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  1. It helps with their depopulation plans.

  2. Fags make for perfect docile state slaves.

  3. False identity and increased division of society.

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Same here, hotter sun. As if it has more UV radiation. The increase seem to have been gradual over the years, but to me at least, was very noticeable this summer.

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Finally more people are starting to come to the conclusion that this polarization is intentional. We don't have percentages stats but it must be both reasons.

A lot of normies I talked to, seemed to buy into the government narrative just to spite those who don't. It gives them an air of superiority because they think they are the "rationale" ones who don't believe crazy things like the government wants to kill us all etc.... Just the same way a lot of us here have that superior feeling as well.

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LOL You must be either a shill or someone completely brainwashed by jewish propaganda.

What year it was written in? You have no idea what you are talking about!! Actually the Talmud was written in stages, in each stage one more group of demented sub humans added more insanity to it. That's all without going into the garbage of the Zohar. I will not go into the details here, if you want a quick an easy read just look up Israel Shahak or pick his books (I picked a jewish author for you in case you are a jew and think people hate jews just for the sake of).

The evils in Islam are way way way less than Judaism, and I say they came from the parts they copied from Judaism. At least non muslims are human who have strayed the way. Read up on the Talmud. It's the jews game to send hasbara trolls to blame all the muzzies (Are you one?)


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Now why would the MSM even dare to ask these questions???

This is not organic guys, they want everyone to know he was with Epstein, they want to set up Bill Gates as the most evil person ever.

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Now the question, do you seriously think an MSM reporter would even ask these questions if they were intentional by the rabbis in control?

Basically they are telling us he had relations with Epstein (or confirming). Why is that?

They could have avoided this whole matter, if they really wanted to cover for him.

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Is this all part of the destabilization the jews are aiming for?

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BTW I am playing the conspiracy conspirator here but please note that brother Nathaniel is probably also working for them!!! I know it sounds crazy but hear me out: He gives you all the truth about the jews but he promotes Putin in an indirect way!!!

He is put out there to promote Putin, as far as I know he never mentions Putin is a Chabad Lubavitch servant. He names the jew alright but keeps you away from Putin.

If he was for real he would have been killed long ago or not popularized for quite some time on youtube before banning him (they banned him after he is famous and after you already know how to find him on alternative forums)

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Actually I am reading on both but the muzzies book does not even compare to the talmud, for the muzzies, all non Muslims will burn in hell, you get to beat your wives (with an s) etc..but at least everyone is considered human.

But the TALMUD!!! "All other non jews are merely animals shaped like humans so they can better serve their human jewish masters!!"

I am also beginning to think all judicial systems have been inspired by the Talmud as well, the level of superfluous details and word play can only come from jews deeply steeped in the Talmud.

The Talmud have ridiculous laws regarding everything, all of them are with the underlying tone that you can cheat non jews or they do not apply to human animals.

Absolutely nothing in the world compares to the Talmud. The most evil book humanity have ever written.

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Or maybe they don't want anyone going to rallies, conventions or getting together and sharing ideas.

They make one side fearful of a "virus", the other of the "government"

Note: pure speculation, I am not familiar with Mike's work

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A shorter YT video: https://youtu.be/dAvvmp5MOVU

Basically it is about how Americans on several occasions captured IDF soldiers (israeli attack forces) sniping American soldiers in Iraq, in addition a lot of the sniping was too accurate to be from Iraqi resistance.

They would do this to instigate violence. My own personal addition is that they also do it for practice, they do a lot of practice on Palestinian children's knees, eyes and private parts: https://vimeo.com/468511098 But they need practice on people with vests, helmets and in army combat situations.

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The baphomet, I try not to think too much or waste a lot of time deciphering their symbols and rituals, but it helps to spot them.

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Exactly!! I cannot believe how people who should know better, are surprised that simple emotional repetition worked on the masses, while it has been proven to be the only thing that actually works.

A lot of "conspiracy" work goes into deciphering numbers, stats and logic, it works for smart people who ALREADY understand the problem. For the normie none of it matters.

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Have you seen the logo of voat? And the fact they see no problem in describing users as goats bleating?

Most likely all websites similar to this are heavily monitored if not completely controlled or started, never make the assumption that it isn't.

It's just the best way for them to do damage control and keep the truth away from normies.

Also never trust that your security measures are 100% safe no matter what you do, the only complete security is not using any technology whatsoever.

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I know of one completely brainwashed doctor in a "covid" hospital. Yes, I know that the hospitals are not being "filled" to the brim with dying people, it's just a slow health deterioration that seems from normal causes but which I think it isn't.

