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A little bit of a stretch. More likely every other generation prolly tried to destroy evidence of the old one.

I wonder though, is there any truth to british royals being descended from the kings of bablyon->egypt?

I remember reading one time that the royal family's most prized possessions are not land or gold.

But the pedigree papers that they are descended from the line of god and thus have the right to rule over the rest of us.

I have no idea if this true or not, if it is, its been eradicated off the web.

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Ive been rewatching the orville, and this is a really good show. And I hate to say that because seth definetly seems like hes in on things. Im sure it was just luck that made him miss the plane on 9/11.

Anyway, the end of the first season, the church of kelly episode. One of them is seen healing some little girl and they think shes god. And because of some temporal thing time advances hundreds of years everytime it phases in and out. They create an entire religion based on her which is supposed to obviously be Christianity.

Like holy shit, you cant tell me this isnt what modern religion feels like.

And the episode right before that they visit a "2d" dimension, which technically prolly doesnt exist, but it brings up some thought provoking thoughts about if 4d beings exist or not. They couldnt interact with us directly because we would have no way to contemplate what we were seeing.

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Lol, you dont find it strange that gene spent some time in the military, as a pilot none the less?


He was posted to Bellows Field, Oahu, to join the 394th Bomb Squadron, 5th Bombardment Group, of the Thirteenth Air Force, which flew the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.[11]

On August 2, 1943, while flying B-17E-BO, 41-2463, "Yankee Doodle", out of Espiritu Santo, the plane Roddenberry was piloting overran the runway by 500 feet (150 m) and crashed into trees, crushing the nose and starting a fire as well as killing two men: bombardier Sgt. John P. Kruger and navigator Lt. Talbert H. Woolam.[12] The official report absolved Roddenberry of any responsibility.[12] Roddenberry spent the remainder of his military career in the United States[13] and flew all over the country as a plane crash investigator. He was involved in a second plane crash, this time as a passenger.[13] He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal.[14]

You dont think its possible he seen some shit while doing this?


Yep, tell me he wasnt a freemason.

He created a second pilot called 333 Montgomery about a lawyer, played by DeForest Kelley.[38]

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Yep, all the military equipment, like uniforms, weapons, etc were all military stuff looked like.

Even many of the extras standing around looked like real soldiers.


In Hollywood, many movie and television productions are, by choice, contractually supervised by the DoD Entertainment Media Unit within the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, and by the public affairs offices of the military services maintained solely for the American entertainment industry in Hollywood, Los Angeles [citation needed]. Producers looking to borrow military equipment or filming on location at a military installation for their works need to apply to the DoD, and submit their movies' scripts for vetting. Ultimately, the DoD has a say in every U.S.-made movie that uses DoD resources, not available on the open market, in their productions.[10]

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I cant actually see the video lol. The uploader didnt make it available outside their country.

I think the location should raise more eyebrows than the actual vault, which had water leaking into it not that long ago. Doesnt seem like they spent very much money on it. So for show more than anything. Like I said I think some information can be gleamed from where they decided to put it.

I was reading earlier about how nvidia powers that huge dome in las vegas. I wish I could see it in real life, the resolution makes it look very life like. When they had it displaying as a moon it just looked so surreal to me.

What really interested me is it turns out the inside has a higher resolution than the outside.

Could you imagine this tech put into a space underground? You could house some small farms and a small community in there, easily.


a 168,000 square feed of leds..... lmao

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Hed PE - Atlantis A.D.

You know I'm not surprised

The Illuminati had to keep it a secret

I'm surrounded by fucking idiots

Jesus fucking, fucking Christ

edit lmao these guys are going to be in columbus soon, god dammit ><

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Honestly I wish I had some money to invest. Lmao.

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Sigh, I try not to judge an entire race by the actions of a few, but this shit is just too depressing.

Seen this article this morning.


This is the second time ive seen these people claim they are corner stone of cincinatti.

I know cincinatti as the city of appalachians. As many appalachians fled there during the depression looking for better opportunity's. My grandma actually left kentucky at the age of 18, leaving behind everything she knew to start a new life in the big city of Dayton. Many of them came to ohio.


And it certainly didnt come without growing pains, The city hated them and it took decades for them to not be prejudiced against and have their voice heard.

Anyway, so I had to look this up. Yeah heres what I find.


