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And there was no issue with 'putting weights in her skirts' as she never did that. She was always having wardrobe malfunctions while on official business and flashing people. Despite knowing that the standard practice was to put weights on the skirt so it didn't fly up. It's not that difficult.

She has many assistants.

Pants versus dresses is about equal work.

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Ok what was the truth? He really was born in Kenya, educated in Indonesia and is the kid of a commie and a white woman?

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??? I've seen people with thyroid disease, it causes bulging eyes. Max igan is an idiot if he think this proves clones are glitching. What a retard

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Is that even allowed if she isn't Ukrainian? Doesn't she need to be an ambassador to some country? How can she just be an ambassador to children?

Doesn't even make senseon the surface. Don't they have any Ukrainians that could advocate for kids?

You would think a normie would have those questions if they didn't know about the satanic occult connections and child/organ trafficking.

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Yes but no. They don't need an elaborate plan in order to oppress and abuse the people.

Since I just saw a post here about the Canadian truckers convoy I will use them as an example.

But the Jan 6 would be a good example too... as far as I know, the attendees did not commit any violence and I saw one guy in a video pushed by the cops to his apparent death (no msm coverage, rip guy).

The trucker convoy in Canada was completely safe, calm, orderly, happy. They picked up existing trash, brought business to locals, made kids activities, hot tubs, community feels.

Plus they were mostly real Canadians so passive, weak, mild, peaceful, orderly, law abiding, comsiderate and polite.

Yet Trudeau, financial institutions etc still acted illegally, seized bank accounts, made people lose their businesses, called them terrorists, stole donations. The govt planted a fake nazi flag guy coming out of the very expensive hotel, where the federal police were also staying.

Any somewhat popular streaming or recording was contacted by the govt and made to take down their content or face severe consequences.

Cops used heavy duty arms/deadly weapons and guns against unarmed and peaceful civilians. There are many videos of peaceful people being beaten. Cars and vehicles being trashed (property destruction) by the cops.

Large equipment/trucks were vandalized (their parts are really expensive and hard to get) so cops would completely destroy parts (I don't know what they are all called) Probably costing 10,000s -100,000s all told. The cops would trick and backstab, going back on agreements. In some locations that had peaceful protests they planted arms (alledgely) and the men could go to jail for a very long time due to them being framed... just because they hurt the egos of the cops and mad

Text messages were leaked showing that as a whole they are complete entitled sociopaths that would have no problem killing in cold blood, innocent peaceful people even using their horses to crush the elderly and disabled. There is no limit to what they would so and are eager to do.

I don't know what all measures they took to get the peaceful protestors out but I'm sure they are getting ready for next time to bring in worse than the military.

They even sent peaceful pastors to the worst of the worst jails and did strange tortures (under the geneva code). I would hazard to guess that some cops were hoping the pastors would meet their end in prison with the tough guys.

This is despite the hypocrisy- they allowed and entire town to be occupied and taken over by foreign POC terrorists, and did nothing to rescue the citizens or ensure the value of their property since everyone who could fled the area and no one wanted to buy the houses there. The civilians were forced to use a new passport to get around the town, issues by the occupational violent terrorists. And what did the cops do? Nothing against the terrorists, instead they oppressed the locals to ensure that no one could even defend themselves without being arrested or targeted by cops. The locals were prevented from taking back their homes and town by the cops. And govt did nothing. Cops bragged about how much money they were making I'm overtime just to do nothing /beat up locals.

Actually, recently the terrorist returned and did millions of dollars of damage to the town infrastructure, which will have to be paid by the small town (huge bill for such a small place).

The cops were there watching but were both told to do nothing and were also scared to do anything because the terrorists are violent unlike the average Homer Simpson Canadian.

They also allowed POC terrorists to illegally blockade essential infrastructure such as railroads and many other locations for ages. Yet they cracked down on truckers.

Now Trudeau's Canada is doing a bunch of weird digital Iron curtain stuff, forcing Podcasters to register, getting Canadian news banned from social media, just weird stuff.

All without the Somalian gangs.

Jan 6, without the Somalian gangs.

They will just make up any excuse for what they do.... but they could use the open southern border as a convenient excuse to bring in the military.

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That's probably why they make killing illegal, so only they can do it.

That makes sense

Morality is invented by the elite as are myths about the afterlife/ retribution.

There is no hell and they will never get their 'karma'.

It is what it is.

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https://twitter.com/WallStreetSilv/status/1708203280835215581?s=19 The iron curtain gets bigger.

The Trudeau government’s recently passed Online Streaming Act is moving into its next phase of regulation by requiring podcasters to register with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). The government claims the regulation will “ensure online streaming services make meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content.” But critics worry the move is just the Liberal government’s latest attempt to control what Canadians are able to see and hear online https://archive.ph/WTCPH

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In the commemts:

So if they don't reigister they will be breaking the law and be punished in some form.

And if in the future they decided a podcast no longer needs to exists they willl revoke that 'license' thus giving the government control over a sector of the press. The article mentions no mechanism for this but if you can grant a license it implies the ability to retract it.

This is a terrible idea, allowing the government to pick and choose who gets make money off podcasts.

And what does the public get for this "service"? A canadian podcast directory of podcasts that make more then 10 million annually. Loss of freedom of press for a service they didn't ask for and dont really need. As a side "benefit" this will likely force all podcasts who are popular to relocate to the states, as why take the risk that the next election could end your career.

Canadians can do what that want, I will not dictate what they should do, but I will judge them severely if they allow their government to do this. This is a terrible idea that will only lead to pain and suffering.

