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Frankly, I've been predicting for over two decades (see the final chapter of my four volume "tome", God, History, and Dialectic available on Lulu) that the Vatican, by dint of its papal claims, would not only be "captured" by the "New World Order," but would lead it, and much of that thinking has in recent years only been reinforced by the emerging financial order. So I'm a bit surprised that this story took so long to appear.

But the article contains the clear reason for the Vatican to become involved with so called crypto-currencies:

The source has also verified that the new Coin will be on a public, permissionless blockchain, and will be functionally similar to Bitcoin, with a few unique features to scale to their anticipated massive adoption:

“We’re in talks with several companies, including Blockstream, for support, but right now It looks a lot like Bitcoin might in a few years. We want anyone concerned with their soul to be able to access it. Part of the transaction fees go to the Church, so people that can’t afford to tithe can contribute that way. We’re also using a thin block network that we’re equipping to handle massive activity. The Protocol architects are affectionately calling it brimstone.”


“We’ll be implementing nodes and mining hardware in every church we can practically fit the system to, and encouraging individual churches to run a digital collection plate on their nodes, and put QR codes on the bottom of their physical equivalents as well as the prayer boxes. We’re hesitant to implement smart contracts from the get-go, though, because we don’t want to send the wrong message. In the eyes of God, there’s only one Infallible entity in our world, and he can’t be expected to arbitrate complicated algorithms alone.”

There you have it.

What emerges from these few short paragraphs is something truly breathtaking, which may be summarized as follows: (1) globalism requires global currency and global instituions, (2) the Vatican is a genuinely global institution with (3) its own global claims to global authority in the papacy itself (which claims, let it be noted, are disputed by the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Coptic Church, the Nestorian Church, and the various Protestant churches, all of which at one time or another have viewed those claims as resonances of anti-christ), (4) the Vatican plans to implement a crypto-currency at the level of individual parish churches and tie it all into a system of financial clearing and transaction to enable the Church to charge a fee for transactions, (5) this transaction fee system doubtless to be tied into and coordinated by the Vatican bank.

Think of it as a kind of Papalpaypal system... on steroids.

But note what could happen here (and I strongly suspect, what will happen here): this crypto-"currency" will become a convenient basis for the exchange of currencies from one into another: it will be a more or less ecclesiastically sanctioned "unit of account" on the scale of the World Bank's and IMF"s "Special Drawing Rights", and thus eventually could become a currency of its own...

...and like all crypto-"currencies", it is not a currency at all, but a corporate coupon (in this case, of the corporation of the Roman Catholic Church), and thus tied to its unique doctrines... things like indulgences, purgatory, and a system of social engineering and credits (think indulgences again) and "cancellations" like...oh, I don't know, the Inquisition maybe? Do what he says, or be "debanked" and lose your ability to transact... standing in the temple of God and with god-like claims...

... sound familiar?

(For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it's time to restore the anathemata to your Synodikons...)

See you on the flip side.

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Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson pressured South Africa into implementing provisions that shielded the companies from claims over COVID-19 vaccine injuries, newly disclosed documents show.

Pfizer made the implementation of indemnification and a compensation fund part of its COVID-19 vaccine contract with South Africa, according to documents obtained by the Health Justice Initiative.

One document states that South Africa was agreeing to “indemnify, defend, and hold harmless” Pfizer and its partner BioNTech, as well as their representatives, “from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses” arising from claims resulting from the vaccine, including injuries.

The only exceptions were for a breach of confidentiality or fraud.

The component was “a non-negotiable” part of the agreement between the parties, the Health Justice Initiative said in an analysis of the documents.

Johnson & Johnson, meanwhile, also secured indemnification and the introduction of the compensation scheme in its contract with South Africa.

In a Feb. 23, 2021, letter, South Africa’s ministers of health and finance said that Johnson & Johnson requested the no-fault compensation scheme “to address adverse events that are suffered as a result of the administration of the vaccine.”

