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Thank you for your reply.

We are covering old ground, covered already a hundred years ago by logicians.

Incompleteness theorem (1st) shows that there is no finite set of axioms that can be used to prove/disprove all true logical statements.

Hence, no way to prove ALL that is all and everything with finite set of axioms.

Now, we get to multiples of infinity. And again, we are in agreement: no (so far discovered) math system (even with multiple concepts of counting infinities) can prove god. There is no proof for "all that is" (even with mathematical concept of infinities of multiples of infinities) without unproven axioms that lead to inconsistencies.

I liked the paper linked, but claiming that it is a mathematical proof of god is just ludicrous.

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US doesn't annex it. Israel does. Remotely. Virtually. But first they gotta slaughter the indigenous population.

US is just the lapdog doing International Khazarians' bidding.

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Serves them right for whoring themselves for US Imperial MIC fighting foreign wars.

Should have gotten clever first and thought about joining.

Guess killing brown people abroad for oil and natural gas resources doesn't pay off in the end?

Support our troops my ass.

The day we stop supporting our troops, the world becomes a more peaceful place and the whole DC Beltway MIC US-petrodollar scumbag system comes crashing down.

Fuck our troops and fuck MIC, fuck the congress and fuck all the three letter agencies igniting wars all over the world in countries US has no right to be in the first place.

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Bernard Kastrup showed quite well, how the current material paradigm of consciousness is completely untenable and based on promissary assumptions.

Anybody can read his book or watch his videos, his argument is clear, logical and with minimal assumptions, and he uses falsification to shoot down the basic pillars of materialist consciousness theory:


Grober is a newcomer to the field, but if even an investment banker can figure it out, anybody can.

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You brainwash people before they are 20 and you have 90% of them for life.

Most never break their brainwashing, be that christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, hinduism, whatever.

You just keep asking why/how and you'll get somewhere.

Always keep asking, never settle.

It's the only way forward.

And the people who claim they have seen the ULTIMATE TRUTH, run as fast as you can from them.

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These "market graphs that rhyme" predictions are a dime a dozen and ez to find.

Very rarely they pan out, mostly they don't.

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I think that tons of botox and fillers and pluripotent stem cells from the circumcised penises of American babies go a long way.

Not saying she doesn't do all the other stuff, but she's just an attention whore, so she's probably using the whole works, just to try and stay "youthful", "edgy" and "relevant".

Another version of Madonna (or Madonna is another younger version of her).

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If you honestly think that no-creativity askhenazi jews are the top of the pile on earth hierarchy, I think you need to do more research.

The jew thing is so obvious, so blatant, so plastered everywhere that it's almost like a limited hangout on purpose.

It's not that it's not true.

It's just that it's not where the story ends, but where it begins.

Jews are not intelligent, creative and powerful enough to subjugate the whole of planet for a few thousand years. Stop to think about it.

What could be such power? And know, I'm not talking about the god of the bible (which is not even in the bible).

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Ignore the Bibletards, they have just swapped one koolaid for another. Beyond hope.

there are critically thinking people here, who want to keep digging through the rabbit holes and have the tenacity to wade through all the shite that's down there....

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This was already posted several days ago, with plenty of Twitter links to other videos showing the same:


Yes, it's real. They are/were spraying something.

Who knows what.

If it was SAFE or if they wanted people not to notice, they wouldn't do it so brazenly.

Now it's almost as if they want to draw attention to it.

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In a scientific argument yes.

Here, roll your own.

If not, remain ignorant forever.

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At this point they are basically rubbing it in our face , going :

"nah-nah-nah, nothing you can do about it, plebs."

Don't fall for their agitation. Just ignore.

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That's the cover. Nobody independent has sampled and analysed what they are spraying .

I remind people that US, Can and UK governments have been caught spraying bioweapon test particles and viruses on their own civilian population.

Nothing is beyond them and lower levwl people are told another cover story .

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This and the constant fucking "Prove you are a human" and Recaptcha puzzles from Cloudflare and their ilk are just preparing us for AI personhood and global digital ID required to use the Internet .

