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TLDR: scroll to the bottom for the recipe to skip this nonsense.

I have hiv and haven't been on medication for many years. Because of problems with the medication, I had to stop taking them. Problems that increased in severety over time, leading to a stroke and a seizure, cognitive impairment, vertigo every day at the same time of day (weird), electrical sensitivity, inability to sleep facing down because of derangement of inner ear orientation effects, depression, bipolar issues, etc.

Although it's not your business, I'll tell you anyway for the inevitable hiv is your fault trolls, that how I contracted it was not actualy my fault and how it's also not the culmination of vast amounts of gay sex or drug use. I am still angry about the situation, it was from a betrayal and a girl who lied about her IV drug use, along with and from her on off dealer-boyfriend, someone you wouldnt' expect--based on how she presented herself--to be an IV drug user (think of a working professional female lawyer married, in her early 30s, living in suburbs with school age children)

I'm telling you this because after many continuous frustrations with my care, from 3 different providers, I ended up in a provider in NC who started treating me badly and being snarky with me because I complained about a black nurse who took my blood pressure wrong and wrote down a WAY too high number that didn't comport with reality. IN fact, she was such an asshole in her demeanor that she MADE my blood pressure go up, practically had me doing jumping jacks and then took my bloodpressure with my arm down (wrong). She did everything wrong, to ensure I was to be put on blood pressure medication..

Then i was prescribe lithium at one point, which changd my personality, making me violent and I almost went to jail for an outburst; and another med they gave me, stopped my breathing; and final nail was they prescribed me an off label use antipsychotic for depression and one side effect of withdrawal was acute psychosis. Do I need to tell you what happened when I went off it? I saw ufos, demons, lights in the sky, and before I took an accounting of what was happening I believed these things to be real.

These things are called iatrogenic assaults on me. The psychiatric and hiv care has been extremely bad. I was a good patient until the last 5 yrs of it. That's when I started catching on that this whole industry was treating people like lab rats, taking huge sums of money from people, and VERY IRRESPONSIBLY dispensing very powerful personality changing drugs to people. I've had employment interrupts as a direct result of not just medications but because of insurance company shinanegans trying to rip me off and save my expensive costs. Everyone with HIV goes through that.

It's actually an enormous surprise there aren't mass shooters every WEEK let alone every few months, because of all the pills we're putting people on.

My vietnam vet friend was just put on a drug called Pregabalin which is said "PRE GOBLIN". He joked that it was pre goblin because you take it before you become a goblin. Which is kind of what happens when you take it. You turn into a monster. He had to apologize to his family for his outbursts and immediately went off it. Another one of these anxiety drugs that causes you to lose your shit totally

After trying many things that didn't work, and having difficulty adhering to the schedule (because, again, of cognitive effects), I went off the drugs at the order of the medical doctor I was seeing in NC. The idea was that it was better to go on 'drug holiday' (take a break from the drugs) than it is to take them on and off, because the hiv virus mutates and that's bad. (like taking your entire course of antibiotics)

Since I decided to not ever go back, I've let this order stand....for 7 yrs

I am doing better than I ever was, even before the HIV diagnosis, possibly.

Sorry for the long backgrounder. I was supposed to be telling you how to take care of yourself, not just a long screed on the medical industry.

Research has kept me alive

After stopping all the drugs, I pretty much started a clock for 25 yrs, which is the avg number of time until you develop AIDS if you don't do stupid shit like drink, smoke, or do drugs, especially something called 'poppers' or video cleaner or even continue to have MSM sex according to the literture, which puts you in contact with other diseases. I don't do any of those things.

One I am voluntarily celibate. I'm not putting anyone else thru this shit. No, not an incel making a shit excuse. One time I fucked this indian girl in college and she looked up at me and said I looked like a roman god. Fast fwd, and now I'm like fat thor. But still Thor.

Two I wash my hands and stay very clean, 2 showers a day on avg.

