.

Checking out some of this guy's other art.


Gotta be conspiracy stuff in these things. Telling you about stuff. lol

When painter Robert Williams got a call from his publisher saying that a fledgling hard-rock band called Guns N' Roses wanted to use one of his paintings as the cover for their debut, the then 44-year-old artist couldn't be bothered to call them back. This was 1987, and unknown bands were regularly calling on Williams. As a member of the Zap Comix collective in the '60s and '70s (alongside celebrated underground cartoonist Robert Crumb), Williams had become a counterculture institution by the time Guns came knocking. In 1979, he had published The Lowbrow Art of Robert Williams, a folio book, which kickstarted the surrealist "lowbrow" art movement, sporting a painting from his four-part "Super Cartoons" series, titled Appetite for Destruction, on its cover.

"The paintings were highly detailed," he tells Revolver. "I did them with a magnifying glass—and they all had a certain degree of gratuitous sex and violence. It wasn't so much the subject matter that was important but the composition of an anxiety going around, an ellipse of violence. If you look at the painting, you see that a young girl has been assaulted and this robot has torn up her toys. And then here comes this vengeful orange thing over the fence to get him. Not the most intellectual thing in the world, but suitable for an underground comic."

At the time he painted it, Williams couldn't get his work shown in galleries. Still, he managed to sell the original Appetite for $10,000 in 1981.

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I looked for the pdf of that. Lemme get where I found it from.


So they can check out what this is about. I was going through it.. reading some.. noticed this section:

The Four F’s: Fight, Flight, Freeze And Fawn

Earlier, I mentioned the fight/flight response that is an innate automatic response to danger in all human beings. A more complete and accurate description of this instinct is the fight/flight/freeze/fawn response. The complex nervous system wiring of this response allows a person in danger to react in four different ways.

A fight response is triggered when a person suddenly responds aggressively to something threatening. A flight response is triggered when a person responds to a perceived threat by fleeing, or symbolically, by launching into hyperactivity. A freeze response is triggered when a person, realizing resistance is futile, gives up, numbs out into dissociation and/or collapses as if accepting the inevitability of being hurt. A fawn response is triggered when a person responds to threat by trying to be pleasing or helpful in order to appease and forestall an attacker. This fourfold response potential will heretofore be referred to as the 4Fs.

Kept checking through pages. This whole thing is really in-depth for people who are messed up. Then if they start getting on pharmaceuticals, they'd get those negative side effects they spend half of TV commercials warning about. But they take them anyways and get even more messed up from those health problems.

I grew up normal. Wasn't hit. Not on any pills. What do I think of these PTSD people. Well, they're "weak" and no matter what's going on, you can't just keep being a "pussy" and feeling sorry for yourself with the, "woe is me", on top of all the multitudes of losing going on. These people probably got lots of bad habits to try and temporarily feel better from that mountain of bullshit. That's like trying to clean up a hoarder's house. I think they're all pussies and need to man-up. lol. No matter what the fuck went on, and however bad it was. Otherwise, they'll never be able to fix their shit. So, this is like trying to clean the hoarder's house. They'll have major issues with the always going back to the "ego" shit.

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what does the "higher self" think about "service to others"


The concept of the “higher self” is often associated with the most enlightened, spiritually evolved version of an individual, resonating with unconditional love, profound wisdom, and a deep connection to the universal source1. In this context, “service to others” is seen as a natural expression of the higher self. Acts of selflessness and compassion are considered to be in alignment with the qualities of the higher self, such as universal love and compassion1.

The idea is that by serving others, we not only help those in need but also foster our own spiritual growth and connection to our higher self. It’s a path of self-discovery and self-actualization, where one can gain insights into their own values, beliefs, and strengths2. As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This suggests that service to others is not just a moral duty but also a means of personal and spiritual development2.

So, in essence, the higher self views service to others as a crucial aspect of spiritual practice and personal enlightenment132. It’s a way to transcend the ego and connect with a deeper sense of purpose and interconnectedness with all life1.


