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Yes. They deleted 15,000 articles out of the 45,000 they have written to date. Everything before 2016, some after 2016.

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Headlines for the 57 Deleted Articles on 2015-04-20:

'Five steps to improve governance in development'

'How microfinance can build bridges to growth'

'Why clean-tech companies should work together'

'6 ways banks can profit from the digital age'

'Video: What is the secret to a healthy immune system?'

'Why trust is key to East Asia’s bright future'

'Will South Asia make the most of cheap oil?'

'How can government support the modern family?'

'How can we forecast technological change?'

'How can we stop phones and computers making us stressed?'

'Could smart packaging detect spoiled food?'

'How to make shipping oil by rail safer'

'How social media is changing communication'

'What global businesses can learn from New York City'

'How is technology transforming logistics?'

'Taking Indonesia’s economy to the next level'

'How can Africa reap the benefits of global value chains?'

'The cartoon series empowering girls in India'

'How to answer ‘Why should we hire you?’'

'How to gain a competitive advantage with Big Data'

'How can we prevent data breaches?'

'8 simple tips to tame your inbox'

'Why climate action is our business too'

'What’s the cost of pure water in Ghana?'

'Why would a virus limit its own virulence?'

'When will there be a female face on US currency?'

'Is inclusive growth attainable?'

'How MOOCs are taking local knowledge global'

'What’s the state of Greece’s budget?'

'How immigrants and job mobility help low-skilled workers'

'How can rapidly growing cities achieve water security?'

'Will Greece run out of cash?'

'How to survive a data breach'

'The cities showcasing sustainable building'

'Why you should never work at a startup'

'What’s behind the dearth of private investment?'

'Why praising effort works better than praising achievement'

'Is leadership about authority or responsibility?'

'The problem with secular stagnation'

'How to overcome obstacles to The Internet of Things'

'What’s the economic outlook for Latin America?'

'What exactly is a fossil fuel subsidy?'

'How vulnerable should a leader be?'

'EU migrants, Mobilegeddon, the underworld bank'

'How can we reduce our reliance on debt?'

'What are the key steps to economic growth in Indonesia?'

'Video: Do we live in a surveillance state?'

'5 cities with game-changing sustainability projects'

'How can we protect Syria’s refugees?'

'Can trade agreements stop currency manipulation?'

'Does this explain the decline in the labour share of income?'

'How can East Asia make the most of big data?'

'How can we feed the world while protecting the environment?'

'Why financial inclusion is key to ending global poverty'

'How can South-East Asia close its infrastructure gap?'

'Can innovation solve East Asia’s most pressing challenges?'

'How Indonesian companies can survive a falling rupiah'

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Aired March 4th, 2001

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Sorry to hear this. We were all scammed in one way or another. I ended up coding to make my life/job easier rather than getting employed in the field. It's not a great industry anyway when you're pushing code for a giant app that you hate.

I hope things turn around on your end, friend

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Forum tor the Future has been around for a while. You might remember the 'Megacities' animation that they showed to children in the UK back in 2010: https://vimeo.com/18125856 (intro is 45 seconds long)

I just posted this which is related.

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Charlie Rose was having breakfast with Klaus Schwab in New York on September 11th, 2001


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They'll use the same arguments but in the name of Health. 'Science' says less people will be shot if we take all legal guns away

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She probably tried to film this a few times and this was the best one..

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"The principle of procreative beneficence (PPB) holds that parents or single reproducers are at least prima facie obliged to select the child, out of a range of possible children they might have, who will be likely to lead the best life."

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Why not start by having corporations buy the stuff back from us, like returning bottles. It would create a recycle economy that would mostly benefit the lower classes. It would incentivize companies to make products that last longer.

The model they want is designed for everyone to live in a tiny cookie cutter house where you don't have to store anything because you're renting what's there.

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I hope you're right. The more people accept that it's real and that it's happening, the better chance we have at stopping it. The idea on their end is to have the general public want it to happen, maybe even beg for it. Let's hope things don't get that bad.

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100% agree. Keep in mind that this new economy only works if they have the digital currency. They will need to limit how much you can eat and there's no RFID in steak.

Barter System

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