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Photoshopped lol. The socks look pretty old, that should prolly give you a hint.

As much as I want to believe in collapsing dimensions, there is no proof.

However, I very clearly remember a cornucopia. This trademark from 1973 says the same.


Status Date 1988-11-28

Filing Date 1973-11-12

Design Searches 050901, 050902, 050905, 050914 - Berries. Grapes (alone or in bunches). Apples. Baskets, bowls, and other containers of fruits, including cornucopia (horn of plenty).

Why does their old copyright even mention a cornucopia, weird right?

I have no idea why they are doing this, but the how is likely some kind of computer worm capable of rewriting information is near real time. Who knows though, I dont think any of us here know for sure.

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Slightly related.

They are literally letting child rapist's go in canada because they have no judges. Many of them resigned or retired during the covid pandemic. What a concidence.


This guy, fucking child molester who gets to keep his license and practice law, all the while hiding his name from the public!

God damn, canada is the land of criminals.


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Thats exactly it.... op talking about how most of them are just regular people...

Thats the entire point, very few make it to the top of that pyramid, and god knows what they do behind closed doors. Any organization that practices esoteric rituals in secret should be scrutinized imo.

The group has been around thousands of years, and before someone says, but wiki says 1717!

I know they existed during the holy crusades, we all watched indiana jones. They just went by a different name then, the knights templar.

Im willing to bet their roots go back to jesus christ's execution.

And op thinks its a bunch of boomers sitting around drinking beer? lol?

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Id love to see these guys have their phones/computers tapped.

Hell, I say it should be a requirement as a public figure. If you want to make decisions that affect millions of people.

Your life should be recorded like they do on the big brother show.

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Or you could be nova scotia.

Just give the government power to snoop through peoples files.


The Financial Measures Act, also known as Bill 419, mandates that physicians, hospitals, and individuals with access to personal patient medical records must disclose them to the government.

Im kinda torn about this.

Its not like keeping everything private is helping me at all, wcb and arca can lie and say freon cant cause heart damage, the college of physicians and surgeons says the doctor didnt do anything wrong when he swapped blood pressure readings or lied about a medication I was never prescribed. Its all basically been covered up and wcb tried to paint me as a schizophrinic (kiss my ass wcb).

But at the same time, lets be real, the government is not going to help me. If anything they will use this power to cover up what happend to me even more. Either way, I dont think the government should have access to peoples private medical records like this.

They claim its so they can put all the records online, but this is a lie. There are plenty of ways to do this withouth giving the premier power to poke through peoples medical records.

Fucked, totally fucked.

Thanks to a parody article, I did realize.

Nova scotia is a "opt out" organ donation, meaning if your over 18 and you dont specifically opt out of organ donation, your automatically a donor.

This should make it easy pz for billionaires to find the organs they need.


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You instantly brought to mind bog sagets roast. Do you guys remember that weird ass shit? I cant even find a video of the intro where he comes out of a elevator with a goat, a stripper, and a old lady and they are all buttoning up their clothes.

Fucking weird.

Only clip I could really find was this.


Its a joke, right?

I mean, even if all of it was just some kinda of sick joke, who the fuck laughs about shit like raping/killing girls and pedo jokes about kate and ashley.

Shit is so fucked up man.

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Seems like therapist and pyschologist in real life pose the same threat do they not?

I know that east berlin loved having their plants convince people they were crazy.


Imagine what they could do today with all this technology. And you kinda get a idea of what proably does actually exist.

Thats why I dont think it may actually be that insane to say that I was poisoned on purpose.

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I always thought it was funny that people of god, you know the ones who believe that jesus walked on water, turned water to wine, resurrected from the dead. Would be scared of covid.

I read a article this morning that made me go whaaaa.


While some people may be hesitant to get another dose of the vaccine, Barrett encourages it.

“If you are somebody with a bad immune system, or you have lots of medical problems and you’re older, we do recommend that you get that spring dose of vaccine,” she says. “Just because it’s there don’t take it for granted. It is still something that is keeping people out of hospital. We know our vaccines continue to improve immune responses to COVID.”

Lol, these people are criminals.

Fucking reapers in human bodys.

“Really and truly, it is a matter of taking some control of you own health and being mindful of when you’re not well. Trying to stay away from others if you’ve got a respiratory virus, I keep saying that but it’s true! Don’t head to the big group outing with your family if you’re not feeling well,” she says.

I just had to comment on this as well. Ahh yes, its my fault, I didnt advocate hard enough about the freon poisoning or low phosphorous. Jeez, I just had to speak up a little harder!