Three I scoured NIH for solutions and found 3

A) A combination of

  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Cysteine (NAC)
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Selenium

Are a stack that reversed AIDS in 99% of people studied in a casual study in Africa. Now people tried to debunk this, saying it was a geologist / anthropologist with a hypothesis, and those criticisms are fair, however, this was investigated and followed up upon with even more studies showing, YES, that selenium absolutely has a role in stopping and reversing HIV.


Because of how it recycles glutathione in the body by the enzyme glutathione peroxidase.

And the compounds necessary for glutathione are the above plus glycine.

And then I found olut that people with HIV also deplete vitamin D much faster and vitamin B12.

I researched herbs that fight cancer, boost the immune system, detoxify the liver, etc.

Because of the immune depletion you'd also need more sulfur, calcium and other macro and microminerals.

Thanks to COVID, I discovered another powerful line of defense, which is zinc ionophore therapy. Intracellular zinc not only inhibits RdRp and thus retards replication of ALL RNA viruses, it actually slows the activity of HIV-RT, to 1/20th of the activity, meaning this is a novel therapy for HIV infection as well.

So here's the formula. This is nutritional, not medical advice. If your doctor says take your pills, listen to your doctor. This is a disclaimer, not ordinary advice. Reading between the lines is expected.

Glutathione & Glutathione peroxidase stack

  • 500 - 1000mg N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
  • 500 - 1000mg L-Tryptophan
  • 500 - 1000mg L-Glutamine
  • 500 - 1000mg L-Glycine
  • 400 mcg Selenium in 3 forms -- SeMSC, Methylselenium, Sodium Selenite
  • [optional] R-Lipoic Acid (alpha lipoic acid works too, but it's not as good)

Vitamin / Mineral stack

  • Vitamin C, 500mg - 1000mg a day
  • 15000IU - 25000 IU Vitamin D3, daily
  • Vitamin B12 lowest dose you can find, or a time release low dose B complex, every 3 days or once a week
  • Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) just one a day or every 3 days
  • Vitamin E - one a day or every 3 days
  • Multi-mineral with microminerals, daily
  • [optional] Vitamin K2 -- MK7 (puts calcium where it's needed)
  • [optional] Ubiquinol (CoQ10)

Zinc ionophore stack

7 Thieves Cure

Take only when sick, for up to 4 days. Drink lots of water with them and take with food. Get a lot of sleep. Oregano is hot to the tummy, can worsen reflux. If that happens take w/ apple cider vinegar pill and/or "Orange burps" pills.

  • 1-3 pills Oil of Oregano by Gaia Herbs (from NC, USA) -- if you had to take one take this one.
  • 1 pill Clove Extract (Swansonherbs.com)
  • 1 pill Olive Leaf Extract by Gaia
  • 1 pill Rhodolia Extract by Gaia
  • 1 pill Turmeric supreme Gaia
  • 1 pill Ashwagandha, Gaia
  • 1 pill Astragalus, Gaia
  • [Optional] 3 apple cider vinegar pills
  • [Optional] 1-2 Orange burps pills (limonene)

This is an expensive stack, around 200 dollars, and the cheapest you will find these gaia supplements is on https://www.swansonvitamins.com/. This will last for 3 yrs probably, because you're not taking them a lot

Colloidal Silver / Colloidal Zinc

I make these with 99.999% pure silver wire and 99.999% pure zinc wire in distilled water. I use 3 9V batteries in series with the silver wire, and I use a deep cell 12V 30AH battery for the zinc wire and zinc takes much longer.

I filter thru gold filter, then coffee paper and then put in the fridge for 3 days and decant all but the bottom 2" and toss that onto my plants (that's the silver / zinc that has settled).

You test the colloidal by shining light through it, it should scatter; also shing a uv light and it should absorb it

I take a shot glass of each when I'm feeling a sick coming on, or when it rains heavily, or just randomly.

If you need further instructions, Tyla Gabriel of Aim4truth.org has a colloidal silver PDF on how to do the whole thing

The above has been keeping me alive. I hope this is useful to you. Yes it's a lot of pills to take each day and it's expensive

It's cost is NOTHING compared to hiv meds which cost anywhere from half to a full cost of a subaru each year, ...that's WITH insurance.

Thanks Clintons!

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