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There's a virus. I've had flu before but never a flu like this one, and it wiped my ability to smell and taste for 3 weeks. The shortness of breath was another 'new' to me symptom.

sars-cov2 does exist and the reason the FDA/CDC / NIH-NIAID won't give a sample is because....drumroll please....

...it's a DARPA - B I O W E A P O N

And it's either unsuccessful or incomplete. There is a complete genomic sequence for it. This sequence contains genes for encoding HIV glycoproteins (glycoproteins unique to HIV). That means bioweaopon as its impossible for this to happen in nature.

There are RNA / DNA printers that can print it from the genomic sequence and they are cheaper than you think (50k+).

But I think that labs with this printer are told by the powers that ought not be that they aren't allowed to make it, in the same way as people with 3d printers aren't supposed to be printing gun parts for 3D printed guns

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That is because Trump saved lives with it. He saved lives because it was a bioweapon intended to kill half the planet and sterilize the remaining 90% and degrade people more, crippling them with illnesses that only the deepstate could remedy with new gene therapy technology like crispr, which is currently a total failure.

Trump forced them to push this bioweapon out prematurely, and that's why they leaked it from the Wuhan insittute of virology unfinished. They wanted to leak it from korea, taiwan or ukraine instead. They wanted to perfect it and make it racially selective against russians initially, and then other races they didn't like.

The people doing this, they want to make this thing so specific it can target individuals. They are like nazis times a millioin,.

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Why wouldn't he?

It's killing his political enemies, who continue to insist that they lawfully won the election. These are people who support Biden, an unlawful president who committed a coup d'etat with full knowledge of his crimes, his DNC's crimes, Hillary's crime, all of his family's crimes and other crimes of the deepstate. Trump was an existential threat that had to be eliminated, so they could seize power and cover up their decades upon decades of crimes.

Trump knows that they created this thing, patented it before he was president, that they planned it before he was president and that they dropped it in his lap. He's not going to disavow

He's going to let them keep their op going, especially since they're sacrificing their OWN SIDE in order to save themselves.

So again I ask. Why WOULDN'T HE?? He's not going to take responsibility FOR THEIR MASS MURDER.

Trump didn't create this op. He ACCELERATED IT by pushing them faster than they were able to successfully put it out

I am of the belief they wanted to kill half the planet with this. And that Trump accelerating it, forced them to push it out, halfway finished. That is why as a bioweapon IT MOST CERTAINLY WAS was unsuccessful

Trump saved lives

Cry more, you people who don't actually understand what's happening here. All you do is sound vaccinated to people who actually read both sides, understand the entire playing filed and can connect the dots.

EWWW trump is a vassal of israel. Oh shut up.

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Yakub! I shount have doubted you o ancient space geneticist and black master

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That's because the climate change extra temperature increase is causing the LAND to SWELL

source: logic and science



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I feel like this one tweet is a masterclass in mic drop style tweeting

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I mean unless you like cops who do what they're told

I like cops that don't do what they're told and use their brains and their empathy and their consideration.

by WoodDoe
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If you're gay or a little gay, better to accept it than to fight it

What you resist, you persist

And if God made you this way, then it's His fault. Just clean out your butthole with enemas before inserting any large objects. Good luck

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True. There are some good things about it.

Take the good, leave the bad. We should go thru each tradition and do that, and then WE get to be in charge of the one world (Religion / Culture / Government)

ever think about THAT?

They say "you don't like ours, then build it yourself"

Maybe WE should be in charge of the New World Order?

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I guess I'm a bad person. I love this world. I want it to be better and I fight for it and the people in it every day....to finally finallyl come to the truth and integrity so we can be all one under the sun / son and move forward into a better future of unlimited abundance and creativity and production. some of us just need to get out of our own way

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Serves him right

he's been weairing a devil emperor costume in his bio for over a year now

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That's the conclusion we came to over a year ago

with their synchronized tan chinos, face masks and their gay little captain america riotshields

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btw, I am kidding. I have to say this now. there are going to b people that think I was serious with this last comment <facepalm>

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If RFK Jr ends up being Q, there are a lot of leftoids that will jump off of buildings

I cannot wait

< steeples fingers >

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Anyone provoked to violence by this is really a dimwit

Here is what you do

STOP DRINKING BEER. Or if you really like beer, buy yuengling or learn to brew your own.

