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Factual words, Even had a downvote to prove it before I got here.

The good news is honestly that this much pressure will not be sustained. People are stupid, forsure. But generally once something reaches the critical mass there is a reaction coming. So, we just keep pushing this to the foreground and eventually the truth will reveal itself.

The truth is a lion, it does not need to be defended, just set it free. It will defend itself.

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The sad part is so many people are still bamboozled with the bullshit.

At what point will the critical mass become aware? does it exist?

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It is like you disregard the message in the image.

It clearly states that: 'The simplicity of life is not available to you while you are enslaved'

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Again, more idiotic brainless shit from you, leftist nutbar, you are fucked in the head if you think there is any value in communicating to you, I have made my points you choose to write idiotic leftist blurbs in weak attempt to claim otherwise without any actual reference to logic or reason, eat shit loser you will not get a response from me again fuckwit.

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You are clearly a leftist shill brainless type, I suggest if you want to gain a handle on this communication, you start by reviewing your own inputs to this point.

If you can come away from that and still feel as you do, then it is clear I am right.

If however you come back down to reality and choose to have a rational discussion, then I am here. Till then, have fun kid.

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I think you communicate like a 12yr old, dont fucking bother talking to me useless fuckwit shill

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Nice reference!

It could be that one day we unravel all the mysterious inputs and develop the ability to line them all up and run logical calculations upon them.

But I expect much time will pass before those requirements are met.

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Yep, just another iteration of history. Essentially this is the biggest it has ever been for this coming crash/crescendo

Criminals cannot run rampant on the people of the countries for all time, it ebbs and flows, This iteration is nearly at its point.

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I have no idea why you are rattling on useless points to me, did you not think I was aware he is a zionist?

I am well aware of how much of a useless piece of shit he is, like the rest of the criminals.

Review your own stupid arguments in the previous comment, I felt no need to respond further.

My statements stand, all this shit is tied together all the same criminals doing it and you are here yelling at me like I don't fucking already know that.

The only thing to correct here is your belief that germany or nazi are some desirable group, they are criminal zionist created for a cause, fuck them.

This is the turning all these criminals are going to be exposed and expunged in the next 15-20 years there will be a constant shift.

Go look at 1920-1935 While it is not the same, the iteration energy is close

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Stalin is also a khazarian tool; clearly.

Aside from leaving that out, yep. I agree.

This all goes much further back and the control tooling has been evolving for just as long.

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lol, I am a shill huh?

Take a look at the shit you write you simple minded fuckwit.

Eat shit loser you have no value in life, this much is known by all who are exposed to your simplicity.

Carry on lefty sheep

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This is a retarded response, but given the majority of your comments and content, I suppose it is on par.

You do not seem to understand very much, you attempt to respond to small tiny segments without context and pretend you have a point, its fucking stupid and small brained leftist shit, you are useless.

When I said the same thing, it was a reference to the formation of the actions culminating to the outcome, the goal is the same, You are ignorant to pretend that the need for nationalism was not spawned therefore brought into existence.

Previously sure it was something people thought of and shared but the movement did not exist, you are just being stupid and ignorant to try to bottle it all up into one incorrect assumption based on your lack of understanding.

It is not genetics, it is 100% mental state and training. You are not genetically disposed to think you are different, initially your genes could give a flying fuck.

It is the Experience of interactions that brings thought process which is then shared. Get your bullshit straight at least.

At any rate, people with small brains love to follow and assimilate. Your life experiences to date are a reflection of that, you align yourself to nazi cause the people that got thru to you convinced you. You were not born this way.

In reality, it is just another tool to control and manipulate people. The goal of nazism is zionism to create the states for the khazarian devil worshippers.

Just like all religions were subverted and created long ago with the same goals.

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As I said, it is all tied together it is the same thing. Where did your so called 'nationalism' come from. It came from the need that was pushed to them, by who?

Keep digging.

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All government structures since the dawn of time are constructs of the desire to implement control structures over other people.

This is obvious, imagine thousands of years ago life in the cave with some shitty leadership run by physical brute strength and small brains, forcing everyone to march to the shitty beat rinse and repeat till modern times.

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lol, do some research kid, it is pretty obvious how weimer was built to produce the sentiment to push zionism. All of the entire plan is the same plan.

The reason it happened was to create the outcome, which happened.

All the funding that created the movement everything is all there in front of you, once you get over your simpleton ignorance you may understand that this has been thousands of years in the making.

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I think it is you that knows nothing.

Nazi are zionist creation, which is why they are zionist. Get over yourself.

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Once you remove all the lies, hitler seemed like a genuine good leader.

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I am not sure if I would share my popcorn with you just yet, have a seat, keep going, we will see.

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Well, in reality anyone with an iphone is basically not relevant in many ways in life.

Anyone that uses twitter also falls into the same category.

There is no usefulness here, everyone is mislead with the fake belief that information from humans is valid, it is 99% lies and bullshit.

The 1% is not available at all on twitter, that correct information is in other places.

Therefore the value of twitter is nil

Not any different that a porno website.

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Here is one, there are a variety of claims being made, not entirely clear on the validity of one vs the other, but there is a ton of evidence if you just search on google for:

vaccinated women

You get a huge barrage of fact checkers refuting any issues with the vaccine. This is interesting as the number is higher than normal (fact checkers vs normal links)

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And out of nowhere, Germany elected Hitler into power.

This is clearly about subjugation and enslavement. We have been in a religious war for thousands of years and people have been just ignorant and trusting.

Once the awareness peaks there is a crash, this happens tons in history, the criminals run rampant destroy and manipulate everything until destruction, then they get kicked out and punished and spend decades whining about it.

Rinse and repeat, I have some hope that this cycle is the largest ever will have a longer lasting effect for future generations to know how to deal with this criminality.

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This lying criminal bitch needs to be put on trial and likely hung for her crimes.

She is not alone.

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