What about if you barely have money so you can't just give money to homeless people.


Service to others doesn’t necessarily require monetary contributions. There are many ways to help that don’t involve giving money, especially if one’s own financial resources are limited. Here are some ideas:

Volunteering Time: Offer your time to local shelters, food banks, or community centers.

Sharing Skills: Use your skills or talents to benefit others, like tutoring, repairing, or cooking.

Donating Items: Give away clothes, food, or other items you no longer need.

Advocacy: Raise awareness about issues affecting the homeless or disadvantaged groups.

Kindness: Simple acts of kindness, such as a smile or conversation, can make a significant difference.

Remember, the essence of service is the intention and effort to uplift others, regardless of the form it takes. Your higher self would recognize the value in any genuine act of kindness and service.

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I think a lot of this.. has to do with the present moment, where you go.. ok do I do what I feel like doing, or do you do, what you know is the right thing, but it may be more difficult.

It's almost like this trying to quit smoking or guys who can't handle drinking, like those hardcore alcoholics, if they try to quit. Where their mind will continuously keep thinking about it all the time. Then you get guys who do quit but you know they're miserable all the time. Sometimes might be better off just smoking again. Some people get old and still do it. You're gonna die anyways.

What does your "higher self" say to do in these situations. Is it the never fucking drink ever again. Apparently so.. because otherwise like let's say, for the never getting rich. This always spending your tomorrows hungover. Some of that could be holding you up, why you don't have more success so far.

These self destructive bad habits though, where you know it's the bad decision to keep doing, but you go "fuck it" and keep doing it anyways. Like fat people who keep snacking all the time.

But nevermind these bad habits. I'm talking about little present moment decisions, where if you wanna fix a shitty life, it a long term project. Why your life is shitty, is because you kept doing what you felt like all the time, at every present moment. So if you wanna try and fix that, at some point you gotta go "no" to yourself. I think that's the "ego" which does those things. So it's like a parent to a kid where it doesn't like it when you go, no you can't keep having that candy all day long. Or you can let it do that, like as an adult you can eat all that junk and hey, go ahead.. and you tried but you feel lousy after. Sometimes it's like oh pick up a bunch of those various types of ice cream type snacks. And you'll eat like 2 boxes of 4 packs of those oreo ice cream bars. lol. Then you feel lousy after. The parent would go to the kid, oh you can just have 1. That's because you'll feel "ugh" after if you keep having more.

So, as the kid.. they must be totally ego driven. Maybe it's cause they don't know the "right" way to do things yet. I don't know. But aren't kids more tuned into this higher self.

And why do you become this disgruntled adult instead of enjoying life. I had this saying.. in the present momen, "imma be happy instead". Cause otherwise there's always some annoying thing to keep you fouled up. Or if you're dealing with something stupid and you get in a bad mood, right. You gotta go.. ok this sucks but it's like that other saying of how in any situation you can either have a negative or positive attitude.

Yeah cause especially if you don't have lots of money, it'll suck, all the time. And if you're waiting till you got a bunch of money, before you can finally be "happy", well odds are, it'll never happen. And you'll have spent your whole life never being happy. Cause most of the present there's always something that sucks all the time. So, I guess ya gotta be cheery even though that bullshit is going on.

But let's get back to the start here.. of these present moment decisions, compiled over a lifetime which makes your life shitty. To fix it, you have to not do what you feel like doing in the present moment, and do the right thing. What you know is the right thing to do, even though it's difficult.

Like what.. am I supposed to go do the dishes right now. lol. Even though they piled up all week. Well, I've got all weekend and I'll get to that when I'm more rested up.

But yeah, just like, "projects", long term projects you could gradually be working on a bit at a time. That could eventually get you out of the hole. Those type things.. maybe you can be working on those more. Instead of always doing the "lazy" thing in the present moment. Yeah.. you gotta do what's right, instead of what you feel like doing. Or.. you gotta do what's right, instead of what your ego feels like doing. Is that the key, here. lol. How to fix a shitty life, gradually. lol.

