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Peruvian parliament did a coup and overthrow elected president. Protestors who are mostly indigenous have been shot and killed by the police. At least 50 dead. It's a bloodbath.

Ron deSantis and Elon Musk have interests in south America. Elon needs lithium from Bolivia and Ecuador. Hunter Biden works for black and Veatch, a bioweapon company, he needs data from humans. Ron deSantis worked in Guantanamo bay he can help Hunter.

However is it possible this coup is happening because of electric universe?

Read earth in upheaval by Velikovsky. Is it possible Peruvian mountains were lifted from the ocean?

Was iraq war for covering up Iraqi artifacts? Libyan war was for petrodollar? Or was the Libyan war against ancient so called goddess Afri? Maybe it was a Carthage war?

Iran war for persepolis when?

Is it possible that pyramid power planet theories were right all along? Longitudinal wave was propagated from Giza plateau, it reached Nazca or machu Picchu which are around 108 degrees. These longitudinal waves had to transformed to transverse wave to use it as energy.

Then some cataclysm happened. Wave conversation failed. Peruvian mountains were lifted thousands of feet.

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Bolsanaro is being supported by the nephew of John G Trump to establish global right wing governance. This is why JFK had to go.

Ron DeSantis- sent florida militia to attack Venezuela and failed miserably.

Elon Musk- successfully done coup in Bolivia for Lithium. We will invade whoever we want.

Nathan Rothschild- possibly stole gold from Libya after fooling son of Gaddafi.

Black people in liberal cities are being shot by police or the criminals. The police are often trained by ex-Mossad agents. Is it just a coincidence that ex Mossad trained officers are gunning black people?

Is it just a coincidence that Ghislaine Maxwell's sisters wrote Chiliad?

Mossad operatives attacked Mexican capital and got caught. This was in Mexican mainstream media on 10 oct 2001

Why are Israelis shooting and killing journalists? Why Shireen Abu Aqleh had to die? Because journalists knew facts about Israeli child trafficking.

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9/11 first responders are the best of the world. Now they are dying from cancer everyday. However US government announced they hate first responders and will not help them any way.

Why would the richest country in the world want 9/11 first responders dead? Some say republicans are evil but why would republicans want to kill first responders, when their slogan was support the troops, support Dick Cheney.

There may be a different reason. First responders were attacked by a cold fusion energy weapon.

That's why many first responders are dying in cancer that may have been caused by radiation. Some people said asbestos caused those cancers, but asbestos causes lung cancer and breathing issues. Very few first responders have lung cancers, most of them have leukemia.

Fleischman pons cold fusion research didn't even make radioactive elements it only made helium byproduct. However maybe there is another type of cold fusion or piezoelectric weapon that creates radiation/ ionized radiation that is killing first responders.

Is this why republicans want 9/11 witnesses dead? CIA ordered republicans and democrats to bring the heads of first responders? Shame. Shame.

:( Sorry for first responders.

Read Dr Judy wood where did the towers go

Structured atom model.

Gareth Samuel, thunderbolts project

Chan Thomas

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I don't totally disagree with you but I am more in Gareth Samuel velikvosky camp. So maybe we don't know enough about precession. There is sothic cycle. But there is also a galactic filament or multiple filaments. So this site alignment can be connected to distance stars in the filament. After all, some stars have disappeared in last 150y

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Randall Carlson in Joe Rogan show is talking about secret labs in Maldives and Asia. Uh good luck with that Randall Carlson.

Netherlands hated farmers. They wanted to ban fertilizers. Well, graham Hancock has terra preta which can fertilize lands. Now Netherlands just banned David Icke calling him a terrorist because Icke talks about farmer suppression and fertilizers..

Fbi will come for UFO experts and for Randall Carlson's energy weapons.

CIA will claim Maldives need some democracy and has low ESG score or something. Petrodollar army is coming!

This is distantly connected to meta-conspiracy. Why things happen and why they are exposed? Everything is about timing. Right now everybody is busy with Sam Bankman ffried and FTX scandal and Ukraine and Bidens? Ha? That's a ploy... to distract from Randall Carlson... also to usher in crypto regulation andsocial credit system so people can't invest in fringe science and electric universe theories and only use petrodollar.

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If Trump or Don Jr or Eric gave awards with a black sun occult member or Schutzstuffel media would explode. Particularly if it happened after a black sun linked terrorist attacked black people in church.