At one point during the crazy ass blood pressure, I actually had a few points where I was ready to start rolling around on the ground and yelling like a 4 year old if I thought it would actually get me help.

I figured I didnt need a obstructing the peace charge on top of everything.

Fucking douchebag pricks.

“We’re going to need some help sorting that out, not just from an infection perspective, but from a health perspective, so (there’s) optimism, resilience I think I’m seeing a lot of today, but also a real need for us to be very active in voicing that some solutions have to come up with the health system in general, or we’re going to see some very tired people starting to leave the field, I think, but lots of hope too.”

Lying through her cunt teeth.

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Remember that time nasa claimed that a satellite they sent up to monitor the earths magnetic field had gone awol and they couldnt find it.

And then years later some amateur radio astromoner finds it and discovers its still transmitting data lmao.


Why did IMAGE go dark in the first place? An analysis by NASA determined an event tripped its Solid State Power Controller, which powers the transponder it uses to communicate with ground control. In other words, it blew a fuse, similar to the failures that shut down two other satellites EO-1 and WMAP. After the trip, due to a design defect, the transponder was not able to power back up. In the analysis, NASA said it was unlikely the mission could be revived.

The last hope was a reboot after what is known as the satellite's “eclipse season,” when the craft lingers in Earth’s shadow, draining its solar-powered batteries. This puts the satellite in a hibernation mode; when it comes out, it reboots. In October 2007, NASA believed it was possible for this reboot to once again power the transponder, but it seemed to fail. As Voosen reports, IMAGE went into an extended eclipse five years ago and again last year. It’s possible that during one of these reboots the transponder regained power.

Patricia Reiff, space plasma physicist at Rice University who was a co-investigator on the mission, tells Voosen that she hopes the satellite comes back online since no current satellite has all of IMAGE's capabilities. In its original press kit, NASA explained that the satellite would give researchers a wide view of particle movements in the magnetosphere and show how the sun interacts with those particles. “It is really invaluable for now-casting space weather and really understanding the global response of the magnetosphere to solar storms,” she tells Voosen.

If I remember correctly, the satellite went completely dark again after nasa "took" control of it.

Concidences? Maybe.

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Looks like a fairly low caliber.

I have no problem shooting shotgun slugs from the waist, :shrugs:.


Something like that, im fairly accurate that way suprisingly. This dude aint half bad either. I question them being on a hill shooting towards houses, im sure they are proably using buckshot or something and the range is fairly small, but the idiots should be doing it backwards.

At the bottom of the hill shooting up towards it.

You guys are likely right, most people do not shoot their guns like this. But I did find some crazy old fucker shooting like I would try it.


Its a pistol though, so even lower caliber than the rifle. I used to own a rifle that was a 9mm pistol converted to a rifle though and it was more accurate than most other rifles ive used. I loved shooting that thing from the waist too. :(. Something like this.


I miss the states bah.

lol, the photo is cut off, he is holding it correctly if you click in the article and view the full photo.


hes holding it the same way as this guy


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I mean I dont doubt what you guys say. It proably is on backwards.

But something was bugging me, I have seen scopes like this, and there is a reason for that. Are there any weapon experts in here? I admit, im not one. I just enjoy shooting them, I havent done to much digging into the history and manufacture of them.



Seems like these older scopes were shaped like this, and there is a reason for it I guess.

Again, this seems like common sense. But the size of the objective lens is directly tied to the magnification range of the scope. Have you ever noticed how lower-magnification scopes usually have a small diameter objective lens, while high-magnification scopes have larger ones? That's because the combination of these specs is what creates the scope's exit pupil size.

The exit pupil is the disc of light that actually hits your eye. This disc needs to be the right size in order to have a bright, clear image all the way through the magnification range. You can visualize this by taking an un-mounted scope, holding it in your hand with the objective lens facing up. Put a white piece of paper on a table below it and shine a flashlight through the scope. Make sure the scope is the same distance away from the paper as it would be from your eye if you were shooting. With the light shining through the scope, you should see a disc of light hit the paper on the other side. Move the scope up and down to see how the disc goes in and out of focus. Adjust the magnification, and you’ll see the disc get bigger and smaller.

There’s also a very ease mathematical formula to figure out what size your exit pupil will be. It’s the diameter of the objective lens divided by the magnification. This will give you the exit pupil diameter in millimeters.


The 20mm 1-4x scope with 20mm exit pupil at 1x and 5mm exit pupil at 4x.

There are scopes shaped like this and they have a use. Lol.

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If you dont live in canada, take what you think you know, and times that by 10, or even a 100. This place is fucked.


