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It made me wonder if all electromagnetic waves, even light, has a half-life, and much like our ability to view radiation signatures long after a radioactive object moves, if you had the right kind of lens it would be able to view the half-life of light waves.


Thank you for that comment. Going to do some more research on quartz lenses.

What's interesting is quartz is used in all computers and electronics to keep a precise timing for the cpu and memory. Without quartz cmos chips the computers would have no sense of regulated time or cycles.

Quartz apparently resonates closest to our dimensional frequencies.

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That is a fun theory I've explored, and yes you are correct. The Doppler energy you speak of isn't sound but the use and understanding of minuscule electromagnetic fields. As humans we constantly emit an electromagnetic pulse because of our hearts beating, and the iron particles being pumped around our bodies. In a way each of us are walking magnets, whose magnetic field is not only detectable, but traceable as well.

I have also done research on remote viewing and the ability to rewind any place on earth because of how electromagnetism works. They are able to read the electromagnetic echo anywhere on earth, and are basically able to replay moments possibly up to an hour after it happened. The minute (very small) electromagnetic residual effects can be de-ciphered and "read" creating a picture of events. Pair this kind of advanced technology with the vast quantity of surveillance satellites and pretty much any place on this planet can be re-wound. When I read this a few years ago they could precisely view what happened several minutes into the past.

Great addition. Thank you for your comment. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe the efforts that the few take to control the many of this species.

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What am I yandex?

What do you mean by picture? Picture of it's construction? Picture down one of the bore holes? Picture of the fire suppression systems used in the lab? Picture of a multi-billion dollar skunk works lab? Picture of the scientists taking a selfie with the device? Picture of the DUMBs in Antarctica?

Let me check our limited, neutered, and very tailored internet searches for you, to find a picture of a black budget Direct Energy Weapon that was sold as a multi-billion dollar science project.

Please find me a single picture showing the exact geometric shape of the core, and it's surrounding layers, of the most powerful nuclear bomb available today.

Find me a single picture of the underground transportation system linking the white house with other key buildings in Washington

No diagrams please, only raw unfiltered pictures.

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JFK back of head blown off from behind him?

This conspiracy is interesting as it seems there were several shots fired at once.

The trajectory of one of the bullets might have come from Jacque, or someone shooting from sewer level.

The bigger question is not How President Kennedy was shot, but why?

I get the slippery slope I was going down with my rant. Sorry for being a douche.

I don't consider you the opposite of anything, as I don't know you, stranger.

This forum is designed to share what we can't share elsewhere. Having a community where one can express their findings, while being able to discuss it with other individuals is important.

Just simply saying nope, impossible, can't happen, is a closed way of thinking. A canned response without providing any resources other than the one's I've provided.

Are you saying that the IceCube device is physically not capable of these transmissions, or are you saying that you believe from your findings that this device is a receiver only? Both are fine, I'm just not sure what you are basing your conclusion on.

There are DUMBs in Antarctica. Much skunk works, black budget military operations happen on that continent, as it is situated away from the populations. One might be able to visit an island in the vicinity of Antarctica, but cannot venture to far inland, or iceland I should say, without strict permission from the occult's military.

One of the harshest places on earth, it makes sense that the Occult families would keep their most secret of secrets down there. From my research they are 50 - 100 years ahead, technologically speaking, to what is available now to the public. That continent is very hard to get to, and requires a lot of funding and technology for anyone to survive there.

The occult keeps the best minds of our species so compartmentalized that a scientist working on the project would never be able to see the bigger picture. They are only given limited information, and small teams to complete their work. They rotate teams frequently to ensure no one person has too much information to blow the whistle. Logically, it makes sense that a none scientist that worked for a fire suppression company would have had more access to more of the project than most scientists did.

As an individual who has worked in IT for many years, I can relate. Many times in the IT world we are given access to more of a company than the CEO, yet paid a fraction of what they make. I have signed many NDAs in my career, and the level of security clearances I've acquired just to do my job is ridiculous.

We live in a closed door, do not tell society. Intellectual property through the patent system ensures new inventions that would benefit mankind get buried in law suits, gobbled up and shelved by the MIC, or suppressed, to keep all of us as paying subscribers to the necessities of our modern society.

If you would like to discuss this further, I would be happy to read it. If you want to dismiss the findings because I posted MSM science articles calling it an "observatory", well that's fine too. Providing both sides of an argument is important for people who are reading these comments to discern for themselves on what to believe or not believe.

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I suggest watching some Joe Rogan podcasts where has Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson on. Lots of fascinating stuff in that vein there.

