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It's an interesting topic. My thoughts: 1st, I wouldn't say RFK Jr. Is "going against the covid hoax" - he believes the virus is real, just not a big deal. From his book he tries not to take a side, but delivers the side of the story that's been censored.

As to his family - it's Grandpa Kennedy that has the worst rep - depending on your point of view. He openly thought Hitler was a great man even during WW2, so now he's considered a controversial figure, although many in elite and military circles somewhat agreed with him at least before WW2.

It is said he imbued his sons with his own "antisemitism" - and JFK got accused of that a lot. Israel is likely the main instigator in his and his brother's assassinations, although no Kennedy has come out and said that. RFK Jr. ascribes blame for both murders to the CIA.

He does however say that Sirhan Sirhan was not his father's murderer, but Eugene Thane Cesar, the bodyguard behind RFK at the time. This, and his views on vaccines developed later in life, have made him a pariah within his own family, with siblings and relatives publicly denouncing him in specially written articles.

I find it interesting that the Kennedy family are not from the same stock as the majority of so-called elite. They are not WASPs or Jews. They're Catholic, so it sets them out a bit. Traditionally WASPs would hate Catholics, and Jews would obviously hate all Christians but tend to get along and share power with the WASPs.

So how did they become "elites"? I'm not to clear on that and there may be something interesting. But having said that we are all seeing controlled opposition in almost everyone who openly speaks up to some degree against the current bio-security state stuff... even if suspicious, "our side" would be in a much worse off place without these people speaking up.

Personally I've never seen any major criticisms stick or evidence of being a controlled-op stand up against RFK Jr. The most anyone has on him are just things he has said himself, or about himself, in the past, which are hardly any big gothchas. The guy is a relative normie Democrat after all, despite the vaccine thing. I still see him refer to climate change casually like it's a big thing. He appears to have flown on Epstein's plane at least once. But since Epstein was a major democrat donor I don't even think this is the gotcha some believe it to be.

I don't know any outspoken, well-known activist of Kennedy's ilk who is correct on every aspect of every major conspiracy as I have come to understand them. Most usually they are only onto the truth of one major thing and reveal that they are completely blue pilled about almost everything else. Gets pretty fucking tiresome.

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Some say the Dark Knight is just debris, but that would also be interesting, since looking at microscopy images of the inside of a drop of comirnaty all the shit floating around in there could be debris or contaminants also:


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It's certainly a major upset to the narrative that would need to be explained, and new evidence would need to be demonstrated for that narrative to retain any credibility.

Aside from the fake images though, there are many other issues with the missions that people have identified over the years. Some researchers don't even spend much time on the images at all, choosing to pick apart the narrative based on all the improbabilities and impossibilities that are part of the official mission technical documentation. Aulis.com is an excellent website that collects much of that work.

Most of the people involved in Apollo were not in on the hoax end of things, their participation is not evidence the missions were successful, nor that it couldn't have been hoaxed. The recent satellite images of the landing sites are strangely far off, pixelated shots despite NASA's (and other space agency's) ability to obtain closer and higher resolution images of those sites. It has also been demonstrated (at aulis.com) that those images do not agree with the official post mission technical documentation that NASA has on record. Distances are incorrect, there are scaling issues, and in one image it's the wrong lander at that particular landing site.

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He had some interesting takes alright. I wonder did he believe the moon landings were real, suspect the fakery? - or maybe went to his grave believing a plasma moon had been disproved by them.

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There's definitely differing qualities of front projection, but you may also be referring to back projection, which was the lower quality precursor to front projection. Back was low quality process and more limited - it could only be used on a relatively small screen background - and was still unconvincing. Front projection is more complicated and finicky a process. The technique was made possible by the new-at-the-time invention of scotchlite reflective fabric. It produced far higher quality results than back projection and could be used with a very large screen and hence display bigger backgrounds.

couple that with: many of these still shots were likely done with scale models rather than live actors (at about 1/8th scale), so then the front projection background will have an even higher focus/resolution/quality since the image can be projected onto a smaller screen.



Those are the articles of a Russian cinematographer and film school teacher explaining in detail how all the faked moon photos and films could be done - it's a fantastic series of articles, here's the home page:


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The line between the stage set / floor and the front projection screen. Dubbed by some as the "Kubrick horizontal", since Kubrick perfected front projection for his film 2001 (and also for NASA?). You can see Kubrick horizontals in the majority of Apollo astronaut moon surface photos,

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Why make 1 left turn when you can make 3 right turns and triple your chance of hitting a pedestrian... and be happy

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Though they left out the covid abs election fraud pieces of the puzzle

I think this came out in 2018/19

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Thanks for everyone's votes and suggestions, and especially to u/v8power for the winning suggestion

"HOAXED" (2019) is an insider's look at the Fake News phenomenon and the consequences of media misinformation, with interviews from those who have been accused of spreading it themselves.

