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Lemme get that clip from the 2hr doc I saw on the weekend.

Found the 2hr doc where that was from.

Looked around for who made this. Was difficult. It's cause the language was ESP.

This was the official site.

Can click the UK flag for english text.

From there it said they had an instagram,

But they're not talking english. And over at insta they sure as hell ain't gonna be talking about the things in the doc. Surprised they're even allowed on the site.

At the insta page their link is to the vid:

Uploaded on Sept 11 and has 1.4M views.

Now.. let's get into that Mac, media access control, bluetooth signal they're detecting emanating from some of those who got the covid vaccines. It's not consistent.. can come and go. They're getting different address from people who got the same vial? When they try to dig into it with guys who know tech stuff, it detects that and goes away.

What information is being broadcast here? Like how are you even getting this computer signal from a fuckin person. This is totally moving towards the damn matrix movie. lol.

At the end of the doc, during the credits, they had that Yuval guy talking about how they were doing surveillance through the NSA.. now they're moving towards "under the skin" with biometric data.

So.. what do you guys got on all this? The microscope stuff, those forms don't seem too complex. During my couple years of research saw these. Those are fuckin lookin like computer circuit boards. Lemme get that album. This was when they were first observing how cells were reacting to the vaccines. This is from months ago.

Yeah this was from April.

Nano tech circuit boards, eh.

Was trying to go back to sleep and thinking. I don't think the data's being broadcast powerfully enough with the 5G network.. where satellites can pick it up. It's probably just secretly getting transmitted to your damn phone. What kind of data, I don't know. I don't think the data would be too complex. Like wtf.

But.. these guys got tech you can't even imagine, right. Was trying to go to sleep. Thinking.. they got what you see and hear already through the phone camera and mic. No.. this data here.. well you'd have to understand the military brain hacking stuff I was researching seasons ago.

I think this biometric streaming data is what you're thinking.. the thoughts in your mind.. it's transmitting that data.. and they got the hardware, that they could hear it in audio form. Then their A.I, that's been running all their equipment since it reached singularity in 2015.. can simultaneously monitor everybody at the same time, all day long. It's analyzing that "collective consciousness" data. Seeing how somebody's thoughts going out there, secretly affect others. I don't know.. but that's my idea on this one here.


I do not see how this does not start WW3. The secret societies that run the world certainly want a world war and are in control of the governments that are moving toward war.


There has to be some regret because the number of people that get boosters is significantly lower than the number of people that got one or two shots. This means the shots themselves managed to turn a lot of redditards into anti vaxxers.

Anyone have any info? Or are the normies just too fucking stupid and have moved on to the next thing?

Yea so... the pushback on this whole Nord Stream 2 fiasco is nuts.

The swarm of nonsense + pro biden dogma is insane.

i.e., the Biden Administration just committed an act of war.


The Science™: "The Vaccines are killing you. Sorry. No refunds."

Normies: "sHuT uP !!.. yOu dOn'T kNOw tHat... I'm sTilL AliVe!!!! .... ScIEncE doEsn'T kNow EverYthiNg!!!"

You know it's coming 🙄

Because I'm still here struggling to remember other than it was a typical Saturday with yard work and the Xi thing was a lie.


Per the

Photos of transit buses in New Jersey displaying nuclear detonation instructions on their side.

Same for New York subway trains.

TPTB have had two long-standing goals:

  • Get the 1st world to use less energy
  • Reduce population growth in the 3rd world.

Russia / Ukraine is resulting in both.

Russia provides energy to Europe and Ukraine supplies food to Africa.

TBTP Mission Accomplished.

Simple, eh!?

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