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NATO double bluff false flag in Moscow on the holy day?

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There's a another writer (white male Christian) who claims they stole his script. He has a much stronger claim - many similarities. He sent his script on spec to the studio that made the matrix and it was rejected, but a bunch of ideas, themes and scenes from his script made their way into the matrix - including the red pill/blue pill. It even appears the studio/brothers mocked the fact they stole his script in some hidden "easter eggs" within the movie. Some crew have said they even kept a copy of his script with them on set to consult, and had a several yard "zone" during filming whereby no one was permitted to get closer to them than a certain distance or they would be fired. utterly bizarre behavior from new young directors, backed by the studio - like they had something to hide. I forget his name.

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He's making uploading media only for paying members. You can join for free and post however much text you like. It is a situation specific to GAB since they are banned from every large web server provider, so they have to do their own infrastructure.

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They probably didn't have an agent before it became scored. Expanding a website to try and get more users means you need an agent to handle any legal correspondence that may result. There is a whole legal industry built around this need, specifically for websites, since they could have legal concerns in any state where people access the website. it's a service you pay a yearly fee for. The agent in general would not have anything to do with the websites content or the running of the website, nor necessarily any relationship to the owners of the website beyond that of customer/service provider.

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There are of course many possibilities. He could be a relation or friend of family of some kind, connected to one owner or another in a non-political way - personally, almost every relative I have, or acquaintance I have made through relatives, as much as I can discern, has politics largely contrary to my own.

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Not sure he's even that. An agent accepts legal correspondence on behalf of a company, who's owner may not want or be able to accept such documents directly, and passes them on to that owner. They are not necessarily that companies legal representative. For web companies This service is usually provided by specialised legal firms with offices in every state expressly for this purpose - like a special legal correspondence post office.

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the "return" mission has been touted since about 2003. It's been delayed every few years for a few more years, for almost 25 years. Yet NASA regularly gets a budget about equivalent, adjusted for inflation, to what they spent on the entire Apollo missions, over the same amount of time. So I guess the technology just hasn't caught up with the late 1960's/early 1970's yet.

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They wore blue rubber overshoes with that thread pattern

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Because the community voted for this

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Richard Hall tried to replicate this Bluetooth thing after seeing this documentary and got no Bluetooth signals from 10 random, willing vaccinated volunteers (from about 32 minutes onwards in this video:)


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The total number of "Jewish survivors" in the Time article is described as being 100K.

You have presumed/assumed the 500k survivor number refers exclusively to Jewish people, but they didn't say that. Perhaps that's your illiteracy kicking in?

The total number of "Jewish survivors" in the AP article (from a "new study" mind you) is 245k.

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Also look at this from the AP article:

Almost 80 years after the Holocaust, 245,000 Jewish survivors are still alive

It is not clear exactly how many Jews survived the death camps, the ghettos or somewhere in hiding across Nazi-occupied Europe

Around 560,000 Jews lived in Germany in 1933, the year Adolf Hitler came to power. At the end of World War II in 1945, their numbers had diminished to about 15,000 — through emigration and extermination

Six million European Jews and people from other minorities were killed by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust.


Make it make sense

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You think this clears things up? Maybe it's you who is "illiterate" (despite us both communicating through writing ;-)

So which is it? 100k, 500k or 245K Jewish survivors? What defines a "Jewish Holocaust survivor"? A Jew who was imprisoned/in hiding but survived? Or has that category expanded to include people who fled the country and were never imprisoned? Or maybe even those who left in the 1930's? Or the children (of survivors) who were never even in Nazi Germany? Does the 500k from the 2016 article include the many non Jewish prisoners of the camps?

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Text of the post:

Let’s talk about community notes.

FYI, I’m a community notes contributor.

What I am seeing is a direct attempt to silence, censor, de-prioritise, de-monetise, isolate & cast doubt against anyone that questions the current plans of Governments, Big Pharmaceutical & The Parasitic ruling classes.

Enterprising Desert Raven, is the user name for a single Community Notes Contributor.

Since joining Community Notes in March 2023 it has posted nearly 5000 community notes.

A Bot? A Group of paid agenda activists? Or 3 Letter agencies?

One thing is for sure, in my opinion, it’s impossible to be a single person.

It is posting over 70 Community Notes per day, every day. Without rest.

These notes have to be backed up with linked supporting evidence. It is just not possible to achieve this on a daily basis

This is a relentless attack on anyone that dares to questions the things that have happened to us, or the plans they have in place for humanity.

Community Notes works on a basis that when a Contributor sees a post and wishes to correct that post. They create a Note that provides information and links to data that support their note.

When enough Contributors approve the Note, it goes live.

If Contributors don’t agree with the note, they state why and can add counter information, it’s then not published, but left pending unless other contributors then agree with the original Note, then it goes live.

Attached is a video all of the Community Notes that Desert Raven has added, both published and pending in just the last 10 days.

This is from within the CN section so you will not normally get to see this.

The vast majority of these notes are in pending waiting to go live.

The video goes on forever! It’s only the last 10 days worth. Impossible for a single user to create.

There is no doubt you will know someone in this video that they have attempted to censor.

You will notice the recurring themes.

Desert Raven protects the Jabs, Big Pharma, Current Government Regimes, Climate Change & the WEF.

Anyone that questions what’s going on, that has a large follower base appears to be targeted, especially Blue Ticks.

The Community Notes that have been approved, all appear to be supported by the same group of contributors.

This is really bad and extremely concerning.

I will individually contact every single person that has had an attempt to de-popularise their posts in this video.

@elonmusk You urgently need to do a complete audit of community notes, especially targeting the most active contributors.

They are either bots, or groups of bad actors working together to utilise a single account and push an agenda.

IP and Mac Address access would easily identify this.

I’m a community notes contributor and I am telling you that the system is compromised.

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I just noticed we can upload MP4 here now. Nice.

Anyway, Jeremy Corbell posted this video to reddit to promote his new documentary or something. it's really interesting, I hadn't payed any attention to it till now. I've seen people say this thing is a smudge of birdshit on the glass the camera is viewing through. However someone has done a stabilization of it and it turns on it's axis slowly as it passes the camera - which can be seen in this sped up gif:



This is a thermal camera apparently, so the change of color from black to white would indicate changes in temperature apparently.


And there is apparently multiple witnesses and multiple videos (not released).

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This mission was first supposed to happen in 2003 I believe. The first alleged moon landings, from conception to completion, could fit in that delay window almost twice. I'm not sure how people keep fooling themselves.

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Everyone who is not a shill reply in this thread

OK, checkin' in

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You post was auto removed due to our new rule about accounts with low scores. I've approved it because it's clearly not a spam post. Thanks for posting.

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