There are perhaps 4 walkins on this side of the harbor. Now there are 3, to support something like a 100,000+ people. There are only a handful of walkins on the other side.

Dr. Mohamed Alzrighe said the four doctors who worked at the clinic felt undervalued and underpaid for the service they were providing.

"Our staff was stretched to the max," Alzrighe said Wednesday. "When it comes to patient care and safety, there is no compromise there for us, so we decided we could not really keep going and provide the same standard of care."

He said clinic, which opened in 2009 and operated from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., was seeing more and more patients with complex health issues.

If you happen to read the latest reviews for this clinic, and one of the doctors who worked there, you should see my reviews that I left last night.

I nailed it basically 100%.

The powers that be, like the college of physicians and surgeons nova scotia, have fabricated this nightmare. Im tired of being a pawn in their game, the only way they can institue private medical care is by making sure a few people die first.

These people keep acting like my health issues are insignificant. My phosphorous has been fucked for years, I wouldnt call that a "slight" health issue. At this point, I definetly need a bone scan, especially after taking 200,000 fucking thousands units of vitamin d per the endocronologist's advice.

At this point, my assumption is they are denying me care on purpose and trying to kill me, what else can I assume?

He said his heart goes out to those who relied on his clinic and now have to go elsewhere.

"If we made mistakes or any shortcomings, we are only human. We tried our best to do what we can at the time and I wish everybody best of health

Thanks there fucktwat, I appreciate your guys fuckups costing me my livelyhood. They used to have a doctor there, who laughed at me when I asked to wear a holter monitor in the back of the shop while draining fridges and freezers lmao. (wasnt even the doctor who lied about the medication I was never given)

Turns out one of his victims actually could afford a lawyer and he ended up getting reprimanded for trying to screw someone out of a workers injury compensation.

These people are terribly, terribly fucking evil. Like I said, take what you think you know, and times it by 10, or even a 100.

Hey, sorry we fucking destroyed your life, deprived you of timely medical care, lied about everything.

But hey, were more than happy to put you down, ready to line up for the needle yet?

These retards think online care and mobile clinics (which is what they use in appalachia because there are huge distances and hills/mountains seperating swathes of people from a hospital/clinic.) are a substitute, and they really believe that walk in doctors are replacements for family doctors. You cant imagine how tired I am going in and waiting hours with a bunch of strangers who couldnt give a shit less about me for "more blood tests", its fucking pathetic.

Id rather be on the battlefield shooting a gun, or better yet wielding a sword back a 1000 years ago. Thats what its like here "advocating" for your medical rights.

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Its not murder... its the final solution..

Seriously, when its for any other reason than imminent terminal, painful death, thats not euthanasia, thats fucking eugenics.

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Been eating beef liver lately, Its not terrible, but I am not a fan.

I do however like chicken livers, but all you can find in canada, or at the least the part im in, is the frozen kind. Being frozen really messes up the texture of the meat.

Ive reduced alot of meat out of my diet, since getting bit by that tick.

I definetly feel better eating a pound of raw veggies in home made salad dressing, than I do eating a big steak.

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Is it the grains?

Or the pesticides/insecticides that they are laced with?

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Dont forget corn....

One of those few plants that cant spread on its own, something about the husks being to hard for the seeds to fall out and disperse far enough on their own. They need human hands to pull them apart and plant them.

Pretty much every native story about corn involves the gods.

And the closest thing its related to is a plant called teosinthe.

Understandably, a primary goal of teosinte domestication was to improve the ear and its kernels. A teosinte ear is only 2 to 3 inches long with five to 12 kernels--compare that to corn's 12-inch ear that boasts 500 or more kernels! Teosinte kernels are also encased in a hard coating, allowing them to survive the digestive tracts of birds and grazing mammals for better dispersal in the wild. But, for humans, the tooth-cracking coating was undesirable so it was selectively reduced…and reduced…and reduced…until all that remains is the annoying bit of paper-thin, translucent tissue that sometimes sticks between the teeth when one munches corn on the cob.

To analyze the genes of modern corn and its ancestral teosinte, Gaut and his coworkers used relatively new genomic techniques to determine the DNA sequence of 700 gene bits in the two plants and used "population genetics," the study of genetic variation, to compare them.

"These results will provide important insights to modern corn breeders in their quest to establish hardier, higher-yielding corn plants," said Gaut. "The scientific approach will also be useful in the study of other domesticated organisms, plants and animals alike."

This work generally confirms the idea that corn went through a "population bottleneck," or a period when a significant portion of corn’s genetic diversity was lost, which typically marks a domestication event. Calculations using these data reveal that fewer than 3,500 teosinte plants may have contributed to the genetic diversity in modern corn.

