Anyone with a brain knows that going on the mic and saying "this whole thing is fake" would have resulted in his entire bloodline being murdered. This is known.

So Trump went as far as he could to show the public this was a weaponized establishment exaggeration. I mean, at least for the smart people who actually still have common sense and observation skills (a rare thing these days).

And before the usual "this guys loves Q" response from the tards, I didn't vote for Trump either time and could actually give a fuck about politics.

But obvious is obvious.

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-isms. [link below] (
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  1. CLASSIFICATION - People who deny Covid itself were divided against people who do not deny Covid
  2. SYMBOLIZATION - Masks are virtue signaling or those who do not wear it will be directly infringing the law. The Masks are intended to strangle but nobody cares. Vaccine passports also do the same thing even if the Vaccines do literally nothing but to goalpost.
  3. DISCRIMINATION - If you claim that "Covid" doesn't exist anywhere you will be destroyed accordingly on social media now and is grounds for execution by 2035.
  4. DEHUMANIZATION - Constant lockdowns, emergency states, hysterical news articles, Masks, Social Distancing and other overly intrusive measures are intended with only one message: humanity is extinct
  5. ORGANIZATION - After the destruction of the America Empire through communist revolution, civil war and WWIII, pandemic measures begin to get worse and more comical, that you are expected to be locked down 140 days in a year and go out for 10 minutes.
  6. POLARIZATION - Your children will be constantly indoctrinated in ways I described before, and media is heavily curated and patented enough to prevent all dissent (this site may not exist) and to fan up "Mutant Covid hysteria". Government hires mentally unstable civilian conduct patrols as thought police who kill people that trespass various "no-no" topics such as Holocaust Denial, God and Covid Denial
  7. PREPARATION - 97% of people were infused with half machine artificial parts by 2036. At first, they were just artificial hearts and lungs that are microchipped or can detect brain waves. But then, there will be smartphone-like devices, gadgets or even weapons, such as saw teeth and extendable machete arms. The Machines have no effect on Covid just like the vaccines.
  8. EXTERMINATION - Globalist officials claim that they "die" because of "Zeta Mutant Covid" and under a state of presumed anarchy, humanity loses it and devolves into a feral cannibal beast that cannot sustain itself without human flesh. Most people (feral animals) save for the strongest wipe themselves out in a massive cannibalistic blood orgy.
  9. DENIAL - Elite drives all but a few million survivors (Apex predators) into the wilderness as they exalt themselves into controlling creation itself by resetting and repopulating the population through GMO/test tube warrior slave humans. as they live on forever as AI or clones.

At the end, do you believe what is happening right now is a lead up to this scenario?

The evidences are all here.

Don't blame me for posting MSM just to show what kind of shit YOU are in. These people are stupid and will use the most inane and crude methods against you. Stupidity is lethal.

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