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That’s what you’ve explained on the image.

The issue is - you’re turning right couple of times, but the sun was supposed to be one left when the plain start and continues the journey. You’re turning right immediately after the start and at that point you have the sun behind you (not on the left) for most of the journey.

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Same image, problem still the same.

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The problem is:In Los Angeles, Tokyo, Doha, you’re changing the direction (straight angle) so you have the sun behind you for most of the trip, not on the left.

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This image in the post is flat earth theory in disguise. See the hash tag in the bottom right corner.

By posting it in this context the guy is suggesting that the image or earth as a globe as a fake news.

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That plan fails if people start to govern themselves on various different levels so no global entity is needed.

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What if all landlords learn at the same time and they won’t rent their rooms?

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I’m curious what’d AI say about it, if you asked the same question.

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He has Archbishop Vigano who has been very vocal, already for years. There is no way pope doesn’t know these things. Yet pushing the vaxx makes him to work on the wrong side.

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The recipe is:

  • Build vaccine that will target white population that is so “dangerous” that has to be replaced.

  • Make them die.

  • Import people from 3rd world countries.

  • Promote diversity at the workplace.

  • Hire the imported people.

  • Make them feel gratitude.

  • Make them feel obliged to vote for you.

  • Gain more power.

  • Rinse and repeat.

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One already exists. It’s called: Settled Status.

After Brexit many Europeans living, working and running their business in the UK, who wanted to stay and continue, had to apply and obtain Settled Status.

Once approved, it only exists electronically. You’ve got an email message, not even PDF, just a notification that they’ve approved it. No ID, no document, no piece of paper, no electronic PDF that you can print, nothing.

Every time you’re crossing the border you wonder: Will this system work today? Is this information still in the system or it’s been deleted, cancelled?

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No one believes that many people got the vaxx.

Government data were exaggerated because they wanted to coerce more people into getting the vaxx.

More than half of the adult population didn’t get it.

Children - only exceptional ones with retard parents got it.

No way they’ve vaxxed 2.2 billions.

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I like this logic, worth noting:

Audience member: “So Pfizer had the biggest criminal fine in history. So how is it anti-science to not trust them?”

Then the article comments:

The cameras quickly shifted and you could hear the crowd reacting. When the camera’s switched back the audience member was disappeared, just like a vaccine victim.

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She literally called them thieves and liars.

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I have scrolled the last 2 days of his feed and couldn’t find this post.

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Add “flat earth” to it and you can easily label all inconvenient truth as conspiracy theory.

As simple as that.

Recall Pelosi:

We smear somebody with falsehood and all the rest, then you print it and we say: The Press has published that …, it legitimises what we said, .. etc.

It’s the same tactic to strengthen “conspiracy theorist” label when it’s stops working, when people discover that all previous conspiracy theories became reality - the deep state has to stick some bullshit they can call later so that people won’t believe it, otherwise the “conspiracy theorist” label will stop working.

Everyone who pushes the Reptilians theories is either unaware or is a shill working for the deep state for money.

When we hear someone like this “witnessing” it - we have to note it (thanks for sharing the link) as this person isn’t or our side and will betray us. These celebrities are bought to make contrast between

  • their lies and fake reality they want us to live in and believe in


  • the truth about their pedo perversions, rapes, blackmail and satanic sacrifice.

Once they add something unreal to the second group - people are more likely to sit in the first box.

Social engineering.

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You can’t have a gun in the UK. In the DIY store you cannot even buy knife.

Not everyone here live in the US, unfortunately.

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Q has recommended voat as a platform for Reddit refugees.

I wasn’t on Reddit but I joined voat after Q post.

Then Voat has been closed.

I joined GA.win

At that time I was tracking top qanon sites to measure the trends. I used Alexa.com until they’ve stopped sharing this information.

When I joined ga.win one thing was quite interesting and it was different than any qanon site. Usually the first country that most visits were coming from was US, then UK, Canada, Australia, etc. in case of ge.win it was the US as first country too, but the second one was a small country in the Middle East, you name it. I was wondering why it is and is it possible that the second traffic is generated by mods actively working on the site. I cannot judge based on that, but this was really unusual.

I like ge.win and people there. I will be on multiple platforms, just for a case. I hope all will go well, but we need to be ready for any scenario in case we’re fucked.

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