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If they really DID compost old bikini beer posters, the hops they grow that compost in would be full of disgusting chemicals

you really would not want to drink that beer

this is how you know they are just lying and being assholes. not only being virtue signalling feminism assholes, they are also gross and stupid people with impractical, poorly thought out ideas. And one should never buy beer from them.

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Bad analysis, captain. Someone said it in the twat comments....they needed liquidity.

Gold won't 'puke'; and if it does, what gold puking means that it might get a 10% haircut, meaning drops from 20 back down to 18. Do you think gold will go down to 16, or 12? If so, I'd like to know how that happens when you have

  • Russia backing ruple in gold
  • BRICS growing because of de-dollarization and weakening confidence in a biden run america, meaning gold will become MUCH more important as BRICS supplants the swiss-eu-us dollar western swift system
  • America hitting their economic debt event-horizon of 33T, beyond which you almost certainly will have a collapse of global reserve currency fiat, and those dominos go with it.
  • Finally, this is minor but it is a market indicator nonetheless...you have a ZH article talking about how the Texas comptroller--who launched the 'fort knox of texas for regular consumers' called the texas bullion depository--successfully passing a gold-backed currency bill thru the half of the texas legislature...if it passes the senate, it becomes law because gov abbott who is a based R will certainly pass this. The comptroller would not have put forth a gold-pegged-cryptocurrency bill if it didn't have Abbott's support. In essence, this is a response to CBDC, saying "nope, we don't want that...we want SOUND MONEY. We want the a competition to the fed reserve note. We want real money and physical gold is problematic, so we're launching a gold stablecoin." I'm recommending they peg to a fork of monero and call it a goldero
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Doesn't matter what your diet is, this is key


Get a cabbage. Eat it. Get a slab of beef. Doesn't matter what cut. Salt and pepper it and eat that. Get a chicken leg, cook and eat. Ground pork. a Whole Zucchini. Raw Onion. Plain Lettuce


run from processed food

and dr. M says NO SEED OILS

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DeScamtits and Nuissance would be the Unity Uniparty

Trump and Bobby Kennedy would be the Unity Afterparty

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I agree with you, Zap. Mike-shell Obama. With oprah winfree running mate. They might either get rid of Kamala before Joe and Joe picks Gavin Newsom or some other minority house democrat like that muslim minnesota guy; but that will be 8 months before they get in so this is unlikely. If they get rid of Joe, Kamala will be president, and they don't want this. So it's possible they get rid of both at the same time...tying Kamala to Joe's crimes; and they can 25th them both and then Kevin McCarthy and his vp pick go in; but don't worry.

McCarthy is a gay RINO and so, he's controllable and uniparty 100%. He'll be a lame duck until they get Obama's vasshole (vassal) mikeshell (michele) in as Obama's third term presidon'tsee (presidency)

Gavin Newsom comes up because he has that president look, and he well mismanaged california which means he's perfect to peter principle his way up kamala styles to the presidon'tsee, to mismanage the entire country.

The uniparty will push DeScamtits (desantis)

The uniparty will deny by any means necessary the primary to JFK's nephew RFK jr, because he's more dangerous to their existence than Trump could ever be

He would be smart if he joined forces with Trump, running as Trump's VP in what they will call the UNITY PARTY TICKET, and their logo is the LION or Eagle, or even to twist the knife on them the IRONIC DOUBLE EAGLE--which will have at least 2 meanings. One, it's appropriating Holy Roman era Germany / and presoviet Russia symbolism, which is a double nyaah nyaah stick your tongue out mockery / taunt of the deepstate and the new-Left, which conjures imagery of imperialism, nazism, and Russian soviet communism / imperialism....(the very thing they've accused Trump / supporters of being, but which THEY THEMSELVES ARE 100x more) ; and also it means "we are two eagles", meaning Trump and Bobby are both eagles; meaning that they both want to make america great again and are VICIOUS RAPTORS that are going to go after all the god damned deep state field mice that would scatter should they ever have power. The lion embodies these things too, but is too heraldic and monarchical, the 2 eagles, I think is BETTER. Plus there is a third symbol in 'double eagle' is a COIN...a GOLD coin...which would imply that both TRUMP and BOBBY are on board with SOUND MONEY and gold-backed money, gold-backed digital currency (gold pegged monero or "goldero", which everyone is calling it now. lol)


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