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They were off by 3 days

Today is the September 24th

The destruction of the NORD STREAM 1 and 2

is 9/11 x 1000

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Now here's what would be a total plot twist

This site is secretly owned and run by Donald J Trump

We can hope right?

It's prob. not. It's prob another FBI / CIA cutout like Google

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All of WIN is a honeypot

Think of it this way. This website (or collection thereof) has several million unique visitors a day and probably has over 20M active account users (maybe much more...I don't know---i think 20M is a conservative guess given trumps base)

You cannot CANNOT run a website like this without having deep pockets. We are talking 5-10k a MONTH to run such a site, esp one that is hosting images for 20M active accounts...the bandwidth is what costs, not just the colocation fees, servers, etc, which would be like 10k-15k server just to run the site---or the equivalent in stretch VPS service.

This is why it's a honeypoot FOR . SURE .

That money has to come from somewhere. WE aren't paying for our accounts directly. So it's not a subscription model. WE are not seeing ADS. So it's not an ad model. We're not buying vitamins. Or Pillows. Or giving PATREON. Or donating BITCOIN to this website.


The answer is, either the US TAXPAYERS are paying for it as part of their blackbudget / signature reduction budget (part of US defense budget) and it's a CIA Internet Influence Activities (IIA) program; OR it's some mixture of private ownership and that the "product is YOU" and they are harvesting our data and selling it to their backchannel affiliates who are going to use this data against us in some way...probably political reprisal, or some other thing.

So when I say WIN is a honeypot, I'm not just throwing out some kind of ingroup virtue signal to display my disdain of the system to curry favor with others here. I'm telling you I've thought about this quite a lot.

So why would I continue to use a FBI / CIA / DOD-DARPA / Minerva Research Initiative / Signature Reduction IIA / Media-Matters Southerpovertylawcenter ADL WEF Deepstate/Administrative state DHS cunt system ?

Because it's still 'freer' than REDDIT

And I'm exercising my first amendment rights

And also I get to say stuff like this, and make them feel bad because we figured them the fuck out and now we move on to the shaming phase. Where me make them feel bad for spying on their fellow americans who are being lawful.

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banning is bullshit because it defeats the purpose of UP / DOWN vote being a score of consensus (or lack thereof) in the community

If they think it's dumb, the votes will let you know

MODs censoring you is shining a light on what they don't want you to be saying. That makes me want to say it even more

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I was banned for chemtrails but it was one rogue GAW mod that was doing that and they have been told to stop. Now chemtrail stuff is all over gaw because it happens to be true and evidenciary in the words of the US government / military itself.

by DojaDog
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This is a problem of comparing two dissimilar things.

One is a broadcast FM antenna and the other one is a narrowcasted directional beamed antenna (satellite dish).

Apollo 11 used directional VHF and S-band Microwaves allegedly to communicate back to Earth

It's still good to ask these questions though. That's a lot of power they'd have to use to communicate back (moon side is the limiting factor), but since that power is focused rather than spread out, it is able to go much much longer. My internet is using the same technology today---low power wifi on a dish, not more than 5W communicating to a tower about 15 miles away.

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WHAAT? They fucked with this guy's vehicle's ECM (engine control module)?

Are they trying to remote control him into a tree at 75mph?

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Here's the thing: it's completely inappropriate to go to patriots dot win and start drumming up big jew conspiracies because that is a forum for Trump and Trump is friends with Israel and his son in law is a jew and his daughter I believe is now jewish. People who support Trump, generally agree with that notion

And they also subscribe--as many in america do--to this idea that they don't want because of OPTICS to even slightly suggest anything that is antisemitic, not necessarily because they think it's wrong, but they don't want to give the left ANY ammo to attack them with.

This is a

Know your audience™


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The simpler answer is that you're annoying people and they are making you aware of it democratically

You cannot go REEEE this shit is a honeypot REEEE you fucking shill downvote bots are downvonting me REEEE REEE REEE

And not expect people to think you're a fucking retard clown and downvote you

You have to learn how to communicate in a better way

You get no credit going into a forum and making an ass of yourself by calling everyone shills and bots.

Because newsflash. They aren't all shills and bots. I am not a shill or bot. But there is a 100% chance you're going to call me one, because you don't like what I am telling you.

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play the windmill song from legend of zelda or get off the stage

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2nd question first: download a monero wallet and use it only on a trusted computer; or better yet in a secure OS running in a virtual machine running on a mostly trusted machine; and keep that VM off until you're ready to use your wallet, then use it, then turn it off again. Make sure you safeguard your seed phrase sentence on something better than paper, like written on a stainless steel sheet from the lobby of hobby.

