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Oh come on, this is very common and happens all the time and besides, it would have been worse without the shots.

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35:02 Interviewer: Have you seen any evidence that Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna did animal studies before they went to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization?

Witness: I have not. And I have to tell you that all of these call for animal models to be done before you do it in a human so that you know what would happen.

And I’ve done animal research for many decades of my life, and there’s a reason for doing it. It’s because you don’t experiment on people, unless you’re Nazis.

Interviewer: And if I understand correctly, the CDC VAERS REporting system is showing more deaths and injuries from Covid19 vaccines than all other vaccines for the last 30 years.

Witness: It is.

37:10 Interviewer: These vaccines, as I understand it, are still part of a clinical trial that goes until 2023?

Witness: That’s what it shows yes on the National Clinical Trials site. …

37:50 Interviewer: Now have you seen any animal studies that have been released by the current vaccine manufacturers before Emergency Use Authorization?

Witness: I haven’t seen any animal studies by those corporations before or after they’ve come out. The only animal studies that have been done are by independent scientists that have been asking the questions that these companies should have been asking, which is what are the consequences in animals to these vaccines?

Interviewer: What has that research uncovered?

Witness: The research done by independent researches have shown that there is damage to the brain and other organs caused by the vaccines that are called prion diseases, so you can have Mad Cow disease in the brain or Alzheimers in the brain or … disease in the heart, which is another type of prion disease. But the studies done by those doing the research on animals have been very clear and very consistent, prion diseases, inflammation and blood clotting or thrombotic diseases, and real concerns about miscarriages and other health problems and deaths.

None of this has been done by Pfizer / Moderna / Jansen or the other companies.

Interviewer: This animal research could have been done before the Emergency Use Authorization but we have no record that it was ever done or reported.

Witness: This animal research should have been done. It violates every treaty and code that we have ever had as human beings. There was one instance in time that animal research was abandoned by doing it on people first, and we prosecuted those people in 1947 at the Nurmberg trials.

47:25 Interviewer: Based on all of this, would someone be totally off-base if they believe the vaccines were in and of themselves a bio-weapon?

Witness: The fact that the spike protein is a gain of function developed virus, which by definition is a bio-weapon. Replicating that same genetic sequence and putting it into a vaccine, it doesn’t matter how you get it into the human body, it’s still a bio-weapon.

47:50 Witness: Most alarmingly for the children right now, when you have people at an FDA meeting making a statement that we need to vaccinate the children, but we don’t know what happens until we vaccinate them, that’s the experimental phase of a research project, and as of 1967 we have officially … it seems that our leaders don’t have a problem… experimenting on our children.

49:50 Witness: These vaccines have done nothing to solve the problem. They need to be stopped.

50:20 Witness: We need to hold people accountable that are responsible for doing this. They have violated the Biological Weapons Treaty. They have violated the Nuremberg Code. They have violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They have violated the American Medical Association Code of Ethics.

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30:35 Witness: I think most people are under the impression that if you get an injection in your muscle, that it stays in your muscle right, except that’s not what happens. The studies are very clear, the lipid nanoparticle mrna vaccine made by Moderna spread to the brain, the bone marrow, the liver, the spleen, the heart, the kidneys, the intestine, every part of the animal’s body, it doesn’t stay at the site of injection.

31:30 Interviewer: Is the introduction of the spike protein into the body, through these so-called vaccines, functionally different from the spread of the virus?

Witness: When people spread infections back and forth, they spread hundreds or thousands or if you want to be generous ten-thousand virus particles by coughing or sneezing on somebody. And so that’s the amount that you would get exposed to. … With the vaccines, those numbers are significantly different. We’re not talking about thousands or tens of thousands, we’re talking about billions in these vaccines.

Interviewer: Billions of spike proteins?

Witness: Billions of genetic sequences to make spike proteins. For Pfizer or Moderna, it’s 13.1 billion. For Jansen/Astra-Zeneca, it’s 50 billion.

And the other thing is that a virus, to get into your cell, has to find that ACE2 receptor that we talked about. These vaccines don’t. The lipid nanomarticles simply merge with your cell membrane, they don’t have to look for an ACE receptor to get in, they simply merge with it and release all that genetic sequence in.

What we’re seeing with vaccinated individuals are healthy people reacting? Why? Because they’re not getting exposed to a thousand or ten-thousand particles from someone who coughed or sneezed on them, they’re getting billions.…And they mount an immune response, and that immune response has inflammation and blood clotting.

So that inflammation and blood clotting is what your body should do, except you don’t get infected with billions of these viruses.

33:40 So healthy people are reacting to someting that looks like a nuclear bomb went off in their body, and they are reacting to it: producing a lot of inflammation, a lot of blood clotting, and a lot of very adverse events.

