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Daryl was one of the genuine ones, that's why they chased him down with threats and lawsuits until he closed down his website. You can never mention the real enemies behind this (High ranking jews) without getting shutdown. Most "researchers" today are grifters.

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Shereen Abu Aqleh, was a Christian Palestinian American Journalist who was clearly assassinated by an israeli sniper. Today mourners tried to release the coffin out of the hospital to be buried. This scene is at the Hospital (israelis want Palestinians killed without anyone going out in groups to the funeral, while at the same time, if a Rabbi dies of old age he gets this)

To get the bigger picture please read this. Also please note that this could take years in the making. israelis are known to be meticulous planners with long term goals (i.e. September 11th)

Edit: This is all part of a planned instigation campaign by the israelis with the usual problem/reaction/solution. During this time, israelis have also demolished countless Palestinian homes and are continuing to do so and are attacking the Palestinians on multiple fronts.

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And for anyone who might buy into israeli propaganda that it was a mistake or that there was a shooting nearby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nguevm1CHXM

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The link is of Morocco building a new vaccine factory, for manufacturing more than 100 million vaccines per year which includes covid vaccines.

Edit: The article is dated on the 28th of January, but work on the factory obviously did not stop (mentioned here at the Pharma section) The point of this post is if they are planning to completely roll back vaccine mandates and such and never reintroduce them again, they wouldn't have built such factories. I hope it's over but who knows if on next winter they start ramping it up all over again.

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They are desperately trying to polish their boy Elon, I reckon they can still use him as a false opposition for few years before a new anti-establishment "hero" is built.

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Not really sure about this guy, I mean here is a title of one of his recent videos: "Covid just Hit China Really Hard - They Can't Hide it This Time!"

Either way he is just kosher opposition. Could be a grifter or just a borderline normie.

And I am not defending Elon, Musk is obviously working for the jews/deep state/Chinese whatever works for you,

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Great link, much to dig into.

What I don't get is why would anyone downvote this? You just posted it and got 3 downvotes already!! Hasbara trolls must be pretty active before their sabbath.

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Thank you for the tip, will look them up.

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This is from 2009, but you can still glean good information from it that is relatively hard to find on your own now.

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I will add option 3:

3- The reason for the false opposition is to stop you from doing ANYTHING!

Well as long as someone else doing it why bother?

They don't want ordinary Joes making videos and critically analyzing, maybe one of them will mention the jewish or israeli agenda rationally? Maybe one of the Joes would spill the beans on the Holocaust?

Controlled opposition is important, maybe they don't like doing it, but when they have to; it's still better than random unpredictable organic opposition.

And BTW "viruses" do not work in the childish way of infecting people so quickly, and vaccines to not protect people.

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Apologies if I sounded too harsh, it's just that it angers me whenever I hear different forms of the age old much repeated lie of a "land without people for a people without land", only jews are able to conjure up such big ones, the same way they did with the holohoax. Anyways if you have any further questions feel free to shoot'em.

I wish Americans where just sending them the official aid, lots of the army spending fraud is diverted to israel, In September 11th, they hit the Pentagon at the department which was investigating over 2 trillions which probably was mostly sent to them. Not to mention the tech they steal and later sell to China, or all the high tech such as Intel which any sane person would not let it leave US soil.

Freeing up Jonathan Pollard and sending him back to israel as a hero is a clear indication of where things stand.

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I see you haven't even bothered to read my original post, check what I said about Arafat.

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Well I think you forget to mention the jewish nation state law

Also you forgot that you: jews/israelis were the ones behind September 11th and busy trafficking little girls for Epstein's clientele.

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No it was not, this is actually blatant jewish propaganda that is easy to debunk, stuff that jewish cucked pastors spread. the Khazars only started moving in around the early to mid 1900s, the Palestinians there can trace their roots at least 300-400 years back. Many of them know their tribal ancestry.

The Palestinians inhabiting Palestine now are descendants of people who have been there for as far as one can look up, even according to biblical version of history they were still there (Yabosean Canaanite). Now are they 100% pure? Well of course not! Who is?

The crusaders, Moguls, Turks, Egyptians, etc.. all passed and ruled Palestine and intermarried with the local Palestinians. Is that reason to hand it over to Polish, Ukranian and Yemeni jews? No!

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I have made very clear distinction in my first post about Gaza and some villages in the west bank.

Gaza is still having large families, it is actually the only reason why Gaza is jew free now. Without their demographics the jews would have stayed there and never left. They try to slowly genocide them with cancer causing foods, vaccines, dirty drinking water, cutting off building materials and all means of living but they are still not very successful at it.

The BBC will of course pick these families specifically!! Remember the BBC interview Ehud Barrack right after September 11th to point the finger at Muslims terrorist away from themselves? The BBC is not your friend and does not pick people to interview randomly! They usually even pick the ugliest of the available Palestinian stock to paint them in a negative light.

While the jews (still) didn't completely genocide the Palestinians in the west bank, the west bank is as tightly controlled as it could ever get. There is a checkpoint at every city entrance, movement is restricted, movement permits are required, some villages are completely isolated from the world and are prisons in and of themselves.

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Moshe Sharett diaries (terribly boring! but had to trudge through it)

Ben Gurion's war diaries 1947-1949


George Habash Pages of my struggle

Hajj Amin Al-Husseini diaries


Abdullah El Tell The Catastrophe of Palestine


Saad el-Shazly diaries (Regarding the very important 1973 war)

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From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_State_of_Palestine

Total fertility rate for Palestinian is 3.2 child per woman

But for the Jewish population it is: 5.07 child per woman!!

