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I think this actually clears up a story he's been fucking up for years now. It wasn't "Boosie" it was Beau, it wasn't New Guinea it was Iraq, and it wasn't cannibals it was Reptilians.

What, you think you don't have to make a sacrifice for your body double to be President? C'mon, man!

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It's not a direct comparison, but during the NATO bombing of Serbia, a clever commander using a 40-year-old SAM system was able to shoot down an F-117 Nighthawk:

Here’s how the Serbians were able to detect and shoot down an F-117 Stealth jet during Operation Allied Force (The Aviationist 3/12/2016)

Even if the S-125, which had entered in service in 1961, wasn’t considered an effective threat by the American aircraft flying over Serbia, Colonel Dani Zoltan, who commanded the SAM battery of the 3rd Battalion, was able to turn this ancient surface to air missile into a lethal weapon. In fact in addition to the F-117 kill, later during the air campaign, on May 2, 1999, Zoltan’s battery shot down a 31st Fighter Wing F-16C, the only other allied plane to be shot down by Serbian air defences during Allied Force.

Even though the article seems to expose a weakness of US stealth technology, I believe it's actually whitewash and disinfo. They attribute the defeat to some "clever precautionary moves" on the part of Zoltan, but a number of years ago I heard an interview with Zoltan himself and that's not what he said.

It was not a technical interview, but Zoltan said that he learned from the work of Tesla (a fellow Serb) that everything had a frequency. Since this old equipment was tunable, he calculated and then just played around until he figured out what the frequency of the F-117 was. Then he fired a SAM and that was that, no luck involved.

IIRC, the pilot eventually met Zoltan and they got along well. He admitted, "Yep, they dialed me in and got me good!"

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It's very difficult to know from the outside, but here's basically how I've put together the narrative of The Kingdom:

The Saudis were crypto-Jews from the start, and in fact that was how they were selected to end up in charge. Time goes along and they're like some sort of controlled op component of Eretz Israel (as the Bible literally says, right?)

This is the way I read between the lines of a mainstream source like MBS's own wiki. The interesting sequence starts in January 2015, when Abdullah dies and Salman ascends the throne. MBS becomes Minister of Defence and they spend the next long paragraph blaming him for the Yemen War.

Here's where I fill in some blanks: Salman may have been sick of seeing his country kicked around and sucked dry for decades by these extremely annoying kikes and all their sanctimonious shabbos goyim. Who wouldn't, right? But he's also 80 and too old to start a big fight, so he looks around for a prince who--whatever his other faults--is not a complete and utter scumbag willing to sell out his country for yet another private jet and a few more white models to bang.

He lands on MBS, maybe even fully understanding his faults and what a longshot it all is. He might even just be hoping he doesn't live long enough to find out what a huge mistake he made. But a helluva long shot is infinite percent better than no shot at all. This paragraph in the wiki is absolutely telling:

Mohammed was appointed crown prince on 21 June 2017, following the King's decision to depose Muhammad bin Nayef and make his own son the heir to the throne. The change of succession had been predicted in December 2015 by an unusually blunt and public memo published by the German Federal Intelligence Service, which was subsequently rebuked by the German government.

Salman makes his move and the totally controlled BND recognizes that not everything is totally under control in SA. The sin is saying so out loud and they are punished for speaking the truth. Then MBS proceeds to go on a tear (as these things go):

In late 2015, at a meeting between his father and Barack Obama, Mohammed bin Salman broke protocol to deliver a monologue criticising US foreign policy. When he announced an anti-terrorist military alliance of Islamic countries in December 2015, some countries involved said they had not been consulted.

Criticizing the US? "Anti-terrorist"? Does he not know who the terrorists work for? Or does he, and he actually means what he says? LOL! Then he goes on to carefully explain why he was not responsible for starting the Yemen War.

Which brings up another point, in that it has dragged on to the current day. After all this time he still doesn't have the power to put a stop to it and announce that publicly. Gives you some idea what he must be up against.

Anyway, I very much appreciate the compliments! Glad you find some value!

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First, on a sort of meta-level, I would say there's a relatively recent "sea change" in conspiracy theorization. This is greatly simplified, but it used to be there was an "official narrative" and then conspiracy theorists would coalesce around a more or less unified alternative narrative. So it was either "Moon landings real" or "Moon landings fake".

