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University of Columbia first tried to blame protestors/distract from this but social media exposed them. At least one Israeli soldier(probably with 2 others) used chemical weapon on pro-Palestine protestors in uni Columbia. The name.of the suspect is menajem Perez who studied in tel Aviv university. The chemical weapon is imported from Israel.

Zionists gone batshit crazy about the fact that SVP and other Jewish organization are pro Palestine now.

Recently Jews living in new York called NYPD because of suspicious noise coming from the ground. NYPD found that there were tunnels built from a synagogue of Israeli chabad occult. There were mattresses with blood stain. So we're they organ harvesting or what?

However look how mainstream media mention the events. Most mainstream media covers up the event. A few who are mentioning, they are trying to debunk conspiracy theories like mattress. USA today and Atlantic said there were no stained mattresses in the synagogue. Wtf?

However NYPD didn't even arrest anybody over the tunnels. They were supposed to do mass arrests over the Zionists bringing out the stained mattresses. That's a serial killing investigation right there.

Think about this for a second. If a Muslim digged illegal tunnels under New York they would be charged for anything between 5 to 50 years. Stained mattresses? That's death penalty.

Chemical weapons? Their families will be drone striked.

But zionists can do all these and NYPD will refuse to arrest and seize chemical weapons. NYPD refuses to acknowledge there were stained mattresses, potential serial rape case. TOTAL SILENCE.

Meanwhile Alan Pedowitz who raped Virginia Guiffre claims Jews that don't have dual loyalty are self hating Jews. Wtf

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Ghislaine Maxwellhill is the only convicted international child sex trafficker. Maxwellhill was an angel investor of reddit. Maxwellhill family got in conflict with co founder Aaron Swartz. Other co founders particularly Ohanian(who is the best friend of Ghislaine) hates Swartz.

Swartz got in trouble when Ghislaine and mit sued him for releasing stuff that are not even private, funded by taxpayers. Then Ghislaine's sisters used big tech to persuade him to commit suicide.

They also influenced a men's right activist into becoming a suicide killer and hunting down a federal judge Salas before committing suicide

Maxwellhill family also invested in chiliad, converse, Facebook etc.

Israel is planning something. Something far more nefarious than Sivan Kurzberg and wtc7 bombs

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Yes the Atlantic stuff.

Also the gold

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'Empire needs continuous land'

By that logic colonization never happened. Neo colonization via federal reserve and bank of England not a thing.

I bet you are not a Ron Paul or CorbettReport leaning conspiracy theorist. Are you a trumpist/meme-wing?

Quick question are you interested in auditing federal reserve, pentagon, catholic vault, Robert Maxwellhill's fund and video tapes?

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There should be testimony after testimony. However so far things are moving epic slow regarding evidence of mass rape on October 7th. The investigation seems lot slower than even 9/11 commission.

Israeli prisoners of war are saying Hamas treated them good. Maybe they have Stockholm syndrome. However isrraeli strikes did kill few hostages.

Israeli government is prohibiting these ex-hostages to directly give interviews to journalists. Often it's a relative of a hostage which gives description of Hamas underground gas and torture chambers.

Some Palestinian prisoners who were freed saying Israeli prison tortured them, broke their hands. Some conspiracy theorists claim CIA is often present when Israel tortures children because they want assess psyops/mkultra on children. If CIA tortures babies anywhere there would be a problem so they do mkultra related stuff in Palestine as well as palm beach Florida.

So what if Israel is lying?

What are corbett report and Whitney webb, McKinney, Bollyn saying? Are they saying zionists are trying to hypnotize rednecks to start a world war?

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Why did Israel short stocks on 9th and 10th September. Why did they send Odded Ellnor and Sivan Kurzberg to dance and to get arrested? Our mission was to document the event. What mission??

Israel wants to risk expose the 9/11 false flag by using dancing Israelis?

This means black sun occult and zionists believe in a weird ideology. They believe they can get away with false flags as long as they are broadcasting it and making memes about doing it. So if Sivan and Paul kruzberg are attending tv interview how they participated in the mission Israel benefits somehow? They get karma? Normalizion process? I don't know what their occult belief is called

It's like how bilderberg group has annual events.

It's like how world economic forum has public events. They can't just come out of nowhere and say this is the world government from now on. There will be some karma problem I guess? So they have to run semi public events for years to normalize the masses.

However CorbettReport had a different idea. Israel was planning to control world communication. Israel always wanted social credit system that is tied to your money. He thinks dancing Israelis Odded Ellnor were there to distract from converse chiliad etc.