This is pretty odd behavior though, eh. It's like why would you keep doing what's making your shitty life continuously shitty. Yet, this is what keeps occuring. This going nowhere.

Now how about this stuff here.. with the Ra material. The service to self or service to others. Where does this all fit in. I think I seen the service to others thing. That seems to fall into the "higher self" thing of what to do. The ego doesn't wanna do the service to others.

That's a "charming notion" but if you can barely pay the bills, you don't have any to give to them. It's money that'll fix their problems and that's it. Well.. I guess to do service to others, better.. you'd have to quit fuckin around with your life and work towards how you could get a shitload of money so then it'd be super easy to do that service to others, somehow. Plus you could probably make money doing it. That's a good one, eh. How could you do service to others, but make money during. lol.

Like what is this service to others. Maybe listening to them. Checking out what they're up to. I guess it's not always this giving money to the homeless. Those guys.. they tend to fuck around, eh. Like they could be out of the hole but some of them can be lazy or something. They can also have mental health issues. If you see them ranting to themselves. They couldn't work a job. But these days it's tough to get a job so whatever.

But yeah.. the Ra material book.. talked about this service to others. And the cabal it's this service to self, but for their lucifer soul group. So when they do things for their buddies, it's not service to others. But if they go to help the goyim, then it'd be service to others. So they're not allowed to do that. This whole higher self thing seems to involve lots of this service to others.

Here.. I'll go ask bing AI. lol


what does the "higher self" think about "service to others"


The concept of the “higher self” is often associated with the most enlightened, spiritually evolved version of an individual, resonating with unconditional love, profound wisdom, and a deep connection to the universal source1. In this context, “service to others” is seen as a natural expression of the higher self. Acts of selflessness and compassion are considered to be in alignment with the qualities of the higher self, such as universal love and compassion1.

The idea is that by serving others, we not only help those in need but also foster our own spiritual growth and connection to our higher self. It’s a path of self-discovery and self-actualization, where one can gain insights into their own values, beliefs, and strengths2. As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This suggests that service to others is not just a moral duty but also a means of personal and spiritual development2.

So, in essence, the higher self views service to others as a crucial aspect of spiritual practice and personal enlightenment132. It’s a way to transcend the ego and connect with a deeper sense of purpose and interconnectedness with all life1.


What about if you barely have money so you can't just give money to homeless people.


Service to others doesn’t necessarily require monetary contributions. There are many ways to help that don’t involve giving money, especially if one’s own financial resources are limited. Here are some ideas:

Volunteering Time: Offer your time to local shelters, food banks, or community centers.

Sharing Skills: Use your skills or talents to benefit others, like tutoring, repairing, or cooking.

Donating Items: Give away clothes, food, or other items you no longer need.

Advocacy: Raise awareness about issues affecting the homeless or disadvantaged groups.

Kindness: Simple acts of kindness, such as a smile or conversation, can make a significant difference.

Remember, the essence of service is the intention and effort to uplift others, regardless of the form it takes. Your higher self would recognize the value in any genuine act of kindness and service.

So, I don't know.. if you wanna do the service to others better, you'd have to get a bunch of money, with chain businesses. And maybe the most efficient way to get there, is this can't be wasting time on others. So, you might have to be hardcore with the "service to self" to get to that point where you can have lots of power with the service to others. hmm.

Then you can fix problems in the world. But then you're going up against the cabal. lol. Would they let you keep doing that, eh. I think they have to, according to the hidden hand interview. They can't just take you out. lol.

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ok.. so how does the cabal use this to keep you from winning at their game. I think the biggest one is "fear". You get the worrying, anxiety. Then you go for the bad habit that temporarily makes you feel better, but has bad consequences later. I heard that before, where they want to keep you in this perpetual state of "fear", or something. Why though, right. And what can you do to win at the game. I think, you have to not have that fear, even though a situation may seem bad.

