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I've banned u/King_of_Crazy for 7 days. I don't feel a permanent ban is appropriate since he's not a troll or spammer IMO. But he did agree to the wager, so that's my compromise. I hope he returns after his ban to make more wild speculations and predictions.

Having said that: if it becomes certain that Xi was put under house arrest on Saturday and there has been a coup in China, I will consider that a major happening and unban.

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open tweet in new tab to see the thread. Seems pretty obvious when you read the dumb reviews that mention nothing specific about the film beyond the name of the main actress.

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The Hampstead sex cult hoax: How parents and children at a cosy prep school in the affluent suburb fell victim to a heinous campaign of lies and intimidation – all orchestrated by a school-gate mother deranged by divorce

Of particular note:

In mid-September, the police interviewed the children for a third time — and this time, they recanted. They told the police the truth — that they’d been pressured into lying by Ella and Abraham, that Abraham had kicked them, hit them on the head with a metal spoon and poured water over their heads so they couldn’t breathe until they said exactly what he wanted.

The police quickly closed the investigation. Inexplicably to me, they didn’t even question Abraham about the children’s allegations, let alone arrest him on suspicion of child abuse.

Which sounds like a police cover-up to me.

Looking for original info about all this mentioned in this article turns up very few results - the document "Mass Child Sex Abuse In Satanic Ritual Abuse And Sacrifice Cult" which is said to name specific names, has been completely scrubbed for example. Can't find it anywhere. The best I found as this file tracking the case, with many now-broken links:


However these blog posts by aanrifan are still live:









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Well sorry, I though it was a comment that was removed. If a post is removed, you wont see a message saying so in the feed, but you will see an entry in the modlogs. Patriots.win are a bunch of losers and have disabled public viewing of their modlogs. But anyway if you click on that entry in the modlog it's a link to the removed post (try it in our modlogs). So technically not a shadow ban either, just a straight post removal. Although it basically functions like a shadow ban since they have their modlogs hidden. You can however at least access their ban list here, since they can't disable access to that:


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Unless they have some capability on Patriots that we don't have here, that's technically not shadowbanning, it's simply a mod deleting a user's comment. It shows up as a message "mod removed this comment" or something like that. With shadow banning you wouldn't even see that message, and the user would have no idea that their comments are not visible to anyone but themselves (and mods). Mods don't have the ability to shadow ban here on conspiracies anyway.

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It's probably being positive review bombed. it only looked so-so as a movie, TV movie standard. Still, valiant effort. The guy who played Hunter is an English actor from a very well known acting family, who had his career cancelled because of his opinions and politics. His dad or grandad was that king in Game of Thrones who got killed while on the shitter.

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Yes, mods can ban and then there are 2 other options, "IP ban" stops you from making a new account on the IP you were using, and "Nuke" deletes all your comments and posts on the forum. It's handy for banning spam bots and all their comments at once. It's unfortunate that some use it so casually though.

You may be able to reset your IP address by turning off your router for a period of time, if you're using one, and then turning it back on. This is dependent on your ISP, and the amount of time can vary. Basically you are waiting for that IP address contract to expire due to inactivity, something like that. Some ISP's assign you a permanent IP though. You may also be able to use a browser with tor such as Brave to access the website from a different IP. There are free VPN services too, though I remember them being not so good, but they may have improved.

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Cool. Must read Sibrel's book.

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Glad you saw it. It's still growing too, thanks to contributions from users here. Actually we reached character limit of that wiki page so I'll be putting together a 2nd page soon. If you're ever submitting a book to the board, make sure to flare it Book/PDF so I find it easier when I search. Or submit straight to modmail. And suggestion how to better organize the page are welcome. The categories are just the 1st I came up with, and there's still a lengthy "unsorted" section with some great books in it. I have a bit of free time coming up & I intend to do a job on it.

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WTC7 wasn't hit by a plane - ergo not destroyed by terrorist attack, which was the insurance deal he got paid out for the towers. I guess he probably tried for the pay out, I didn't ever hear about him getting one though. At least not for "destroyed by terrorist action" or whatever the correct phrase is.

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You can't edit a post title once it's posted. Mods can't either.

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