Between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, Native Americans living in what is now Mexico began domesticating teosinte, or the "grain of the gods," as the name has been interpreted to mean. Scientists cannot yet say how long this domestication process took, but they do know that around 4,500 years ago, a plant recognizable as today's corn was present across the Americas.

Bananas are another weird one as well....

According to the Nationsonline, “by most standards, there are a maximum of seven continents – Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America”. Bananas are cultivated in all but one of those continents. Of course, as you will have guessed, the uninhabited Antarctica is the exception.

I like the idea that the people of atlantis planted these things everywhere they went...

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Meh, autism has been steadily increasing for decades, could be "vaccines", since the the average us kid is recommended what, something like 40 different blends lol. I can get behind things like the MMR shot, but stuff like the HPV vaccine which only protects against one or two strains, out of dozens, if not a hundred. Also doesnt protect you after youve been exposed to it, but yet this is recommended by nearly every pediatrician.

But I dont think it can really be blamed on THE vaccine, the covid vaccine since that would only account for the last few years.

When I was a kid, there were very few kids being born autistic. Now, its so common place it doesnt even seem to phase people. I would never have a kid now especially after being poisoned with freon, I proably have freon and other heavy metals from the refrigerant oils bound in fat cells. But before all of that, my biggest worry is having a severely autistic child, the chances just seem so fucking high.

I am a selfish person, I couldnt imagine have to worry about someone that would need 24/7 care for the rest of their lives.

I would do it, but my fuck, what a responsibility.

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Funny that you bring up the gut enzymes. Im not disputing that raw milk is prolly healthier, but again I wouldnt want to drink the milk raw that comes from the commercial farms. Im sure a small farm is fine, or even having your own cow, or if you werent picky, sheep/goat milk is just as good. I actually tolerate those milks better, im guessing again, because of the tick bite.

Anyway that article come out a few weeks back about how fasting can increase heart disease lmao. You know, if that were true, the jews and muslims would have died out long ago. Since their religous practices include it.

Come across this article, and this sounds more in tune with my own person experiences on the matter.


Researchers from China studied 25 volunteers classed as obese over a period of 62 days, during which they took part in an intermittent energy restriction (IER) program – a regime that involves careful control of calorie intake and relative fasting on some days.

Not only did the participants in the study lose weight – 7.6 kilograms (16.8 pounds) or 7.8 percent of their body weight on average – there was also evidence of shifts in the activity of obesity-related regions of the brain, and in the make-up of gut bacteria.

"Here we show that an IER diet changes the human brain-gut-microbiome axis," said health researcher Qiang Zeng from the Second Medical Center and National Clinical Research Center for Geriatric Diseases in China when the results were published in December 2023.

"The observed changes in the gut microbiome and in the activity in addiction-related brain regions during and after weight loss are highly dynamic and coupled over time."

Right now it's not clear what causes these changes, or whether the gut is influencing the brain or vice versa. However, we do know that the gut and the brain are closely linked, so treating certain regions of the brain could be a way to control food intake.

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Must be nice to live close to a farm with people you can trust.

I dont know anywhere close to me that even sells raw milk. Theres no way I would trust anyone here either.

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I used to feel this way, and I often would speak up about things others didnt seem to care about.

But then when I got poisoned, and no one would help me. Well, lets just say I know what people are really like now. Very few have the backbone in this world to stand up for what they believe in.

Most are hypocrites who wake up everyday lying to themselves, canadians are really good at this. A great example I seen this morning?


This is a typical reaction I see by these people. Well your life sucks and you hate it so much, it must be your fault, why are you still here?

Yes because its so much better to be lucky and have your head in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong why your country crumbles the fuck around you.

I dont think I can ever forgive nova scotia for what it did to me. Or ARCA for that matter, if your scummy ass lawyers are reading this, go fuck yourselves with one of the freon reclamation machines.

It might be one thing if I wasnt suffering everyday, but I have never been the same after what they did to me. My heart will never be the same.

Then on top of that, im pretty fucking confident the low phosphorous is from kidney damage, but these fucking retards here wont test my kidney, they just want to make me take vitamin d and ignore the low phosphorous.

I got to fucking wonder if this was all intentional. WCB, the College of Physicans of nova scotia, the ombudsman, the lawyers, all fucked me over big time with zero remorse.

God I hope jesus does exist and that hes made his choice. The human race deserves to be judged.

One of my biggest fears about the apocalypse is afterwards. I dont think I had it in me, before all this, to do what is needed to protect myself and the people I love. But I know now, Ill shoot first and ask questions later.