Corbett literally ranted about eugenics, social credit and Israel, a week later Ghislaine Maxwellhill banned him from YouTube forever

So either Israel is planning to implement a world social credit network to control your money, or they are planning to start world war 3. But that's just a theory, a Corbett conspiracy theory!

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Conservatives usually don't want to criticize Israel. But Israel is mooching so much money that made Henry Kissinger upset.

Many southern states are so poor they have swamp creatures. Why would they send money to Israel so Israel can have nationalized healthcare.

Israel and AIPAC are bribing too many pedo politicians

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What about a national referendum to fight nuclear search and destroy war in Gaza and Iran?? Young people decide whether they should go to war while Joseph Biden handles their daughter and promises not to poke them.

If Iran doesn't have nukes then ask Israel for giving the warbonds back?

Make sense? Or too libertarianism for you

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Payton was the buffalo black church shooter. Payton Gendron was inspired by black sun occult very much.

Black sun is a Nazi occult. It was used by various groups including waffen SS when SS Galicia was rounding up their own countrymen in Belarus. Canada just gave standing ovation to a waffen SS member.

Black sun is now used by Ukraine military after 2014. Azov battalion uses black sun logo as well as a N logo to symbolize Nazism.

Glenn Greenwald claims Australian Brandon Tarrant and Norwegian Breivik were also inspired by black sun. Tarrant probably got training from a Ukrainian Azov battalion linked group.

ADL itself claims club q shooter, LGBT haters also used black sun logo on the weapons.

It's possible Payton was also inspired by some retired FBI agent.

Remember BLM and mitt Romney? If you wave the confederate flag you are a Nazi you will not have any benefit of the doubt. Your flag must be burnt, you might be arrested or at least red flag laws should take your 2nd amendment.

But whenever it comes to mass shootings black sun occult and waffen SS will get a lot of benefit of the doubt. Wtf.

Even right wingers have been real quiet now. Where are the right wingers talking about government doing false flags to take away all guns? You won't see zionists Ben Shapiro or Ron desantis trying to abolish CIA. Steven crowder will sometimes crack a joke about false flags and that's it. Right wingers are completely hypnotized by Zionists, and zionists need CIA FBI and waffen SS because Zionism is an institution.

Israel is a tiny country that only survives because FBI helps them hiding the video tapes from palm beach Florida. Zionists not gonna scream from top of the lungs that FBI black sun occult ordered buffalo shooter to take away 2nd amendment. However right wing still looking at their zionists leaders to make some grand stand against these clear false flag attempts 😂

How many more mass shootings before you give up your guns?

How many more drone strikes, political assassinations, false flags before you abolish CIA?

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Doomer idiot libertarians are saying by 2030 eating out McDonald's with your 6 member family may cost 300$

They should be ignored. We should listen to smart people. Does Rudy Giuliani have a YouTube channel? Where is Jared? Mitt Romney?

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Sam Altman's sister accused him of being a pedo.

Sam Altman also had other problems. He was working behalf of Israel. So he was avoiding the board and trying to quickly work with engineers to change the OpenAI model. The new model will help Israel censor the internet and control the world.

However board got tired of these controversies and fired him. Now Sam brought a few people in then he fired the board. he brought Larry summers, Genie Incorporated. Note that Summers is very important to Ghislaine Maxwellhill, she used him to bring bill gates, Deutsche bank and us virgin islands former governors, eugenicist fauci on her side.

Without Larry summers, there would have been no Jeffrey Epstein. I don't care how Ben Shapiro, Douglas Murray and Bill Maher try to defend Larry summers, but without summers there would have been no Epstein or Ghislaine. Ghislaine couldn't have traverse those stole pension funds from UK to USA without genius like Summers. That's not just an opinion, that's a CorbettReport level fact

Don't underestimate Sam Altman. One day he will rule the world, along with some Israeli pedo-blackmailer woman to video-tape his friends, you know, like old days

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Why is Ben Shapiro trying to hypnotize rednecks? Shapiro and Sean genie energy Hannity are trying to hypnotize in stages. However they are hiding at least 2 obvious problems that you can use to stop the draft.

First method of Shapiro Hannity is to try to send redneck, southern 2nd amendment people to fight wars.

Why not send people from a particular religion to fight war? People from that religion isn't even interested in that particular country also known as the only democracy in the world.

Many of them, specially under 50 y old from that tribe, are protesting that sacred land, and trying to remove Robert Maxwellhill from mount olive.

Secondly, if Shapiro, Hannity and Brian kilmeade send rednecks to that region, what happens to their daughters. We know for a scientific eugenicist fact that Ghislaine Maxwellhill wanted babies from redneck only, maybe sometimes Mexican babies too but rednecks was the priority of queen Maxwellhill.

