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I'm not much given to "signs from Heaven", but Trump literally dodges a bullet and a new "Iwo Jima" photo is taken, then days later we get this? We may live in a world even stranger than I thought.

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Note that coverups are accomplished by covering up, that is by making sure accurate and relevant information is not available. So far, there are only a handful of items we can pull from this clip:

  1. Corey's location. They will want to obscure or alter the exact locations of TMC, Trump, and Corey, because I suspect that if the truth were known, Corey is well out of line for a shooter that supposedly missed a head shot by a fraction of an inch.

  2. Corey was close to the left edge. I suspect the shooter was behind the bunting of the left side, or he may have been at the extreme left edge inside the bleachers. There's no way yet of determining which. That brings up the next point.

  3. Most of the blood is a few feet back from the left side. It would suggest Corey spotted the real shooter, the real shooter spotted him, he blew Corey's brains out, and Corey fell backwards, instantly brain dead (although technically still breathing). Because his body was completely limp, he got all tangled up in the bleachers.

  4. When they carry Corey out, he just so happens to have a blood-soaked towel completely obscuring his entire head. Specifically, that's not a compress someone was trying to hold over his head wound. I propose that someone--the assassin himself for all we know--made sure that was draped over his head so no one can see the exact nature of his wounds as they would be inconsistent with the eventual "official narrative".

  5. As far as this event being a fake, take a look at the black guy in the white button-down shirt near the end. That dude is completely in shock, freaked out, never saw anything like it before in his life, literally does not know what to do next.

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This really makes me feel good about traffic tickets and a-holes at TSA. These folks have got it when it counts.

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The fact that Cheatle is the head of the Secret Service brings up an important philosophical question, of applicability to everyone.

That is, without necessarily being evil or blackmailed or a member of the Cabal or what have you, you have to wonder how far you could have gone in life if you'd just been willing to say anything, anything at all, no matter how preposterous.

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Why is the Secret Service allowed to have guns? Don't they know how dangerous they are?

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Listen very carefully to the reports starting at 0:28. You hear three carefully spaced shots, then rapid fire shots of a distinctly different type with another of the first type mixed in, then a final shot similar to the first three before that clip cuts off.

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They have to rewrite history over this, because no hunter is going to believe a .22 at 150 yards did that to a human being, particularly blowing his skull open.

That's why we have not heard anything about the specific caliber of rifle, which they could read right off of it. It's also why there's silence about the exact damage done to poor Corey. No one has even mentioned the word autopsy.

It's a certain form of diabolical disinformation where, just by suppressing key information, people will automatically fill in the blanks. If the issue occurs to them at all, they just think, "Well, if there was something important or notable about it, they would have said something and I would have heard." That's how most people actually think.

If anyone is wondering, Corey must have been shot--probably inadvertently--by the real assassin while everyone was startled and confused by the noise of the diversion shooter.

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Yeah, why haven't they counted the casings? Weren't they laying next to his body? Can't they subtract out of a full mag? Clearly, the "investigators" haven't decided number and caliber yet.

Red Haired Visor guy who was 50' away stated five shots. Congressman Meuser in the front row said 8-10, so he was probably hearing 5 + 5 echos.

Or we can just be fools and ignore all that until the "investigators" decide for us what the truth shall be.

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You know what's flat-ass baffling? WTF could he have possibly said to the cop to get him to leave?

He's reported to have pointed his rifle at the cop (which alone seems awkward because he was prone and the cop would have been walking across the roof from behind him), so he says, "Beat it, flatfoot, I've got work to do", and the cop just strolls off?

Even if it developed into a stand-off, the cop has to think, "He's either gonna shoot me or shoot the President and innocent people in the crowd. I've got a sidearm, body armor, a tac radio, and someone is sure to see us here pretty quick. I can be a hero or at least go down as one taking out this soiboi, but maybe I'll just leave and act like I was never here."

Any possible scenario is totally nonsensical. All I can think is that a Secret Service mole overwatching the op saw the cop, got on the tac radio, and told him to GTFO.

In any case, for the record here's a link to a written version of the story, and that links in turn to the original reporting buried deep in a much longer story from AP:

Local Police Officer Confronted Would-Be Trump Assassin on Roof But Then Retreated – Shooter Proceeded to Try to Kill Trump (The Gateway Pundit 7/14/2024)

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There are a couple of general things people need to keep in mind regarding PsyWar:

One is the idea of inversion. Fake events are sold to you as real, while real events are sold to you as fake. You are told to be certain when you should withhold judgement, and you are told to withhold judgement when you should be certain. You are told to be divided when you should be unified, and told to be unified when you should be divided. It's not proof or evidence in and of itself, but when you're pushed to the North, turn around and take a good, hard look towards the South.