Obviously, the information warriors realized this and the countermove was to "flood the zone". So for any given event, there was not just the "conspiracy theory", but every conspiracy theory. I took note of this at the time of the fake Vegas mass shooting. Instantly, there were multiple shooters, FBI helicopters, machine guns, arms deals, multiple shooting sites, and on and on. Pick any or all, they're all wrong. I've never heard anyone else who recognizes this technique and thus it's stunningly effective.

The point of all that preamble is that we've never had to be so on our toes just to keep our heads above the flood of disinfo "conspiracy theories" floating around. The counter is that you've got to metaphorically find rocks to stand on and work from there. It's okay to change rocks if you find one is just a disinfo sea turtle resting on the bottom, but what They want is for you to float around on Their currents.

As to the rocks that I've found to stand on regarding events in the region, it looks to me that--as we might have surmised--Iran and Saudi Arabia were victims of "capture" by the Cabal. That doesn't mean everyone in the government gets a CIA paycheck or shekels deposited weekly into their bank accounts, but rather there exists a hidden network of subversion and influence.

Working against that, I've concluded (tentatively, until more persuasive evidence comes along) that MBS and Khamenei are reformers intent on freeing their nations. Just as one example for MBS, that's why we got that "journalist Khashoggi murdered by Mohammad Bone Saw" narrative. It was beyond absurd! They just hammered away at it because they wanted him gone. Even now it's stuck in the minds even of your average conspiracist. The Neom project looks to me like MBS knows he needs to rework SA's economy for the day (which we may live to see) when it's generally recognized that oil is abiogenic and gas will be a dollar a gallon.

Iran is more subtle, but a few years ago I wanted to decide which side Khamenei was on. Somewhere along the line, I stumbled across Ali Khamenei's fatwa against nuclear weapons. It's actually a key point that I "stumbled" across it, since I have never one single time heard it mentioned before or since, in the mainstream or among conspiracy theorists. Clearly, "They" do not want this known. They will not even call Their deadliest enemy (real or fake) a liar. My conclusion is that he's sincere and thus is a legit reformer and is indeed battling the Zionists as best he's able given very dicey circumstances.

Now, of course, the countermove to Iran finally dealing some payback long in coming to the Zionists is to--once again--flood the zone with conspiracy theories: "The attacks were entirely faked", "Israel was forewarned", "Everybody in Iran knows the government works with the CIA", "The missiles just landed in the desert", etc, etc. Mentally, you'll tie yourself in knots trying to put two of them together, let alone all. At some point, you're admit you're being lied to in a way you did not see coming.

Which brings up a crucial point: I've found that the difficult part of the technique of locking on (at least provisionally) to items of truth and making decisions from there is that you find we are all awash in deliberate liars, that many people you like and admire are such liars, and that even more people you like and admire are actually dumbshits who were taken in by it all.

It's really painful and really lonely, and, well, in truth that's precisely the reason those nice and smart and honest people were taken in by it all. You see, it's not that they were really fooled, per se, it was just that their subconscious saw the difficult path ahead and turned them back, letting them be taken by the current.

Well, this sure ended up a lot longer than I intended! lol

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Before the shills get around to it and start saying, "Yeah, but those missiles probably just hit out in the middle of a dirt field!", I would add that Iranian missiles proved to be startlingly accurate in combat launches four years ago against Ayn Al Asad Air Base.

Precision in such weapons systems is measured with "circular error probable". That is, taking the aim point as the center, 50% of the projectiles will fall within a circle of this radius.

For Ayn Al Asad, I eyeballed it at the time to about 3m, but this guy took it upon himself to do an incredibly thorough analysis:

Analysis Of The Iranian Missile Strike Earlier This Month Against Ayn Al Asad Airbase In Iraq - Iranian Missiles Are More Dangerous Than The US Claims They Are! (1/30/2020)

Assuming our estimation of the intended targets and measurements are realistic, an Iranian missile accuracy ranging on average between 2.5 and 19.5 m is very impressive to say the least and indicates the use of advanced terminal guidance technology (guiding a missile in its terminal phase).