Focusing on southern West Virginia, southeastern Kentucky, and southwestern Virginia, the study examines how the Jews' East European background interacted with the Appalachian environment to shape their experience. Jews were welcomed into a society where the small preexisting local elite needed entrepreneurial newcomers to help achieve economic development. They participated fully in their towns' social and civic life and created a strong communal life, establishing nine congregations. Yet they confronted numerous dilemmas related to their anomalous position: as non-Christians in an overwhelmingly Christian milieu; middle-class town dwellers amidst a predominantly working-class rural population; non-participants in the single industry that employed almost everyone else; bystanders in a region often wracked by violent labor-management conflict.

What a nice way of saying, "Exploiting appalachians."

What else do I expect from a people who murder children because they think their land belongs to them. The good god is not smiling on these people.

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Yeah and this is exactly how nazi germany started doing it too, way before the jews. When cost savings becomes more important than a human life, the system is broken. It no longer works for the majority, but for the rich.

God damn, I want to have hope for canada, but I go to places like freecanada where they are having a good jolly time being racist against native americans. Some comments that stuck out to me over there.

Hows that clean drinking water thing going?

Ahh you mean the clean water that people like trudea and his cronies get paid billions to take care of, but it just never happens? Totally the indians fault dude. Also, wasnt indians who raped the land and poisoned it for material wealth. Yes Yes, some indians are pieces of shit, what do you expect when they were rewarded for ratting their brothers/sisters out for speaking/singing in their native tounge at these residential schools. Their heritage was literally beaten out of them.

More injuns will be killed this year by other injuns than were ever murdered and buried at a so-called residential schools.

Lmao again, not true. Phew, hard to digest shit like this for me as a empath. Perhaps before being poisoned with freon and having it covered up by the canadian goverment, I would have a healthy dose of skepticism here, but after what happened to me. Im convinced. Just reading/watching the little bit of material that exists, thanks to mainly keven annett who is basically risking his life to tell the truth. Just confirms it.

Indians actually have a lower rate of males killing women. In fact they have a higher ratio of women killing men, which makes sense because they are a matriarchal society. Wonder how many canadians even know that, not many im betting.

Canadian Indians were actually saved from total population displacement and given special land deeds by the government. The Canadian government enacted prohibition to try and save Indians from their alleged genetic predisposition towards alcoholism. They also tried to force them to get a western style education which is what the residential schools were, something that only ever happened to a minority of the aboriginal population. All this despite the fact that some indigenous groups tortured and killed Europeans in first contact scenarios. There are even logbooks of merchants who would complain about the "cheating behavior" of these groups while they attempted to establish trading relationship with them.

It is one of the most humane episodes of colonization in history. In the united states they simply exterminated and killed native bands that got in the way. Today, some of the strongest champions of British North America colonial strategy which allowed Indians their life and liberty, such as Douglas, are now racially slandered by corrupt entitled bands as racist colonizers. What an ungrateful irony coming from a population supported entirely by GOC grant money, with subsaharan african levels of corruption, which disproportionately commits crime in this country, and is the source of great lingering social instability and tension.

It's almost as if we should grant each individual band their small historically appropriate micronation, and leave them to their own devices as a foreign power without our resources or technology. I'm sure they would manage, like their forefathers did, as illiterate resource extraction professionals selling products at the local trading post


If the white man had never touched down on the shores of their country. They would likely still be living in balance in a pristine environment free from cancers and mental illness. Yeah, we really helped them all right.

2018 article on residential schools before they started using them as a cudgel against whites and lied about this fake genocide. Mark DeWolf, a Frontier Centre for Public Policy research associate, attended a residential school when he was younger. He interviewed and collected data from people that attended and didnt attend and published his findings. He published a paper on the results https://fcpp.org/wp-content/uploads/EF43MythVsEvidence.pdf and they showed better outcomes in every measurable category for those that attended residential schools vs those that did not. Better jobs, less alcoholics or addicts, better understanding and knowledge of their tribe and ability to speak their tribal language. Better family situation. Literally every single person was better off if they went to a residential school.

Lmao, these people have no clue what these kids were forced to go through. One of them even comments in another thread that even at its peak there were very little kids in these schools.

Just goes to show they have done zero independent research into it or they would know that all kids were forced into these schools, or the parents were thrown in jail. Hard to take care of your kid when your imprisoned. It's also why they showed up on gunboats to take these kids, it was all voluntary you see. God DAMN.

