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a) BEND; verb - "to direct to a certain point" implies being (life) directed (inception towards death) to a certain point.

b) Bending in terms of inflection (turn from a direct line) implies ignoring line (perceivable) for turn (suggested).

Consenting to suggested TURNS into a conflict of reason aka circular reasoning aka ouroboros.

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created everything

When a child opens his/her eyes...wasn't everything that can be seen already there for the child? What hasn't been "created" yet?

How could ones eyes see a creation...when everything already exists before one can see it?

How is nothing created? Where is nothing created? Who creates nothing? Why create nothing?

about god

ABOUT (Greek butan) - "without"...how could anything within be without?

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a) Impossible implies being within (choice) possibility (balance). Few suggest IM/IN as "not" to invert reality with fiction...same trick with "never" (nothing everything).

b) Suggested without tempts one to ignore being (perception) within (perceivable).

c) Latin magice - "sorcery" and magh - "to be able" implies being (life) enabled by source (inception towards death).

Few suggest sorcerer using magic to invert being magic within source...and many bind themselves by consent to such spell-craft.

d) Only nature admits (inception) and ejects (death) those living within. Few tempt many to admit suggestion by consent as to establish the inversion...denial of perception.

Let's do some magic...If I take a handful of EARTH; then I can hold it on the palm of my FLAT hand or in the cusp of my ROUND fist. Free will of choice makes this possible...yet I could also suggest everyone else to ignore earth in my grasp for earth outside of anyone's grasp...earth so large, that those on it can't even fathom its shape.

I can simply suggest them to reason against each other about the shape of earth...instead of them using earth as soil for seeds. Why? To plant impotence among others; which permits potential of self to grow without opposition.

Sleight of hand... https://genius.com/Bay-city-rollers-you-made-me-believe-in-magic-lyrics (look at the cover).

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distance between these two cities

a) Distance implies standing apart from ONE another...suggested dualism (two) tempts one to ignore that.

b) City implies center...each one (perception) implies center of all (perceivable).

c) BETWEE'N, preposition - "in the intermediate space, without regard to distance"... https://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/Between

d) SO, adverb - "in like manner; to that degree".

Being implies difference (life) during sameness (inception towards death)...others suggest likeness to tempt like minded behavior aka predictable reactions.

A degree implies a portion of procession; hence tempting one to ignore being a portion (life) within procession (inception towards death). A degree tempts ones sight to focus on a suggestion, hence limiting sight with shown...and who uses a compass for encircling (circular reasoning) and square for narrowing sight within degrees?

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show us the edge

a) KNOWL'EDGE, noun - "perception of that which exists"

b) What others show implies suggestion tempting one to ignore sight within perceivable.

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a) PARA (inception towards death) consumes SITUS (life)...life perceives being consumed as hunger, hence trying to feed it off.

Few tempt many to ignore being consumed by suggesting them to consume appetite instead of resisting hunger.

b) Demon aka dai-mon- "divider, provider" implies provision (life) by division (inception towards death) of source.

Few tempt many to ignore being provided for and within a division, by utilizing suggestion as provided by another and the resulting conflicts of reason as division against one another.

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hope not hate

  • HOPE (suggested progressivism tempting towards outcome)
  • NOT (suggested nihilism tempting ignorance of origin)
  • HATE (aversion aka turning away from ones position)

Tommy: "Shackles for thee; shekels for me"

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suggests phasing out masculine terms

a) Term/terme - "limit; boundary"...being implies set free (perception) within boundary (perceivable) unless bound anew (suggestion).

b) Phase/bha -"to shine" implies inwards aka from whole light through spectrum into each partial ray of light. Only within spectrum of light can each ray radiate outwards.

Ones consent to any suggestion tempts one to ignore light coming in (discernment) while casting shadows (ignorance) outwards.

c) Masculine (motion) through feminine (momentum) trans-forms (matter)

d) Being (ones perception) implies within (all perceivable)...suggestions tempt one outwards.