I can thank WCB and ARCA for that at least.

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if some bits of code can mimic the real thing, why wouldnt it be real? And if simulations didnt work, I doubt we would have computers or plastics or anything like that. (and before someone says, you need computers to run simulations dur dur). Well no, computers certainly speed the process up so we can see it in real time though.


Our senses can only see a very narrow spectrum of "what is". If we were capable of sensing all the energies that surround us every millisecond of every day, we would go insane, our puny brains could not comprehend everything.

DNA operates much on the same level as the bits in a computer work, but instead of 2 bits, you have 4.


Why am I bringing this up?

Well how do you supposed we got to this point? Do you believe that a singular god created all this just to give us one little speck of it?

I think its more likely to be a simulation lmao, and even if it was, it wouldnt matter because we are still alive. We are the universe experiencing itself. One of those, if a tree fell in the forest type of deals.

If we really did evolve from a bunch of molecules, either from space, or just randomly appeared here. They still had to work their magic for BILLIONS of years. You can say its fake, but millions of people have dedicated their lives digging through rocks in pursuit of the truth, dont cast it all away because the organization is being gatekeeped by a higher power.

Virus's are the precursor to dna more than likely. And I always have this strange thought that they are some kind of driver to evolution as well.

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I watched it, but its not impressive unless your in the umbra.

Not sure what you thought was going to happen? I seen a post on here about it traveling over some towns named something, but even if it was true, doesnt mean much. All these places in america are named after old places.

I did like a comment or a post I read in r/conspiracy about how the eclipse wasnt the end, but was marking the start of, something. Prolly not though. Eclipse's happen all the time, mostly over the ocean im guessing since that makes up most of the earths surface.

The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet.

What the fuck did you think was going to happen? If you were thinking the apocalypse, thats not the mindset I seen.

Fuck, I wish I had the money go drive 4 hours to see the totality, would have been amazing. Partials dont really compare.

The penumbra, the poor mans umbra.

I always figured the end would be something like that planet x song by hed pe.

Honey, I'm home!

Would you come here and look at this?

There’s something funny up in the sky!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Honey, look it's your doom!

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I cant watch content like this.

I do not understand why people talk like this, is it supposed to make them sound more dramatic or something.

I did get to the part where he says there are no maps that accurately portray the earth.

Well, if the earth is round, there is no way to implement a 3d model onto a 2d surface. There are several mathmatical ways of doing it, but each one has some kind of distortion. I know math stuff is hard.

Trying to understand it from a flat earthers viewpoint, im guessing they think that the moon is simply a little closer than the sun, or something. And still passes right underneath it.

freedomlogic 3 points ago +3 / -0

If its not the moon, it must be your moms azz.

I couldnt resist. Seriously though, if its not the moon then what is it.

You guys realize, this proably happens all the time, but when its only 10-80% occluded, your not going to notice unless you happen to be wearing your solar glasses and looking at the right time...

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Not surprising either, reddit is basically one giant echochamber now.

Most of us were purged a couple years back during covid. I was getting called out in the local subreddits as a mentally ill appalachian, was the main reason I deleted mine. Dont need that shit from dumb ass people.

The rest just parrot what they hear on mainstream. Its so fucking annoying to listen to normies talk about how we only believe shit that we read on the internet, while they believe everything a news anchor says on the tv box. The irony is palpable.

I dont think ive said this before, but I fucking wonder sometimes if my posts werent caught up in the machine learning program. Dumb I know. But I do know /r/conspiracy was used to train some of these models, perhaps thats why I got this funny thought, that or its the low phosphorous again. For taking 200,000 units of vitamin d, my phosphorous feels lower than ever.

But sometimes it sounds like me talking, and this was not a thing before 2018. Its fucking bizzaree lmao. But again, 2018 was when I was poisoned, so I have a hard time figuring out if its a me thing or something more.


AI narrative analysis

We developed a model – a set of machine learning tools – that can identify narratives based on sets of people, places and things and their relationships. Machine learning algorithms process large amounts of data to determine the categories of things in the data and then identify which categories particular things belong to.

We analyzed 17,498 posts from April 2016 through February 2018 on the Reddit and 4chan forums where Pizzagate was discussed. The model treats each post as a fragment of a hidden story and sets about to uncover the narrative. The software identifies the people, places and things in the posts and determines which are major elements, which are minor elements and how they're all connected.

Funny lol... I was poisoned at work with refrigerant around feb 2018.

I still dont understand how a entity like WCB and a multi million dollar company like Arca.


Can get away with saying freon cant harm the heart, fucking insanity.

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