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Maybe not. Someone posted the other day about the AI software they have now that writes headlines and stories.

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Yes, Barden failed to meet Lanka's criteria, which were laid out in plain language beforehand and which Barden agreed to. He even clarified the criteria personally with Lanka before he entered the competition.

The mis-leading part I meant is this:

If the plaintiff or a third party had prepared an overview of the six studies presented and merged the two required criteria there, the sponsor would have had to pay the prize money...

This appears to be a conjecture of OLG press spokesman Stefan Schüler, which he appears to attribute to the Judges. It's not contained in the proceedings or ruling.

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Ok, so I was just remembering, and my quote is inexact, as is the article you linked.

So here is a link to the full trial ruling transcript, which I note was not provided in that article:


And here are the Minutes of the Court Proceedings:


And here is another opinion on the proceedings/result:

Critics of the judicial verdict argue that Dr. Lanka’s victory is solely based on how he had formulated the offer of reward, namely to pay the € 100,000 for the presentation of a single publication of evidence (which Dr. Bardens was unable to provide). This argument, however, distracts the attention from the essential points.

According to the minutes of the court proceedings (page 7/ first paragraph), Andreas Podbielski, head of the Department of Medical Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene at the University Hospital in Rostock, who was one of the appointed experts at the trial, stated that even though the existence of the measles virus could be concluded from the summary of the six papers submitted by Dr. Bardens, none of the authors had conducted any controlled experiments in accordance with internationally defined rules and principles of good scientific practice (see also the method of “indirect evidence”). Professor Podbielski considers this lack of control experiments explicitly as a “methodological weakness” of these publications, which are after all the relevant studies on the subject (there are no other publications trying to attempt to prove the existence of the “measles virus”). Thus, at this point, a publication about the existence of the measles virus that stands the test of good science has yet to be delivered.

Furthermore, at the trial it was noted that contrary to its legal remit as per § 4 Infection Protection Act (IfSG) the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the highest German authority in the field of infectious diseases, has failed to perform tests for the alleged measles virus and to publish these. The RKI claims that it made internal studies on the measles virus, however, refuses to hand over or publish the results.


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Druing the extended excerpt from a Jeff Rense interview, Rense mentions photos of the underground caverns discovered by the NAZIs in Antarctica that were shown in a Germen News-reel – you can see stills from the news reel here:


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They were too afraid to publish the paper, so the author subsequently had it published to an open source online journal, which is of course not prestigious and will be ignored by shillacademia, but still interesting to see and read:


The variants narrative & the lab leak narrative serve to prolong pandemic fear and the illusion that there is still or has ever been a novel virus that needs to be fought

...and perhaps are even intended to cover for an approaching flood of vaccine related illness and death after summer...

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If you read GreatAwakening's sidebar, they say it is not a "fringe" conspiracy forum, and direct people here for "that stuff". The warning here is just a bit of fun in response to that.

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US Captiol Special Agent David Bailey is his name I believe. Anons on 4chan figured it out from a bracelet seen on his wrist (in the shooting vid) and his skin color, and comparing with other photos that day - he can be seen in the chamber earlier with the same "hippy beads" bracelet. And interestingly his gun did not have the piece of striped red tape stuck to it that all the guns of other special agents there that day had.

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Jones: In our mad pursuit of the scoop, we members of the press sometimes...make mistakes. "Rock Bottom" would like to make the following corrections. [a list scrolls by very, very quickly]

Bart: Wow! V8 juice isn't one-eighth gasoline.

Homer: And Ted Koppel is a robot!

Lisa: There's you, Dad!

Everyone: Yay!

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I don't know the answer...

but i just noticed something from looking at the quotes from the film on IMDB:

Jerry : David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck...

Alice : What about them?

Jerry : Serial killers. Serial killers only have two names. You ever notice that? But lone gunmen assassins, they always have three names. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman...

Alice : John Hinckley. He shot Reagan. He only has two names.

Jerry : Yeah, but he only just shot Reagan. Reagan didn't die. If Reagan had died, I'm pretty sure we probably would all know what John Hinckley's middle name was.


Jerry : I just thought of another one: James Earl Ray, the guy who got Luther King. Then of course, there's Sirhan Sirhan. I still haven't figured that one out. Maybe it's Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan, I don't know.

Though Sirhan Sirhan did shoot towards RFK a couple of times, he never hit him. RFK was killed from a shot to the head from behind, at point blank range, by a security guard hired by... whoever.... but, what's important is his name...

Thane Eugene Cesar

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Normies don't even watch those videos. Just WEF cult members and the red-pilled. Within that subsection of people, the red-pilled are more numerous.

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Ok thanks. I just pulled a headline without looking into it. I've not been keeping track of all the facts.

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In the Germany there is actually legal precedent for arguing against the existence of SARSCOV2 virus – Dr. Lanka's measles competition. He won on appeal and the independent expert witness testimony in that appeal is quite valuable, since he describes how the papers that purport to prove the existence of the measles virus are flawed science that don't hold up to scrutiny and could not be seen as proofs.

Fullmich et al seem to be solely going down the PCR route though, for better or worse, I don't know. I have not read in detail their arguments. But there have been three rulings already in Europe against PCR as a method for judging someone's infectiousness, health and whether or not they can be quarantined, especially based on a PCR test alone without a full diagnosis by a doctor.

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Taking the vaccine is suicide too.

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Before that they just wrote the stories themselves, and the presstitutes reported those as if they are their own stories.

Even in Europe. Udo Ulfkote was German journalist who wrote a book revealing he often printed stories in newspapers, with his name in the by-line, that were completely written by intelligence agencies and handed to him to submit. It was completely normal. He and other journos got kickbacks and perks etc. He came to regret it later in his career, and spoke out, but he was the exception rather than the rule. He also died youngish of a heart attack I believe.

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