A thought I had years ago when things can seem rough.. my saying was, "in any situation, you can either have a negative or positive attitude". Worse case scenario, like oh your leg is cut off, I guess you gotta be cheery instead. Because the situation is already bad. If you get a fouled-up attitude on top of it, it'll not assist the scenario.

Where does this come in with trying to make a bunch of money, and why are you not so far. lol. And what do you have to change, so you can win at their game, right.

Well, they like us to do the "distractions" with any of your bit of spare time after work. So you're always doing that, instead of gradually researching about what they're up to. Like, instead of watching every kind of sport, or watching some stupid sitcom every nite, you could have been doing research and reading, trying to figure out what these guys are doing to the world. Then you might get an idea of how to win at their game if you know how it's rigged with what they do and the lies of what people think is going on.

But yeah.. the ego there.. when is that trying to take control of your thoughts. Seems like when things are in this "fight or flight" mode. And when are you not supposed to choose to do the ego suggestion and go, "no" to it and think, oh.. imma do the higher self tip in that case.

From this article it seems like this wanting to keep the situation the same as it's been. Like how about a bad job. Jobs are tricky because you have to pay the bills or you'll be homeless. But how come you never win at the game. Sometimes to move things up you have to take that risky thing. I don't know.. whatever with all this. lol

Wait.. we'll add an extra.. it's like.. you're getting older and never had any success. I guess ya gotta do something "different" than what you've done during the previous years. Otherwise extrapolate that graph in the future years and you'll still be losing.

So, what do you do in that situation and why are you in that situation. Was it because you always only kept doing what the "ego" kept saying, naw.. don't do this, keep doing that. Or drinking every fucking weekend, spending your tomorrows hungover. lol. Or people who can't control their weight and keep eating even though it'll kill them. Or cigarette smokers, too much pot all the time, too. Where do those fit in with ego. This "higher self" really seems like this hippy ideology where it just doesn't give a flying fuck and thinks, oh everything 'll be allright. And the collective consciousness 'll miraculously rescue you. Yeah, it's more like you'll be fucking homeless. But it goes, naw.. even if you were, blah blah. Like, what.. live in the woods and can't buy things at a store. I don't know.. maybe you'd have "peace" there instead of having to go to work every 12 hours. lol. Maybe sometimes at certain points in your life, you may need to relax and not do the damn rat race from age 18 till you're dead at age 80. But you can't be this living in the woods because you don't do what the ego says, no don't fuck around.

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Watching that Apple TV series Dark Matter (2024) in recent weeks. I'm there.. this different dimension things, where supposedly it's different versions of you where it would change on small stuff you do. How would that even be possible for there to be more of "you" out there. There's just the one, you here. So it's kind of stupid but if these guys are doing movies or shows about things, quite often, that's what's really going on. Like they got the tech. He said at one point where it's not a whole bunch of every possible combinations, it's like your life but where you had forks in the road, or the road not taken, that dimension would have been like if you went the other way instead.

So then I'm there.. well, I did hear about the higher self. Was talking to Bing AI in that previous thread. Apparently the higher self is not in your body here. So that means there's some kind of bit of you, out there, in another dimension. It's like WTF.. how's that even work. Something with the god source and stuff, I guess. Was some diagrams in that thread. Oh yeah it was from this site that had tons of conspiracy stuff, all kinds of sub pages, even whole books in mirror in case sites go down. So I search there for higher self. It had diagrams explaining what's going on and how it's not here. Lemme get that again.

The multidimensional self.


ok so you got Source/God.. and your "soul". Apparently we all got a tiny chunk of the source within us.. it's like the nuclear power supply that keeps you running. lol. So this area in between, you got your higher self that knows things and isn't like here, where your memory about what's really happening is erased with this "veil" of forgetfullness.

I'll continue in another comment with analyzing, like ok when is your decision or thought, coming from the ego, or the higher self.

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These cabal guys don't wanna tell you what's really going on with you. Trying to watch this.. few episodes in. The same you in another dimension, if you just do a little change where oh quick fuckin around and get disciplined to make more money.. you wouldn't be in the same situation as you are now. Things like the same house. Too many things would be different.

