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Recommend this book for a scientific level headed start into the moon anomalies, then after that it gets deeper, but most of the holes are Psyops and diversions, where it's easy to get lost into for years....

Modern Mysteries of the Moon What We Still Don’t Know About Our Lunar Companion


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This is the latest summary lecture on Neurodegenerative damages from the Spike Protein mRNA injections by Stephanie Seneff. HIghly recommended.


In summary:

  • expect more CJD , Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and MS (demyelination) diseases
  • Polyphenols might help to combat some of the damage :

LIST OF Polyphenols against spike protein induced neurodegenerative damage:

  • Catechin
  • Curcumin
  • EGCG
  • Epicatechin
  • Kaempferol
  • Morin
  • Myricetin
  • Piceid
  • Quercetin
  • Resveratrol
  • Rosmarinic Acid
  • Tannic acid
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Well, it's obvious, Space and EM-warfare is the next total control warfighting domain.

Everybody and their grandma wants to control it, both nations and corporations.

All the claims about it being "commercially viable business" are stinkier horseshit than anything that Schlong Musk peddles.

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How about:

  1. Early IVM+Zinc+HCQ+VitD+VitC+zinc ionophores to ALL

  2. Stop breaking the nasopharyngeal membrane with testing

  3. Stop transfecting people with injections.

BINGO! Problem solved.

BUT they do NOT want to solve, it because that is NOT the plan.

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Trojan horse. Go listen to his BBC interview.

What he wants is more new caccines and continued vaccinations (yearly).

Just as the plan dictates.

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Psychiatric and neurological over-diagnosing, coming up with new diagnostic criteria and targeted/patented/high-margin drugs to "alleviate symptoms" is one of the biggest rackets for big pharma, in addition to the cancer "treatment" industry.

DSM and the constant revision of it was practically invented for this and most of the authors sitting on the editorial board of DSM have long standing and lucrative big pharma ties.

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War. They are dependent on imports for food and if they are out on embargo, the peasants will rebel out of hunger and that is the top1 fear of CCP.

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'When war is declared, truth is the first casualty'

  • Arthur Ponsonby

We haven't been getting anything other than propaganda about/from Ukraine for years now.

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All according to the plan:

  • herd people into big cities
  • kill the suburbs
  • make living in the countryside/outback/forest impossible
  • make every city 5G-AI-biotech-control-camera-ghetto
  • inject everybody from birth
  • install social credit system
  • take away any/all rights with a flip of a bit
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It's a little more complicated than that, but yeah, that's all true.

What is missing who are his handlers, why he is being touted ad the golden boy, why he is the shiny object that everybody's gaze is drawn to and what he and SpaceX and Tesla are covering for.

That's the REAL play. Not the Schmuck's obvious swindle.

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PKVI, you are again JUMPING the gun.

Yes, they are all bad, but YES there IS CLEAR evidence of more hot batches. Even Jessica Rose admits this (in the comments of the article, read them).

The adverse events plot for lot numbers is an exponential distribution, not a UNIFORM or GAUSSIAN distribution which should be expected.

BTW, Jessica's own study on this is still under construction.

She hasn't gone through all the data manually like the 4 other researchers who did the same analysis before she did and all arrived at the same conclusion.

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Not EU Doctors.

This is the technocratic BOUGHT-AND-PAID-FOR equivalent of FDA in EU, European Medicines Agency.

Completely and utterly corrupt. Run/headed by a veteran (17 years!) lobbyist for AstraZeneca and Pfizer, Emer Cooke.

What they are doing here, is preparing for the NEXT STEP in the agenda.

Not trying to reduce the boosters, reduce vaccinations or any such HOPIUM shit.

Their solution will be a new mix of:

  1. New Pfizer/Moderna vaccines that have different antigens = not counted as boosters. EVERYVBODY will start from ZERO shots with these new vaccinations (just like Pfizer CEO Has publicly stated) and it will be a 3 shot SERIES to begin with (i.e. none of those 3 will count as "boosters) = this will drive more viral selection pressure, causing more virulent variants to survive

  2. New Pfizer/Merck "COVID-19" daily pills that are MUTAGENIC, and which will FORCE viral mutation much faster (in addition to the viral selection pressure from above). In essence, they will turn the EU Population into a huge serial passage petri dish of mutation and selection, through which new variants will emerge.

