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lol, go away weak minded jew criminal.

I have nothing to say to you what is the point in constantly attempting to solicit my communication?

You are a filthy disgusting worm piece of shit as your communication has revealed, you are the worst type of criminal.

Everything you say is retarded and stupid, just like all the retards doing crime thinking they are smart and on top, These acts will all add pressure to the pattern that will be your demise, how come you stupid and ignorant criminals cannot figure that out?

Must such being such an inferior piece of shit.

Here is your Russian update moron, feel free to load this site daily.


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Refer to my previous post to you, pretty sure this communication is complete.

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Useless jew bot now confirmed, your account is burned moron.

How is it possible you think the garbage you write has any value? fuck off loser. you are wrong about everything.

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Typical retarded leftist only believes what you are told by your obvious lying superiors.

You know nothing, you are lucky you get through the day.

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More completely stupid shit from an inferior leftist, so simple in mind you cannot even understand how wrong you are on every statement.

It is like you are a small minded child from the left who is steadfast in a belief system where your useless understanding is so far from reality, there is no point in attempting to communicate to such ignorance.

You have no clue what you are talking about and continue to rely on the same retarded points that are just a silly claim to understanding.

Everything has been covered, this is complete, you have revealed you are a useless impotent communicator.

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bla bla bla, you are obviously a far left nutter, the way you ignore correct information and instead chase after ridiculous lies is just more proof of it.

More retarded jew crap, you are the typical stupid and ignorant mind that shows up and reveals just how fucking stupid people are. Congratulations.

I have already provided more than enough reasonable evidence to prove nato position in the conflict, your choice to ignore reality is your own undoing. It is why all what you know is just lying criminal bullshit from thieves and liars.

To decapitate nato in the early stage of the conflict with Russia would be a historical gesture and would show the resolve of the Russian military complex.

With all those talking heads dead, the first thing that would happen after reviewing the information Russia would provide to each pissant country in the group is obviously more meetings and assigning new talking heads.

All nato countries are completely finished and in the final stages of collapse. usa is the only one of the bunch with military to pretend to be a peer army for Russia.

You have no clue what military is in the modern era, you are like an old useless relic in thought processing, all this stuff is far above you.

Rome is long gone, not even the concrete remains (go mix some fake shit), criminals destroyed it. The remnants of society guided by the romans exists, but like the seeds of all input it gets reduced in time.

Jerusalem has fallen (Again) it is a war torn nation filled with and run by criminals, the only destiny there is continued suffering and death for all of eternity.

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Yep, decent inputs.

The criminal is not right, there is no right only far left. Especially in western politics.

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I think you must be retarded, your obvious incoherent ramblings make it clear.

What is decapitation? To take out the leadership.

It is a temporary move because a new head is grown, are you retarded? Like really this simple I would need to explain this to you?

What is the leadership in this case? The talking heads on the microphone constantly ramping up the war efforts.

Initially I read some of your comments and thought, maybe this one is not a completely useless robot retard..

But this most recent comment really reveals you to be a stupid robot.

Rome is long gone, what remains are criminal enterprises popping up and being destroyed, over and over.

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No you are.

Hah, made me chuckle, so here we go.

It's about what you want Nato to do. Factually that isn't happening.

This goes far beyond your language barrier, this is a deeply seeded lack of understanding of any of the inputs that have defined the current so called unipolar order of how the world is managed.

Has it caused a shift in geopolitics of course. But it makes zero difference.

Speaking of ignorance, no shortage here. This statement alone suggests you have no idea how an incremental situation is developed. This stuff does not happen from a single event.

Trade continues until it stops. It stops with all out war.

This has never really happened, whose trade for example? In any wars to date trade has continued to flow, what is your point? You are mixing an understanding of where systems would need to be divided in order to stop this trade you speak of.

You expect people to believe whatever you say. I don't it's bullshit.

Butthurt leftism here? not even sure, lets carry on.

You make a stupid little topic with decapitation. It is impossible without warfare between the two.

Clear evidence of yet further ignorance in your understanding of what an action is, what it means in both history and media, state of mind all of the human state.