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This is probably the best comment I've ever seen on this site.

Thank you

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Veganism actually causes more harm to animals and the environment

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Yeah search for remote viewing moksha . There was a reddit thread on it. A group of remote viewers independently viewed it and its a soul trap. Lots of info there and once you learn that, there is information somewhere about how to escape the soul trap.

Although, personally I believe that Jesus or whoever the Christ figure was, pierced the veil that kept us trapped and allowed us a way out of the trap.

Since time doesn't really exist, his presence at one time meant access to the escape for peoples at all times.

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Wow that is really interesting about the quakers. And a very... respectful way to live. I will try to incorporate that thought into my life. Thanks 😃

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Remote viewers and ancient texts etc talk about Moksha. Essentially, the creatures that parasite off our eneergy are trying to trick us into going towards the light, our loved ones, going back to earth to retry.

We need to avoid the light.

But yeah, good catch. I think the queens death might be related to that. Remember the spooky voice over??

And apparently they tried to steal Diana's soul (she was alive when the got to her but they made sure she died by the time they arrived at the hospital after taking so long in the ambulance.

I think it can involve blood and heart as well.

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Is Russian military training like the American basic we see on tiktok? Or do they actually hit people? Are they strict about uniforms, making the bed, having the storage locker in order? Do they care about those things like in the west?

I can imagine there are more discipline issues in the west because people are more .... individualistic? Spoiled? Childish? But I wouod think Russians have a better idea of the hearfsjips of real life. They would perhaps be more obedient to authority so the army wouldn't have to waste time. Maybe just education on how to handle weapons?

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I found that the best part, kind of amusing. He was describing what the workers and bosses could have been thinking lol

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the survival of normies depend on not going against the group, they are intellectual, spiritual and cognitive weaklings

True. But having through about your female comment I realized it is the exact opposite. The survival of male normies especially are dependent upon going along with the group as they are weaklings

I wouldn't say it's a female trait. The only people I saw protesting the lockdowns as they came out were Christian girls. The only anti-maskers I saw were women, who were then attacked by men and no one did anything to stop it.

The only groups I saw against this had men in it because the women were passionate about the issue so their partners got dragged into it.

If anything, conformity and group think are masculine. Look at all the fascist govts/groups. Look at the army. Women in a group like an army wouldn't take being yelled at and ordered to do bullshit stuff that destroys them. They would have an innate sense of self survival and subvert the organization. Males just do things and don't care if they live or die. Like 'oh it will be cool if I jump off a cliff or do a back flip while drunk. My fellow males will give me respect'.

Plus, women actually care about their children and protect them. Women in their feminine power have an innate intuition about possible threat. Female intuition is something that comes from within /from spirit/ nature, not a man made group think.

That's why all of the mothers protecting children against vaccines, mothers for vaccine awareness, and mama bears saying it's ok to wait (to wait for proof of safety) exist. I don't see any men's groups telling men it's ok to wait for real evidence before getting their kids vaxxed. I don't see any papa bears.

Women are much more competitive then men. Women not only compete against the opposite sex as men do, they must also always compete amongst each other. That's why you have mindless males mass defending Tate just because he is a guy. Guys will always defend their group of guys no matter whether right or wrong, true false, moral or immoral. That's why women are always warned against marrying a cop because all of his cop brothers will cover up his abuse and she will get no protection of justice.

Women are always backstabbing each other for their own self benefit. That is not group think that is an innate drive for self preservation and the preservation of their children. Men don't have that. They are fine as long as the group goes on. That's why they are happy to go to war and join armies.

Group think is a male thing.

Self preservation, self reliance, obeying inner guidance is female.

also a female trait, that's why the elites feminize the masses

I would say that when the elite feminized males, they gave them all the toxic traits of women without any of the strengths. Because men can't really have female strengths.

I have wondered for years about testosterone. Why is it that hormones are such an important part of personality and behavior?

Why is it that lowering testosterone in males, as they have, has so weakened them? When women still have significantly less testosterone than even the weakest male. How do some of the women have the strength and courage and drive that most men don't have? I honestly don't know. But even though testosterone really is important and creates huge change.... Women are somehow able to do great feats without it. Look at all the women speaking up against trans in women's sports.

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That could be! Or maybe he was killed. I only found him after he'd been dead. He has some good soundbites. Brand has a lot of questionable connections and isn't on our side.

All of them hold knowledge from us. Truths they get to know and they will not tell us.

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This article says nothing about how the graves were found or what evidence suggests they were related to residential schools. The entire crux of these claims of "mass graves" is that they found bodies using ground penetrating radar (which is extremely fallible), but have yet to physically confirm a single body.

This. So true. As soon as those articles were surging across the world about how mean cmaada is about brown people, I reviewed the articles and there was no proof about any of their claims. They took the most circumstantial claims, ran with them as though they were fact to pillory the west.

Why didn't they do that with the Maui accusations about the elite? Or the vaccine claims?

I'm so tired of explaining this to people but luckily even the common normie that took the vaxx understands this is leftist BS.

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As to the government telling the truth; they're the ones pushing the mass grave hysteria. As the self-proclaimed moral arbiters of Canada, they are strengthened by any group feeling aggreived against the others.

So true. They censored everything about the vaccine and people think these headlines are real, unbiased.

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The problem is that these events in the past are being weaponized against us in the presence.

Yeah and in 30 years the elite will bring up dead babies in Maui and blame whites/christians/westerners.

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