And then I'm there.. well what about the higher self. That's not where you are, so where is it. I ask bing AI. lol.


where does the "higher self" reside. I don't think it's here in someone's body, right? Copilot

The concept of the “higher self” is often discussed in various spiritual and philosophical traditions, and it’s generally seen as a part of an individual that is connected to the divine or a higher power1. It’s considered to be the most evolved, enlightened version of ourselves, representing our truest and most authentic self2.

The higher self is not typically thought to reside in the physical body. Instead, it’s described as a state of consciousness that can be accessed through practices like meditation and introspection, which promote greater self-awareness and acceptance1. It’s seen as the wise, light, and love-driven aspect of ourselves that can guide and assist us in our lives3.

So, in essence, the higher self is not a physical entity located within the body but rather a spiritual or metaphysical presence that represents our deepest truths and connections to the universe. It’s a concept that transcends the material and is deeply rooted in personal beliefs and experiences.


well where is it then?


The “higher self” is considered to be a non-physical entity, so it doesn’t have a specific location in the way physical objects do. In spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, the higher self is often described as existing in a higher plane of consciousness or dimension that is not bound by the physical laws of our world.

It’s said to be accessible through deep meditation, prayer, or other spiritual practices that elevate one’s state of consciousness. The idea is that by aligning with the higher self, individuals can tap into a source of wisdom, compassion, and understanding that transcends everyday experience.

Since the concept of the higher self is abstract and varies greatly across different cultures and spiritual systems, it’s ultimately a personal interpretation. For some, it might be envisioned as a space within the mind or heart, while for others, it might be seen as existing in a spiritual realm or as part of the collective consciousness. It’s a deeply individual and subjective concept.


so.. you got this extra "you".. that's not in the same location as where your body is. Is there any other extra you's somewhere else like that, besides just this "higher self"?


In various spiritual and philosophical traditions, there are indeed concepts that suggest the existence of multiple aspects or “selves” within a single individual. These are not physical entities but rather different facets of our identity, consciousness, or personality that can manifest in different ways.

For example:

Multiplicity of Selves: Some theories propose that we have multiple selves that arise from our interactions and experiences. These selves are dynamic and constantly evolving, reflecting the complex nature of our identity1. Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory: Sigmund Freud’s model of the psyche includes the id, ego, and superego, which represent different aspects of our mental life and are often in conflict with one another2.

Spiritual Multiplicity: Some spiritual beliefs hold that we have a spiritual self that is more permanent and concrete, encompassing elements like personality, core values, and beliefs3.

These concepts suggest that the “higher self” is just one of many possible “selves” that exist within us or in different planes of consciousness. They are not located in a physical space but are part of our inner world and can be accessed or understood through introspection, reflection, and personal growth. It’s a fascinating area of human thought that explores the depth and complexity of our being beyond the physical realm.

So he's not saying that it's hogwash. And when these guys do shows, they're telling us some real truth about stuff they do. So they got that box. But it's probably like the Philadelphia experiment where they went from 1943 to 1983. Can you go back and forth like that and come back to the same dimension where you are now.

Now you get into, oh if you go back in time do whatever, I don't think so, right. It's probably gonna be another one of these dimensions when you bail out. You can't come back to the same one.

I think that's what they were doing with the cern and the mandella effects. You remember how it was but check now, it's not like that. So they go back in time change whatever stupid thing. But when you get into geography like south america being more directly beneath north america and not shifted east.. how the hell would you do that. So, I don't know.

But just this "higher self", that means there's this other main part of you that's not here where your body is, apparently. It's where.. in dream land, realm.

I check this old bookmark of a site that goes real deep in lots of conspiracy stuff. Searching for "higher self" to explain more, that these cabal guys won't tell you about.. cause now that'd get into Yahweh, right. And they don't like that. Here's a basic page that explains more of how that works.

The multidimensional self.


So what's going on with all this stuff here.. is it like what's going on in the Dark Matter show?

So later on that page it says..