The deterioration I am talking about are the following: 2 Kidney patients started having large blood clots, another elderly person is losing weight rapidly and I don't think she will survive one more year, one I know of is starting to be tired and forgets things more than usual, 2 young ones I know of seem to forget more than usual and lack concentration, one who took them at the experimental stage have died. And yes many others seem to be perfectly fine with no symptoms whatsoever.

But what I am saying that we shouldn't completely rule out the fact that the vaccines are a slow poison or some sort of toxin that adds pressure on an already stressed body.

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Agreed, it was a big factor, a lot of them saw that others took it and didn't drop dead instantly, so they were thinking there is nothing to worry about here. Although there are many delayed effects that are happening now and they can keep rolling out more and more "boosters" with any percentage of placebos or small dose toxins in them.

I know that to you vaccines are only secondary to lockdowns and the never ending covid world. But I think democide with vaccines if not as the main weapon cannot also be ruled out, I am seeing many jabbed deteriorating from this vaccine.

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I think emotional things work very well with the normies, BUT we must always keep this into consideration: AUTHORITY ranks very high in the normie mind. A lot higher than all else.

Our problem is that we do not do good representations of authority and we do not have the power and repetition of the existing power structure.

For example, you show them a video of normies convulsing, they tell you we don't want to see it, or this video is fake, or it's only a small small percentage, convid victims are suffering more, etc.. even if shaken, they will watch some TV which tells them convid is dangerous, hospitals are collapsing, etc.... and it will come from a news anchor who knows how to talk, in a nice looking studio and all of your work is thrown outside the window.

If you show them doctor reports, they will tell you it's just some crazy doctors, all the "official" doctors do not say this!

The normie mind is completely dead, until challenged on the authority he worships, he will become super critical at that point. It never seizes to amaze me.

I am not saying we don't try, but just to understand some of the issues we face with normies.

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Ernst Zündel is the man you are looking for. You will find some of his videoS on https://www.goyimtv.tv/ Download them before they get deleted.

Also you might want to read David Irving to get an idea how Germany in WW2 was

more resources: http://www.vho.org https://codoh.com

The truth about the holocaust lie is probably one of the most important things we can spread. It's the very basis of jewish world domination.

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If you know about the history of religions, you will understand that a new religion is usually introduced by being mixed with the symbols, rituals and places of worship of the old.

For example some of the symbols on mosques derive from worships of Tammuz, Ishtar and some of the texts have been taken and modified from Judaism and Christianity.

It looks like that they are building a new religion, by saying we are all one etc.. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all the same etc.... Of course the jew will be made prominent in this new religion since he started it and is from the chosen people!

Please note that Mohammed Bin Zayed is half jewish, his mother is an Iranian jew, he killed some of his half brothers and completely ousted Khalifa Bin Zayed, he probably has been the most compliant "obedient" crook in those "lockdowns" and new normal.

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What I am certain of is complete control and rebuilding of society, I am not sure about the cull numbers it could be low or it could be high.

Things are progressing nicely for them, people have completely accepted taking tests for travel, possibility of jail (quarantine) for no reason, needing to take permission to leave the house, QR codes to do things, which soon could expand for things other than vaccines and tests.

I think the circus or obvious part was there to create division, maybe few system collapse here and there like in France or Europe to bring in tyrannical dictatorship.

But the bigger picture is control, if you want to see the end goal, look up Abu Dhabi, which is a city completely controlled by israeli jews (their sheikh is half jewish and very obedient to the jews)

A new unified religion house of worship is being built there (Abrahimic faith, islam+christianty+judaism), booster are now mandatory for those who have taken the chinese jabs, you need QR for any supermarket and tests every month even if vaccinated and can be denied access randomly through special "scanners" with no reasons given, perfect obedient slaves. That's what they are aiming for.

How many will they cull, what countries will they collapse, will they starve people or not on the way are all details which the jew can work out and adapt as needed.

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These are prisons. They don't want to shake the normies too much by saying Australia is building new prisons very quickly, but those are prisons none the less.

Who will be their inmates is anyone's guess. But just like KiloRomeo said, most likely political prisoners under guise of pandemic, or anyone slightly disobedient with all the new measures they come up with.

Just read in Egypt they are finishing up building an incredibly large prison, since all of them work for the same jews, they are probably taking the same orders.

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I agree, in that case it's forced. Also rethinking it, children are forced as well because they really can't make that decision, it's the parent fault of course, but still not the children's choice.

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People and kids are not being forced, they do it with their own choice, yes they pressure you but I do not know of anyone they sent an army to and forcefully jabbed them.

I know of gym employees who took it because they were "forced" i.e. told they would be let go if they don't take it, 2 months later the gym closed anyway! They should have said no, it was their choice.

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Yes, as a rule, all famous people work for the jews unless proven otherwise.

Even fringe opposition is on many occasions working for them, let alone mainstream figures.

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