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ofc I do, I care about people. That's why I spent years trying to wake them up. reddit could be a great tool to share information and save them from things like the COVID hoax. It's sad that thousands will be maimed and mutilated because my voice was removed from the conversation.

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Strong, mostly because there aren't too many eyes here. reddit was targeted because of the sheer population of normies ripe for propaganda. They don't spend resources here because most people here have escaped much of that programming by default.

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I remember that...I posted that long before I became a mod BUT the context is all wrong. I was QUOTING a Benjamin Fulford article (I included quotes in the screenshot) and used his exact title and linked to his blog. At the time I was posting all his blog posts because they were schizo and amusing. I didn't anticipate the unhinged reaction I got...it made me public enemy #1 of /conspiratard (this was pre-TMOR). Remember, this was a time when conspiratard had mocking images of Rachel Corrie and "pancakes" plastered on their front page and hardcore Israeli-apologists worked 24/7 to protect Monsanto for some retarded reason. It was a bizarre era. They were also the same bunch that attacked anyone mercilessly for questioning any vaccines. They were the ones that got me to actually go down the vaccine rabbit hole (thanks guys!). Where there's smoke...

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current version

Why did they need to rewrite it to remove the part about "congress complaining" first?

Why did they accuse me of "years of anti-semitism" and the only example they gave was a featured documentary the community voted for almost a decade ago?

Why did they accept the reddit admins' explanation with ZERO proof?

Why is there a coordinated effort on reddit to attack anyone that brings up my name?

Why are people HERE still telling me to stop talking about this?

My story unravels reddit. That's why.

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Reddit admins coordinated with Duckworth's team to make that statement so they could have an excuse to remove me, less than 24 hours after the Jan 6 false flag.

MSM even admitted as much


What I find particularly interesting is that STILL certain accounts come out of the woodwork whenever I dare to mention this. There is a coordinated effort to discredit this story, so they love to complain that I'm still talking about it (on my own conspiracy forum lol these people).

So by all means, please tell me to stop talking about this it will totally work.

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I don't know, and I'd like that feature too. I have a hard time finding the oldest threads sometimes.

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More than a year has passed since the FBI last released footage of the pipe bomber who allegedly planted explosive devices near the DNC and RNC party headquarters the night before January 6, 2021.

The FBI has reportedly collected 39,000 video files relating to the suspect’s identity, according to Steven D’Antuono, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington D.C. Field Office. Yet since September 8, 2021, not a single new video file has been released.

At Revolver, we have been focused on the two clips of video footage from DNC building security cameras that the FBI released on March 2021 and September 2021, respectively.

In August 2022, we definitively proved the DNC camera footage from the FBI’s September 2021 release should have captured the “money shot” of the pipe bomber taking the bomb out of the bag and planting it near a park bench in front of the DNC building. But for some reason, the FBI censored the tape so that the public could not see the alleged criminal walk back into the camera frame to commit the actual criminal act.

Over the past two months, we took a closer look at the DNC surveillance footage the FBI provided to the public. What we found was even more bizarre, and more damning than our initial discovery that the FBI is withholding critical footage of the pipe bomber actually planting the bomb.

The original “missing moneyshot” – reflecting the FBI’s deliberate censorship of the commission of the crime, effectively – is a red flag of such stunning proportions that it alone merits Congressional investigation under a GOP-led House commission on FBI malfeasance.

The new findings we are about to discuss, however, are so implausible, specific, and suspicious that we are compelled to demand that a future GOP-led commission subpoena and demand the exact chain of custody for the DNC surveillance tapes that the FBI released to the public

In this piece, we will analyze problems with a basic technical feature of the DNC video called the “frame rate.” For the convenience of the reader, we put together a short video that sketches the argument to follow.

In our analysis of the DNC location surveillance footage provided by the FBI, we observed that the frame rate in the footage is so low that it barely exceeds 1 frame per second. We’ll explain the significance of this shortly, but first let’s cut straight to the factual findings.

Below, we show the final 13 seconds of the DNC security camera footage from the FBI’s September 2021 release. These are the 13 seconds during which the pipe bomber gets up from the DNC park bench and walks directly toward and past the security camera.

There are only 16 distinct frames in these 13 seconds, yielding an average frame rate of just 1.2 frames per second. This is so low that it is essentially “stop motion.”

See for yourself

Video has a “motion” look because a series of still pictures — or “frames” — scroll on screen so many times per second that individual frames are not discernible to the human eye, thus creating the appearance of fluid, real-life motion.

For example, a “flipbook” makes still pictures turn suddenly into a “motion picture” when the still pictures are simply flipped through quickly:

In the video above, the flipbook moves at about 12 frames per second (fps). The average industry frame rate for most CCTV security cameras currently in use is about 15 frames per second. Modern security cameras are typically 30 fps and higher-end ones shoot 60 fps footage. Some very old dinosaur security cameras on decades-old systems shoot at around 8 fps.

The reason for the variation in fps is the trade-off between video quality and storage cost. The higher the frame rate, the larger the file size, and more storage is needed for the larger sizes, and storing all that data costs money.

So there is a fairly wide variation in security camera frame rate depending on one’s budget. But even at the absolute lowest end, you simply don’t see surveillance cameras operating at 1 fps.