“It has been noted in discussions with J & J, and acknowledged by J & J, that a no-fault compensation scheme for vaccine related adverse events does not exist in South Africa, and that the available legislative mechanisms for establishing a scheme would require some time to undertake, even if the most expeditious processes available are pursued,” they wrote.

In an exhibit attached to Johnson & Johnson’s contract, officials said that the scheme would compensate people who prove a causal link between the vaccination they received and their injury, as decided by a panel of experts. Among outcomes ripe for compensation were death, injury, and disability. The level of compensation, officials said, “should be sufficient to provide long-term relief to victims.”

Officials later promulgated (pdf) regulations on April 22, 2021, establishing the scheme.

The scheme would “provide expeditious and easy access to compensation for persons who suffer harm, loss or damage as a result of vaccine injury,” the regulations stated.

Like similar schemes in other countries, including the United States, the schemes shield vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits and compensate victims with taxpayer money.

Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson did not respond to requests for comment.

“I wouldn’t say we were bullied, but we were in a catch-22 situation to save lives of South Africans against all odds,” Foster Mohale, a spokesperson for South Africa’s Department of Health, told Al Jazeera. “The department entered into these agreements to secure vaccine doses to protect the lives of South Africans against the deadly virus which claimed more than hundred thousand lives in South Africa.”

Matthew Kavanaugh, an assistant professor at Georgetown University who analyzed the contracts, said that South African officials “were at the whims of each of these companies who really exploited that opportunity.

“No kind of contract that I’ve ever signed in my life says at some point will you deliver something to us, but in whatever amount and on whatever timeline you think works for you, and in the meantime, we will agree to fully indemnify you,” added Mr. Kavanaugh, speaking on INXPrime.

Just a handful of vaccine injury claims have been paid out so far, South African Health Minister Joe Phaala said in June.

A number of side effects of the shots have been confirmed or are suspected, including blood clotting and heart inflammation. Some people have died from vaccine-induced injuries. vaccine


The contracts, handed over on orders from a court, also confirmed that Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer required South Africa to make large payments, with the condition that at least some of the money would not be refunded if no doses were delivered.

South Africa was required to make a down payment of $27.5 million within five days of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorizing Johnson & Johnson’s shot.

The down payment was not refundable “in any circumstances,” according to the contract. Other parts of the document said that a refund could be sought on grounds of willful default or in the event the vaccine was determined to be unsafe or ineffective.

South Africa agreed to pay Pfizer $40 million up front for its vaccine.

South Africa could seek a refund of 50 percent of the payment if Pfizer did not deliver doses of its vaccine.

South Africa agreed to pay Pfizer $200 million in total for 20 million doses. An amendment increased it by $100 million and 10 million doses.

The Johnson & Johnson agreement was $310 million for 31 million doses.

“In our scramble for desperately needed vaccines, South Africa was forced to hand over unimaginable sums of money for overpriced vaccines doses,” Fatima Hassan, director of Health Justice Initiative, said in a statement. “We were bullied into unfair and undemocratic terms in contracts that were totally one-sided.”

Additional documents are expected to be released under the court order later this month.

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There's been another curious John F. Kennedy Assassination documents release, and this one caught my eye because of something that it said about what the U.S. government agencies were not going to do. Here's the story:

Declassified JFK Documents Reveal Swedish Man Predicted JFK’s Assassination, 10 Days Beforehand Said ‘Within Two Weeks President Kennedy Would Be Assassinated on a Trip Among His Own People’

I'm a sucker for documents like this, just like I'm a sucker for big artillery, big gemstones, bearer bonds, and large denomination financial instruments. So just stamp a document "Top Secret" or "Secret" and leave it in my box, and I'll read it. In the JFK case there is, of course, a large amount of relationships and connections between artillery, gems, bearer bonds and other large denomination financial instruments, and most regular readers of this website and of my books know what those relationships and connections are.

