Jewish Inquisition (
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Accepting Abuse (
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I’m curious if there is any info or sources about possibility of MMR being passed on thru sperm.

Anyone have links or data in regards to this?

Any more news on this (
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Wonder why he got killed? (
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To hire an illegal alien to take the jab for you? Asking for a friend.


Many people have been psychologically traumatized and brainwashed to the point that they will feel extreme anxiety if they do not have a mask on and they feel extreme anxiety around other humans. This was done intentionally and with malice, in my opinion. The powers that be have spent a lot of time and money studying psychology, propaganda and marketing to understand how to best manipulate people.

We all know about Operation Mockingbird and MKUltra.

You are seeing the results of those programs being employed on a global scale and its fascinating as much as it is evil.

The illusion of freedom was fun while it lasted.

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