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Why push such an obviously debunkable story? They honestly couldn't come up with something better?

Sure 90% of the population are NPCs and don't know any better, but each time they pull this shit it risks lowing that number and waking people up.

They wouldn't be pulling these pathetic spasms of fake news if they were 100% in control.

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For April 15: Today marks the beginning of the season of occult ritual and sacrifice by fire, lasting until May 1. Today is also when Lincoln was murdered by international bankers, the Titanic event was staged by international bankers, and the fraudulent income tax deadline was chosen by international bankers.

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There's nothing partisan about pointing out the corruption of a political party. You need a new hobby.

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we all saw you deleting post after post that was critical of Trump in the run-up to the election.

Cite one example of this or you're a huuuuuuuuuge faggot.

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If you mask your child you are succumbing to psychological warfare. The masking of children is crucial to the planned destruction of modern civilization. YT is actively championing the death of humanity, there's no longer any need to mince words.

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crazy this isn't a bigger deal on /r/conspiracy...we had him as a regular AMA guest too.

Shows you how pathetic /r/conspiracy is these days.

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He contributed by dying at least. Nice job!

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No, they've been planning a fake alien invasion since the early 20th century...the Rockefellers etc.

I honestly expected more from you.

Don't, I'm just some guy.

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soft disclosure for the upcoming "alien" psyop IMO.

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