In this case, the document is addressed to the Director of the FBI, which at that time would be, of course, the notoriously corrupt J. Edgar Hoover. And if one reads the end of the document carefully, it's a typical fishing expedition from the CIA to the FBI to find out if the FBI has in its files anything concerning the subjects of the document, a Swedish American named Adolph Jay Albrecht, who while on a visit to Sweden in April of 1963, visited a former girlfriend, Charlotte Aberg, who informed him that an acquaintance of hers named Karl-Erik Ridderstrale said that President Kennedy would be assassinated while on a trip to his people. Ridderstrale allegedly said this while drunk in her presence on November 15, exactly a week before the assassination actually occurred.

There are two things I cannot get out of my head here. The first is the fact known to most John Kennedy assassination researchers that there were many people with foreknowledge of the event: their names are well known: Rose Charamie, Joseph Milteer, a "George Bush"(!). But how and why would someone in Sweden know, even if, as the document alleges, he was a supporter of Castro? That would imply a Cuban intelligence-to-Swedish intelligence-to-Swedish nobility pipeline, an unlikely conduit by any estimation.

What is also unusual here is that, beyond this inquiry to the FBI, there is no evidence - at least not forthcoming so far - that this potential source of information was investigated any further.

But there is, as I mentioned, a second thing that is very disturbing, and this thing prompts my high octane speculation today. In addition to noting who the document is addressed to (J. Edgar Hoover), note who the document is from: the "Deputy Director of Plans", who at the time of the generation of the document (apparently December of 1964) was none other than Richard Helms.

Yes, that Richard Helms.

And whenever I see the name of Richard Helms connected to anything relating to the Clowns In America or covert operations of any sort, my antennae immediately start pulsing with suspicion and my suspicion meter's needle immediately goes into the purple zone, for Helms epitomizes a kind of man-who-lost-his-soul, not in the simplistic one-dimensional sense of a Bai Den Dzho, but more in the sense of a hall of mirrors. It may be in there somewhere, but it's lost in a labyrinth of lies, deceptions, false reflections and so on.

His possible presence as the generator of this document throws open all sorts of possibilities, which makes a follow-up on this release all but essential. Among those possibilities are these (1) that the document is entirely false, and generated merely to divert the FBI's attention from something the Clowns, or Helms himself, did not want found, a very unlikely possibility, because the FBI would have quickly exposed any attempt at deflection (Hoover's FBI was as corrupt as the current one, but it was still competent); (2) that the document was intended to "prod" the FBI into an investigation of the Swedish American (Albrecht) at the beginning of the chain of connections in the allegation, for the legal reason that the Clowns were not authorized by law to conduct espionage on American soil or against Americans. Given Helms' character and subsequent activities and attitudes, this is a stretch for my imagination; or (3) the document is a disguised alert to the FBI (and Hoover) to "watch out" for this one along the lines of "here's a loose end we need to watch."

There are of course, lots of other possibilities, and that, really, is the point. It needs to be investigated and run down. It's not every day one has a memo from Richard Helms' office, to J. Edgar Hoover's office, about the foreknowledge of a presidential assassination by a foreign national in "neutral" Sweden.

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Since no one is offering the conspiracy narrative of the submarine here goes…

Well if you read the primary sources of from the survivors of the Titanic you’ll see a disturbing trend: survivor after survivor doesn’t mention an iceberg, they mention an incredible explosion that rocked the ship before it sank.

We’ve all become familiar with the phrase “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” yet no one is mentioning the obvious: ice bergs can’t cut through hardened steel hulls.

So if why would the titanic be blown up?

Well it turns out the industrialists opposed to the creation of the federal reserve were on that ship:

1 John Jacob Astor IV: 2 Benjamin Guggenhei 3 Isidor Straus 4 George Dunton Widene

This is even mentioned in the movie Titanic, in one scene, were there are a group of people arguing against the creation of the federal reserve. It’s extremely short, a few seconds, but it’s there.