Graham Hancock is a brilliant writer and journalist. I have Fingerprints of the gods, and it is a great read. He is simply another puppet. He approaches the line of fringe conspiracies but doesn't cross it or else he will get de-funded, and/or be exposed as a holocaust denying pedophile.

Joe Rogan is IMO a Controlled opposition. Someone to rally behind, but doesn't reveal more than he is allowed too.

His podcast does talk about interesting subjects, but he is paid too well to actually go deeper into the truths.

Joe Rogan Podcasts are part of the "My First Conspiracy" Starter pack. It's a good place to go if you are just waking up, or for my parents generations to grasp something other than ads on Television. Joe Rogan openly defends men who beat women into a pulp. (UFC Fighters have off-camera violence issues) and as a result I can't get behind him. He was fun to watch on News Radio though...

In those first 3 episodes they demonstrate that in ancient egypt someone had functional knowledge on how to achieve mechanical flight, that ancient cultures knew of star locations that are only visible with high power telescopes, that builders of ancient monuments knew of astrological facts modern society didn't discover until recently, and a bunch of other really crazy stuff.

What will really cook your noodle is reading the 5 books of the Matrix series by Valdamar Valerian.


They say aliens, but I lean more heavily towards a lost civilization.

Lost civilizations plural, as a species with amnesia, our history in regards to advanced technology has been wiped from our memories several times over.

Atlantis might have only been one avenue of advanced technology.

The Egyptian technology you speak about is what the occult worships to this day. Why do you think we are allowed to talk about it? Is it because Egypt was the first documented instances of the illuminated humans on earth, the birth place of the illuminati occult perhaps? I don't know, but indeed Ancient Egypt is a rabbit hole. Personally, that's why I think the pyramids and it's surroundings are so well preserved, as it could very well be the birth place of the Illuminati occult that we know of today.

I digress...

Thank you for your recommendations. Ancient Aliens might just be another Lie-OP.

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Receiver and "Observatory" are what we are told to hide the skunk works, black book budget energy weapon.

T0mcatHoly has been to Antarctica themselves and can therefore prove what I posted is false. They aren't just repeating the MSM and then projecting their own sensationalization onto others. Instead of being sensible they truly believe that Science, and it's scientists could do no wrong and tell no lie.

Well I guess I better re-educate placate myself and watch Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about why feet smell the way they do, why my ears produce ear wax, the theory of the big bang, and the evolution theory that humans evolved from fish and monkeys. The primates we supposedly evolved from have more base pairs of DNA than we do. YEAH PSYENCE BITCH.

We don't have anti-gravity crafts either. (Patent # 3,312,425)

I don't need to convince you or anyone. I post what I find interesting to this forum.

Better stick to the PG-13 Science Tales you are used too. I would recommend you continue to learn with adult supervision, maybe they can hold your hand while you cheer for the next rocket launch. If you are a good human you can draw the rocket launch with non-toxic crayons.

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I enjoy the flat earth theory.

I also find the hollow earth Torus model of the earth also very interesting.

The City of Agartha, and the inner sun being the true Stargate to get off this planet.

Sometimes I wonder if our planet is like a house, and while we may see the stars above, it is similar to looking out a window in a house. I can't leave the house through the window. I have to walk into another room and use the door. Maybe the only way off the planet is by going inside and out it's core. Similar to using a door in the house, but viewing the outside through a clear, un-openable window.

Van Allen radiation belts anyone?

Those belts are reinforcing the torus model of the earth vs a flat or round model.

Unfortunately, a photographer that was trying to prove that the earth was flat by shining a laser across a flat body of water, inadvertently proved it's curvature.

Has anyone considered that satellites in a "decaying" orbit might just be advanced anti-gravity tech flying very high in the sky, yet close enough to earth not to be affected by the Van Allen radiation belts. I know I have.

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I'm not a physicist sorry.

HAARP Direct Energy Arrays already exist.

Doesn't surprise me that this Direct Energy device exists.

It's a way to side step galactic treaties using Nuclear Weapons.

How does HAARP Work? How do we cause the ionosphere to bounce back causing a shock wave on the planet?

The question is HOW? but WHY?

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A central source for waking the species!

The Link at bottom of landing page navigates to /more/ dir

From there the Akashic Drive directory contains the following directories:

Nikola Tesla Patents

Free-Energy and ZPE Device Patents

Alien Disclosure through the Matrix Book Series

Freemasonary literature and organization structure

Survival PDFs

Health Literature containing PDFs that aren't the MSM, Big-Pharma Narrative

Science Literature of the Ether

Each Directory in /more/Akashic Drive and it's contents can be downloaded in it's entirety in a .7zip format. (Free archiving tool)

See Archives in /more/ for downloading entire directory Archives.


