TL;DR: Jarl Mohn is actually Johannes Mohn, the son of Reinhard Mohn. The late billionaire Reinhard was the head of Bertlesmann and that’s where Jarl really got his money. Bertlesmann was originally a publishing company, and Reinhard’s father specialized in—you got it—propaganda for the National Socialists. Jarl is the guy that ruined MTV, so maybe now that makes sense, too. Stick around to the end and you’ll find out that, yes, “They” do censor email.

Normally I stumble around so much when I’m researching that I simply can’t remember how I got to where I ended up. In this case, even though it was a decade ago, I remember a bit about the sequence so that’s how we’ll walk through it.

It began with the “No Agenda Show” podcast. Adam Curry, one of the original MTV VJs, was hired for the job by a man named Lee Masters. Adam had casually mentioned that Masters was a former DJ himself and went by his radio name. His less catchy real name was Jarl Mohn. Interesting inside baseball trivia, and it always stuck with me.

Years went by and I read hundreds of papers by high-level disinfo agent Miles Mathis. One of the themes that came out of that was how much you could learn just by paying attention to and researching names. Jarl had by that time moved on to CEO of NPR. Then I chanced across the factoid that Bertlesmann was run by a guy named Reinhard Mohn. Two Mohns running two giant media properties on two continents? What are the odds? Time to check it out.

First, though, let me accent the level of media control here. As mentioned, Jarl had turned a simple music video channel into a twisted social engineering outlet that has skewed the reality of a couple of generations by this point. NPR was no slouch, either. At the time I was researching, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were all the talk of talk radio, each with a daily audience of about 20 million. Meanwhile, NPR’s “Fresh Air” and “All Things Considered” each had an audience of about 30 million. See how They keep things low-profile and you just somehow never notice?

As for Bertlesmann, there are no apples-to-apples comparisons but we can put it up against media behemoth Warner Bros. Discovery, which Forbes lists as the fourth largest worldwide. Warner has revenue of $41B and 35K employees, while Bertlesmann has revenue of 20B euros and 165K employees. In any case, a very heavy hitter on the public consciousness.

Obvious initial question: do they just admit Jarl is Reinhard’s son? No. But they do say he had a son named Johannes and two daughters. Suspicious “J”’s, eh? But okay, if we could just ascertain the whereabouts of Johannes, we could probably put the matter to rest. And this is where the hook was set.

You see, Reinhard died in 2009. Did Johannes come calling to collect his share of the billions? Nope. In fact, if you scour any of the media accounts of his passing, they never mention Johannes or the two girls. By that time, Reinhard had remarried and had another son, and that is the only family they ever talk about, still running Bertlesmann to this day. Also, good luck finding any record of Johannes dying or being taken away by UFOs or whatever. Johannes had simply evaporated into history.

Let’s check the other side, then. You know how Five-O always keys on “no visible means of support” when they’re trying to find organized criminals? Let’s see if Jarl has “visible means of billions”. The answer is no, he does not.

Read his wiki carefully and you won’t find where he “struck it rich”. They actually mention the place where I would say the transfer from father Reinhard to son Johannes to took place, Liberty Digital, but the link is broken. They don’t want you thinking about it, let alone researching it. The closest you’ll get is the hazy tale told in this article, where he kind of wanders in and comes out rich a couple of years later:

Jarl Mohn: The Art of Being Jarl (CSQ 9/25/2014)

Many reading this might have the idea that WW2 was managed by powers higher than the leadership of the Allies and the Axis, and that those powers still manage the world to this day. This revelation should coincide well with that view. To provide further evidence and cement all this together, we’ll look at where They are actively rewriting history. Get it while you can.

In an earlier version of Reinhard’s wiki, we find this passage, now expunged from the Book of Knowledge:

He ended up in Camp Concordia, a prisoner of war camp in Kansas. There, he learned English, as well as American business practices.

Did you know that POWs were trained in American business practices? I thought it was all standing around smoking and slave labor and digging tunnels. I claim here that Reinhard was an asset, being trained for his future role. Then we find this, even more telling:

Though his father had been a supporter of the SS, the company was able to obtain a publishing permit from the occupying British. Nearly half a century later, Austrian journalist Hersch Fischler determined that the company had, contrary to its official version of its wartime activities, worked closely with the Nazi regime from the 1930s through the war, and had probably employed Jewish slave labour at some of its plants. Reinhard Mohn however denied being involved in the company's operations during World War II.

So they gave a permit to a Nazi propaganda operation? Uh, who did they not give them to, then? Also, you see at the end where they’re already trying to massage Reinhard’s history. Reinhard was in the Luftwaffe then in a POW camp (wink!), so yes, of course he didn’t work in the print shop. Already trying to wash the stain off him, see?

Bonus time: I wrote up a short version of this and emailed it to Adam Curry, co-host of the “No Agenda Show” podcast. As I mentioned, Adam knew Lee Masters personally. Really, you could say that if it weren’t for good old Jarl, none of us would have ever heard of Adam. If not conclusive, it’s at least an intriguing theory and who knows what Adam would be able to add to it, right?

At that time, Adam was much more of a conspiracy theorist. Over the years, though, every time Adam brings up “conspiracy” John Dvorak basically sits on his back and Adam has largely given up. So what did the “Second Half of Show” version of Adam have to say about this?

Nothing. Never heard it mentioned on the show and never heard back via email. By that time, I had emailed back and forth with him on several occasions, so it wasn’t a comms problem. This was just a bit too hot let get through to a few hundred thousand people. On other occasions, I’ve even gotten replies from “Adam” that I’m sure are phony.

I suppose if anyone feels that they are not on enough watchlists, feel free to email any or all of this writeup to adam at curry dot com. I cannot be held responsible for any problems thereafter with your email service, which I experience to this very day (yes, literally today, which I think somehow upsets me and caused me to write this decade-old expose).


My new Bible Study computer is now born.

I just built a "new" computer that will never be connected to the internet, using Window 7, with an old copy of MS Office, free from the prying eyes of the deep state. Of course this post isn't coming from that computer, but on this new machine, there will be no need for "updates" and no concern for viruses.

Most importantly, I will be able to run my long lost copy of Quickverse 4.0g Bible software that became impossible to run at one point when Microsoft abandoned backward compatibility. This program is the best program I've ever seen for searching the scriptures.

Anything that goes onto this computer will come and go via memory stick or CD. No network connection at all. We will see how this goes.


Life is but a fleeting mist, here for a moment, then gone. What profit is there in gaining the whole world if it costs one's soul? What if this night your soul is required of you? What can you give in return for your soul? Our days are mere handbreadths, passing swiftly like shadows. The glory of flesh fades like withered grass, yet the word of the Lord endures eternally. The world and its desires are transient vanity, but those who do God's will abide forever. The ultimate duty of humanity is to fear God and keep His commandments, knowing that every deed will be brought into judgment. Blessed are those who fear the Lord, for their righteousness endures forever, and they find light even in darkness. Jesus Christ offers eternal life to those who believe in Him, transcending the fleeting nature of this world. Do you believe this?

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