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What do these words mean, numbers mason?

Where are they getting these words? Do CIA Psyops division have a program called smear using innovative word salad

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Cenk Uyghur is a conspiracy theorist now, ironic because he hated all 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Cenk and others claim foreigners(from Israel) are coming in UCLA in collusion with the police to beat up Palestine protestors/Jewish voice for peace. Some of them even bringing chemical weapons like skunk from Israel, with the help of Zionist TSA insiders

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I know, but neo con like trump or woke Hillary killton and their supporters don't have adequate knowledge in their one shared brain cell

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If he isn't against Christ then why is he trying to get some of the passages of the bible banned? Soon you won't be able to say pharisees killed Jesus anymore

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Some of those people dying caughing were real. Some were Photoshopped by Ukraine, 77th psyops brigade and Victoria Nuland.

China hated warpspeed so they used sinopharm fake vaccine which does nothing

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Umm.. just go to CorbettReport and search 9/11 suspects and 9/11 able danger

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I am Muslim so forgive my ignorance but i thought Christians believe Jesus is the messiah(and trinity) and Jesus was killed by pharisees because pharisees was the most corrupt people in the world at that time. They also believe Jesus was/is the king, although whether spiritually or politically I am not sure.

Muslims believe Jesus was the messiah (a human prophet) and Jesus was killed by Romans or Romans and pharisees together. Jesus was spiritual king for Jews for that time.

So why are Christians passing this type of law. Dailywire(Zionist network) is having a civil war over this. Matt Walsh is devout evangelical while Ben Shapiro is Jewish who want to retire in Tel Aviv and Andrew Klavan is converted christian but he gets mad when you say Christ is king for some mysterious reason.

How can Christians justify banning bible? American politicians are always screaming how USA is supposed to be the bastion of freedom democracy and Christianity. So if the best protestants of USA, UK and Germany are doing this does it mean protestantism is self-hating ideology?

How can protestants debate this? Also why isn't there a debate about this? Why would catholics put up with this nonsense? Protestants already believe in a much smaller version of bible than catholics but now they are banning much of that. We need to figure out wtf is going on.

Elite Germans and Americans are now claiming if you are slapped on one cheek turn the other cheek. Well this ain't turning other cheek. Would the christian version of jesus Christ stop screaming under torture you are corrupt you left the God's path or would he just say oh you are torturing me too much I will not say anything anymore I will stop spreading my own bible have a good day. Wouldn't he say something in line of you are torturing me because Satan blinded you with all the AIPAC gold coins. I turn the other cheek but don't mistaken, I will not stop spreading god's words until all my flash is torn apart from by bones.

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If a boat in the middle of a lake flips because of the wind and guess what 5 Mossad agents die and 20 injured, know that's not a wind. That's just meloni or Biden killing Mossad to keep Americans alive or more importantly oil pipelines running

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Cenk Uyghur is allegedly a CIA asset who loves CIA and hates conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones Whitney Webb. However now he is sounding like a legit political activist, almost like a conspiracy theorist.

Investigate every dime AIPAC has taken or given. They are using dark money. We need to shutdown these foreign agents until we can figure out what the hell is going on. These crazy schmucks at AIPAC dailywire are so evil they want to defund your healthcare and pension to fight world war. Then you get wounded and killed in the war, veteran care is defunded, so who would take care of your widow? fking Shapiro? Out of the question. Your family would be on the streets taking drugs thanks to AIPAC

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Are you anti semite? Bernie Sanders is an American not Israeli, he can decide what to do with his country if he got votes to be in Congress. Ben Shapiro is an Israeli dual citizen so it's complicated, maybe ban dual loyalty or aipac

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Some GameStop supporters are into 9/11 financial conspiracy theory. They say Epstein did 9/11. They claim HSBC and citadel may do a false flag in various countries to avoid criminal prosecution

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Is this some sort of ritual? They believe if they brag about it while doing it then fate will help them somehow. Not sure what it's called in occult

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University of Columbia first tried to blame protestors/distract from this but social media exposed them. At least one Israeli soldier(probably with 2 others) used chemical weapon on pro-Palestine protestors in uni Columbia. The name.of the suspect is menajem Perez who studied in tel Aviv university. The chemical weapon is imported from Israel.

Zionists gone batshit crazy about the fact that SVP and other Jewish organization are pro Palestine now.

Recently Jews living in new York called NYPD because of suspicious noise coming from the ground. NYPD found that there were tunnels built from a synagogue of Israeli chabad occult. There were mattresses with blood stain. So we're they organ harvesting or what?

However look how mainstream media mention the events. Most mainstream media covers up the event. A few who are mentioning, they are trying to debunk conspiracy theories like mattress. USA today and Atlantic said there were no stained mattresses in the synagogue. Wtf?

However NYPD didn't even arrest anybody over the tunnels. They were supposed to do mass arrests over the Zionists bringing out the stained mattresses. That's a serial killing investigation right there.

Think about this for a second. If a Muslim digged illegal tunnels under New York they would be charged for anything between 5 to 50 years. Stained mattresses? That's death penalty.

Chemical weapons? Their families will be drone striked.

But zionists can do all these and NYPD will refuse to arrest and seize chemical weapons. NYPD refuses to acknowledge there were stained mattresses, potential serial rape case. TOTAL SILENCE.

Meanwhile Alan Pedowitz who raped Virginia Guiffre claims Jews that don't have dual loyalty are self hating Jews. Wtf

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Ghislaine Maxwellhill is the only convicted international child sex trafficker. Maxwellhill was an angel investor of reddit. Maxwellhill family got in conflict with co founder Aaron Swartz. Other co founders particularly Ohanian(who is the best friend of Ghislaine) hates Swartz.

Swartz got in trouble when Ghislaine and mit sued him for releasing stuff that are not even private, funded by taxpayers. Then Ghislaine's sisters used big tech to persuade him to commit suicide.

They also influenced a men's right activist into becoming a suicide killer and hunting down a federal judge Salas before committing suicide

Maxwellhill family also invested in chiliad, converse, Facebook etc.

Israel is planning something. Something far more nefarious than Sivan Kurzberg and wtc7 bombs

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