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cant wait

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The shots are the bioweapon meant to kill everyone who takes it.

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History tends to repeat itself because life is like school.

Every year, in school, the same lessons get taught to second graders that was taught to the previous year's second graders and so on.

So, humanity, like second graders, keeps getting the same lessons taught to it through the same mechanisms.

Based on this knowledge, we can accurately predict what will happen in the future.

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No, not murder. Bring to justice. I know this is not something you can understand with your retarded infantile brain.

Go get your boosters and fuck off and die please. There is work to be done and you are just taking up space at this point.

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you better hurry! you can still be first in line for the concentration camps and call dibs on the top bunk!!

Now go get your shots and kindly fuck off because youre a useless piece of shit.

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blood money. They are murdering people for profit. They are intentionally hiding the dangers of the shots and the media and government are complicit in the cover up.

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No (sniffle). No friend (sobs) Im not ok (wheeze) thanks for asking (sniffle)

You see (bursting out in tears) its all hopeless. The world is going to end and we are all going to suffer unimaginable horrors (uncontrollable sobbing).

There is no hope. No way of winning. Humanity will be enslaved forever and our overlords are all powerful and unstoppable (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa). And I just cannot seem to get enough people to see how hopeless it is and to just give up now.

I guess it is just time to accept our fate, get the shot, wear the mask and get in line for the camps. There is literally nothing else we can do.

(snoopy screams)

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OP, are there any circumstances under which you will get these death shots?

If you answer "no", then you have already won.

If you answer "yes" then you will never win.

This is a test. Its a test you will have to pass on your own. You will have to decide if you are going to acquiesce and obey immoral authority, thus making yourself immoral, or are you going to be a moral person and stand up for yourself?

And yes, the vaxxed are all going to die. This is why I know we will win because our enemies are very literally killing themselves. And once the die off is obvious to all there will be many angry vaxxed and many more angry people of those that died from the vax. That is a lot of righteous anger and it will be focused on the enemies of mankind and their punishment will be swift and just.

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I expect people that want to survive and win to fucking act like it rather than a bunch of fearful girls that do nothing but project their fear and anxiety and hope stronger, better men take care of them and solve the problems.

If you do not expect to survive and win then at least just shut the fuck up.

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You gave up. Admit it. You have no hope. You spread nothing but doom and demoralization. I cant imagine the pain you live with. It must be unbearable to live in that amount of fear and self loathing. There is a solution, though, a way to ameliorate that pain and suffering. You know what it is. But maybe youre too weak to do it. Maybe youre just waiting for someone else to do it for you.

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