With that kind of accuracy, they can pretty much hit whatever they care to aim at.

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Once pretty much nothing happened after this, I gave up most hope there were any honest people who could bring any such things under control:

Libor scandal

The scandal arose when it was discovered in 2012 that banks were falsely inflating or deflating their rates so as to profit from trades, or to give the impression that they were more creditworthy than they were. Libor underpins approximately $350 trillion in derivatives.

I guess if it was more than a few hundred trillion, people might start to take it seriously.

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I believe the primary functional reason for it was what a lawyer mentioned to me years ago in an offhanded comment. A normie, BTW, but a sharp one, who thought the case was as it was presented.

He said, "You know, before the OJ case, if there was a domestic dispute the police would try to get everyone to calm down, to keep the peace, to work it out. After OJ, they were only there to haul someone off to jail. Didn't matter who. They'd take the man over the woman, the parent over the child, who called the cops over who just wanted it to end." Given recent trends in the state of "policing", it makes total sense, doesn't it?

Another foundation motivation behind any of these hoaxes is that each one divorces us farther from reality, including our sense of what it is, our skill in detecting it, and even our desire to do so. Keep your radar on for it and you'll start to hear how little most people care about reality any more.

The problem with attributing any event to a distraction is that there's usually no effective way to prove it out. If I was one of "Them", I'd pay people to go around saying everything was a distraction from everything else. It's funny because over the last few years on r/conspiracy, there is so much of exactly that... lol

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Well, they want to to destroy Russia entirely, that's for sure and that's been the plan all along. I mean, war of all types has worked well--and often great--for the Cabal. But the aspect which has changed is that they are losing and are certain to continue losing such a war.

The Cabal is in worse shape than it's ever been. Western weapons and the Ukrainian military they took a decade building has been systematically destroyed by Russia. Their "offensives" consist of packaging it all up and transporting to the front lines to be obliterated. Russia is in no hurry to win since they're steadily demilitarizing the entire Western war machine. There's not a lot left, actually.

So what next for the Cabal? After a century of "force is the only thing they understand" + "might makes right", what do you do when you're getting your ass kicked? Almost everyone thinks it would go to nukes. Long story but there's no way. I don't believe the Cabal is in control of the US arsenal, and any other Western nuclear power that makes a move would get glassed. The stuff Medvedev says will turn your hair white.

As to the final question of "why?", and what's behind all this, no sensible answers have been floated and it's obviously insane to pursue that course, as I've described. Given that, wild speculation is in order.

I'd say it's because Russia was the historic center of the Tartarians. The last huge war, lasting through the 1800s, was between them and the Cabal. The Tartarians lost and the Cabal sought to erase even the memory of them. If I know these facts, I'm sure there are those in Russia who know the same and have known for a long time. Now the Tartarians are rising again.

If you recast the war as not being about Ukraine or Russia or the US or NATO or whoever else, but about something much deeper and more vital, then a lot more about it starts to make sense.

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Not a video, but this paper lays out a compelling case the whole thing was a hoax:

THE O. J. SIMPSON TRIAL was Faked (30-page PDF)

So anyone that thought OJ was guilty or not guilty may have had good reason to think so, but they were wrong (if you see what I'm saying). That's just how "They" love to set things up.

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I think They're caught on the horns of a dilemma, one They weren't sure existed with the Ukraine War, but They're hella sure this time around.

On the one hand and as you say, the walls just close in further on these scumbags every day, both in Israel and the US. There just does not seem a viable path out of it outside of war, where chaos gets unleashed. It's like a super weak chess position where you overturn the board, hoping you can sneak a few pieces to different positions as you put them back.

But on the other hand, the Ukraine War was a catastrophe and the Gaza War is turning out to be a worse catastrophe, smaller in scale but far more rapid, and still only fighting Hamas and a bit of Hezbollah and Yemen. If They really wanted a war with Iran, no provocations are even necessary at this point. Just false flag it, as you mention. Easy as, say. CIA planting a bomb at a US base in Iraq and saying it was an Iranian drone. Make sure a US diplomat or two is there.

And all this is staring down the barrel of November 2024 and what's shaping up to be a Trump tidal wave. No rational paths (no matter how evil) seem available. I think we should just expect the unexpected.