Then dont even get me started on r/halifax.


I’ll say it politely so that the comment doesn’t break any rules, but at this point I absolutely detest homeless people.

Your not alone. I have zero empathy now for these shit stains of society. I don't give a fuck anymore if they are severe addicts with mental illness mixed in for good measure. They're disgusting and only care about getting high, destroying any place they live in and terrorizing any neighborhood that's unfortunate enough to be near them with increased crime and thefts to support their habits.

There is no hope for these people. Most of them are brainwashed drones with no ability to think for themselves or survive on their own.

The rest of the comments are just pretty much the same garbage.

Wall up canada and let them destroy themselves.

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Lmao, I wont get a covid vaccine. For a chance of "lesser" symptoms. Ill take my natural immunity tyvm.

Would I take a surgeon to cut out my parathyroid (if that is even the problem).

Yeah, id be fucking retarded not too.

Sad part is I wont let a canadian surgeon touch me, fuck no. Not after the shit the canadian medical system did to me. Id go home to the states and get it done.

I just want to know if its the parathyroid or kidney damage before I go back home. These fuckers seem adamant to never figure it out.

Sadly I dont have access to things like, a 24 hour urine collection without a doctor but I cant get one to requisition the test anyway.

I do think its kidney damage because the symptoms are mainly bad at night. I was cleaning dead skin off part of my neck yesterday because it had swollen so much the night before it killed the outer layer of skin in front of the parathyroid. I think my phosphorous dips at night and my parathyroid starts producing a ton fuck of hormone in response to that.

Absolutely fucked.

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Yes Yes, you choose to believe in a book that is thousands of years old, fragmented, and translated half a dozen times. There can be no doubt.

Im a looney for choosing to believe the plethora of experiments, research, and math out there.

Yes, yes, I get the point.

You remind me a bit of WCB claiming freon cant cause irregular heartbeat. Despite the magnitude of research and writing done on the topic, it cant possibly be.

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We also dont really know what the tower of babel was. If it even existed. Could be metaphysical.

Coulda been a spaceport for all we know.

Most of us here know that supposedly aliens "deactivated" nuclear missiles. Did you guys know that some of them were actually missiles powered by nuclear engines. Were they deactivating the missiles, or the engines. Im prolly being stupid again but its a thought I keep having.

In star trek enterprise there is a episode where they travel back to the 1990's and the captain makes the strangest comment.

"This was the era that man started exploring our own solar system with nuclear engines."

With nuclear engines, it wouldnt take "relatively" that long to spread around the galaxy.


The point of this fantasy is that we could colonize the Galaxy with sub-lightspeed technology on timescales much shorter than that of the billions of years that characterize the evolution of Sun-like stars, or the 4.6 Gigaannums it has taken for our civilization to appear on Earth. (A Gigaannum is one thousand million years).

This remains true even if the above colonization rate is reduced by a couple of orders of magnitude, because say, resources are short, or it really takes 1000 years to cover 10 light-years.

God did good splitting up the human race and giving everyone different languages. I like the conspiracy theory that each race is a different hybrids made from different royal bloodlines. Which is interesting because if you have never heard of mongoloid spots, they occur in certain races that crossbreed, which if aliens were using us as experiments, would be a great way to tell if crossbreeding was happening just by visual inspection...

Just food for thought.

Proaly, isnt true. But man does it make alot of sense.

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Taxing people is big, big, big money. Its too important to let fall to a criminal organization, other than the ones in charge haha.

Im surprised the adress isnt 333 or something.

Its funny, devout religous people think its a sign of the devil.

But I think its just these people worship some ancient deity.

And I dont believe that deity is a literal god, but a blood/flesh being that was/is playing one. And that our leaders desire to live like they did as godkings with the ability to live for very long times or even forever. Scary shit.

I couldnt think of a worse thing than some rich immortal whos only enjoyment is torturing human beings.

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I didnt even read this thread. I just seen the title a day ago.

You fucker, I had this weird ass dream last night that i was in front of biden being signed up for something.

He smelled weed on my fingertips because I had literally smoked a bowl and hes like, you smoke weed? He proceeds to write something down and look dissapointed.

I woke up this morning thinking, mother fucker your son smokes crack.

