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They cover lots of taboo subjects

  • broadcast board of governors (BBG, now USAGM) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Agency_for_Global_Media
  • Senior Executive Service
  • Global Engagement Center
  • QRS11
  • Abel Danger
  • Facebook stole from Leader Technologies
  • Potemkin Zuckerborg can't write code
  • Mueller and NSA backdoors
  • Darpa Nanotechnology
  • Uninterruptible autopilot
  • AI wants to replicate
  • Intel's ME engine nsa-cia backdoor
  • Vault7
  • Building 7
  • GCHQ-NSA relationship aka FIVE EYES / echelon (without saying echelon)
  • little brother (cellphone)
  • election fraud
  • Trump's astrology
  • 'brits sitting in fort meade maryland'
  • US-NATO shill poroshenko
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"Justice delayed is justice denied"

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someone VERY tangentially related to the spygate case

I personally think durham should be held for treason when all this is said and done. treason because it's misprision of treason and covering up of crimes related to treason

i suspect he's a janitor...to mop this bullshit up

I want him to die in jail if that's the case

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The problem with these arguments is one of scale

you'd have to have parallax separation of a mile to see object so far that are tilted back. meaning, you'd have to have eyes 10,000x bigger that are separated by a mile. You'd have to be a giant.

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if they really went down in this, it truly was a moonshot and these were the bravest people that ever lived ... because they had to have known this shit was foolish as f

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This is pretty damning

Esp the fact there was no rocket scortch crater

Also the fact that no matter how lightweight it was, it still had to achieve escape velocity to get back to the shuttle. Less gravity is not no gravity.

This last part is the part I have the biggest issue with


It wasn't pressurized...they were in their suits when they went down and up

it had to be lightweight, and so maybe it had to look like this.

The astronauts had to partially assemble it, not unlike a tent, from the shuttle, so it was kind of designed to be a piece of shit.

But since it's an ultralight tent, how in the hell did it get down safely, and more importantly how the hell did it get back up??

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Corrolarry (i know i mispelled this word):

We have NOT YET EVER seen ANY social media site in the last 7 yrs that has NOT been subjected to any forms of censorship. This site has shadowbanned, and it's removed things from search index, this site has vote suppressed. Probably not this sub, because this sub is not really that big yet. But definitely patriots.win and great awakening

there are some users that CONSISTENTLY have thousands of upvotes and then there's the rest of us. Hows that happen? Do you think people are upvoting their usernames and ignoring the quality of their posts...and no, the quality of their posts is not so remarkably better than that of others

ALso, i noticed this because i"ve had multiple usernames and when I first started patriots win I would get thousands and hundreds of upvotes on my posts...the quality has not gone down, but my upvotes have...now I'm capped in the tens with occasional hundreds upvotes but never thousands anymore

Yet there is a guy i-am-orlando who consistenly is upvoted. I've noted time of day this acocount posts and the stuff they post and it's not extraordinary or necessa\rily 'keyed in' somehow...they just consistenly are upvoted thousands of times in the same period of time, and others aren't. that's a red flag for me

that's anticompetitive vote manipulation bot behavior in my book

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looks like compass of compass and square (freemasonry). i guess wer'e saying the same thing

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...OR they are gaslighting the public with a plausible backstory as to why the vaccine is suddenly killing everyone with ADE antibody dependent enhancement where the synth spike created by the virus paradoxically creates a trojan horse scenario for the NEW mutants to enter macrophages and "hijack them" to produce more of itself.....

This means that there would be no 'deadly new variant' and that unvaccinated are going to be safer than the vaccinated, as long as they stay healthy and manage their immune systems (don't be old, diabetic, morbidly obese, or have or beaten cancer or low vitamin D levels)

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They can't nuke what they don't understand.

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He should fake his own covid, like all the other Trumpian republicans, and then come out and say HCQ and Zinc, Ivermectin, IV vit C and Regeneron saved me...I call it the Zelenko-Rogan protocol

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Why the hell would anyone waste their time reading fiction anymore? Our reality is literally the most interesting spy novel that ever was.

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This certainly included the American financial and business interests that shared the same basic Fascist ideology. For both parties, this was a post-war marriage of convenience, and from that point of view, 9/11 may have been the announcement of a divorce.

I'll remind you u/axolotl_peyotl that the name of Osama Bin Ladens operation was "the big wedding"


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btw I'm a third level guy -- US-UK rogue intel. Kind of a larouche perspective

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