Unfortunately for those behind the conspiracy (presumably the current stockholders of the Federal Reserve) the Titanic sits in international waters. Unregulated salvage operations can proceed on the titanic. What would they presumably find?

That the hull “buckling in by an iceberg” is actually a “buckling out by an explosive”. This fact can’t be hidden forever, and the media is starting to tease limited disclosures to the public.

To close this loophole, the internationalist are clamping down on visitation so that no unauthorized persons can visit the titanic wreckage without a permit.

So the fact that this submarine dude was able to offer trips at all is a little suspect. The fact he was able to do it with an uncertified, experimental submarine controlled by a wireless game controller - makes no sense. The additional fact that he specifically excluded hiring experienced pilots because they were “50 something white people”, yet was still permitted.

So what’s going to happen? The people in this submarine likely perished. But I’m open to being wrong.

But this event will be used as leverage to make the titanic off limits by visitation by the citizens of the west so that the narrative of the Federal Reserve is preserved.

Oh look the Rothschild dynasty funded this thing what a surprise.

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I remember this. I'll admit when the MH=Ghislaine conspiracy broke I simply didn't believe it because I had budded heads with MH so many times that it just didn't seem possible. I still have a hard time believing it. That being said, I absolutely remember screenshots and discussion of AATA claiming to have met MH. However, AATA was always about building up this mythos that he was chummy with the admins and reddit inc, and this could've been part of that delusion. The whole thing is sordid af. FTR AATA jumped on board as mod at the same time as I did, but without getting voted in by the /r/conspiracy community. It was a little strange how it happened.

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If you've been watching the lamestream propatainment media lately, or even Tucker Carlson's debut on Twitter, you'll have noticed a distinct "uptick" in the coverage of the latest UFO story, this time sporting be-medaled former military "whistleblowers" posing with their medals and taking about aliens and crash-and-retrieved vehicles and technology.

And if you're like many regular readers here you may be wondering what I think about all of it. Many of you emailed me privately about it, asking me what I think, so I have decided to depart from my customary practice today of picking an article or two and commenting about it, because this trend deserves its own analysis and high octane speculation.

In a word - and I think I'm in the company of Dark Journalist and Dr. Michio Kaku here - it's all theater.

This is not to say it's a lie, but it is theater, or if I may be even more precise, it's narrative creation and preparation.

The real question is why. Why, after decades of government denials of UFOs, and even of the crash-and-retrieval scenario so beloved of so many in the Ufology community (think only of the large effort the US Air Force has expended to debunk just the Roswell mythology alone), why after all of this has there been a sudden ratcheting up of the UFO subject in the media? Clearly, someone, somewhere in the bowels of this corrupt and lying government wants a good segment of the population to be thinking about the subject.

Needless to say, I have a few "high octane speculations" about the answer to "why" that I want to share today, but with the caveat that these thoughts are not intended to replace my previous thinking on the subject, but merely revise and extend it. To state that position once again, I am neither philosophically nor theologically opposed to the existence of other forms of life "out there". Nor do I dispute the existence of UFOs, whatever they may be.

I do think the phenomenon may in fact be several phenomena, and that among these possibilities they may be some unknown form of life, or technology (or perhaps both). What I have wanted is something more, something material, concrete, some release of data and/or recovered technology that is subject to open and free examination on the part of the public.

What we've had, however, is nothing but a few pictures and a succession of stories, and that means that the latest push is nothing but just another UFO conference, to which everyone has been invited and forced to listen to a parade of people telling stories about UFOs and aliens.

So the question is why?

The answers I'm toying with, at least at this moment, boil down to the following possibilities, one of which was recently articulated by Dark Journalist on a recent podcast of his, and with which I largely agree. I intend to flesh out the idea a bit more here. All of these possibilities are based on one overriding contemporary reality: the government of the USSA is in trouble, deep trouble, and trust in its institutions, or for that matter, the wider cultural institutions, is at an all time low. It is no accident, therefore, that this now seems to be the time that the powerful cognoscenti of the deep state have chosen to push the UFO theater.