What the actual fuck bro. Dreams are just so fucking bizarre.

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Yeah, the few people Ive known to ever take this stuff acted like zombies. And then if you research it you learn it can permanently alter levels in your head.

When I was poisoned with freon, and I ended up seeing that Dr. Nicholson guy. He tried so hard to convince me to take some of these medications and just kept at it apointment after apointment.

I asked him, dont these actually alter your brain chemistry?

"No", he laughs. "They fix you."

So fucking creepy. I ended up giving in a few appointments later because at that time I still trusted doctors. Im a dumbass, I know. And he never mentioned it again. I took one pill and threw the rest in the trash.

Years later in my fight with wcb. "Well you took a anti depressant didnt you!", yeah I took one pill because i wasnt getting the help I needed and my blood pressure was skyrocketing.


Its all a sham.

Medication wont fix a broken society.

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I get what your saying and while I do agree with most of it, I just wanted to say...

It depends on what government were talking about and since you are obviously talking about america.

America is, well was, one of the few societys to ever exist in known mankinds history to be truly democratic and held accountable to the people, rich and poor, the healthy and the sick.

And it was like that, for a while. But it certainly isnt anymore.

I dont know about places like Canada, which are crown countrys so I assume they have always been like this. Its why I am guessing my family risked death floating over the ocean to come here 400 years ago. It's also why they refused to take the kings oath when it came to persecuting the quakers.


In Bowden’s History of the Society of Friends in America, it is mentioned that “two English Friends, named Christopher Holden and John Copeland came to Sandwhich on the 20th of the 6th month” of 1657[29] and there they found friends of toleration and resisters of an oppressive law in Daniel Wing, the son of John Wing and Deborah Bachiler, and grandson of Stephen Bachiler. Daniel Wing and his brother Stephen Wing and others resisted an oppressive law in the town of Sandwhich which publicly punished men and women by whipping, for “meetings at private houses, for encouraging others in holding meetings, for entertaining the preachers and for the unworthy speeches”. By 1658, Daniel Wing, with others who acted with him, became active converts and there were 18 families who recorded their names in the documents of the society.

Whats interesting to note is Daniel himself wasnt actually a quaker, never was. But he believed what ive been taught to believe. That everyone is equal and that we all should be free. Not just the rich, not just the white. Asa wing would continue on that tradition as part and mouthpiece for the underground railroad and for the end of slavery. It literally runs in my blood you see. Which only makes me wonder if I was poisoned on purpose even more.

Now our government and leaders represent only one group, the wealthy and elite. They have no allegiance to normal people like you and me.

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I dont know about DHL but fedex has exploded in trucks/drivers. I guess buisness must be booming, I would expect its the same for them.

Could be a newly purchased plane as well, or even a backup or something. They are the largest global courier provider so I imagine they have shit going/coming every day.

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I was going to edit this in, but its a lengthy explanation. Had to make sure my physics teacher from highschool wasnt yankin my leg.

"Basically maths is used to aim a mortar (I'm excluding direct fire where you can see the target from the mortar here, which uses part of what I describe).

First you need the direction, in degrees or mils (miliradians 6400 to a circle).

In older times this could be done with a map and a protractor. Now it's done with GPS positioning (for the target you combine your own GPS position with a laser range finder + compass to get the direction and distance to target, and from there its position), and a computer that does some basic trigonometry.

Then you need range, also pretty simple with a map and ruler, or GPS coordinates and simple maths.

Then you need to aim the mortar.

Fairly simple to set the direction using a compass (they set up sticks at certain directions and then measure offsets. If you set up a stick at due north and want to fire at 10 degrees, the you set your mortar sight to 10 degrees left of gun, and rotate your mortar so the sight is looking directly at the stick. You know know your mortar is facing 10 degrees right of north).

For the range, the old system was to use a range table. Either a mathematician worked out ranges to produce a table, or more likely they literally fired the mortar are various angles and measured to range the shell went.

The range table was a list of elevations in degrees or mils and the range the shell would travel. When you knew the range you could look it up on the table to get the elevation.

Modern systems use formulas built into a computer to generate the required elevation.

Elevation can be set fairly easily using a spirit level/bubble to get level and a measuring device to shows how many degrees you are from that level."

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It would be easy if we knew all there was. But we dont even know a fraction of a fraction of everything that has, or in the future will exist.