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Approximately 300 physicists from 58 institutions in 14 countries make up the IceCube Collaboration. The international team is responsible for the scientific program, and many of the collaborators contributed to the design and construction of the detector. Exciting new research conducted by the collaboration is opening a new window for exploring our universe.

The in-ice component of IceCube consists of 5,160 digital optical modules (DOMs), each with a ten-inch photomultiplier tube and associated electronics. The DOMs are attached to vertical “strings,” frozen into 86 boreholes, and arrayed over a cubic kilometer from 1,450 meters to 2,450 meters depth. The strings are deployed on a hexagonal grid with 125 meters spacing and hold 60 DOMs each. The vertical separation of the DOMs is 17 meters.

You start with 59,000 engineers, 60,000 patents, $7.1 billion in annual research and development funding, and 13 technology roadmaps that reflect what our customers will need, well into the future.

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Thank you for your profound response.

It is very humbling.

I will leave this forum and do some soul searching.

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Zero Chance eh? Great. Seems like you are wasting your time bud.

Take your sales pitch elsewhere friend :)

Best Regards,

The Lord of Nothing, The King of Farts.

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millions of child rapists to Ireland

Like what was done before with Ukraine? Like what is happening right now on America's southern borders? Good one.

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You make a valid point. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

The bible is an important book to read, just The Quran, and The Tibetan Book of The Dead. Indeed, the path to the creator is not through those books, although they do act as a guide.

I own a copy of the Quran, Tibetan Book of the Dead and a NIV of the bible.

The church seems like it's the institutionalization of our connection with the creator. (imo)

A lot of corruption in the church, including all the priests diddling kids. Hard to trust or put faith in an institution that shelters the inhumane and corrupt.

I agree that these texts are better alternatives to some new age thinking, but I also think that some new age books complements these books.

At this point in my life I'm really not sure what the ultimate truth could be besides the capacity to love as the creator does.

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I was going to post the same.

I smell a shake down and or extortion

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Watched the first video. Stopped the video.

It's very hard to watch.



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"his" word eh? "his"

til God is a man. (probably resembles a Caucasian as well?)

That word is "Love" As Humans we don't understand the true capacity for love, as we don't even have the capacity to see the entire light spectrum, nor hear the entire sound spectrum.

I'm not referring to the words written by other humans, calling it god's word(s).

Word is also a translation, coming from sound. All things in the universe "vibrate" thereby creating a sound. Can't have form without sound. Can't have anything really without sound and vibrating energy.

I Guess the "Sound" or "word" you are referring to is the bed time bible stories that were made to placate humans during simpler and darker times. When it was rare for a human to be literate and live past the age of 40.

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Great Video Third-Eye-Vision

International Business Machines (IBM) is still a prominent company today.

Who exactly won WW2?

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Your posts are more Logical Fallacy than useful information.

Your bias driven hatred falls on deaf ears.

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Are we talking old testament here or the new testament with an improved twist?

Which translation?










Do you get what I'm trying to say here or are you going to bring up another allegorical bible verse.

The connection with our creator can't be found in a book written by another human. The connection with our creator is found deep inside all of us and is very personal and subjective.

What applies to one person does not necessarily apply to others. Just because something works for one person doesn't mean that the same advice will be helpful for another. If someone close to me gives me advice that worked for them, their life and experience does not apply to me as we aren't the same person experiencing the same events in life.

Writing a book about overcoming period cramps, doesn't apply to me no matter how hard it is pushed and how much of a best seller it might be.

The people that wrote these religious texts insert their own subconscious biases while they are translating it, or writing it.

This is a huge issue with most religious texts, and even many science books lol

Even the Tibetan Book of the Dead comes with it's own translations, that might not be accurate. Why? These texts are translated by fallible humans.

Putting one's fate in the hands of written text by another is the oldest distraction in the book. lol pun intended.

How can we all have a connection with our creator internally, yet we have to go to a church that worships giant spiders?

How are all of us supposed to have a connection with god, when the bible is the only conduit? Do you get what I'm saying? Do you understand how putting your faith in someone else's writing and teachings is but a distraction from discovering god on your own ? Nah. Religious groups have never tricked people before, NEVER!

The world will ask you who you are, and if you don't know, the world will tell you.

Do not compare, do not measure. No other way is like yours. All other ways deceive and tempt you. You must fulfill the way that is in you.

Everyone is in love with his own ideas.

Carl Jung

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