The frame rate for camera footage has gotten much faster since the early days of cameras. For example, the Apollo moon landing for Apollo 16 in 1972 was shot on the moon with a 12 fps camera setting — 12 frames or distinct pictures per second.

HD footage in the modern era is now often shot at 120 fps. But security cameras, which record all day, face the aforementioned trade-off in storage size and don’t need all the extra frills of a super high-quality video.

At the same time, advancements in storage space efficiencies over the past 20 years have made it very cheap and easy to capture genuine motion at the 8-10 fps level, so institutions don’t even get cost savings anymore for “stick figure” stop motion cameras at or near 1fps like they did back in the 1980s.

For example, vendors showing off security camera frame rate comparisons on the market today tend to show a high end of 60 fps and low end of 8 fps.

As this helpful guide explains, the reason that no one uses “1 fps” security camera footage anymore is because when the surveillance camera only records one frame per second, one has to get extremely lucky to capture a clean shot of a suspect’s face looking at the camera — the suspect has to look right into the camera it for a full second, and practically say “cheese.”

This severe inadequacy helps to explain why 1fps surveillance cameras are an ancient figment of a bygone era decades ago when recording space on a camera was once expensive, and before technology and market changes two decades ago made storage space extremely cheap and better frame rates the industry standard.

Simply put — you don’t see 1 frame per second security cameras anymore in 2022. You can’t even buy anything on Amazon where 1 fps is the default or anywhere remotely close to a standard or recommended output. In fact, a comprehensive 2021 study on surveillance footage frame rates found that 0% — that’s right, 0% — of surveillance cameras had a frame-rate below 5 fps.

This raises the strange and troubling question. Why does the security footage the FBI released from the DNC national headquarters depicting the alleged pipe bomber register at barely over 1 frame per second? Keep in mind, this implausibly low 1 frame per second surveillance footage is from the same camera from which Revolver proved in August that the FBI is withholding critical footage from the public of the pipe bomber actually planting the bomb.

READ MORE — Release the Tape: Revolver Has Definitive Proof FBI Is Hiding Critical Footage of Jan 6 “Pipe Bomber”

Did the FBI tamper with the tape in addition to withholding critical footage? Let’s dig a bit deeper.

An Unlikely Story

The DNC headquarters building is the national headquarters of one of the two major political parties in America. A lot of very important people work there and visit on a regular basis. The Vice President-elect of the United States herself, Kamala Harris, traveled to the DNC headquarters building the morning of January 6, 2021.

The historically-minded will remember that it was a break-in at the DNC headquarters 50 years ago that launched the greatest political scandal in modern American history.

For such an important place, with such important people, it is bizarre that the DNC security team was content with Jurassic Era surveillance footage at 1fps.

And keep in mind, this is Washington, D.C., the city that was once the murder capital of the country. Street crime around downtown DC, one would think, would be a concern to the DNC as a general matter, well outside the purview of VIP visits.

Heck, DNC staffer Seth Rich was, we are told, a victim of such street crime.

Given this context, can we really believe that the DNC national headquarters would have security cameras whose frame rate quality pales in comparison to old cameras at an average McDonald’s?

In fact, we know the DNC building takes security seriously, and precisely at the spot where the perp planted the bomb, at the precise pipe bomb crime scene covered by the 1 frame per second camera in question.

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Prior to the 2020 election, tech companies including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon Media met on a monthly basis with the FBI, CISA, and other government representatives. According to NBC News, the meetings were part of an initiative, still ongoing, between the private sector and government to discuss how firms would handle misinformation during the election.

hm I wonder who told the reddit admins to blame the head /r/conspiracy mod for "jan 6" and use it as an excuse to remove/ban him.

it's all going to come out eventually grabs popcorn

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Faggot Tyson looking mighty uncomfortable too. They know.

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further reading:

If the estimate Mansanguan study is confirmed or anywhere close to ~25,000/million, that means a million young Americans could have sustained heart damage from COVID-19 vaccination and some of them will be at risk for cardiac arrest and future heart failure.

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it's just out...only a couple links showing up on bitchute. I haven't watched it yet but maybe a sticky would be justified soon, perhaps with a better link or we can wait til we get multiple sources (not on odysee yet AFAIK).

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...wonder how many of those pre-COVID sudden deaths in children were linked to OTHER childhood vaccines?

Hint: most if not all

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It's almost like every single organization like this full of conspiring people. Well done, have a cookie.

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I thought I was on reddit for a second.

Holy shit you're a faggot.


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look at that. I've seen that 9/11 thread often in search results still. I just checked and it comes up 2nd on DDG and Brave for "9/11 mega ritual" and also on the front page of DDG for just "9/11 ritual". weird how early 2010's reddit threads have found their way permanently into the search engine algorithm like that.

there's an u/orangutan thread in this too, remember when that guy was a mod of /r/con? checking the front page now looks like he's still active. wasn't he working for some 9/11 truth org and got caught raising $ and kicked out? I can't really remember. someone should make a documentary about reddit and /r/conspiracy tbh, there's a lot there.

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it's still a useful way to get out breaking stories...I only found out about this massive news because it was able to be amplified on twitter before it got shoahed.

it also serves as a useful wakeup call for some normies when they see shit like this (remaining the optimist here).

it's an important battleground regardless, and worthy of discussion/analysis.

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deleted by twitter almost immediately

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