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This reminds me of the time of when the world's largest advertising company announced that they were releasing an ad-blocker for their web browser. 😂

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But ABC didnt want to do any REAL journalism

She could've done real journalism herself. She had the audience, credibility, and a platform (Twitter).

She's a whore and would only release if it meant making money out of it or advancing her career.

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'I’m happy to support how people identify, but sex matters when it comes to birthing and breastfeeding,' she said.

She got what she deserved.

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Who or what is Windy Mic?

I tried searching but, yeah... "windy mic" isn't the best search term.

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Abortions are murder.

Nearly 65mil in the US alone, 1.6b worldwide. The greatest genocide in human history and it will never be matched.


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your "god" is a faggot and you should kill yourself so you can spend some time with him

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Nope, it just means you won't get away with murder. Nice try, satan.

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Since when is taking human life a right?

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lmfao yet you won't fuck off to your utopia. Fuck off you virus.

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Awesome distraction from whatever they're really planning

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And, yet, you keep moving to right-wing states and trying to infect us.

Did you know your commie utopia is only 100miles off the coast of Florida?

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Yes, the US is only a fraction of the size of the rest of the planet, we're not even talking about the milky way galaxy, let alone our universe.

Widespread? Pffft, please....

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Yeah, I've never trusted that guy or anyone famous for that matter, but I just wanna say that last tweet in the bottom left is pretty thought-provoking.

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lol at those predictions he's making about Joe/Hunter.

Hate to be a downer, but we all know that these people are never held accountable.

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Yup. A simple search of the headline results in the first link being the article.

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The ones who are protecting the image of other conspiracy theorists trying to spread the truth instead of feeding into laughable lies about how the President of the United States is secretly communicating with them on 4chan in cryptic messages.

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