So you are going to fight a war that you don't understand, you don't have a clear goal for victory, risking your daughter to become orphan then being eaten by Maxwellhill black sun occult/space relation occult?

Forget about being sacrificed, how many of you have the strength to send your daughter or niece to Genocide Joe Biden for a day unsupervised. You know he is gonna poke certain body parts of her. Can you stand it? Will you clap it when you see it on live television?

Are you that hypnotized? Or do you want drafting for certain people who really wants to defend that particular land.

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Ben Shapiro and other zionists hate populism. But why is Shapiro so mad at Owens for quoting bible? Is it because zionists hate Jesus and they think some alien gonna be first messiah or something. Is it theological?

Or is it racial? Cadence Owens is black. Jesus was probably brown. According to Islam Moses was black. So is Shapiro mad at Owens for racial reason?

I noticed some other thing. Zionists often mock other cultures. Hispanic cultures they sometimes mock, however Hispanic are very religious catholic so it's rare for zionists to mock their culture.

Zionists mock black culture.

Ben Shapiro also mocks Arab culture. Only Ben Shapiro does this, many other Zionist evangelicals don't usually mock this frequently. Steven Crowder and Sam Harris sometimes mock this, but charlikirk dick Liz Cheney don't mock this.

I don't want to waste my time talking about women's garment but I will try to state my point shortly to show Ben Shapiro and Zionists are very hypocrites.

Let's say Arab women wears a hijab or hijab with a specific pattern. This pattern is also used by pro Palestine boycott divestment sanction movement. If Ben Shapiro sees this in a college campus he gets triggered and starts ranting about how Arab or white woman wearing terrorist hijab bandana or something.

Ironic is this, Ben Shapiro claims he and his wife are orthodox Jews, that means his mother was supposed to wear a hijab. His wife and relatives are doctors and employees they don't wear hijab even though they claim to be orthodox. They show their necks as well as chest.

Okay let's say they don't have time or orthodox Judaism has levels..makes sense. I don't want to talk about women's garments.

Then why are you mocking Arab culture??? If you don't want me to talk about your sister's garments, Shapiro, that's fair, but why are you talking about women's garments then?

And if Shapiro is only against some specific stripe pattern of Palestine or Iraq or something, then why can't he grow the balls to state that. Everytime he sees hijab his voice just converts to very woke stereotypical voice and he mumble raps fast you are saying this wearing that terrorist thingy over your head blah blah blah rap music.

Can you at least say I am denouncing your stripe pattern please in a next college debate wear ordinary hijab cloth that sunni women across the world wears or something. -_-

Also why don't Ben Shapiro and other zionists denounce white people culture? Do white people have more divorce or have more alcohol drunk driving problems? I don't know I didn't even see the statistics. But if white demographics have certain statistics why don't zionists ever point that out? If other demographics have those issues then Ben Shapiro would be the first one to throw them under the bus. Why doesn't Ben Shapiro say oh my grandmother was an ultra Orthodox holocaust survivor even near gas chamber she wore hijab. You white people just show your chest whenever it's 25degree centigrade outside, learn from your Mexican family values champion grandma neighbors or something.

Zionists never say that, zionists never calls white people godless for sins, zionists only calls Arabs or Mexicans godless.

In short who the hell elected Ben Shapiro to become Judea Christian God of America. Isn't he alienating Muslim audience who hate Biden's Palestine war and Hunter Biden's woke lgbt. Is zionism white supremacism in disguise???

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In 2015 bashar Al Assad did sarin gas in a hospital killing two hundreds doctors. However it never really happened. Abedi family was ordered to fund terrorist by prince Andrew and mi5. Abedi brothers fought for ISIS for months then British warship rescued them from Syria.

Then abedi family and their cousins were in Libya for some time. Either British warship or Ramadan abedi cargo ship rescued the brothers.

Then prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein wanted Miley Cyrus. Miley is probably the snow white.

Prince Andrew probably hates dancing little girls and want to poke then just like hunter Biden. So these dancing little girls made ISIS black sun operative abedi mad. Abedi, under the order of prince Andrew, did Manchester suicide bombing to assassinate Arianna grande.

So don't be fooled by Israeli crisis actors pretending to be nurse in shifa hospital. These crisis actors would do suicide bombing or mass shooting at any moment and then try to take all your guns

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Epstein pilots and flight attendants said they were never asked for registering all those people in those international lolita express flight. We know Ghislaine Maxwellhill was eating babies in sacrificial rituals (including Madeleine McCann )

But why are Nikki Haley, Lindsey graham, Hunter Biden, RFK etc wanting CBDC score to criticize Israel? Israel doesn't need that to that to USA.

