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yeah I think that other than you and a few other people most of us westerners do not realize just what condition China is in.

in addition to all the monstrous goat fuck that we are having stuffed down our throats in this completely crazy year, there is - if we had any more bandwidth - also the very real possibility of China completely fucking itself.

popcorn time.

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oh, let me save the FBI some electricity:

  • well this has not been approved of by the mainstream media ...
  • ... so it can't be true ...
  • and if you even think about it then you are a bad person who hates puppies.
  • do not think about pizzagate
  • let me change the subject to something else:

<something something> Flat Earth <something >

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So ... translating here ... you're not (?) going to justify your "he was a Trump supporter" claim, ever?

At least we agree on one thing: your words are of no worth, no value.

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The guy's substack is https://theponzipapers.substack.com/

  1. it's a great read with lots of great info
  2. disgusting shills , like the OP, hate info more than anything else. so when dealing with a shill, one thing they really hate is more information , like, for example their target's substack
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this post is a disgusting attempt to smear someone who gave his life for the greater good.

his substack - https://theponzipapers.substack.com/ - which which everyone should read, is fucking awesome and he really goes deep on a lot of very intense things.

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I hate to agree with vpnsurfer but you are a complete fucking dick. answer the fucking question you fag parasite.

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the ships are all ridiculously old. much older than nearly any other ships, these ships have obviously purposely been chosen for their extreme age. that there have been so few breakdowns is a miracle.

the idea of these being either a) sacrifice or b) purposely useless are both valid.

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but you are so stupidly wrong in almost everything you say that I, we, can't take anything you say seriously.

I read a few of the pages of that guy's sub stack and it was great.

there is no point reading your comments : they might as well have been randomly generated.

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I read that book: " 1666 Redemption through Sin ".

it is a badly supported , badly documented, rambling walk through the history of The Synagogue of Satan over the last three, four hundred years.

Still, it's easy to read and if you are not familiar with the stuff it's a good place to start I guess. however absolutely useless as a reference document

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You are a moron. Cannot even read.

Only fags like you parrot media fake-hoods.

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No, no we're not. We will do what our telescreens tell us to do.

A few "brave" Souls will post angry notes, anonymously, on low-traffic bulletin boards, go slow ... and finally do what the telescreens told them to .

Have you killed Fauci or Cuomo yet, warrior ?

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no link, what the fuck are you talking about ?

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that is kind of far out.

a whole book of those is:

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yawn, the latest attempt to hide vaxxx murder deaths.

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