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Every time people post this I feel obligated to post this too

I love walken


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pandemic of the accidental occidental octogenarians

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It's not all inclusive and quite outdated

there have been at least 666 more conspiracies since the time of that posting

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So under this model, with the COVID pandemic, you'd have

HOAX conspiracy -- 'Bat soup' from wet market turned into covid

FALSE conspiracy -- 'Bat lady' and CCP were working on bioweapons at the WUHAN lab and it "leaked"

REAL conspiracy -- Dr. Fauci, along with NAIAD division of NIH, working with UC chapel hill's Dr. Ralph Baric and Peter Daszac of Ecohealth alliance where QUASI-ILLEGALLY (ie: circumventing Obama's moratorium on gain-of-function research) were developing COVID as well as COVID vaccines simultaneously and farming some of this research out to the lvl4 biosafety lab in WUHAN china and it escaped.

This is FAUCI's virus, but that is OK because they already had a vaccine that conveniently the US GOVERNMENT purchased massive amounts of, at a profit for CDC, FDA and the companies (due to grant money), so they could inject these into people. And in order to justify this behavior they want to chnge policies everywhere to force inject people so that they cannot turn around and sue the US government for mass murder, genocide thru extreme negligence---if you get the shot, you're excluded from the class action because GOV took the 'best effort approach' at fixing the problem irrespective of the fact that they created the problem.

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Skeptics are known to claim that conspiracies are impossible because some evidence would be left that would lead investigators to uncover the truth about the conspiracy, and the honesty of investigators would eliminate the possibility of a successful cover-up

Skeptics have used this "there could never be a large conspiracy involving so many people because SOMEONE WOULD EVENTUALLY TADDLE"

The counterexample to this is the SAFARI CLUB, which was revealed when everyone involved was already long gone and thus the revelation of its existence absolutely did not matter to anyone. It was an example of a true conspiracy where the co-conspirators got away with it.


MKULTRA is a similar example, however it's very clear that this is still running, because we never shut it down. The MKULTRA operation was revealed in Congress during the Church committee on Intelligence (among other things such as COINTELPRO, the pseudolawful / quasi-unlawful gray area collaboration between the CIA and FBI (CIA not allowed to run OPs on US citizens within the US), 'Family jewels' an op to assassinate foreign leaders; and Operation Mockingbird the op to remote-control the US media narratives)


I like the 3 conspiracy model that Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt uses:

  1. Junk or Hoax Conspiracy -- very stupid and non-credible theories used to 'discredit' real conspiracies by way of absurdity

This is Obama-BFF CASS SUNSTEIN's wheelhouse

  1. False Conspiracy -- used to cover up the true conspiracy; this is the 'conspiracy theory' that the public is sold by the shadow government under the lenin concept of 'to control opposition lead it yourself' -- this is a 'pied piper belief' that you give to the public as an attractive counternarrative to the official

  2. True Conspiracy -- what actually really happened; and it's buried within the false conspiracy; and it is forced to co-exist with junk conspiracies that serve as a distraction and 'agit-propaganda' to repel any otherwise rational 'normie' from being exposed to the true conspiracy.

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I don't think these celebritards know anything about or care ANYTHING about the Bible.

Sorry. You lose.

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Most funeral services and crematoriums in america are owned and operated by freemasons

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I think Junion is saying they never wink

You are 100% correct suicide truthbomber. Winking is not the same as covering the eye with a hand or having hair pulled over one eye to cover it up, or holding up an object over an eye to occlude it

Winking is winking. It means 'I got you' or 'good job' or 'i like you'

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Trump derangement syndrome or TDS, as defined in the DSM VII, is as follows:

Bringing Trump into a conversation when no one was even talking about Trump and then making the non Trump conversation about TRump because F Trump. RREEEEE aAGHDFNSHDHAGERUH TRUMP!

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Hahaha I like your style


"G men" == means "Government men" or "Freemason"

Answer: YES

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The CIA likes to do things and blame others for them

We know this from Wikileaks' CIA leaked hack-blame virtual false flag tools: VAULT7::MARBLE::UMBRAGE

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We're in very dangerous times. People need to wake up to this (FASTER PLEASE), or they will be enslaved eternally

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2003 -- The Corporation


The NEW film by the same people

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel Trailer

I am suggesting this film because it is THE most relevant to what is happening in our world now, which I characterize as a push towards global fascism. Jack Posobiec, a regular on Steve Bannons War Room show posted on twatter today a mussolini quote saying corporatism IS fascism

And if you read the definition, it's true; but just to flesh it out, it's a type of corporate totalitarianism where the government has a direct interest in no bid contracts and exclusive and unlimited quid pro quo relationship with certain businesses, industries and sectors and business and gov collude to 'feudalize' and enslave the consumer / population / citizenry

That's what is happening now. America the illusion. Run by lawless corporate-owned plutocrats that are trying to push to use (bio) technology and both left and right wing domestic terrorism as hegelian ploys to enslave people with AI run technomanaged social credit score systems WHILE USING PROPAGANDA to accuse their political enemies of the exact thing they're doing.

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btw his wife made the accusation and then DID NOT EVEN SHOW UP AT COURT so Bannon won by default

This is how you know it was total bullshit. She wanted to smear his ass

This is like the teen girl who accuses an innocent guy of raping her if he pisses her off after fucking her. Guy goes to prison, his life ruined

Women like this--special place in hell

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WAR Room w/ Steve Bannon has incredibly good guests

And he doesn't interrupt like a retard, though his commercials sometimes do. That said, he always seems to bring his guests back on point in order for them to make a fulsome disquisition on their topic. UNLIKE JONES

It's too bad it's Steve Bannon, because half the country is so trump deranged they think he actually beat his wife and stole money for the wall, which the courts say both times he did not do. He's a victim of media propaganda, just like breitbart and trump; and they say 'oh he's a dumb populist buffoon'. Wrong again. Naval intelligence, harvard educated! Listen to the man and make up your own mind. He' s soft spoken and very intelligent

It's just too bad people cannot simply consider the content without having to focus so much on 'inadequate messengers'

I say just ignore who is saying it and 'check every claim' -- be your own fact checker

this is the only way.

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