The other is the "cognitive firewall" built by creating and pushing a selection of phony "conspiracy narratives". I've never seen anything like what's going on with this assassination attempt. While there were about half a dozen from the quaint days of the Vegas event, there must be four dozen "assassination conspiracies" to choose from now.

You hit the firewall when you make a choice from among their selections. You decide one of the narratives on offer is your "favorite" and pull it off the shelf. After that, all you'll see is evidence indicating just how right you were. In reality, you walked into the cul de sac they built for you and you'll never get out.

Well, you'll never get out unless you can say to yourself, "I was wrong", but no one actually does that.

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The rules of engagement are to wait until the President is fired upon before returning fire? So it's not for protection, but vengeance? Who believes this stuff?

Everybody, I guess.

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This is more manufactured "news" to sell the "lone gunman + insiders who will never see the inside of a courtroom" narrative. That's why we get it from the now standard "sources". They don't wan't to say, "Steve from COINTELPRO".

You can compare this "news" to what Red Haired Visor Guy and numerous others had to say. They all saw the guy crawling across the roof with a rifle and were wildly gesticulating and yelling at the cops. The cops did not react.

That's an anomaly that needs to be explained, and neither NBC nor any other media outlet--mainstream or otherwise--appears interested in doing so. Another anomaly, of course. I'll ask and answer for them.

The local cops didn't react because it did not enter their minds that what the bystanders seemed to be indicating was possible. They simply could not figure out WTF those civvies were talking about. A dude with a rifle on the roof? Impossible, they aren't seeing it right.

The building was certainly swept and secured beforehand, and that takes care of that. Then the local cops did what local cops do when working security at all such public events: stand around while nothing at all happens. You get a drunk every now and then, but there wasn't even drinking at this thing.

The local cops were just baffled. They may as well have been told a chupacabra was creeping around. It was all over before they could even think, "Maybe I should go see what has these idiots so excited."

The "inside job" was getting the patsy into the building, which would have been done by a Secret Service mole. Rather than raise the straightforward question of how he got in, we are misdirected back towards the "lone nut with a gun".

Of course that technique works wonderfully because people react to the news they see streaming before them. What they don't do is try to reconstruct events, using available sources of information as appropriate. When you use that approach, you see all the holes.

Just as an example: Where did Tommy park? He didn't. His car was planted. There were tens of thousands of people around, inside and outside the venue, yet not a single person reported seeing him strolling down the street with a rifle or without. He manifests on the rooftop. But it turns out all the cops were using the big parking lot right behind the New TSBD. The SS mole just drove him in, hung the key on a piece of yarn around his neck, dropped him off, and told him to have a good day at school.

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Does everyone see how deluded these types actually are? This unit seems to think I care about anything it has to say about Jews (or anything else). How off base can you be?

Also, see how this units considers itself a source of "facts", rather than claims or references? That's because their version of "Reality" exists only in their own heads, so of course they know all the "facts". No one can ever affect that from the outside.

Just further evidence of my original point that you're essentially dealing with a robot.

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He leaves

No questions about that, huh? Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I suppose we differ there.

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But, the .22 makes no sense if they wanted Trump dead.

It makes sense if the young dumbass beta terrible shot was just the diversion, gaining everyone's attention while the real work went on. You'll notice he has everyone's attention--both normies and conspiracy theorists--even after he's dead. And it's more than convenient that we'll never hear him tell exactly how he ended up on that roof.

Of course They wanted Trump dead, but the only person that ends up dead is a random guy in the audience. You'll notice that out of the 8 jillion mainstream stories and social media posts, no one ever talks about him or questions if a .22 at 150 yards can blow a man's brains out (literally), do they?

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You know, talking about narrative peddlers, I've been over on r/conspiracy a lot in the last couple of days and I've never seen shilling like this.

I first noticed this technique with the Vegas event. They were selling maybe half a dozen different narratives: lone gunman (of course), arms dealer, FBI helicopters, multiple shooters, etc. You could pick any or all, because all of them were wrong, and that's exactly what conspiracy theorists do to this day.

But it's gone to hyperspeed over Bethel. There must be three or four dozen different narratives or directions you could identify. Not a single one of them fruitful. This turning of the dial way past 11 leads into what I think is the most important aspect of the event:

"They" are backed into a corner and this was another act of desperation.

All their bullshit schemes to get rid of Trump have failed. Now they've had to hang it out so far it's clear to many that Trump's security is compromised, security at the highest level America has to offer. Worse, anyone that doesn't want to admit that essentially outs themselves as also compromised.

