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The homeless have turned antifa after finding out they were passing out 20 hundies for only 5 hours of work, standing around. That's much more lucrative than having a pathetic dog and looking sad on the exits of freeways.

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It's as if Depape needed the police with bodycam cameras to capture the swing on film; so that he could then have a 3 day interview where he whines about Hillary and Nancy Pelosi and 9/11 all the way back to JFK.

Of course he was right, but he had to look in the eyes of the public like a "Qanon" "conspiratard"

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OP and others here. Thank you for worrying about me! I'm still here. I'm still reading your posts every day. But I'm posting as u/nothingberg my alt. They are one and the same.

My ghost account was being stalked by bots and regulated and thought that switching would help but it did not. They apparently know now too. So my 'jig' is up.

I'm sorry to have scared you. I am wildly unvaxxed.

After all this covid vax nonsense, looking back at my life, I think actually that a stroke I had in 2012 may have been from a 3 part hepatitis vaccine that I was encouraged to get because I was sexually active and they wanted me to get pretty much everything. It was shortly after that last one that I had a stroke out of the blue (lacunar infarct) and it was either that or medication because no personal or family history of it; and no chronic high blood pressure (below borderline).

The Organisation didn't get me. They already tried and failed 3 times and every time it gets exponentially more difficult as each failure recruits more guardian angels.

There is truth that I decided our posting was becoming ineffective. I mean, we have a demented puppet and proxy for a vast criminal organization and now we all know with perfect confidence that CIA killed kennedy, and also framed Nixon; and so that means our heuristics for CIA coverup of the crime of 9/11 is true also...ticktock on that.

Pence being looked into is probably an op to get Trump. And there is truth to the black pillers here saying Trump keeps endorsing the vax. It could be political optics to stay 'in line with current, fake confabulated numbers based science' but still, that is immoral. Better than he just say, 'look, i funded it and they produced something that is hurting people. I never mandated it, I encouraged it because I was fooled by my own people; and no one under my administration took it because it wasn't available under my administration. Biden wanted to steal credit from me for making it, turns out, good luck with that!"

But he didn't say this. He's still playing games. Since you guys are asking about ghost I'll tell you I am gardening harder this year, have a lot of big outdoor hardscaping projects to do with no money. Stacking silver (and gold, and monero / dero), and horse pastes from tractor supply. Thinking about chickens, and that tractor supply WEF post scares me though. I have a friend who has a flock and I'll ask him if their feed is suspicious.

Anyway, long story longer. I'm still here, just as nothingberg. I don't like these people who go to my post only to discredit it immediately without even reading it (commenting on the headline, have a handshake, say reddit things). I don't like them threatening me or posting things that are suspiciously prescient and or suggesting personal knowledge about my mom. I know that is an FBI person being a troll and threatening me.

That is why I tried to change but like I said it didn't help. I don't suspect mods or admins. But I would be very disappointed in them if they gave FBI any assitance in this social-media-threatmaking.

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gamma = trump supporter adjacent (anti-deepstate) news outlets

lambda = deep state news outlets

linux / crypto = apolitical

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I had forgotten this, but looking back at stuff I wrote for CST, I had mentioned "De-Transitioning Transfolk" specifically would be the "Jokers" because they'd be all fucked out on drugs, and their bodies and minds they would feel were ruined by hormones and they'd blame society for consenting to this, because they did what their protest groups, facebook / twitter / tv / youtube told them

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You guys aren't reading the news are you?

This is the coldest christmas in 40 yrs; 2014 and 2015 were extremely cold with the polar vortex

They are referring this to the polar vortex again.

That is code for "we're doing this"

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Not here. But I made a reference of a very well received article on reddit /r/conspiracies that was extremely well cited. I'm not going to dig it up just to prove something to you, TallestSkil. You may search for it. Try "obama loop current ridiculously resilient ridge"

All you ever do is shit on my posts and ideas with very low effort discrediting

That's why I don't value anything YOU say

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Well, why don't you help crowdfund my well house then, it froze, despite all my countermeasures

I have countermeasures against routine 0-32F freezes

NOTHING can withstand -40F

You people are dishonest as fuck and you have NO empathy towards people here who have gotten freezes

IN COLUMBIA, SC they had several reports of people's pipes bursting

SOUTH CAROLINA. That is like 150 miles from florida

Stop being dishonest and passing this off. You reveal yourselves as counterintelligence or shitbrains.

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That is dishonest, CrazyRussian and you know it

I am beginning to think you are controlled opposition with your constant 'coincidence theories'.

In NC growing zone 7 it's supposed to get at the most -10F, and that is late into winter. It was -30F for a while and without windchill, w/ windchill -45F

It took out my pump and I have it well fortified for winter. We already had several freezes and this overwhelmed my countermeasures. Will cost $$$

So yeah. Thanks joe biden

100% geo engineered

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The last one was too

And I know how they did it, and I've posted exactly how (and why)

  1. 2014, 2015, 2016 How: they used haarp type technologies to create the RRR ridiculously resilient ridge off the coast of WA state and S of Alaska. This "deflected" the jet stream so that it would swoop NORTH instead of South in it's sinusoidal pattern, and this caused the sinus wave to be thrown off, like a large rock in the road causing a car to have to dodge left or right. This derangement of the jet stream PUSHED warm air into the arctic pole, which created a vortex there, (hence polar vortex) and that warm air displaced the cold air, throwing it outward, which happened to be over canada and down the continental US.

  2. 2014-2016 WHY: to jump start the stalled loop current in gulf of mexico. All the atmospheric currents are connected in a correspondence with the oceanic currents. By changing the atmospheric current you cause changes to all of the ocean currents from el nino to the gulf current... the loop current had stalled because of Obama spraying corexit on deepwaterhorizon and causing the emulsified oil / water mixture to lose the fluid density needed for thermocycling to happen... it didn't happen, so the loop current stoopped. In order to start it back you needed to create a vortex near it, and that's what the RRR did, it was placed there to create an enormous carribiean air vortex to jump start the gulf current that had itself stalled and meandered towards greenland instead of towards UK

ANd in doing this, it would eventually 'drag' water out of the gulf of mexico, emptying out all the "bad oil water"

This succeeded and Obama 'cleaned up his mistake' but at ENORMOUS cost. Countless trillions in insurance not just in US but worldwide, over the last decade and all the deaths and climate derangement problems are from his deepwater mistake

and the mistake of allowing drilling for oil in the ocean

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Honest to God he was trolling and also winking to us conspiracy theorists

You have to listen to the FULL interviews to get that he's not running some 'jewish game' but is legitimately trying in his own mostly inept way to red pill normies on Bill Cooper and ALex Jones material.

by soma
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* Asterisk Jesuit Pope Jorge Bergoglio

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