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That's awesome if true.

I kinda doubt it though, because even if something like that did happen, they would never let it get out.

Supposedly the guy kicked out all the ladders after he climbed to the top, so China is a mess if he's not the head despot.

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These things are grifts.

Show me the unusual options activity, or STFU

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All the WEF and ZOG fuckers want Trump.

Soo true. They're were all prepping their Trump/Populist plans in Davos last winter, as reported here.

Everyone's just a 1/2 a move behind... 1.5D Chess is accurate.

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He's not a Boogeyman, he's just a whore.

Elon is a whore too.

They know who's going in.

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The only thing I'd like worse than this is his vaccine status (?)

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I caught that the otherday.

I didn't realize Vance was a from the Theil posse.

That's a handful of formidable technocrat / transhumanists douchers.

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Yeah, people are way behind, but anointed conspiracy boogeyman Blackrock switched pro-Trump way back mid spring. I see a lot of kayfabe going on.

I get bad vibes, and I consider myself a supporter, with a small "s". (See Warpspeed / J6 / fake elections)

They're gonna 100% put him in and dump the Economy.

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Again, why wouldn't they had stopped the rally for a confirmed credible threat? You think they would be shouting across all the radios.

There's a lot of weird things about all this. Not saying it's kayfabe, but here's my list:

  • The area wasn't contained
  • They didn't stop, when the shooter was soo obvious.
  • The hit was kinda like a punch you see the movie, head turned away from the camera (I'd like to see it from the opposite angle)
  • Friggin' Vince Fusca standing there while everyone is ducking.
  • His ear looked bloody, but intact.
  • Weirdly accurate prediction going around.

Agian, my thesis is Trump is supposed to win, everything has been playing right into it.

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I get ya... I think "intuition" is a better word to describe it.

The Jews deserve some scrutiny.

Just saying, there's a flat-earth style flood of garbage meant to discredit this place.

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There's websites dedicated to tracking all the bullshit that guy lies about:


Hmm by dukey
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Yeah, I mean, I get the not shooting first thing..

But they would have stopped the show, while they investigated a threat, at the very least

Hmm by dukey
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++ a handful of people waving and pointing at him.

Even stranger, they didn't temporarily stop the show.

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Holy Shiz 👀👀👀👀

Vincent Fusca.

What's really weird, he doesn't even duck.

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Is it always 100% effective?

Or is it 99.8% effective, then 90%, then 60%... Then like everyone you know who gets the shot gets AIDS two weeks later... But it's better than the AIDS they would have gotten without the shot.

Anyway, what I'm saying is, we should ask Kerry Mullis. 👌

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There's a point in there that needs to be highlighted more: even when I'm in public around white folk, it's wild how many aren't speaking English.

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Can we just be honest and say Trump probably had Epstein killed???

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