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A real easy tell of a shill is some fuckwit who deliberately throws in "flat earth" - while trying to make it appear casual - to keep us reaching for low-hanging fruit.

Time to change up your game, Hasbaratard.

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It's okay for surgery, but pretty much the rest of it is BS.

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What, you don't like your talking heads high pitched, fast talking and lacking enunciation?

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OP, you've triggered the nerds with this one. Might as well be arguing with a bunch of Vaxxtards.

Tech is their religion instead of media.

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Yes more so than no. The world has waaaay too many "analysts" (which is just another word for "manager", just with no people under them) and waaay too much software.

You can only "analyze" so much shit until the marginal utility becomes negative, and the world has too much software that does nothing or very little to contribute to human happiness (for those who aren't full blown autists, lol).

Where exactly does having a smartphone appear on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

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Given what we've known for 15+ years about 9/11 and the normies' reaction to it, how is this in any way surprising?

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Excuse my ignorance, but isn't Musk cleaning up Twitter?


Stop wasting people's time making them search for tweets.

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Who TF cares about upvotes?

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Gates, Bezos, Musk and Buffet are teaming up to do deep-earth lithium drilling over the San Andreas fault in the Salton Sea area.

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