Thing about the speed of light, it can theoretically change depending on the medium it goes through. The speed of light isnt the same in the stretches between galaxy as it is in in the middle of one. Because space/time are so inextricably linked.

Which is why I wonder why, if say something like planet 9 existed and it was a brown dwarf, tiny but massive. If say it was approaching the earth, and of course the fastest something will move is at the very last step of its journey before its spit back out into space.

Would it distort time, and would we even be aware of it? I think it would and we prolly wouldnt be able to tell, without looking at space outside of our bubble, but part of us might be able to sense something.

There are a lot of things that we do not actually know. It's sad we cant trust a damn thing our leaders tell us anymore. I believe numbers over words though.

Not to mention, FTL travel could be achievable if higher dimensions do exist. If the math is even somewhat right, they are a fraction of the size of our universe.

Which kinda lines up with my beliefs, I believe our "souls" our "spark" is part of this higher dimension. Our limited brains and bodys cannot comprehend the raw input/energy.

Our subconscious's are likely some kinda gateway between this "soul" and what we consider "us". Only here do we have individuality, and emotions. Whatever there is, we only exist as pure energy with no sense of being or any will at all. Just existence.

I would chomp at the bit to be born into a life even as shitty as this I guess.

Went on a trip that

Won't let me back

Where everybody

Was God in drag

Where nothing's true 'cause

Nothing lies

Where nothing's living

'Cause nothing dies


One of my favorite bands, which is coincidentally christian.

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Your typing on the proof, imo.

The transistors work on quantum effect.


The processor does too.


So does the plastic. (works on math)

From the very beginnings of chemistry, mathematics was used to create quantitative and qualitative models for helping comprehend the world of chemistry

No quantum effects isnt the same as "space" travel, but they all kinda work the same. Millions of people have done experiments and done the math, to give us a current explanation for the reality we live in.

But yes, I actually enjoyed physics and calculating trajectory's and I think its rather amazing that the military had these nerds on the battlefield with notepads and papers calculating this shit by hand before they had devices and eventually computers to do it all for them. Could you imagine trying to solve a algebra equation while bullets are flying by your head rofl. Sounds fun, except for the whole killing others and possibly dying part.

I really question, what math did you guys finish in highschool. I actually did not know how to add/subtract fractions in the 9th grade. By grade 10 I was in geometry and algebra, by 11 I was in algerbra 2 and I aced that class, somehow.

I failed out of precalc the next year though. Spent more time daydreaming about someone who didnt even know I existed rather than focusing on the school work. The teacher wasnt bad, but he wasnt the teacher from the year before playing fuel albums during quizzes and tests. I did end up passing precalc in college and making it to calculus. In fact calculus and linear algerbra was the last of my generic classes I needed. Its bullshit that most of the degree wont transfer to any other school.

I dont claim to be smart, but ive done alot of this math and checked it out myself. I deal with alot of it doing the game engine thing. Its why im convinced there is more to this universe than we can see/comprehend. You may believe in god, but we can both agree on that at least?


Math can even describe the breakdown of the very smallest particles that we know for sure can exist. Why would it be fake for the observable universe. Think about it.

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I dont get it. Most of us here are on the same page arent we. Why would rich people, corporations, and politicians lie and kill, well when there is lots of money involved thats totally a reason people rob, kill, and conspire. Dumb people think that they dont.

As for my personal shit.

Dude, its one thing to be like, yeah we tested the air, it was so much freon, it likely would not have done anything. Yea you had some irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure but again we tested the air.

Oh no it didnt go down like that though. They straight up just said. Nope. freon cant cause irregular heartbeat and you didnt have it anyway.

THey just lied, like how the fuck is the system working when they can do this shit to not just me, but all the others they fuck over as well. They destroyed my life and I am filled with rage over it.

I feel like I could burn down the arca shop(with no one in it of course) and if a real judge actually listened they wouldnt put me in prison for it. I feel like I would at get my settlements worth by burning their leaky ass machines and deadly workplace. Id proably even be doing some poor schmuck a favor.

But I cant, I wont do that. Im not really giving these faggots a reason to lock me up.

All I can do is preach about what happened to me as a warning to never trust the rich or the government.

Its also funny really because like reddit and the steam forums just feel so tiny with the same handful of people and a bunch of bots talking. The dead internet feels real to me and prolly is some virtual gulag.