When your soul incarnates (connects to a physical vehicle) it loses its memory of its greater existence. The "veil of forgetting" is intentional, it makes the earth game a fully immersive and truly formative experience.

The game of life would not be the same if you knew it was just a game.

We also lose a lot of the fidelity of our connection to our higher-self (over-soul and source). This is an unavoidable consequence of incarnating into the lower frequency planes of existence - the physical planes.

Our earthly level of consciousness is at a frequency so much lower than that of our higher-self that any stream of information coming down is subject to a large reduction of fidelity due to the frequency step down required.

Yet we could still have a very good connection with our higher-self if it wasn't for one thing - our out-of-control ego.

The constant chatter of the ego and analytical mind creates so much mental noise that we can't hear the inner guiding voice of our higher-self. Essentially the signal to noise ratio is so low that the information coming from our higher-self gets drowned out.

Hence, most people on Earth have almost totally lost connection with their higher-self and have completely forgotten what they really are.

What does it take to reestablish a clear connection to your higher-self? For one thing, it takes a clear and quiet mind.

One must quell the constant chatter of the analytical and egoic mind and the fear and worry that dominates it. Another thing that helps is to reduce our busyness - the constant distractions of our hectic daily lives don't leave much space for the presence of the higher-self. Making more time for solitude and meditation is a good start.

Even thou the loss of connection with our higher-self could be seen as "bad" it actually serves one of the reasons why we devised the game of life in the first place - to experience separation and to see what it could teach us - separation from the source of our beingness, separation from the knowing that we are all parts of one great being and interconnected and interdependent.

With training, you can learn how to move your locus of consciousness to any level of your wider/higher-self - your soul, over-soul, even Source, and perceive from that higher perspective.

In fact, you can move your locus of consciousness to anywhere in the infinite matrix that is the conceptual/information space of the universal field of consciousness.

Yeah, I don't know about meditating.. I never tried it, seems like what.. you're going to sleep but you're just mellowing out. How do you get stuff going from there. Whatever. lol..

But yeah.. they like to keep us burned out with having to go work every 12 hours.

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Yeah wasn't sure if it was one of those Hawaiian ones. lol. Leaving the post there anyways. It doesn't seem to be stretched out enough like that hand gesture though.

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Here's the photo album of those.


I was looking around for this chick.. she takes photos and does photoshop stuff to them. Instagram.. this one it had her body showing in the water. Why would they take that out, eh. Inside joke about this gala type stuff they do, with real people they fucking eat.

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Well let's see that pdf I'm going through.


The Forward is by Senator Strom Thurmond.

"prologue is a separate introductory section of a literary or musical work". I guess that's what you're talking about. What did he have to say in there. I'm trying to read this whole thing carefully while eating. I'm up to page 44. It's interesting.. He was getting into how the craft would move along. It seems familiar with what the area 51 guy.. Bob Lazar talked about how they move.

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It was in the news later. Old warehouse not too far from the area. I think it's firebugs like most summers. Pretty bad around here. Was another warehouse nearby there the other day. They had like 5 fires to deal with last night.

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I click the "learn more" there.. That brings you to:

"Why can’t I share or view news on Instagram?"


In response to the Online News Act, Instagram restricts the sharing and viewing of news links and all posts from news outlet accounts in Canada.

If you are in Canada, this means:

You can no longer share or view news links on Instagram from stories or profile bios, including news links from any news outlet accounts.

You can no longer see content from any news outlet accounts, even if you search for them or follow them.

How we identify news outlets:

Meta’s review team identifies news outlets based on legislative definitions.

News outlets include organizations whose primary purpose is to produce news content, in any format (including an audio or audiovisual format), that reports on, investigates or explains current issues or events of public interest.

I'm there.. what the fuck. Then I click their "Online News Act," to try and figure out what the hell is going on. That goes to this page:


Updated on August 1st, 2023

In order to comply with the Online News Act, we have begun the process of ending news availability in Canada. These changes start today, and will be implemented for all people accessing Facebook and Instagram in Canada over the course of the next few weeks.