Paternal (motion) generates a maternal (momentum) rite (matter) of passage, hence few tracing lineage through mother, while resisting father.

Sleight of hand for those with eyes to see:

  • "Mother..."
  • "Tell your children not to walk my way"
  • "Tell your children not to hear my words"
  • "What they mean, what they say"
  • "Mother..."
  • "Can you keep them in the dark for life?"
  • "Can you hide them from the waiting world?"
  • "Father..."
  • "Gonna take your daughter out tonight"
  • "Gonna show her my world"


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There are so few famous people with talking platforms who even discuss liberty issues

Fame/bha - "to speak; tell, say"... https://www.etymonline.com/word/fame#etymonline_v_1105

a) Those who speak (suggestion) within sound (perception) are utilizing spell-craft to tempt others into oblivion; memory loss, ignorance; denial etc.

As for liberty...fame was given by choice, while giving choice to others curtails ones free will of choice into a "liberty" offered by others in exchange for compliance aka consent.

b) Platform aka formed plateau implies many elevating few by submitting to them. This implies a physical description of mental submission aka understanding (standing under suggested when consenting).

The alternative is no one talking.

Sound (all perceivable) alternates (each ones perception)...any suggested word tempts one to ignore this, when consenting to definitions (definite; affixed).

Ignoring sound (phonics) for words implies DEAF PHONETICIAN (definition). A suggestion like "insane person" can tempt one to ignore perceivable...in sanus (within sound) + per sonos (by sound).

Sleight of hand... https://genius.com/Simon-and-garfunkel-the-sound-of-silence-lyrics

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help this book become something outstanding

A reader burying self into it makes a book stand out.


Consenting to suggested tempts ones mind "into rest"...being within perceivable implies "inter esse" aka within essence.

all that history

What if he-brew his-story to tempt jew/you to ignore all perceivable for suggested?

you will not find anything you didn't already know.

What if knowledge (all perceivable) implies foundation of being (ones perception); hence impossible to not find more to know unless willingly ignored for understanding (standing under suggested)?

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a) Mein Kampf aka My Struggle..."my" implies taking into possession, while ones struggle implies needing to let go of wanted temptations held onto. A contradiction in terms.

b) There's a great passage in the book about being taught timelines; persons and places in history...but never ones position in all of it.

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Responding to the porting (importing or deporting) of minorities...

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BLACK (ignorance) ROCK (to sway fro and back aka choice)


All perceivable sets ones perception free (will of choice)...choosing to consent to the suggestions of others a) obstructs perceivable and b) chains one to suggested.


Token/tæcan/deik - "to show; explain; teach"...aka the suggested information by others tempting one to ignore perceivable inspiration, while holding onto suggested.

In short...shown (suggestion) implies tokenization of sight (perception).

Sleight of hand...Token (suggestion) of appreciation (consent).

Coming Central Control

Coming (inception towards death) into center (life) implies apart from one another...not rolled (trol) together (con). Ones consent to the suggestions of another a) establishes circular reasoning, hence tumbling ones line of thought; b) tempts one off-center and c) permits a chosen one control over ones choice.


Revelation implies ones reaction (matter) to the veil (momentum) of action (motion). Action (inception towards death) unravels reactions (life).

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only happens if two components are combined

Aka combination of ones consent and another ones suggestion.

concealing its hostile origin

a) Consenting to suggested conceals the origin of who suggested it.

b) Consenting to suggested (information) conceals perceivable (inspiration)...all perceivable implies origin for each ones perception.

effect permanent change

Permanent change (inception towards death) generates temporal effects (life).