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This has been known for decades, since the work of Robert Becker and Andrew Marino (read "Going Somewhere: Truth about a Life in Science"). That and the fact that telco industry in collaboration with US gov and military covered it up and squashed all opposition.

Independent researchers have shown the harmfulness of non-ionizing mobile phone freq/power RF radiation in animals, cell cultures, cell models and human epidemiology since the 90s.

Again the telco industry with local gov regulators have covered this up. All gov regulators are captured.

This has all the hallmarks of a RICO case esp. When MIC involved in this along with FCC.

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Have noticed the same in myself, and around me.

People are getting jaded, numb and don't care.

Can you blame them? Anybody who follows the media bombardment, gets an idea that the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket and it's every man for himself.

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tnx, made me laugh :-D

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Nobody in their sane minds, thinks that Klaus "slow fatso" Schwab, or Bill "man boobs not very original thinker" Gates or George "I'm just a psycho who's on overtime" Soros are the top of the pyramid.

Everybody in public, regardless of how Rich and powerful, is just a tool. A henchman, a controlled executor, upper middle management at best and 100% replaceable.

Same for all the heads of state.

So, the question is - for me anyway - what do the REAL powerbrokers, the real elite want?

Through their henchmen , they have publicly stated the following and it matches pretty well with what they seem to be trying to do :

  • make population subservient, pliable and easily controllable

  • reduce the number of population (total), births, and esp. elderly and useless eaters especially

  • genetically modify humans somatically for good (Homo Sapiens Sapiens ceases to exist)

  • merge, unite or completely be replaced by machines, cyborgs, genetically engineered new life forms and artificial computational capabilities

  • control all physical (atoms) and informational (bits) actions down to as granular level as possible in order to steer/stop/guide civlization/post-human evolution

All this towards what end (more speculative, less public goals stated about these)?

  • to go to the stars (make space faring possible, populate another planets, grab more resources, spread like locusts)

  • be "like gods"

  • be more efficient in using humans as tools / slaves / work labour (for their own resource needs, which are not being fulfilled by earth anymore)

  • terraform earth and it's climate for a new species to be populated by

  • eventually / slowly replace the current Sapiens population with another one (engineered, introduced, or otherwise arrived here)

Everything else, including gene editing, viruses, depopulation, brainwashing, propaganda, locking up dissidents, squashing resistance, lying, social media censorship, etc. is just a TOOL in their arsenal, not an end goal per se.

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If you have time, take all the transcripts of the youtube channels and feed them too:



And remember, if you don't start with a clean set of training (i.e. private instance), all your output from ChatGPT/Bard/whatever is GIGO, with Garbage already pre-fed into it, before you even get to start. You use the public instances and you can NOT override the training that has already been done on those instances, regardless of how many times you re-feed your material to it. That's not how GNNs work in post-training phase.

You don't understand how GNNs work. That's your problem. Go back to 80s and start studying back propagation algos, neural networks and generative feedback like I did 30+ years ago. Then, maybe, you'll get it.

Otherwise you'll just continue your self-delusion to no end.

GNNS can NOT do symbolic reasoning, have no math functions for concepts or truth values based on such, can't do proof nor synthesis. All they do is pattern detect and pattern generate. That's all. Everything else is an illusion in your mind.

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You do realize, that you basically stated what I stated, but in other words? Gödel's incompleteness theorem proves that no universal truth can be proven (with no assumptions). Only local truths (with assumptions).

Hence, no math proof of "God has been proven using math".

Really, go study the Gödel's theorem yourself (I have), and you will grok it.

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Every known MATH intrusion, hack, compromise of encryption algos, standardization of bad randomseed libraries has been done by NSA.

Not a single CIA encryption math case that I've ever read (since the advent of NSA). Also, all the best math-crypto-geeks go to NSA.

And we know that CIA outsources their tools and hacking jobs to NSA, sans the run-of-the-mill standard stuff that everyone does.

No, NSA (and then later on sub-sections of Jason) is where the action of steganography is at.

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