They need something to (1) distract the public, (2) restore trust (3) expand their power, possibly through the invocation of a national emergency, and emergency powers ala the Continuity Of Government (COG) scenario, ala Dark Journalist's recent podcast, and finally, they need (4) a narrative to create a new unified global cultural, governmental, and financial matrix. For a while, it looked like "climate change" was the chosen narrative ala The Report from Iron Mountain, a notorious early 1960s hoax.

The trouble with that as a narrative rationale for the imposition of global governance is that it's hard to sell, especially when your salesmen are screaming, angry, bitter little Swedish girls, or monotoned hypocritical drones like Ketchup Kerry calling for the confiscation of farms. Bluntly put, it's hard to sell starvation and eating insects as a global policy. It's too easy to poke holes into, and, to be blunt, it isn't a big enough bit of theater to accomplish those four objectives.

(1) Consider what the UFO story does for the first of those objectives, the distraction of the public: it's a convenient distraction because a certain segment of the population already believes in UFOs and aliens, and for many who do, the belief almost functions as a kind of substitute religion. For the rest of the population that still watches the lamestream propatainment media, the stories might at least plant the seed of consideration, which is all they need to do. Remember, this is narrative preparation.

(2) Using the UFO flap as a marketing campaign to "restore trust" in public institutions, be they governmental or cultural, might be more difficult to follow. At a time when trust in these institutions is justifiably at an all time low, why trot out the UFO narrative preparation operation via "whistleblowers" now? Such an operation would seem to be doomed to failure. But consider which institutions are being vindicated by the operation, to wit, the alternative research and media community. It's one thing for the New York Times or the Swampington (Com)post to publish a UFO story or cover the latest whistleblower. But consider the effect of having a national and widely popular and outspoken news anchorman like Tucker Carlson be fired from his post on a major legacy media network, then move to an "alternative media" platform and beginning his own podcast, and one of the subjects covered in his first podcast is precisely the UFO story. That he would cover it in that context gives it a cachet it otherwise would not have had. It's bringing more people on board than merely those already on board via their participation in the alternative media community, or the Ufology community. It's a signal that "they" have realized the importance of prepping the narrative where it really counts, by bolstering the "trust factor" of the alternative media platforms.

(3) and (4) With these two elements we come to the crux interpretum of the motivations behind this narrative push, and why it's being undertaken now. Here I find myself in basic agreement with Dark Journalist: this can all easily be rolled into Continuity Of Government operations, emergency powers, and even marketing schemes to achieve both. In short, the returns and rewards are way out of proportion to the minimum risk needed to invest the time and effort to create the narrative. Consider only that a UFO threat, as Ronald Reagan pointed out, would unify the planet as never before. Governmental, financial, and cultural institutions would reorganize around meeting, and at least stalemating, that threat. Real or not, the mere perception of the existence of a potential threat rationalizes massive expenditure.

The threat could even be staged via advanced technologies, and a few very public, "visible" events and false flags. A nameless, faceless, but allegedly technologically very advanced potential enemy serves the teetering globalooney crowd very well: they can continue the previous financial practices of the post-World War Two system, including that vast and hidden financial system and all its fraud that I have argued exists in several of my books. The difference lies only in the fact that that vast and previously hidden system is now simply being admitted, and made public. They can continue to use that system and its vast extent and power to put into place even more global controls; they can use the narrative to divide the population into "believers" and "non-believers", and in what I suspect is a main though hidden goal of these planners, even use it to create new religions, and redefine the doctrines of old ones by claiming that "the more advanced ETs" have revealed flaws, mistakes, and so on in traditional expressions of religion.