For Canadian news outlets this means: News links and content posted by news publishers and broadcasters in Canada will no longer be viewable by people in Canada. We are identifying news outlets based on legislative definitions and guidance from the Online News Act.

For international news outlets this means: News publishers and broadcasters outside of Canada will continue to be able to post news links and content, however, that content will not be viewable by people in Canada.

For our Canadian community this means: People in Canada will no longer be able to view or share news content on Facebook and Instagram, including news articles and audio-visual content posted by news outlets.

For our international community this means: There is no change to our services for people accessing our technologies outside of Canada.

So, somebody who's in another country, wanna see if they can find out what the fuck is burning down in my neighborhood. lol.

I guess I could use my proton VPN. I pay like 10 bucks a month in case I'm researching something and gotta get a torrent. But it was pretty good with just the free, if you wanna browse the internet and use other countries, doesn't cost. So that would be ok.

I'm looking into what the fuck is going on here.

Now I gotta try to use one of these local news sources to try and figure out what the fuck is going on, but it's all blocked everywhere.

It's like 1984 and they're shutting down the news so you can't figure out how they're fucking you over.

ok I did a google search for:

Online News Act, we have begun the process of ending news availability in Canada.

oh.. it's a fucking local news page that loads.


Understanding Bill C-18: Canada's Online News Act and its proposed rules, explained

This seems like from last summer but it's the first time I notice. My bookmarks bar I have a google news US cause local news is so bunk.

ok it says..

Canada's controversial Bill C-18 became law in June, requiring big tech companies to compensate media organizations if they want to continue to host Canadian news content on their platforms.

Both Google and Meta – the company behind Facebook and Instagram – initially stated that they will instead be blocking Canadian news from their platforms in response to the new law.

For Meta, this is now underway, with the company saying on Aug. 1 the changes "start today, and will be implemented…over the course of the next few weeks."

However, the Canadian government reached a deal with Google(opens in a new tab) over the Online News Act in November. Under this deal, the tech giant will pay $100 million annually to news publishers and will continue to allow access to Canadian news content through its platform.

As of now, these are the only two platforms being eyed by the government's regulations, but that could change as other social media or search engines gain traction.

Well.. I don't know.. there's a pretty big fire in the neighborhood with a fair bit of smoke all over and can't find out about it anywhere.

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In the UFO highway, this high ranking military guy is just "anonymous" but you can tell by all the details of the little things he knows about how they operate, that it's not bullshit. This one here though.. he's using his name and it's him. He was pretty old at this time.. This was published in 1997 and he dies in 1998, age 83. But you gotta wonder if they took him out anyways. I'm only up to page 19 of 118. Don't want to spoil what goes on. Lemme get the pdf I got it from.


And then here was that UFO highway about Dulce I was starting before but it's paused. Cause he mentioned Corso and that book. So I'm like, what's he talking about and gonna finish this one first and go back to the highway one.


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"By the end of the experiment, Spurlock claimed that he gained 25 pounds and suffered from depression and liver dysfunction."

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yeah that Jules Verne, journey to the middle of the earth. If the war of the worlds one is based of stuff that was actually going on.. maybe that Jules Verne stuff is too. You hear conspiracy things about that like what was it.. Agartha.


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Was re-reading this section.. cause it gets into the cabal and their bloodline. Says..

Austra Albus

"they also retain one genetic predisposition that can kill them."

So I try to ask Bing AI..


which is?


The narrative surrounding “Austra Albus” is a speculative one, often found in the realm of pseudoarchaeology and science fiction. According to the information available, the Austra Albus are described as a genetically enhanced offspring with a mix of alien and human DNA. The specific genetic predisposition that could be fatal to them is not detailed in mainstream scientific literature, as this concept is not part of established science.

However, within the speculative narrative from which this concept arises, it’s mentioned that the Austra Albus were created by the Anu, a group of beings in this theory, to survive on Earth with certain genetic modifications. Over time, the Austra Albus began strict breeding protocols to eliminate as much alien DNA from their lineage as possible, becoming almost entirely human in appearance and anatomy1.

