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The genetics went all haywire after the 2nd century where the lineage from paternal was changed to maternal. But still you see the large noses even in busts of Josephus.

Either way, the "real jews" were of the devil way back in Babylon, which Jesus exposed. Some would say the Khazar stuff is to make Christians forget this, that Judaism itself is Satanic. Moses and King David didn't follow any religion called "Judaism." The 10 tribes were destroyed by the Assyrians, race mixed out of existence 722, then the tribe of Judah turns to Satanism 500's BC and race mixes with the Babylonians, creation a hybrid religion.

Any modern jew that claims to be "following the Torah" is following the Talmud, as only Chrisitan's read the Old Testament. No jew sings the Psalms on Saturday. There simply aren't any Israelites anymore, there are only modern "jews" who are like travelling gypsies who go around scamming naive host nations.


"It is important to remember that Judaism is not Old Testament religion, but rather a rejection of the Biblical faith altogether in favor of the Pharisaical, Talmudic heresy. Like Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Unification Church, and other cults, it claims to be based on the Bible; but its actual authority comes from the traditions of men. Jesus was quite clear: Judaism denies Christ because it denies Moses. Orthodox Christianity alone is the true continuation and fulfillment of Old Testament religion (see Matt. 5:17-20; 15:1-9; Mark 7:1-13; Luke 16:29-31; John 5:45-47; 8:42-47).” -- David Chilton, Paradise Restored, Ch.20

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"Keep getting vague warnings about my anti-Israel stance being "bad for me"

I'm sorry, did you mistake me for someone who values earthly things?

Did I give off the impression I can be cajoled, intimidated, or bribed?

Fuck you. SUPER OMNIA VERITAS. I have ancestors to please."


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"In this intro to our new series on the ABCs of Kabbalah, we introduce the concept of Ein Soph, the non-being that grounds the theosophical system of modernity."

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Some random conspiracy blog so idk how accurate it is, came across it when someone else posted Dr Classens research article claiming Mossad was planning a global genocide to "prevent another jewish holocaust"

COVID-19 and Illegal US Bioweapons Activity, an Insider's Revelations December 2022 DOI:10.33425/2771-5906.1018


That blog page had some potentially relevant info like William Paul being Fauci's mentor, along with a lot of other jewish names I've never heard before like Dr. Zami Ben-Sasson, Dr. Regina Rabinovich.

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"The Zionists have thought of everything in the lead up to this ethnic cleansing of Gaza. The US carrier strike group is in position to deflect or deter any kinetic reaction by the Islamic world to the invasion/bombing of Gaza.

The ultimatum for 1.1 million people to leave Gaza in 24 hours even though they are blockaded and have no where to go creates the pretext for an Iranian reaction that would justify a US response against Israel’s greatest adversary. The coup against the former PM Imran Khan in Pakistan that was led by the State Department’s preferred proxies ensured there was no unknown quantity at the helm of the only nuclear-armed Islamic power.

Russia is preoccupied with Ukraine and is glad these shenanigans distract the US. The worst case scenario is war with Iran, which is exactly what Israel wants and Netanyahu needs to hold on to power, in pursuit of the ultimate goal of turning Gaza into a parking lot where Jewish settlers will move in and build on top of the rubble, and the UN sending Palestinian refugees to Western countries as penance for standing with Israel."


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Why are you here then?

Go be a jew somewhere else. Everyone on the planet is sick and tired of Zionist demons destroying the planet for their NWO project.

Then calling anyone a terrorist who tries to stop them.

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"The ADL is of course part of B'nai B'rith which is like an exclusive jewish version of freemasonry... Bill Cooper talked about this a lot... No one talks about B'nai B'rith except Bill Cooper - and they killed him."

  • Michael Witcoff, author, On Masons and their Lies
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Ruben Efron


"Who has been the embodiment of the revolutionary spirit of the antichrist for 2,000 years now? This isn’t rocket science."

-- Andrew Torba

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As the brainwashed conservatards cry out, "as long as we are invaded legally!"

"Make the Muslims and Somalians fill out the proper paperwork before they replace us!"

Traditionalism and Racial/Religious Nationalism should be the norm for all nations in this world, it's the only possible way to have peace.

You don't mix people who have views and customs (or DNA) so contradictory to each other they will end up in perpetual war forever.

This has been well known since Aristotle.

marxism never was about helping people, it was always about destruction.

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All migrants should be illegal unless they are from other European countries.

jews try and open the flood gates and brainwash republican boomers into thinking it's ok to let in the third world by stamping "legal migration" on them.

"Legal" ethnic cleansing is just as immoral.

And the entire world is fed up with what the jews continue to do, they clearly cannot be reformed, it's in their DNA to subvert and destroy via usury financial scams, rather than to get honest jobs like being a carpenter or welder.

They go to new countries claiming to be victims then slowly sneak their way into positions of power then only hire their own kind and then start to harm the host population.

They have been doing this for thousands of years, and it's why Jesus warned they had turned to Satanism (John 8:44, 1 Thess 2:14-15, Rev 2:9, 3:9)

They openly worshipped Moloch in public, using the "as above, so below" hexagram of Saturn, with the bull on full display, they are caught.


They will be judged both in this life, and in the next

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Black Mirror episode (I think it was Black Museum) where the guy gets his consciousness implanted in a stuffed animal, stuck forever without any senses.

Another guy was trapped in a hologram being electrocuted for eternity I think.

I can't watch shows like that anymore, my mind wants peace and stability now. I have enough nightmares in real life.

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I'll always honor the small number of boomers who stood against the nonsense and idolatry of Israel and jew worship. Guys like Ernst Zundel who went to prison trying to warn.

But it's going to be a relief when that generation is mostly gone because they grew up so heavily brainwashed by the banking cartels it's nearly impossible to break them out of it. Most of them were hard workers but ended up building a prison around us.

Like little children who think their parents saved the world from the ebil naughtzies.

The fact people still believe Mengele had walls of eyes and sewed kids together is a joke, the blind trust in everything they were told is ridiculous.

by pkvi
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Tori Kelly is a rare western grey whale who escaped from Sea World, and now is a TikTok star with blood clots as her true home will always be the sea.

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