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When I say "no one" I mean NPCs.

It has to be big to get their attention and even bigger to keep it.

Blue Beam?

Literal, total, financial system collapse?

Cowboys winning the world series?

More shooting? ( I dont think this works anymore, people are just numb to it)

Elon Musk coming out of the closet?

Allow me to express this to you in simple terms. The jewish demons hate Christians. Most white atheists hate Christians as they welcome muslim rapists into their countries. Most of the world hate Christians. So we have to understand this conundrum.

I have around 10 demons on my ass, some of them I think like me. The harassment you'll face is that akin to that of which a skitz would face. You cannot fear this harassment. You're going to have to face it head on. And you're gonna have to know as well, they don't target retarded atheists because they're already doing the devils work.

The reason I can say that is because I can ask an atheist the difference between micro and macro evolution and none of them haven't the faintest clue. I don't even believe in the big bang. That sounds like kaballah bullshit to me.

I'm just asking the question. If your CVS is doing badly, and there's no hope for it because people are pooping outside the store and there is nothing but vagrancy and theft for what seems to be an endless future, does that CVS simply ask people to come and loot the store? Does it pay them?

They know the police won't do anything about the looting

They don't have security

They don't even try to stop it

And somehow the CVS managers are confident they will be reimbursed by insurance

Instead of boarding up the store and moving product to another store and shutting down, they keep the store open, even after being looted several times

This whole thing seems like a coordinated effort

Why is insurance paying out, unless the whole thing is coordinated as a big cross industry campaign to bail out retailers in certain areas they are planning on destroying in order to justify emergency funding, then plummetting commercial property values in the face of blighting, and then later, inexpensive gentrification


NATO is a person-of-interest in killing (manipulating) Terra (LUNA).

Here is why

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO's role shifted to managing energy globally. No one asked them to, but I guess they needed a reason to maintain the covert fiveeyes British empire worldwide, as a limited-hang-out for committing acts of violent, administrative, propaganda-based (nonlinear), weaponized-migration based, economic, and Gladio style terrorism.

Cyber is next. We call them "virtual false flags" when NATO countries attack themselves and then blame the "usual suspects" (DPRK, Iran, Russia, China).

Did you think Bitcoin would not be a battle domain? Well it is. It's not all hackers stealing your money; it's hackers working for FIVE EYES potentially stealing your money or destroying your money or interfering with your ability to MINE or make money. We already know they are doing this through local agencies such as the CIA and FBI in the US. They already have backdoors in all of your technology products, from routers to cpus to firmware to your cellphones.

That is my rationale for this argument.

In Energy Scarce Moments, NATO countries are being hurt by bitcoin / cryptocurrency mining.

We are at war. Proxy war. Our taxes in the US is being extorted and sent to Ukraine to fight Russia by proxy. If none of our taxes were sent, then the Congress just made up several trillion dollars out of nothing, and because of that, we have to ask: "if they can make up that much money, why are we paying taxes?" Especailly so, since at least half the country does not support any of this. We have no beef with Russia.

Point 1) There are thousands of blockchains now, and many of them are inefficient. Proof-of-work blockchains that use tremendous energy; and they say bitcoin mining uses more energy than the country of Venezuela.

Keep in mind Crytpocurrency amounts to less than 1% of the world economy. If you expanded that 99 more times to have parity with traditional electronic systems, it would be 99x worse. That's 99 TIMES THE ENERGY OF ARGENTINA.

Point 2) The people of NATO countries are suffering from alleged "supply chain issues" and energy costs are skyrocketting.

Crypto mining is cutting into that supply of energy, causing this problem to escalate.

Point 3) If energy becomes unaffordable, people will REBEL and become violent mobs.. They will revolt if they can't get to work or heat their homes.

Point 4) So if you were running countries, wouldn't you want to 'de-prioritize' crypto mining, in order to keep people from revolting? You would.

Tying this all together now....

In order to get people to stop mining or make mining less desirable, you'd manipulate bitcoin in various ways to make it no longer look desirable and cause people to slow or stop getting involved in cryptocurrency mining (yes you can, you can do this through 'wash trading' on decentralized exchanges. This has already been reported by us on this forum. Search for 'wash trade'. They can also manipulate people through crypto grifter propaganda blogs like coinmonks, and through twitter; and they can deploy bots to promote certain trends, just like they did "The Ice Bucket Challenge" and "Tide Pod" viral campaigns. They do this to crypto too. Elon Musk exposed this.

You also don't want people fleeing FIAT USD

In order to keep the USD from looking like it doesn't have dominance, you have to prevent people from fleeing the USD to hedge against inflation ('an inflation raft') in favor of Gold, precious metals, stocks, real estate and cryptocurrency.

But here's the problem:

  • Gold / Silver has gone down
  • Stock market has plummetted
  • Real estate skyrocketting and becoming scarce as others try to gobble it up
  • Food is becoming scarce as people hoard out of fear, and it's perishable--terrible store of value
  • Crypto has universally plummetted. It seems they ALL follow what BTC is doing, and that itself is another post.

There are no good options, so you might as well hoard USD. That's what they want you to think.

But you should probably buy physical silver and gold anyway. Whatever Russia and China are doing. Because America and NATO are cooked if they have to "pull the crypto trapdoor" like this.


Taken together, I believe that NATO has the means (cyber, finances), motive (see above), and opportunity (aligned w/ Big Tech CEX / DEX industry)

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