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With the general flavor of the various "rumors of war" compiled by ZeroHedge, I'm very strongly reminded of the prelude to the Ukraine War. I'm going to have to put a finer point on that because what was significant about it was never noticed in the first place.

For weeks and months, the entire Establishment went on and on about, "Russia is preparing for an invasion, they're totally getting ready, we're hearing the chatter, reliable but anonymous sources say, orders have been issued, they're coming right now...." Even Big Z told them to STFU because it was bad for business but on it went, endlessly.

It reached a fever pitch then... nothing happened. It was so bad that they were trolled by Russia on Twitter with an image of Vincent Vega shrugging his shoulders with a quizzical look on his face. No answer from the Establishment.

Then a couple of days later, Russia struck.

The key observation was that the Establishment never tried to take credit for being right all along. They had been faked out of their socks and--as is absolutely standard practice with a big loss--They wanted it all erased from the public consciousness as soon as possible. (Pepperidge Farms remembers.)

I suppose I'm just saying these jackasses have no idea what's going on, and deeply fear They are going to get their asses kicked once again, in a whole new war, if anything actually pops off.

Between "somehow this all makes sense to Them" and "They are so desperate They have no idea what do and so fall back on just telling as many lies as possible", I'm personally going with the latter.

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I've never studied it closely enough to come to any conclusion, but there is another view on it probably worthy of evaluation:

The 1932 Bonus Army scandal was always communist propaganda (8/29/2023)

The Bonus Army scandal was not an example of government run amok, but rather of quick-thinking officials standing resolute in the face of revolutionary activity sponsored from abroad. How do we know this? One of the lead organizers admitted it.

John T. Pace was a Communist Party operative assigned as an organizer for the Workers’ Ex-Servicemen’s League of Michigan. The League was a veteran’s organization created and controlled by the Communist Party. Pace worked with the League’s unemployment council but quickly rose through the ranks to other duties.

I don't have a link to the full post, but there's a "free post" to get you through the paywall. In any case, just knowing that Commie's name is probably enough to follow up on.

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IMHO, the whole situation was way beyond control when the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee complained about being spied on and nothing was done:

A Brief History of the CIA's Unpunished Spying on the Senate: President Obama's choice to lead the intelligence agency has undermined core checks and balances with impunity. (The Atlantic 12/23/2014)

“I have grave concerns that the CIA’s search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the United States Constitution,” she said. “I have asked for an apology and a recognition that this CIA search of computers used by its oversight committee was inappropriate. I have received neither.”

They are beyond even apologizing for the embarrassment of being caught. Of course, the shocking thing about that article is that it was already a decade ago when it was published.

Actually, the really shocking part is that is was in The Atlantic. C'mon, people, The Atlantic was calling this out!

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I wrote up a long post a couple of months ago on the Reagan assassination attempt, which gives a full account of some of the intriguing elements brought up in the video:

The attempted assassination of Ronald Regan did not go down like you think (even if you are a conspiracy theorist) (2/17/2024)

It was skipped in the video, but I also followed up on the famous connection to Jodie Foster:

Jodie Foster is another “star” manufactured by the Illuminati, prototype of the MK-MOUSEKETEER (2/18/2024)

Finally, the whole thing just exploded in my face when I followed up on precisely where Hinckley Jr. was living at the time of the event, which you will find here in the section for "Evergreen, Colorado":

Exposing the Dark World: There’s something very strange about “Evergreen” (2/20/2024)

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I sometimes feel like I slipped off the side of a cliff and keep bumping along thinking, "Okay, this his got to be the bottom, for sure." That started more than a decade ago... lol

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Since you mention him specifically, if you want to go deep into the weeds it turns out there's more to Robbie Parker than anyone suspects. Normies think he's a grieving dad, and conspiracists think he's an actor. There turns out to be much more to be said, as I wrote up in a post just a few days ago

It’s a (very) Small World 3x3: 3 Elite Families working together in 3 locations (and no one ever noticed) (3/31/2024)

I suppose that in my mind, the challenge I present is to familiarize oneself with the SH event, then review all these bizarre associations with the Parkers and far beyond, yet still try to think, "SH indeed happened and was a terrible tragedy, and all these connections are one big coincidence."