All that is really needed is simply to move enough of the population into that camp, and to thereby create enough critical mass of opinion to drive the narrative - and all of its benefits to the power elite - into the mainstream. They need not convert the whole global population to their narrative, only a percentage of it.

There is an element of risk here, and that is that in order to make the narrative preparation stick, some sort of demonstrative event or incident will have to be staged for enough people to see, in order to drive the creation of that critical mass. How they intend to do that remains to be seen, though there have been a number of attempts in the past couple of decades to identify the scenarios and technologies that might be used.

And of course, there's always the warning of C.S. Lewis, that one must always beware when calling down High Heaven, because there's always the risk that it might actually show up...

... See you on the flip side...

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Trying to live my best life! Great to have you around again. I wasn't sure if there were enough oldfags that would understand the title reference!

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study pdf

  1. COVID-19 vaccines cause more side effects than any other vaccine

  2. Not only does spike protein produce unwanted side effects, but mRNA and nanoparticles do as well.

  3. Never in vaccine history have we seen 1011 case studies showing side effects of a vaccine (https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/covid-vaccine-scientific-proof-lethal).

  4. Again, it is inconceivable why it would be impossible to go through the study data in a few months, when it took the CDC less than 4 weeks to give the injections emergency use authorization - unless you want to entertain the idea that the study data were never actually read and scrutinised, a frightening perspective.

  5. The official public message is that the mRNA vaccines are safe. However, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the medicine and therapeutic regulatory agency of the Australian Government, states quite clearly on their website that the large-scale trials are still progressing and no full data package has been received from any company.

  6. The mRNA vaccines were supposed to remain at the injection site and be taken up by the lymphatic system. This assumption proved to be wrong. During an autopsy of a vaccinated person that had died after mRNA vaccination it was found that the vaccine disperses rapidly from the injection site and can be found in nearly all parts of the body [1]. … Research has shown that such nanoparticles can cross the blood-brain barrier and the blood-placenta barrier.

  7. Despite not being able to prove a causal link with vaccines, as no autopsies were performed, they still believed that a link with vaccination is possible and further analysis is warranted.

  8. In summary, it is unknown where exactly the vaccine travels once it is injected, and how much spike protein is produced in which (and how many) cells.

  9. The S1 subunit of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein when injected into transgenic mice overexpressing human ACE-2 caused a COVID-19 like response. It was further shown that the spike protein S1 subunit, when added to red blood cells in vitro, could induce clotting.

  10. The authors found consistent alteration of gene expression following vaccination in many different immune cell types.

  11. Seneff et al (2022) describe another mechanism by which the mRNA vaccines could interfere with DNA repair.

  12. It is an amazing fact that natural immunity is completely disregarded by health authorities around the world. We know from SARSCoV-1 that natural immunity is durable and persists for at least 12-17 years [17]. Immunologists have suggested that immunity to SARS-Cov-2 is no different

  13. Immunity induced by COVID infection is robust and long lasting.

  14. mRNA vaccines seem to suppress interferon responses. A literature review by Cardozo and Veazev [26] concluded that COVID-19 vaccines could potentially worsen COVID-19 disease.

  15. Natural immunity is still not accepted as proof of immunity in Australia.

  16. A study at the University of California followed up on infections in the workforce after 76% had been fully vaccinated with mRNA vaccines by March 2021 and 86.7% by July 2021. In July 2021 75.2% of the fully vaccinated workforce had symptomatic COVID.

  17. Acharya et al. (2021) and Riemersma et al. (2021) both showed that the vaccinated have very high viral loads similar to the unvaccinated and are therefore as infectious.

  18. Brown et al. (2021) and Servelitta et al (2021) suggested that vaccinated people with symptomatic infection by variants, such as Delta, are as infectious as symptomatic unvaccinated cases and will contribute to the spread of COVID even in highly vaccinated communities.

