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According to the New York Times, the cable was attached to a pole about 2.5 miles from the airport, and had been slashed in one place about four or five feet from the ground in a manner that was "very deliberate" and "very targeted."

As always keep your 👀 open.

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No because the media did claim it without proclaiming it and thus the headlines.

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Its so funny when they shut down Alex Jones payment processors and tried to turn off youtubers making money or shutting down the accounts of PayPal and web forums that deal in conspiracy news. Awwww so funny when one day they take your funds too oh wait they done did and you didn't even notice cause you was to busy laughing hysterically like the joker.

Its not a laughing matter. 🤡

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No what vpnsurfer is looking for is a fight the problem is he is on losing ground the media put out that headline even if the article implies something else its a way to introduce something that isn't true and they knew that before wasting text to explain it.

So yes newsweek did this on purpose and where did they even get the idea "There has been speculation"

From something like this

The man was reportedly standing inside the designated protest area for Donald Trump supporters before dousing himself with an alcohol-based, liquid substance.


So because he was standing in area for supporters. See they knew they had 0 proof yet wrote the headline for click bait.

Your proof it worked!

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When the next pandemic starts we know who did it!

H5N1 strain of bird flu is found in MILK for first time in 'very high concentrations,' World Health Organization warns


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A good example of how to write an article with the headline

Is Max Azzarello a Trump Supporter? Everything We Know https://www.newsweek.com/max-azzarello-trump-supporter-everything-we-know-1892378

There has been speculation over whether or not the man who set himself on fire outside Donald Trump's hush money criminal trial on Friday in New York City is a supporter of the former president.

See how they start to throw that around full well knowing he isn't a Trump supporter.

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https://www.instagram.com/p/8rSuIwBjDL/ Photos should be more than enough on his account. Along with donations it proves a lot more.

Media claimed he was Trump supporter, ummm wrong!

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1 month ago this was in the news

UCLA Psychiatrists Cheer Self-Immolation in Leaked Audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTWbVCNM4yg

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Looks pretty stacked not in his favor. This list also even features the alterative jurors picked after some being let go.

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Ginger Zee takes a look at why the river is under threat and why the technique is in use among 10 Western states


From GMA just a little proof.

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Just a small quote from the book

When the rats were given a choice between tasty food and pressing the pedal, they preferred the pedal (much like kids preferring to play video games rather than come down to dinner). The rats pressed the pedal again and again, until they collapsed from hunger and exhaustion

Sounds like some of the people you know.

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https://www.ynharari.com/book/homo-deus/ If you want to dig deeper into this is the book. When your mind is on drugs and video games your not paying attention to what their doing to you!

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Escambia County Sheriff's deputies arrested on Friday a Pensacola attorney who formerly worked for the Department of Children and Families after they allegedly linked him to hundreds of child pornography files.

Notice how they always work around children services.

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