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Perhaps, but he was also an alcoholic, known liar/embellisher and at least half full of shit.

The trouble is weeding through through what's real from all his bs.

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Yeah, keep posting all sorts of shit. Why not post some cat videos!

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  • Shikimic acid
  • toluidine
  • glutathione (or NAC + glutamine + glycine)
  • intravenous ozone
  • sauna therapy (protein refolding)

Do a search on those. And yes , important to concentrate on solutions instead of just bitchin', points for that!

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Gotta hand it to them, they know how to spin a lie upon a lie upon a lie upon a life ad infinitum....

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AUS is the test grounds.

Rise up now or suffer your forever fate of boot on your neck.

There are plenty of psychopaths just itching to bash your face in.

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You do realize that modern society requires more than 5% of people to run.

If you indiscriminately kill for instance all nuke plant operators, all of the 350 nuke plants in the world would just blow up and make pretty much the whole of northern hemisphere inhabitable.

No, the plan is something more than blind depopulation indiscriminately.

People are jumping to conclusions too fast.

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Fuck that's nasty...

Here's the retweet, looks like it was posted on Twatter:


Also, reverse image search gives NO hits other than the twatter sources.

Looks potentially legit so far

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Well, considering:

  1. This has happened before
  2. Solar and astronomical cycles are real
  3. We are in a fairly muted solar cycle -> making our protective heliosphere smaller
  4. Earth's magnetic poles are moving -> making our earth magnetosphere weaker

It is just a matter of time before we get a near direct or full on direct hit from a class X solar flare.

Nobody knows whether it is next week, next month, next decade or next centennia. That's just statistics.

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Don't become a conspiracytard when you just divide, fight amongst your own and piss in the sandbox.

Keep you eye on the prize, those who control and pull the strings.

Differences in HOW THEY did it is pretty much details, meant to divide us and fool us and take up our time.

Concentrate on what matters.

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Look, CCP are bastards, so are people who suck up to them and say 20-30% of Chinese.

Just like in the USA: top elite = satanist corrupted a-holes, scumbags suck up to them, 20% are stealing psychos and the rest are just trying to get by.

This "Everything china bad" is intellectually dishonest AND just fucking stupid.

You are falling for their propaganda.

And if EVERYTHING made in China was just scam corrupt, not even your telly or iphone would work.

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Can we make a list of EVERY single Op she's been in?

Shouldn't bee too hard.

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  1. Spike protein is toxic, at least 5 papers confirm this
  2. Spike protein and the mRNA gets into circulation (Jap pharmacokinetics study)
  3. You can get the spike protein EVERYWHERE in your body 4 .Yes, it crosses the blood-brain-barrier
  4. ANY high enough inflammation and you get brain fog
  5. EVERY shot increases the damage cumulatively

I pray for these people . My sister and brother and mother are amongst them. I told them , but they didn't listen.

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Low skilled violent bullies trained by IDF.

What more do you expect?

Half of the police is WAITING for an excuse to bash in some people's heads. The rest are too jaded or scared to intervene.

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Lol, you clearly have not been to CHINA :-D

But hey, believe all the "China baaad, mm'kay!" propaganda you want.

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