There are plenty of nato troops and equipment on the ground in ukraine, the only thing stopping this from being a full out nato conflict at this stage is basically cowardice and dishonesty.

Since at least 2014 there has been nato boots on the ground training and equipping the ukraine people. Well before then the staging was setup all by the same parties. To ignore all the inputs is beyond ignorance it makes you an open liar.

Nato however, politicians make no difference to an alliance chaired by monarchs and military

This is irrelevant it is not the point of scoring a specific brain out of the deal, these people are useless as has been indicated, but they hold a chair and that chair has a title, it is the title that would take the hit and the message would be clear.

Instead Nato has solidified.

What a preposterous claim, not only are they practically completely depleted, but most of them count of absolutely nothing. It is an old mental thought form that real people do not even acknowledge as you eluded to previously.

Without such a move the war will continue into the next stages quicker, this would be a stopping block and would indeed cement the war but it would be off to the only logical start for the Russians.

Anything less would be just more of the same bullshit as the statement originally suggested.

Do not think that I believe this is the case, I think everyone involved is way too deep to pull off such a crazy move. It is a fantasy, relax.

Russian pussies would never put a stop to it, they like to be the butt end of the aggressive decades already, why stop now.

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Constant stream of useless retort, you are honestly pretty pathetic.

nato is finished, nato is the culprit in many wars, nato has overstepped once and for all, the powers collecting against nato and the other khazarian devil worshippers is more than ever before, history in the making.

Your useless incorrect mental state is inline with your standard leftism protocols. You are basically fully entombed in lies.

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teach the kid mandarin and hebrew.

Release into society when ready claim victim.

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yea sure, stupid enough to wake up in the morning and go piss all over the kitchen. Sweet plan. Once done there, move into the living room and take a big shit on the coffee table.

Sounds legit.

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You write nothing but garbage, are you a jew?

Criminal minds continually push attempts to subvert good people. Good people in turn continue to fight against criminals.

Much shorter, much more logical.

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blah blah blah, it is like you really have no clue what you are talking about and speak from such a simple perspective you cannot even comprehend the reality involved.

The conflict in ukraine has been brewing for many decades, the actions of the west have never ceased, nato at this stage is the current tooling used that is all, in the past it was other mechanisms, what you fail to recognize is that this is now involving far more than ever before in this west vs east conflict.

Nato is 100% involved, they have been the driving force in this conflict since its inception.

Weak false claims that they are not involved belong nowhere, without nato this conflict would not exist at all.

What you fail to recognize likely due to the blinders you are wearing, is that this is the early stages of a much larger conflict that is currently scaling quickly.

Even when nato discovers they are powerless, Russia will continue to push nato back until the complete collapse of nato occurs and they are no longer a threat. Your refusal to recognize why Russia is in this conflict at all, reveals you to be a spinster telling useless lies.

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A completely useless and incorrect submission I don't mind saying.

It is like you have no clue what brought this conflict to where it is, no understanding of the history that produced the situation.

Ignorance and simplicity coupled like a leaf sitting in a puddle.

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What an incredible plan

It was not 'my idea' to setup the nato summit in Lithuania.

Putin is not in my communication arena, perhaps have your people suggest it to him.

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Not really 'on topic'

The statement is that it would be nato decapitated not ukraine, ukraine already has no head?

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China is really "internal empire".

I don't buy it. For example, at the end of WW2 when the ccp took power, the move to communism was a direction asserted by external parties. The same parties that just flipped Russia working in concert for decades.

Currently when looking at the globalist vision, China is the star model player. In many cases the testing and proving ground for the societal concepts that the criminals want to imbue in western civilizations.

I don't believe this has anything to do with any 'Chinese Vision'. More that China is a tool used as the leadership is manipulated.

China has been ruled over for a very long time. The question in my mind is who is setting the direction and where do these ideas come from.

Russia unfortunately is in the same NWO boat with other countries

Without question this has been the case since the attempt to normalize with the west. However from what I can tell there has been great success in removing many facets of the implemented process over the years.

Returning to the capability to be internalized as much as possible is a key indicator.

I personally think nwo is working outside of China and operating China with the vast wealth collected.

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