Can you are least beg Israel that they force people to register who spits on priests in west bank? Israel is known to have Zionist hate groups who spits on priests and try to strip nun's hijabs.

Release all tapes from palm beach Florida immediately, before republican primary is over. Nikki Haley will start her first CBDC concentration camp by February of the next year, gas chambers by 2026

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Why are politicians throwing their campaign away for Israel?

Why is Trump not using Robert Mueller and dancing Israelis scandal to stay out of prison? I don't understand.

Are they all being blackmailed by zionist dog maxwellhill? They are willing to go to prison before using CorbettReport Whitney webb

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Ukraine has money because USA gave money from flint Michigan to Ukraine army and social security. Ukraine desperately need manpower so they are drafting people on the streets.

Spanish Schutzstuffel members went to fight for Azov but now they flew to Gaza from Ukraine, according to Spanish media El Mundo.

Then there are TikTok girls who went to Israel to dance and cheer.

These people aren't that big. These Schutzstuffel aren't high ranking, some of the men has onlyfans. So why are Nazis going to become zionists? This means one thing. It's a prostitution racket going on. This is Epstein Maxwellhill stuff.

This is how they got RFK Jr probably. RFK was on lolita express multiple times. Maybe he had foot massage, you know....

Zion Nazis goal is to infect brain and manufacture consent among all demographics. But their primary target is white men, southern redneck gun people. White men are largest taxpayers. Southerners fight Israel's wars. If Zion Nazis lose that then they lose everything. So Israel wants this demographic to be alpha male, but also beta coward, at the same time.

When white male demographic is asked question about Israel, do you want to fight Hamas in Gaza or ayatollah in Iran or Syria, this demographic suddenly has to turn into cucks and say we have to stay united with Israel, we have to guard Israeli nukes. If they don't then the matrix is over.

If this demographic suddenly starts ranting like CorbettReport and say why fight Israel's war we don't have any guarantee that Israel and FBI won't behead/eat our daughters in palm beach Florida, that's a problem, the matrix is over.

Jimmy Dore and Jackson Hinkle were saying this for last few years now. Israel wants to create a loophole in your brain. There is no way to sugarcoat it. A loophole. Youval Harare and world economic forum members need it.

Jimmy is still on YouTube, shadowbanned. Jackson Hinkle is deleted from YouTube, he is on Twitter still.

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Pro Palestine twitter is now claiming Israeli helicopters killed a lot of Israeli civilians in the first few hours.

Jackson Hinkle is sometimes correct, but sometimes dead wrong. 30% time he provides fake news. So be skeptical.

Look for CorbettReport who only provides fake news like 1% of the time.

Corbettreport needs months or years to verify the whole thing. However he speculated that various part of Israeli official story smells like false flags.

For example there is a Twitter page called artisbrutal2021 This page showed some evidence that for first few hours it was IDF in disguise that pretended to be Hamas to do false flag in the concert and some villages.

The claim has flaws. Gotta wait a long time for CorbettReport to figure out things.

What I am trying to say maybe donate to CorbettReport so he can do 9/11 level research, instead of Palestine memepages that often provides fake news.

Careful though, Canada considers you a national terrorist if you donate to Canadian James Corbett.

To the kids running the memepages, have you heard of 9/11? Do you even know what anthrax is?

Israeli helicopters mistaking Israeli civilians as Hamas?? Israeli helicopters and UAV were mostly absent. You are telling me they were present in the morning, and they shot their own in the daylight? You know how difficult is it to do friendly fire in daylight?

Don't fall for Israeli president's bait for Iranian anthrax. Israel claims Iran is giving anthrax to Hamas, and Syria-Iraq giving mustard gas or something.

Corbettreport challenges Israeli president. President Herzog, pick up the phone, dial any numbers and tell Queen Victoria Nuland to stop biolabs and anthrax nonsense.

But don't try to fool us again. Fool me with Victoria anthrax once shame on you, fool me twice with Hamas Azov anthrax shame on me. Israel still has the old artificial intelligence system which sends dancing Israelis to say Israel is the solution, Palestine is the problem because of anthrax or gas or something. That doesn't work anymore, didn't you get the memo. Innovate something. Try to blame Palestinians for missing trillions or missing gold in fort Knox.

Summary: what if Israelis are not truthful, what if Palestinians are misleading, what if Corbettreport is right.

Stop trying to fool us with anthrax president Herzog and prime minister Netanyahu. Gotta try something new.

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