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Whitney Webb:

I covered the CTI League in depth over 3 years ago and Shellenberger barely scratches the surface about why they are so sinister and also seems to downplay how it was chiefly created by an Israeli intel operative:



CTI League has access to critical American infrastructure, incl nuclear reactors, dams and hospitals, and is run by a career spy focused on blaming Iran for a cyberattack on the US. Isn't that just as big as a story (if not bigger) as them censoring people online?


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The AI is right. The background (blue) is likely a front-projected image, and the foreground (red) a scale model. There is a dividing line between the two, subtle but clear when you look for it: a change in tone, color and texture, that the AI detected.


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except they aren't proof of men being on the moon. The Russians put some on the moon with a rover, so their presence, if it could be proven by a laser bounce, would not be proof of men being on the moon.

The Apollo ones have not been proven to be there experimentally through laser ranging. A meta review was done on all experimental laser bounces off the reflectors published since they were allegedly put there and only one time, in 1963, was the return photon signal the strength that would be expected when a laser bounces off such reflectors. All other times the signal was always equivalent to just bouncing the laser off a flattish area, perpendicular to the signal, on the moon. The one time the signal was stronger, in 1963, would not have utilized Nasa reflectors, but Roscosmos reflectors placed there by unmanned rover.




Before reflectors were ever placed there, by either ROSCOSMOS or NASA, they were able to bounce laser off the moon and get a useful reflected signal. The reflectors were simply meant to improve the margin or error of such an technique.

Anyway, the TLDR is they are either they are there, but have been broken or covered in dust the whole time (in which case they are not proof of men being there), or they are not there at all.

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They say they don't permit it because Q "shut down" that discussion, lol


So if Q came out as a flattie, would it suddenly become an important mainstream conspiracy? That forum is very cult-like.

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Some things about this I never see talked about when the E-Team and Gelatin angle comes up:

The "BB-18" boxes are not just sitting around, the group disassembled them and taped them up to line the walls of their studio - did they bring the boxes, or find them in WTC trash area? The "BB-18" fuse holder looks like a common item you would find many of in a very large office building with a lot of fuse boxes using a lot of electricity - Occam's razor


"Blasting Gelatin" is indeed an explosive, apparently used in quarries - but it strikes me as a crude and cheap explosive, invented at the same time as dynamite by Alfred Nobel.

Gelatin also has well-known photosensitive properties and is used to bind photo sensitive emulsion in film photography. It is also used more recently in advanced techniques as a medium for holograms:

Regarding the physics-optics fields, gelatin can be applied in the fabrication of photosensitive materials. Undoubtedly the best known sensitive material is the photographic emulsion [2,3]. Light sensitive material in the emulsion is silver halide but it should be used with a binder that is gelatin. Some other binders, like polyvinyl alcohol, have been used but the better is gelatin. Other photosensitive material in the physics-optics fields is Dichromated Gelatin (DCG). Since its use in the printing industry for over a century ago it has shown applicability. Perhaps the last successful application is in the fabrication of holograms.


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Well, it's not unrelated to this forum, and it's not misleading - substack is widely used by authors and the tipping is generally optional. If he had posted an article behind a paywall, I would remove it.

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"Democracy [...] is currently defined as a country run by Jews"

Ezra Pound

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Thanks for finding his account. I've added a "misleading" flair to the original post and a stickied comment.

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This meme appears to be propaganda and falsification. These stills are mostly from this Palestinian Instagram user's own short clips:


The "Tour guide" still is from a video of him celebrating the launch of Hamas rockets from Gaza.

The "Radiology Tech" still seems to be a different person, compare the hairlines.

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It's your account making the claim... did you read it somewhere or just make it up?

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is the tweet accurate? I never heard about Blinken and Maxwell before.

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Interestingly, the story of the 40 decapitated babies (allegedly done by Hamas) first circulated yesterday, 10th October 2023, exactly 33 years to the day after the Kuwait "incubator babies" testimony, 10th October 1990.

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Good thread. Unfortunately though, due to the censorship on X, he can only use relatively uncontroversial examples and omitted the biggest example of atrocity propaganda in history - which if included would've earned him a ban from X.


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It appears to be real... maybe. There is a 4chan thread about it, containing links to the data in a reply, a zip file about 35 mb in size:


I can't really confirm if it's real or not,. Strangely, the spreadsheet is not in alphabetical order. The releaser seems to have put some more interesting names at the top, including Elon Musk, whose DNA profile is "Ashkenazi, Balkan, British/Irish"


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There were accounts on reddit that used to save popular posts with many upvotes and then come back to the sub they found them a few months later, repost the exact same content word for word, and then use various alt accounts to repost the exact same most upvoted comments from the previous posts. It happened to me once or twice, bizarre to see. They were probably selling on those accounts once they got enough karma.

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Your previous long reply was indeed removed by the global filter probably because of one of your links, my guess is the wordpress one. I didn't see it for an entire day, when I did I approved it, but that was about a day after your posted it.

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These are the same, right?

pretty much

reporting comments for behavior that you yourself have just engaged in

Upon receiving a disrespectful reply, some people will simply reply with an equally disrespectful comment, without reporting. When the initial disrespectful user then reports that reply, it's hypocritical. They will be reprimanded too, even though their original disrespectful comment was not reported.

So making only one report would be appropriate in that case?

People are making multiple reports of single users and maybe only one of the reports is valid. It seems people get angry with a user and just open that users account page and report all their recent comments. When you do this, your user name is attached to each report. This kind of report bombing will not be tolerated anymore.

It's ok to break the rules if you are in an argument?

The content policy of this website is well written, and calls for moderators not to be over-bearing, and for users and mods alike to be more tolerant than other similar sites have become. I think this is a great idea and it's my guiding mantra for moderation here.

This includes tolerating a little name calling here and there, which is natural during arguments sometimes, though it greatly weakens the name-caller's position. When 2 users are in a heated argument, calling each other names, and neither of them reports the other, my tendency will be to let them at it. If a third party reports one or the other or both, I might ignore that report since they are not involved. If one of the users in the argument reports the other, both will be reprimanded. if they both made disrespectful comments.

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if you make a report, your user name is attached to it. And that's good thing too, since the report function is being abused. I've often wanted to reprimand users for this, but since it wasn't an explicit rule I didn't.

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On communities.win domain I believe you can enter a custom report reason. Not yet on scored.co it seems. However that custom report option is often abused, with reports with titles such as "Idiot" or "faggot". I appreciate when someone makes a valid report using the custom option, but more often than not it's stupid stuff and I will ignore it. But from now on I may act on it and ban the user who makes them.

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