The “genetic predisposition” that can kill them, as mentioned in the narrative, is not explicitly defined in the available sources. It’s important to note that these stories are a blend of mythology, science fiction, and unverified theories, and should not be taken as factual or scientific evidence. They are part of a fictional or speculative framework that explores the idea of ancient astronauts and their influence on human evolution, which is a popular theme in certain subcultures and works of fiction.


speculate what you think it could be


As an AI, I don’t have personal beliefs or the ability to speculate in the way a human does. However, I can create a fictional scenario based on the themes of ancient astronaut theories and genetic predispositions. Here’s a creative take on what the fatal genetic predisposition of the Austra Albus might be:

In the speculative narrative of the Austra Albus, their genetic makeup is a complex tapestry woven from the strands of both human and alien DNA. This intricate combination bestowed upon them remarkable abilities and traits, but it also carried with it a hidden frailty—a genetic predisposition that could prove fatal.

The Hypothetical Genetic Flaw:

Photosensitivity: Given their otherworldly origin, the Austra Albus might possess a heightened sensitivity to solar radiation. Unlike humans, who have adapted to Earth’s specific range of ultraviolet light, the Austra Albus could be vulnerable to sunlight, leading to a condition that could be fatal over time.

Atmospheric Intolerance: Perhaps the Austra Albus retained a requirement for an atmospheric composition different from Earth’s current balance of gases. A reliance on a higher concentration of a particular gas, like argon or helium, which is rare in our atmosphere, could lead to respiratory failure.

Telomeric Shortening: If the alien DNA influenced the telomeres—the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes—it’s conceivable that the Austra Albus might experience accelerated aging or susceptibility to diseases, unlike anything known to human medicine.

Immune System Incompatibility: The merging of human and alien immune systems could result in a compromised defense against pathogens. A common Earth virus or bacterium, harmless to humans, might be lethal to the Austra Albus due to this unique vulnerability.

Remember, this is purely a work of fiction, inspired by the themes you’ve mentioned. The concept of Austra Albus and their genetic predispositions is not grounded in scientific fact but rather in the realm of creative storytelling and speculative thought.

They're all kind of fucked up, eh.. like around there it said,

"From the special blood attained through females of the lineage (due to certain hormones) it helps them to sustain their ability to withstand the environment; additionally, they also use secretions of pituitary and pineal glands (from captured modern humans) which also acts as strong drug helping to keep them from succumbing to mental instability caused by environmental stresses and unwanted chemical influence."

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lol.. first I laughed, then was like.. look 'em up again and holy fuck.. those crab eyes like the vril. I gotta message Donnie about this stuff with doing a pic of the jar jar beside those two, eh.

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What's this thing holding in it's left hand. Then the head area.. looks like one of those "furries" costumes or something. It seems like it's looking at you.. but what's going on, on the left side of it's head area.. and the right side, seems like one of those winter hats with a big tail.

Then you got the leg area.. where in a human it would go to your ass.. that seems high like no hip area much. It's like the back of the left leg line goes up too long.

What you notice with the Vril comparison on the right is how long those arms are. Are you seeing that in the left side picture. Where does a human's hands stop at the leg height.. Your hands don't really go down to your knee area or below.

Like where's the "elbows", eh. They seem low. You don't have that in the cartoon on the right. Those look like normal elbows but the forearms are long.

You're not getting too much other blurring with this thing moving around.. but the head area is all messed up like it was moving around. They didn't want to release the whole video. I guess it might be still frames at however many intervals. Closing windows, oh they talk about that in the twitter post. "This image was taken from a camera that only shoots a still image when it detects motion."

You've also got the part of the country this happened. Like where is Amarillo. Checking how far it is from Dulce base.. 400 miles. These underground creatures live in that whole area. Not too far you get the skinwalker ranch. Amarillo is 200 miles from Roswell. You got odd things going on in that area. Lots of military bases.

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