The plan is to continue the "pandemic", worsen the efficacy of any kind of immunity (natural or otherwise) and pave the road for more draconian measures in the future.

Don't fall for it as a hopium message of less boosters in the future, because that is what is is not.

EMA Is clearly stating that 4th shots will be needed, they are waiting to test/pass new Pfizer 3-shot series and have already pre-approved the Pfizer/Merck "covid" pills.

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Complete overhaul of the WORLD's financial system is underway.


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"But, but, but! Think of HOW MUCH WORSE their cases and deaths would have been if 100% HAD NOT WORN masks in Japan!"

You can't reason with full retards.

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Prof Norman Fenton of bayesian statistical inference came to the same conclusion about vaccine avoided deaths independently:


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When in a pinch, always ask an actuarian.

They have already buffered money in health insurance for 4G/5G related cancers/illnesses from mobile device radiation AND some explicitly rule out these pay-outs in their contracts.

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Man, why do you have to spoil the retard-gathering, it was just getting started!

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Go back to monetary models 101.

Velocity is not aggregates.

And commecial banks create the larger in circulation money, not Fed with its M0 creation. Even BoE admits this.

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So only 3 fuckin clueless retards @ scotus and now we know who they are.

Great, I'll take that!

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Half right.

He doesn't understand nor have experience with NG single molecule read high fidelity full genome sequencing methods, and falsely thinks that shotgun rtPCR is same as these.

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Guilty by association is so lame and lazy.

Yeah, not a lover of Damon (Daimon = Demon, see what I did there!) , but you can do better than this.

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After having read more than a dozen recent (12-2021 - 1/2022) new Rapid Antigen test / RT-PCR / qRT-PCR / dd-qPCR / Lateral Flow Omicron detection specific pre-print papers under peer-review, I conclude the following:

  1. 99% of "tested" Omicron cases are NOT full genome sequenced (aka "typed") to prove they are Omicron

  2. Most PCR/LF/RA tests are proxies for SOME of the Omicron changes in ONE of the three current Omicron sub-variants = they detect for shit

  3. Most Omicron specific duplex/multiplex PCR tests are too insensitive and they have to be** run at higher cycle thresholds** (Ct/Cq) than other tests = they become LESS specific and produce more likely a false POSITIVE results under any sample of material

  4. Most of the above tests are based on the FDA "recommended" S-Gene Target Failure (SGTF) or S-gene drop out detection, which has already been proven NOT to detect the BA.2 lineage of Omicron (and possibly BA.3) = More of the same, FDA / CDC produce and recommend BAD PCR targets and most of the industry follows them for QUICK APPROVAL and MORE FALSE POsitives

  5. Most of the "HUGE INCREASE IN OMICRON!" cases you are seeing, are just ERRORS, false positives from the above reasons: bad tests, bad primers, bad targets, too high Cq/Ct and lousy specificity = Omicron is NOT seeping across the world and infecting everyone

So the only question remaining is:

What is filling all those hospitals now?

Majority of those people NOT testing SARS-CoV-2 positive at all.

And all those people who FALSELY test positive for Omicron variant (only) of SARS-CoV-2 (and do NOT test positive for any other variant)?

You are already guessing the same as me. It's not the virus or a virus at all (not even influenza).

Yeah, you know the answer and so do I.


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Two types of "inflation".

  1. Austrian definition: increase in the (larger) supply of money.

This is happening and has been happening.

  1. More modern price inflation definition: when the price of something goes up in nominal terms without the change in the underlying being sold.

This is also happening across the whole board: food, energy, housing, electronics, etc.

So yes, both types of inflation are true and happening as I write this.

And yes, in the USA. Real wages are also going down.

These two are not mutually exclusive.

Go to a store, compare prices, look at your living bills.

Then compare that with your salary changes in the past year.

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