And what we’re seeing with all the people with adverse events, are all the people who are healthy, younger, responding to what appears to be an overwhelming infection in their body with all the spike proteins, and we’re seeing inflammation and blood clotting. And you’ve seen it with strokes, seizures, heart disease, miscarriages, and deaths. That we’ve never seen before in the history of mankind for vaccines. …

34:40 It really doesn’t matter to me if it’s been 15,000 deaths or 150,000 deaths. If in 1976, 25 deaths was enough for people to say we need to investigate this. And in 2021 15,000 deaths isn’t enough, we have a problem.

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4:20 Interviewer: Did you also look at the genetic code of the SARS COV2 virus and especially the spike protein?

Witness: We did, as well as Professor Luc Montagnier, who is the gentleman who discovered the HIV Virus, as well as other individuals that we note in the book… …

Interviewer: And based on that review of the genetic code, that informed your conclusion that this is a bioweapon.

Witness: Right. So the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty states that any adjustment or modification of a biological agent like this virus that doesn’t provide a benefit for mankind is a biological weapon.

These particular changes in this virus including PRR8 insert, which are amino acids that were inserted that are very critical for the cleavage site for this virus to infect.

The insertion sites that were made with HIV and Simian or ape-like HIV-equivalent viruses.

The prion-like domain at the top of the spike protein as well as the HIV glycoprotein 120 that Xi Ziang Lee put in early on that’s critical for the attachment for this virus to cells, all of which are not naturally occurring.

Interviewer: So to be clear, the Sars COV2, otherwise known as Covid19, and especially its spike protein, is not something that’s simply involved on its own in nature.

Witness: We’ve looked at all the different corona viruses that exist on the planet. None of them have the PRR8 insert. None of them have this tremendous amount of HIV insert. None of them have a regional binding domain that is a prion-like binding domain, which means that where it attaches to the cells, it’s a prion-like domain. Prions are things that are abnormal proteins that cause other proteins to be abnormally boded [sic.]

Interviewer: So to be clear, genetic changes were made to the spike protein in a lab to create what is known as the Covid19, correct?

Witness: That’s what all the data shows.

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part 2...

Interviewer: And do you hold patents for your inventions?

Witness: Yes I do.

Interviewer: Is it fair to say you are familiar with the world of medical patents?

Witness: Yes.

Interviewer: Do you have the ability to read and interpret medical patents?

Witness: Yes I do.

Interviewer: And are you an author of professional papers?

Witness: Yes sir.

Interviewer: And approximately how many?

Witness: Somewhere between 400 and 500.

Interviewer: And do you also serve on the editorial board of professional journals?

Witness: On editorial boards and review boards for the journals.

Interviewer: And briefly what does the reviewer in a professional journal do?

Witness: The obligation is, when someone submits a paper for publication, for reviewers to take a look at that material, to determine if it’s scientifically valid, to determine if it makes a difference in the field, and to make recommendations back to the editorial board about whether the paper should be accepted or revised or rejected for publication.


Interviewer: Are you prepared to testify under oath here today that Covid19 is a bio-weapon?

Witness: Yes I am.

Interviewer: You wrote a book posing the question, is Covid19 a bio-weapon, correct?

Witness: Correct.

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As a minority, when do I get my free shit?

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It'd be cool if the website put "agent" in front of all our names.

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These numbers are inconsistent with my personal experiences. Perhaps the growth is some where other than Western nations? I rarely see babies or young children anymore (like at the grocery store for example).

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Friendly reminder that we get paid by the responses to our comments so be sure to say lots of inflammatory things to get those responses and boost your pay!

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Yeah, but all those delivery drivers need to have people with enough disposable cash to order the food and pay for it to be delivered. At what point is everyone working for UBER eats and just delivering food to other people working for UBER eats?

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"We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is wrong." William Casey, former director of the CIA. He said this in February of 1981...41 years ago. Thats a lot of time to lie to people and make sure everything the believe is false.

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I want this body double to deliver my family a pizza tonight and put it on the table. Then I will throw that pizza on the floor.....like a boss!

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The indigenous people didnt do jack shit with it though. Could they even write down the name they used? Did they have a written language?

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How many able bodied, fittest of the fit, white males were slaughtered in WWI and then again in WWII? Between German, Russia, UK, France, Canada, USA, Poland, etc, that is a lot of fit white males that died. And now look at us. Weak and gay. Pretty good genocide.

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The people behind all these plans like to marry their first cousins and have been doing so for hundreds of years so now they are fully dysgenic and retarded so they come up with retarded plans and implement them retardedly and are only able to fool other retards (of which there are plenty).

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Even weirder is that its a disease of gay men having anal sex or oral sex with other men and somehow it has managed to infect some kids. I just cannot figure that one out. Anyone have any ideas at all as to how that could happen?

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be gay.

get covid shots.

kill immune system.

literally eat shit out of an asshole covered in sores.

get monkey pox.

scream impotently.


Many such cases.

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