It features interviews with Scott Adams, Jordan Peterson, James O'Keefe, Lauren Southern, Tim Pool, Gavin McInnes, Milo, Cassie Jaye, Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux

Alternate youtube link:




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Good old deadendfred still dropping truth bombs in the comments

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There was a pretty epic discussion of American Moon on r/conspiracy, one of the final Featured Documentary threads before Axo got kicked off:


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No Planes On 9/11

Surprisingly good, basic documentary on the anomalies associated with the planes on 9/11. It's just a guy talking over screen shots and graphics he's collected and made. It takes no overt stance on how the planes were "done" - it's an epic, analytical deep dive into why the planes and the actions associated with them on 9/11 were so bizarre and "impossible".

If anyone who scoffs at "no planes" were open-minded enough to sit through this, it just might just convince them that they were wrong to scoff.

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They wont let you use a rooted phone either, just like banking apps. Pretty funny.

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Were those alchemy symbols to the right of the foyer on the square glass panels?

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What I see as more likely is that they sense they have over-extended themselves already, and that stretching further could break their entire story to pieces.

To use an apt metaphor, imagine the “Great Reset” agenda as an invading army, marching through town after town, winning battle after battle and burning as they go.

There comes a point where you have to stop. Your supply lines are pulled taut, your men are tired and numbers dwindling, and the occupied citizens are putting up more and more resistance. Push on now, and your entire campaign could crumble.

What you do in that situation is withdraw to a defensible position and fortify it. You don’t give back the land you’ve taken, or not much of it at least, but you stop pushing forward.

The people whose land you have invaded will be so glad the war is over, so tired of fighting, they’ll be so relieved by the respite before realising how much of their land you’ve taken away. They may even say “let them keep it, as long as they stop attacking us”.

That’s how conquest works, from the days of ancient Rome and beyond. A cycle of aggression followed by fortification.

When we switch from “pandemic” to “endemic”, we won’t be getting our rights back, the vaccine passes and surveillance and the culture of paranoia and fear will remain, but people will be so relieved at the pause in the campaign of fear and propaganda they will stop resisting.

They won’t push back, and the “New Normal” will literally become just that, normal.

Hell, they’ll probably greenlight funding for anything Bill Gates wants to do make sure “Covid is the last pandemic”.

And then, one day when people are nice and docile again, a new variant will come back, or we’ll need a “climate lockdown”, and the push for control of every aspect of our lives will start up again in earnest.

The best thing we can do is not fall into the trap.

The press politicians and Big Pharma didn’t all just realise the truth, they’re just using some small parts of truth they’ve been ignoring for two years to fortify their position.

But that doesn’t make it a bad thing.

The very fact they feel the need to do so shows that the resistance is building, and that they’re are trying to lull us into relaxing.

Now would be the worst time to stop fighting.

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Transcript reveals moment Djokovic is given notice that his visa may be cancelled As we mentioned earlier, the transcripts of Djokovic's interviews with border force have been released.

This section catches the moment the tennis star is given notice that his visa may be cancelled and he now has 20 minutes to argue why his visa shouldn't be cancelled.

The interviewer says Djokovic can request more time.

Djokovic: "So you're giving me legally 20 minutes to try to provide additional information that I don’t have?

"At 4 o clock in the morning? I mean you kind of put me in a very awkward position where at 4 in the morning I can’t call director of Tennis Australia, I can’t engage with anybody from the Victorian state government through Tennis Australia.

"I just you put me in a very uncomfortable position. I don’t know what else can I tell you. I mean I-I-I-I everything that that they -- I was asked to do is here."

"And I wouldn’t be here sitting in front of you if I if I wasn’t complying to all the rules and regulations set by your government. So I just -- I don’t know what I I mean -- to me it is a little bit shocking that you are have -- that you are going to give me the notice to cancel my visa based on what?

source for all these quotes is BBC

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'What more could Djokovic have done?'

Judge Kelly asked this question earlier today, echoing the arguments of Novak Djokovic's lawyer, Nick Wood.

Mr Wood had argued that the player had done "everything required of him by Tennis Australia", which granted him the exemption from the country's entry rules requiring foreigners to be fully vaccinated.

The government's lawyers had not even begun their submissions. But much about Judge Kelly's tone in the hearing felt quite telling.

He described how the tennis star was held for hours after a long journey, and was rushed to accept the decision that his visa has been revoked without being given time to consult his lawyers or Tennis Australia.

It felt like the government's lawyers would have a tough job on their hands. In the end, it seems they did too.

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Transcript confirms Djokovic is unvaccinated Now that the ruling has been announced, a number of documents related to the case have been released including part of the tennis star's interview with border force.

In this interview, Djokovic announces that he has not been vaccinated.

Interviewer: "What are your reasons for travelling to Australia today?"

Djokovic: "I'm a professional tennis player and the main reason for me coming to Australia is participating in the Australian Open in Melbourne."

Interviewer: "Now question regarding your vaccination - are you vaccinated?"

Djokovic: "I am not vaccinated."

He then tells the interviewer that he has tested positive for Covid twice - in June 2020 and on 16 December 2021.

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