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You would think he would have put the drink down in order to deal with a criminal who broke in the house. Clown world news!

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Considering an NBC reporter was fired for reporting about it, I consider anything released a leak but even with that said they had plenty of time to doctor up the footage so I don't trust a darn thing they say.

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Yeah I bet a government agent who reads the board changed it check out the archive before it was edited by 1 lol.


Oh in case they decide to change the archive here you go. https://imgur.com/a/JzuVV2h

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Ordering pizza in the EU, it might be made with the house cricket.

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Purposely added numbers to shove in our faces and possibly praising Satan.

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His second post says his cousin in perfect heath has myocarditis after getting the shot.


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Biden is in deeper than Trump due to the fact that Trump had the ability to declassify documents by simply saying out loud its declassified, Biden did not have this power so any documents he has is a violation of the law. Still after all this time no one in the top elites ever goes to jail.

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Joe Biden may have accidently tweeted out the documents inside garage. https://twitter.com/ClayTravis/status/1613575907716866048

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Just an omen of what's to come.

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Not so random

Sasha Latypova built two businesses in Pharma over 20+ years, supporting companies like Pfizer and J&J in running clinical trials. Sasha was out of the game when the injection Operation was launched and immediately knew that something was gravely wrong. She doesn’t parse her words and try to walk a tightrope and laser point away from awkward realities. She shoots straight down the middle with lacerating clarity.


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**Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova. I was born in Ukraine **and moved to the United States in the 1990


You did make it up.

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