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Corn for sure, too, yes. Excellent contribution.

To argue a bit further along the lines of the Anunnaki hypothesis. I mentioned that the Flood was right around 11000 BC, and one Nibiru orbit of 3600 years later (7400 BC or 9400 years ago), they introduced agriculture. I also mentioned that they try to "smear out" the record, which you can see when the mainstream says "between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago" in your quote.

They do it again in the next sentence with "around 4,500 years ago... present across the Americas". One Nibiru orbit after agriculture, or 3800 BC, the Anunnaki apparently decided to "reboot" civilization. That's precisely the time of the mysterious advent of Sumerian civilization out of nowhere. Then a little while later (to them, anyway), they booted up civilization in the Americas using corn to feed the slaves.

As for how Atlantis fits in, it is said to have been founded by Poseidon, who can be pretty reliably identified with Enki of the Anunnaki. The timeline and details of all this is incredibly sparse. I think the evidence has all been destroyed or is sequestered under the Vatican or something.

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Thanks for the comment. Glad it had direct resonance (well, not glad you got sick, but you know what I mean!).

One minor follow on to your idea that something about the whole thing seemed really "improvised" in the early days. Everyone seems to have forgotten when, in late January after reports started coming out of Wuhan, Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown in SF and told everybody not to even worry about it. How TF could that have been part of the huge scheme?

From a sort of meta-perspective, I think the transition to Plan B, as you say, is another indication They are getting desperate and They really need something to break Their way before it all falls apart even further.

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If I may reiterate, the knowledge of the host and his revelation are both entirely useless. That's precisely what throws off our intuition.

Remove those from your imagination completely. The host knows nothing and will show you nothing. You pick #1, then the host says, "Do you want to keep #1, or take the better of either #2 and #3?"

Well, not much of a question in that formulation, is it? I could not believe how long the wiki page was on this.

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Exactly, exactly. But then how do you explain to people to eat less grains because, well, there were these aliens, you see, and... lol

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This is a real left turn, but under the "Ancient Aliens" hypothesis, you would see that they needed to feed a large and concentrated slave population. The best way was not through hunting and gathering, but by the introduction of what we would now refer to as agriculture.

Most particularly, this was through the introduction of grains. If you research the domestication of primary cereal grains like wheat, corn, and rice, you'll find that the story gets real hazy about exactly how these were domesticated. They essentially just give up trying to explain it.

For more direct evidence, one can look at an Akkadian cylinder seal memorializing this, cataloged as VA/243 and known informally as "The Granting of the Plow".

Also, more in-depth research shows that the development of agriculture coincides with the first passage of Nibiru (7400 BC) after the Great Flood of Noah (11000 BC).

All this information is, of course, smeared out and obfuscated by the mainstream.

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I don't think it has anything to do with some lack of specificity of the definition of the problem. The whole reason the "Monty Hall Problem" is a brain teaser is that it is counter-intuitive.

I would then say it is counter-intuitive because we automatically assume "additional information" is "useful additional information". Here, the revelation of the goat behind Door No. 3 is additional information which is not actually useful. Let me illustrate....

Suppose, rather than revealing the goat behind Door No. 3, the host simply says, "Rather than keeping what's behind Door No 1, would you like to take the best of what's behind Door No. 2 and Door No. 3?"

You see, at this point, a goat is assuredly behind one or the other door. The revelation of which is entirely immaterial and therefore useless. To be more direct, if you switch now, you get the best of two doors, or a 2/3 chance at the prize.

This result, of course, matches up with the combinatoric analysis.

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You know, the other item of interest in that short video was when someone mentioned the petrodollar. Really, the host just said the word and the guest said "Exactly". It's a touchstone in conspiracy circles, and we've all heard about it for years and decades.

While yes, of course petroleum will forever be traded somewhere in dollars, the operational concept of the petrodollar died over the past couple of years. Only a handful of people can be said to have noticed.

My point is that when the Elites take a big "L", They just stop talking about it. In turn, both normies and conspiracists have nothing to react to in the headlines and just continue on with whatever ideas they already had.

It's quite startling to see how effective this simple technique really is.

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