I mean, they own Washington and the DHS, FBI, SS, etc, so they can put a lid on it as far as "justice being done", but in the eyes of the public they can say what they will and tweet condolences, but the public is really getting a wake up call about what's up. That kind of damage is not easily undone, and not before November.

And FFS, that one picture of Trump with his fist of defiance, SS agents literally upholding him, and the Stars and Stripes flying above? Good God, that'll replace Iwo Jima. And "They" detested how popular Trump's mugshot was. The very definition of blowback.

So they turned him from a juggernaut into a force of Nature. Desperation will turn to dread and blind panic. Who the hell knows what's going to happen next?

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Inside job, yes, but the post has got a lot of nonsense in it.

The "official conspiracy" narrative seems to be shaping up as, "dead gunman, lone except for a little inside help". The insiders will never be identified, let alone tried. The post is constructed to sell the narrative. Remember, They will sell you anything, anything at all, except those things which will lead you to the truth.

When people think history is sometimes rewritten, you're now seeing it in real-time.

First, they're now trying to work the shot count down to 3, the magic number. Congressman Meuser and others reported 8-10.

They're also working it down to slow, well-aimed kill shots. The audio and all descriptions have shots so rapid they'd get you kicked out of a lot of ranges.

Meuser and others identified rimfire shots, which they certainly sound like in the audio. They're now trying to work them up to 5.56 NATO, far and away the most common AR-15 round.

The post also mentions the "recoil was too strong". Even 5.56 barely kicks and you can see it in infinity number of YouTube videos. Rimfire kick is barely perceptible, and all effects of recoil are greatly minimized when firing prone.

All this is dressed up in "USA God MAGA #1 Jesus" rhetoric, just like Antifa on J6. Oh, and also it was a "miracle".

Final notes: Where does the truth lie? For the kajillion news reports and social media posts, notice the incredible silence surrounding the killing of Corey Comperatore? Also, the exact type of rifle used should have been about the simplest and most reliable piece of forensic evidence available, literally engraved into the side of every firearm, but yet no one has said a word about it.

Maybe it'll turn out to be a Mannlicher-Carcano, huh?

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It's just too bizarre. AP originally reported it, probably some stringer who actually, you know, wants to report the news. But watch it drop out of the narrative--way too inexplicable.

I mean, if I was some paid spokeshole and someone asked me about it, as creative as I think I am I'd just say, "Ummmm... pass. Next question."

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Do you think cops in Pennsylvania don't have radios on their person? They should probably think about getting some, right?

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The connotation is to non-violent crime based on dishonesty, like fraud or corruption, that would also entail typically financial gain.

As an entertaining example, I saw a video once titled something like, "My Jewish grandma in Israel is an anti-Semite". This young guy is visiting his grandma and she asks him, "Did you get a job in America?" He says yes, then she asks, "Are you working for Jews?"

He says, "No, Grandma, they're actually goys."

She says, "Good, I'm glad to hear that."

He says, "What? Why would you say that?"

She says, "All Jews are crooks."

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Here's the scenario: Imagine yourself a couple of hundred yards away from Trump with your rifle. People are pointing and flag down a cop. He approaches you, then.... The scenario ends with the cop walking off.

Okay, so what could possibly go in the dot dot dot?

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Yeah, okay, thanks for the textbook example of exactly what I was talking about.

See how it works, everyone? It all makes perfect sense in their heads. You will never, ever convince them otherwise.

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That guy was a patsy if there ever was one. Oswald was an Intelligence agent and at least knew something was going on. Who knows what They told this poor, ignorant bastard. I'm certain he had zero idea what was coming.

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Even for the ones that aren't actually paid shills, there's a level of consciousness that locks certain conspiracy theorists into a conclusion. In that mode, reasoning becomes reversed.

That is, it isn't that some evidence leads to the conclusion that it was "Da Joos". Rather, the conclusion is predetermined that it was invariably "Da Joos" and the conspiracy theorists need only figure out how it was "Da Joos". Those dirty Heebs.

Again, this is not something to do with intelligence or knowledge, but rather with consciousness. I've listened to a ton of Alan Watt, a highly intelligent and incredibly knowledgeable guy, and with him it's the Masons. Even when he can't tell you exactly how, it's definitely the Masons.

In his experience, of course, it's always been the Masons. Confirmed, right? That's how such people get locked in.

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I always assumed that the bleachers wee just filled with randos that got there early and got good seats, but from what some of the attendees of this latest rally are saying, it seems like those are actually VIP sections. You might imagine these are local donors, party officials, bureaucrats, etc.

The question it raises is, whoever Vincent Fusca might be, how does he end up getting VIP tickets to all these rallies in multiple states? He sure isn't the owner of the Dodge dealership down the street.

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