Use the official client. It's the safest bet. It's open source and security audited.

1st question :

  • TradeOgre⸻[XMR/BTC] [XMR/ETH] -- (2fa, non kyc exchange)
  • Bisq⸻(java based, desktop peer-to-peer DEX market software)
  • Gate.io⸻[XMR/BTC] [XMR/USDT] (hongkong based)
  • Kraken⸻[XMR/USD] [XMR/EUR] [XMR/XBT]
  • BigOne⸻[XMR/USDT] [XMR/BTC] (Seychelles based)
  • Binance⸻(only outside of USA. China based, and is the biggest CEX)

  • CEX = central exchange (not your keys not your coin)
  • DEX = decentralized exchange (you keep your coin, but trust is an issue)
  • XMR = monero
  • BTC = bitcoin
  • USDT = tether
  • XBT =
  • ETH = ethereum
  • USD = us dollar
  • EUR = euro
  • 2FA = 2-factor authentication, meaning you have to login with more than a user/pass but with your phone via sms or with a 2FA program like authy (preferred), or thru an temp, ephemeral email link or pin code
  • KYC = know your customer. you have to use biometrics and/or official gov identity in order to get a mark of the beast type global ID that identifies you every and anywhere on the planet. It's a total pain in the cunt. You'll see
  • "Paper Wallet" -- public and private keys are written on a piece of paper as a QR code by a printer, and then crypto is sent to (and later from) it. These are used like subway tickets at crypto ATMs or with QR code scanners on phones or barcode scanners on computers to read the public (or private) key
  • "Hardware Wallet" -- a digital version of a paper wallet with more complexity and allegedly greater privacy/security. You put a lot of trust in the company that makes these.
  • I personally feel it may be better to run Linux::Qubes and run your own wallet softwares (each type of crypto has its own wallet software), and just keep the wallets offline until needed. And secure your seed phrase(s) with stainless steel. Also, if you're starting out like me, keep it simple and do test transfers of very small amounts.
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First of all, Removing things is not shadowbanning. Shadowbanning is making something disappear from result lists so no one see it.

Secondly, I've outlined a way that it's possible that CLOUDFLARE is shadowbanning people by removing them from lists.

So it may not be WIN's fault, or that of MODS or that of ADMINs...but Cloudflare doing it. Maybe on behalf of win--we just don't know. We DO know that WIN has millions of users and tens of millions of page views and likely terabytes of bandwidth a month which costs FUCKTONS of money and yet this WIN site is not charging any money or running ads ... so they are making money SOMEHOW.

This means it's likely a backchannel honeypot. I still use it, knwoing this. It's probably being run by the FBI itself. That is why I say FBI is the FAGGOT bureau of Intentionalhoneypots...because I like them reading this and getting all mad at me. The FBI are yellowjackets in human form.

Back to cloudfaggot

It could be as simple as adding an additional CSS class to make that listing disappear, and it could do this very simply by adding a few bytes to the HTML its delivering; keep in mind cloudflare is a DDOS protection, but that means it's necessarily a CDN. CDNs could surreptitiously insert (like QUANTUMINSERT) css at the last minute upon delivery and make your post, disappear to others.

It could even make it so that YOU see YOUR OWN POST and others don't.

This would make it terribly difficult to prove. Basically you'd have to use an A/B test using TOR and NO_TOR view to compare and contrast the HTML structure and the CSS together 'as a set'

And also, cloudflare could suppress voting by simply NOT relaying someone's upvote clicks. When you "click" it uses ajax to post the click in the background, and when it confirms, the javascript on the client side registers and upvote and that is what increments and changes the CSS to highlight your upvote.

However, Cloudflare could simply be 'dropping' the upvotes on the server side, so they never reach the WIN website and thus never increment. Cloudflare could have its own database managing your upvotes so you always see you upvoted things, and that way it can "CUCK" you with its own database. It would be trivial to rewrite the lists with a few extra bytes of CSS on the way back to you.

WIN uses cloudflare and cloudflare can use the plausible deniability excuse of differential states of caches on redundant servers ("load balancers" don't always agree on their numbers, because there is overhead to keep cache servers 'synchronized' (saying the same upvote numbers)) Reddit explains this a "vote fuzzing", saying that they add or subtract a random number between 1 and 3 to the final vote so that they stop vote manipulation in some way, but really it's AT LEAST a way to cover the defect of stale caches that are difficult to keep sync'd.

This gives cloudflare the plausibly deniable excuse to say that they aren't shadowbanning or votedropping as a way to inhibit your post from going above a certain number, say 33 upvotes.

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Carry on now masked up, dumb

there'll be breaths when you are done

Lay your weary hefts to rest

Don't you why no more

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