Now, Jon Stewart is giving awards with an Azov member who hid his tattoo with bandana. Mainstream media is silent. Only few alternative media like Greenwald or Jimmy Dore talking about this.

In this war all sides are helping Nazis so Nazis gonna be in power soon.... fuck not again

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There is Azov sponsored by operation paperclip-USA. And there is wagner Russia. So world is fucked again. Rise of the Nazis soon. Hide yourself before Nazis start another attempt at eugenics because of some mystical black sun occult tells them to do evil.... nobody understands the occult shitbaggery with nazis.

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Former Israeli Prime minister said- we are punching 100 times above our weight with our security softwares.

He is right that Israel made lot of security softwares and spywares like pegasus. Pegasus was sold to government like China and Saudi Arabia.

Well, another issue regarding Israeli spywares is, according to Fox News Carl Cameron and Brit Hume- Israel had spywares that was involved in 9/11. NSA and FBI were saying that Al Qaeda cells(which were probably funded by Saudis), knew about American surveillance program and managed to stay ahead of the NSA. They always figured out when they are being spied by NSA. NSA used security softwares that are made in Israel.

So it is possible that Israel gave information to Al Qaeda cells because Israel made most of those surveillance softwares. Or USA/CIA gave the information. Or maybe Saudi bought source code from Israel then gave the info to Al Qaeda.

However, talking about the problems with using Israeli made security software is a political suicide in the state department. LOL

Note that Chiliad is a financial forensic software that was made by Robert Maxwell's daughters. Robert Maxwell is a huge fraud, he was king of Israel and one of his daughter is the only convicted international child sex trafficker.

FBI claimed in 2008 that they used Chiliad forensic to figure out that Saudi funded several radical cells in 2001

On a tangent- 35-40% of Israel's oil come from Syria. They are rumored to support Al Qaeda/ Al Nusra to take Syrian oil. Israel also buys oil from Kurdish forces in Syria.

Seems like Israeli economy depends on covert ops like pedo-blackmail, spywares that will fuck your country up, and stolen oil. WTF Israel

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Language based cryptocurrency. There are few ideas.

Arabic language based, with sator/rotas square. Or maybe latin based crypto with sator square. Or hebrew-gemmatria

Fiat currency is over. Fiat always needs drug trade. look at inflation and fentanyl genocide after afghan war.

Either there will be a language based currency or there is Bitcoin depending on hashrate. Maybe we will have neuralink chips which mines Bitcoin.

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Facebook is losing money because facebooks metaverse is one of the few that is not fighting cataclysm. All other investors know that they have to put money in metaverse and ecosystem that fights cyclic cataclysm.

About the rail metaverse you have a good point but I imagine cataclysm and climate change to work bit differently. The cataclysm will come in waves.

Also, cold fusion with zeppelin are better plan to survive

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what are you saying? Of course matter can be 'destroyed' or more correctly convert to energy. Just get an alternating electricity in a coil, 1.5 to 2.5KW then insert a ferromagnetic iron or steel insert it, it will instantly burn/vaporize starting from the surface. Eddy current google it.

Matter can't be created. But i believe in electric universe where matter can be created in exigent circumstances (Halton Arp mini galaxy)

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hmm... mostly no.

Pilots for 9/11 are kinda telling the truth, pentagon wasn't hit like that. Official story is wrong.

But judy wood has the best facts. where did tritium come from? Some sort of cold fusion weapon/upgraded version of heart attack gun? Hutchison effect?

If you claim molten metal molten metal all day, Dick Cheney and Liz cheney gonna be happy. There are lots of proof that firefighters are walking on ground, on mud, and even laying beside water. But they are not burning their feet or body. That means those thermite conspiracy theories have a big hole.

If you believe that the elites have a directed energy weapon that can run eddy current on surface of metals to burn them, and even convert steel to iron and aluminium and produce some tritium, and create no seismic impact that matches with facts best.

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WTF you are talking about? Sublevels weren't even destroyed! people came out sublevel 2 and the whole towers above them gone. There were rails in down there basement 4 but it was still intact.

Also WTC complex is built on hudson, but no flooding? because there was nothing that hit the ground, there is no seismic event iether.

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You guys need to read where did the towers go by Dr Judy wood. Watch https://youtu.be/vadSaWyiozg

Elon musk is fighting a lithium war in Bolivia so he is a part of secret society. Rule one of secret cabal- suppress information of electric universe/catastrophism.