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There is a pre-planned, long-planned civil war II coming in late 2024 or 2025 if the bastards get their way.

I posted about this even before the active phase of Great Reset and before the virus was released. That's also one of the many ways I knew Jan 6th was a trap by them as soon as it was announced by Trump on Dec 19th 2020. That scam hoax trap was simply another part of all of this.

I have also already wrote in numerous occasions for several years that this will -only- happen after a split in the military

It's a pre-planned violent conflict in which the global elite scam artists who are doing the Great Reset will control both sides of the conflict with shills working for them to 'lead' both sides; and with a pre-planned outcome by them. They may even give patriots major early success in order to draw in and gather up more of them. Basically they will destroy any active patriotic opposition to the Great Reset so that the reset (overthrow of country and creation of totalitarian state) can be fully completed in the latter quarter of the decade without any other major organized opposition to it happening.

That's what they intend

The actions and words of the global elites involved in their Great Reset further confirm it all day by day as time goes on.

Be aware so that they will fail.

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Groupthink, group control, mind control through subconscious, consumerism.

How they convinced people to follow Hitler and how they still do it now through group psychology which, if manipulated properly, acts irrationally as opposed to individual reasoning.

How they convince us we need thinks we don't need.

The origins of brainwashing and mind control

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Follow those accounts

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Remember the double haeded Eagle. They play both sides.

The need you to choose a side to be in duality.

They eliminate real opposition like Cooper.

Research Alex Jones, Joe Rogan and the Disinformation Company.

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Its called the block button. Do it yourself whoever it is and put your group physcology pitchfork away.

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