This does not take the account further jewish illegal immigrants such as the recent influx of Ukrainian jews

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If 13 children was the norm for Palestinians in the west bank then jewish illegal immigrants would have already moved back to Brooklyn, Russia, Ukraine, Yemen and Ethiopia by now.

Per annum growth in the west bank is now at 0.92%, The west bank is not Gaza! There are differences, Also the Palestinian population in Palestine waiting liberation since 1948 (so called israel) is probably even less than that but I can't get a reference for it.

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Good question!!

I actually read several diaries to try to understand the jewish mindset and why things went the way it did.

I can sum it up with 2 things:

-They made mistakes

-They couldn't get away easily with it

The Boers had no other Boers to be pissed off at such action, the Native American were not quite united, but the Palestinians are part of a larger Arab Ethnicity or culture, while it's true all Arab leaders and regimes are traitors, the jews still can't get away with mass relocation, relatively recently the jews had to fight true nationalist leader such as Jamal Abd Al Nasser, even people like Sadam were a pain. If it was just the Palestinians against the jews they would have easily moved them.

Just a reminder, the Palestinians actually refused and continue to refuse relocation, they would rather die than move. Palestinians in Jerusalem are offered insane amounts of money to sell their homes but they do not do it!!

Palestinians in Jerusalem are offered American passports and millions just to leave but they refuse. I know it's hard to believe but that's the case. Some of them do actually accept the offers but they always have to try and pretend that they didn't sell their homes, if they are found out, any other Palestinian would kill them for it.

Through a combination of reasons the jews were unsuccessful in relocating the Palestinians, take for example the deep state in Jordan. They didn't want more Palestinians because it would turn Jordan into an official Palestinian state and the nomadic tribes in charge of it would lose their power. Same thing with Lebanon the Christians don't want any more Muslims.

Egypt had a national system at one point which would refuse such a thing, back in the 50s and 60s there was a strong national Arab pride that was not only dangerous for israelis but to the international oligarchy., under Al-Sisi it may happen and I think they are planning it, maybe Mubarak didn't accept it and he was toppled because of it.

Golda Meir actually regretted not killing all the Palestinians left in areas occupied in 1948, they only left very few Palestinians alive but they proved to be problematic later on. In 1967 the Palestinians have learned their lesson from 1948 and were willing to die than leave their homes, town municipalities in areas like Nablus refused to let anyone leave to the east bank (Jordan) and thus stood against mass migration, and the jews didn't want to commit mass massacres because they must have believed it would cause them more serious issues down the road (It was the days of Nasser back then, a whole different world)

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I am afraid that's not the case recently (it used to be, but no longer valid), new Palestinian families are two small especially in the west bank, mostly 2-3 children max getting married later and later in life due to economic hardships. Palestinians are more and more living in ghetto like conditions, overcrowded cities with expensive housing.

In addition many of them have been tricked into the "vaccine", I am not sure what the results will be. The only ones who still have a somewhat large family mindset are the ones in Gaza and some who still live in villages, but they too suffer from water and housing shortages and are surrounded by their enemies

In comparison, orthodox jews, get free housing, free welfare, jobs and free education and medical care.

They are encouraged to breed by their rabbis, and probably took only saline "vaccines" or didn't even bother to take one.

If you look in Google earth at the west bank in Palestine, you will see very dense small Palestinian cities surrounded by settlements on the mountain tops surrounding them, those orthodox jews are being placed there as outposts and are constantly building newer and newer settlements, only a matter of time until they need the existing Palestinian cities and given time they would even need more landmass area outside of Palestine into Jordan/Lebanon/Syria, Saudi Arabid and the Sinai in Egypt (Very long term of course)

Doubtful of the recent strides in the jewish orthodox population? Take a look at this: https://conspiracies.win/p/142BT7bHZI/behold-the-hive-mind-in-action/c/

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Palestinians did not do a "Bombathon", I would expect someone on this forum, who knows israelis did September 11th, israelis blackmailed the world with Epstein, the USS Liberty, the Lavon affair would know better!!!

A lot of the so called "attacks" by Palestinians never happened the way it did, some are completely fabricated (basically a jewish soldier, kills a Palestinian then puts a knife next to him), in others it were desperate attempts after their homes have been demolished by israeli jews, you have a lot of homework to do Mr.Reuters!

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I wanted to make a post about this one, maybe later I will make it. They have been planning for it and I anticipate it will continue to escalate.

King Abdullah of Jordan, was busy meeting Mahmoud Abbas (Both working for the israelis) and they both were busy conducting meetings with israeli officials and Egyption dictator Al Sisi. (Abdullah of Jordan time is almost up but he still to seem to have some role to play)

These guys do not meet for no reason, they have been taking orders to plan something.

If you know anything about israelis/zionists/jews, you know it's all about demographics for them. The Palestinians inside areas of Palestine awaiting liberation since 1948 (so called israel), and the Palestinians in areas awaiting liberation since 1967 (so called the west bank) represent a huge dilemma for the jewish criminals in Palestine. The zionists always have a plan!!! They are not just going to set there and do nothing.

These provocations I believe are to start some sort of civil war (one sided of course, but it will portrayed as 2 sided), this war will be to massacre some Palestinians and a tiny minuscule minority of jew to expel them later to parts of Jordan and Egypt under a "peace" plan pretext

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No, because we would have seen more deaths by now if that's the case.

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