  19. Countries with higher vaccination rates have also higher caseloads. It was shown that the median of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people was largely similar to the percent of the fully vaccinated population.

  20. Multiple recent studies have indicated that the vaccinated are more likely to be infected with Omicron than the unvaccinated. A study by Kirsch (2021) from Denmark suggests that people who received the mRNA vaccines are up to eight times more likely to develop Omicron than those who did not [40]. This and a later study by Kirsch (2022a) conclude that the more one vaccinates, the more one becomes susceptible to COVID-19 infection [41].

  21. This has to be seen in context with the small risk of dying from COVID-19… The chances of someone under 18 years old dying from COVID is near 0%. Those that die usually have severe underlying medical conditions. It is estimated that children are seven times more at risk to die from influenza than from COVID-19. [Editor’s note: so why do colleges mandate the COVID vaccine instead of the influenza vaccine?]

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  1. Clemans is good people and wants what's best for this forum.

  2. I disagree with the banning of any topic here. Spammers should be dealt with, but those engaging in honest discussion should never be shut down. It's not too hard to distinguish between those here in good faith and those who aren't.

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What happened there is the /r/conspiracy mods voted to remove the inactive head mod at the time, illuminatedwax, and the admins FUCKED up royally and "accidentally" removed the ENTIRE mod team instead. They "apologized" and said it was a bug, but they clearly were fucking with me. Immediately after this, I was accused of orchestrating a "coup" and the attacks on me exploded exponentially. Even though it was actually quite impossible for me to remove the former head mod who was ABOVE me on the list (only admins could do that which is why we appealed to them). Regardless, all of our mod counters got reset to 0 when that happened, myself included. The admins never really explained themselves. It's one of many, many sketchy things that happened to me during my time at reddit.

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source on Swiss charges:

On December 2nd 2022 I have filed Criminal Charges vs. Swiss President Alain Berset Art. 312 of the Swiss Criminal Code for Abuse of Office relating to his propagated efficiency of the mRNA Covid Vaccine contradicting the findings of Dr. Virginie Masserey stated publicly on August 3rd 2021 that Vaccinated Persons can as easily transmit the Coronavirus as Unvaccinated People. This finding that was shared by the US CDC of Health meant in effect that the mNRA COVID Vaccine was indeed ineffective and did not protect people from acquiring the Coronavirus and also did not prevent people from spreading it amongst the population. President then Federal Counsel and Chef of the FOPH made a clear contradictory statement on National Television SRF on October 27th 2021 saying „With the Certificate (ie Covid mNRA Vaccine), you can show that you are not contagious.“ This obvious and blatantly as well as publicly statement is evidently an untruth.

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It's over.

Watch this interview with the lead author of the mask study.

or read this:

Fact checkers are now seeking to “debunk” the mask debate, but Tom Jefferson is not having a bar of it!

We have an abstract, a plain language summary, TTE posts and a podcast and Carl and I have written a Spectator piece covering the review. If you are a real masochist, you can read all the 300-plus pages of the review. I even gave the interview I mentioned previously, but I am not planning any more outings. So there is nothing to explain or fact-check. But the stringer is not really interested in checking facts. What they want to do is to write truthfully that they have spoken to one of us and then put the spin required in the release to ensure the “misinterpretation” of twitterati is set straight. “Debunking” is the term used, and it will be actioned if the stringer thinks the Twitterati have “misinterpreted” our findings.

You coming here, with your "hurr durr not deboonked" attitude is literally part of the problem. Fuck off.

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I mean I realized shit was going bad around 2006. I didn't have a voice irl but I figured out that the internet could amplify one's message a thousandfold. So I spent many years trying to wake people up using the internet. I think I did a good job. That's the "digital career" I'm talking about...spending a chunk of my life researching and analyzing and warning about the things that have since come to pass. Maybe my phrasing was cringe, but that's the gist of what I was trying to say. I would rather have just focused on irl stuff the last couple decades, but here we are.

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