It doesnt matter where we go does it, but I guess here we are somewhat quarantined from our regions. Obviously its pissing someone off or there wouldnt be so many drama or so many forum sliding posts or black porn posts lmao.

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Yep, im not filled with illusions of grandeur. Im a loser born from losers and a loser I will always be. And thats ok. I dont seek happiness in the acceptance of others. If I did, I would never be happy.

If I can just open one persons mind to a different way of thinking. I consider that a mission accomplished. Although there cant be many people to reach through this site. But I cant go back to the normies on reddit. They are fucking zombies.

The nail was really put in my coffin with being poisoned with freon though. I still think sometimes in my low phosphorous induced paranoia that it was intentional. I was pretty vocal about my view leading up to getting poisoned. I still think rick the VP was military although he swore up and down he wasnt.

But either way, whether being poisoned was intentional or not. Covering it up and denying me help for what happened was for sure 100% a "cost versus saving" decision.

And for that I do thank nova scotia for solidifying how evil our leaders truly are.

Barely human.

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Youd be a fool to think some backroom schmuck trying to make a extra dollar cares if your poisoned after using their product for a extended amount of time.

Its amazing people dont really think about any of this, like the chemicals that line their pots and pans, the packaging we put our food in, cant handle watching someone microwave even those "safe" plastic bowls. Let alone whats put into our water, air, and food.

But yet people think its some kinda big conspiracy theory. Wild.

At least in california its one of the few places where they attempt to test purity. Weed is one of those plants, like cat tails, that will soak up whatever is in the ground. Funny enough seems like china and other countries will do with this herbs and then sell the product to us. On top of that they will add shit like arsenic to paprika to make it more red. Lol.

In canada, ive smoked some shit that they should be embarrased to even sell. Bought a cheap black market ounce once, filled with mold. That was terrible had to throw the entire thing away.

But ive smoked weed licensed from the government thats full of spider mite webs so it doesnt seem any better.

Just try different products until I find something cheap that doesnt choke me the fuck out or make me feel funny. Theres usually a couple companies that actually try to give a shit.

But your right, growing your own is the way to do it, but even then you have to be wary of what soil your using, what water you use it with, again mold/spider mites.

Occasionally you even see those "weed gave me thunder headache" news storys. But im not convinced its weed, or just the contaminants that may be in it. Most of these people who get sick from marijuana have one thing in common, they consume a fuck load of it.

I smoke about a gram after work, a joints worth. But since I havent been able to keep a job, im smoking about two grams a day and I still hate it. Id like to quit but at this point it aint happening with the medical issues. Bullshit insurance wont pay for it.

Then again if they would help me with my parathyroid I would actually be able to work again. But oh no, its because I am a pothead who wants to stay home all day wasting his life away contributing nothing to society.

Fuck this society anway.

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Well they both serve two diff purposes. A gyro is supposed to resist movement in all direction.

A pendulum uses gravity as a way to keep itself moving.

Ill argue that yeah its weird that most of these require a electromagnet to keep moving, but technically the experiment can be done with a large enough setup. You only get a few hours of movement which only equates to a few inches on the pendulum.

A gyroscope (from Ancient Greek γῦρος gŷros, "round" and σκοπέω skopéō, "to look") is a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity. It is a spinning wheel or disc in which the axis of rotation (spin axis) is free to assume any orientation by itself.

pendulum, body suspended from a fixed point so that it can swing back and forth under the influence of gravity. Pendulums are used to regulate the movement of clocks because the interval of time for each complete oscillation, called the period, is constant.

freedomlogic 2 points ago +3 / -1

You didnt watch that video did you. Let me mark the spot specifically.


Its physically impossible to see the curve unless your far enough away lmao.

Again, I still think earth appears flat to us from down here, and from up there it looks spherical but in truth could be both. But I can either choose to believe millions of other people many of who dedicated their lives for the truth or not. But like ive said before science isnt the ultimate "truth", science is just a collection of everything we know and have been able to demonstrate as "true". Its being rewritten all the time.

If you want another reality shattering truth, the origin of our species. There is no way we just naturally evolved to the state we are as quick as we did. I dont think anyway, shoulda prolly took another 10 million years. You think given a billion years, cats and dogs could learn to talk?

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