I used to make fake Twink accounts on gay hookup apps and then send the fags to nigger or Muslim areas.

But now when I went on to do it there were literally no guys. All the gay apps are just tranny women that think they’re guys. It’s still funny sending them to Muslim areas in the promise of a hookup but it’s just funny how the sexuality decay has gone so far that fags don’t even have their own space to be fags without random mentally ill women. It’s like the lesbian who was reported to the police in Britain for rejecting a tranny (a man who thought he was a woman) at a gay pride because rejecting him was transphobic hate.

The fags have literally eaten themselves alive with the ever devolving sexuality that they now have to accept a person of the opposite sex (albeit a very mentally ill member of the opposite sex) or be hateful.

It’s also sickening that there’s so many trannies. Literally 58 trannies in my area.

Thinking that I might have to change it a bit though. The trannies on Grindr aren’t as horny as the actual men are and being women (albeit women who think they’re men) they’re also much more suspicious so when I invite them to an area filled with Muslims they get nervous. The men just thought about having a fuck and discarded any apprehension about heading to an area filled with Halal shops. But the trannies are more nervous. Maybe it’s better to try something else with them such as chatting them up, and acting like I don’t realize they’re trans and then when they let me know they’re trans I should suddenly reject them because I’m on there for dick not women. That might hurt them more.

Nothing to write in here.. just go see that post. lol.

As chr. it is our duty to stand with G-d’s precious children!

Jews and chr. share a common covenant through J Xst who delivered the pure and healthy tree of the Jews to the sick tribes of the gentiles.

We must stand with Israel while Hamas terrorists fire unprovoked rockets into the Holy Land.

Funny thing is women were still capable of working even when homeschooling their children years ago. Kikes have convinced women that if they homeschool their kids and cook for their husband they won’t be able to do anything else and will just be prisoners. It’s hilarious because women long before feminism still had work and helped bring money into the home even while homeschooling their kids and cooking for their husband.

My 4th great grandmother was a dress maker albeit doing it from home rather than a shop but she still had time to be a housewife. She did it on the side. The woman on the marriage record above her own lists her profession as shopkeeper.

You would think that the popularity of genealogy would have debunked the feminist nonsense that until feminism women just did nothing except turn out children. Anyone doing a cursory glance over records while tracing their family tree can see these women still had lives and jobs but they did it to bring more money into the household. It wasn’t a career to be their only reason for living.

My 3rd great grandmother was born in England to a French mother and German father so she worked as an interpreter. Given that she died in 1905 this was also before much feminism lol. She also had 12 kids! They worked for some aristocrat family. Husband was a butler and she translated when the family went abroad. All the kids had the aristocrats as their god parents so her and her husband were clearly at least valued.

Outside the orthodox Jewish communities women have always had a way of making money other than prostitution but the purpose was for added money for the family and before they were married to help pay their dowry. It wasn’t like it is now the Jews have freed them where they’re sitting in an office barren and alone.

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