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  • EXTRAPOLATE; verb - "make an approximate calculation by inferring unknown values from trends in the known data"

a) All implies knowledge...unknown implies those within ignoring knowledge (perceivable inspiration) for understanding (suggested information).

b) All implies value (perceivable); each one within implies evaluation (perception).

c) Extra (outside) and intra (inside) implies being (life) within outside (inception towards death)...extra (whole) generates intra (partials) by internal separation.

d) Approximation implies putting together, which tempts one to ignore being set apart from one another.

e) One who calculates ignores self for counting others. Few enumerate many to distract each from discerning self to be one (partial) within oneness (whole).

get ridiculously familiar with that word

a) FAMILIAR; adjective - "demon, evil spirit that answers one's call"...The Latin plural, used as a noun, meant "the slaves," also "a friend, intimate acquaintance, companion"... https://www.etymonline.com/word/familiar#etymonline_v_1106

Ones consent to a suggested word implies answering ones call, hence becoming a familiar to another.

b) Family/famulus - "slave; servant"... https://www.etymonline.com/word/family

c) As for ridicule...comedy (life) can only exist within drama (inception towards death)... https://genius.com/Charlotte-lawrence-jokes-on-you-lyrics

d) GET (suggestion) tempts one to ignore GOT (perception).

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That implies suggested pluralism (choices) tempting perceivable singular to ignore ones free will of choice.

In short...not choices; but each ones choice.


Not people...but each one person (per sonos; by sound).

kind of hard

Kind implies particular nature aka nature (inception towards death) generating partials (life). It's hard (resistance) to remain a part, and easy (temptation) to come together.


Reasoning implies right vs wrong...no matter which side one chooses; ones resistance is spend within a conflict against others. Reason implies friction among resistance, instead of resisting (life) temptation (inception towards death).

Resisting (need) temptation (want) grows resistance...reasoning destroys resistance.

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a) MESS(ianic)AGE aka age of messiah aka lifetime (inception towards death) of anointed one (life).

b) MESSAGE; noun - "a communication transmitted via a messenger, a notice sent through some agency"

Agent (inception towards death) sends messages (life) apart from one another...not shared together (Latin communicatus). Transmission via messenger implies suggested information; transmutation within agency implies perceivable inspiration.


Aka TEKS - "to weave together", hence a treatise/traitier/traitor - "deal with; set forth in speech or writing". Furthermore...TREAT; verb - "negotiate, bargain, deal with" is being utilized by few to treat the mind (treatment) of many into consenting to a suggested deal.

If one consents to a suggestion, then one permits the ones suggesting to be a TRA'ITOR, noun (Latin traditor; trado, to deliver).


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the hijack of congress

  • CONGRESS, noun - "to come together; a meeting of two or more persons in a contest; an encounter; a conflict; the meeting of the sexes in sexual commerce".

a) Being implies coming (inception towards death) apart (life) from one another.

b) Sex (Latin seco) - "to divide"...not to come together, which implies lust.

c) Coming together in conflict implies reasoning aka agree vs disagree or true vs false or yes vs no or belief vs disbelief or confirm vs deny etc.

d) Few utilize circumcision, by erecting at center (congress; central banks; cities; community-ism/communism etc.) to then cut of many from circumference.

e) Jack/jacob/supplanter/to replace one with another implies replacing perceivable inspiration with suggested information, when consenting. In other words...ones free will of choice implies the "jack of all trades"

To jack high (hijack) implies replacing perceivable reality with suggested fiction within a commercial trade between ones choice of consent (to buy) and a chosen ones suggestion (to sell).

Sleight of hand: "Hit the ROAD (inception towards death) JACK (life)...and don't you come back"

the only way to stop

The only way (inception towards death) cannot be (life) stopped by those within. Those within can be tricked to ignore being moved, while believing in the cessation of motion.

Simply hold you breath to learn that motion continues no matter how much resistance you spend on ignoring it.

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secret detention

a) DETENTION, noun - "confinement; restraint; as detention in custody; delay of necessity"

b) Ones consent to suggested confines one to it, while permitting those suggesting to restrain one with it.

c) Confining self (ones choice) sets others (chosen ones) as custodian over self.

d) Necessity (perceivable) moves...holding onto suggested tempts one to ignore being (life) moved (inception towards death); hence delaying ones response.

e) Nature offers all (perceivable) to each one (perception)...ignoring this for suggestions by others tricks one to believe in kept secrets.

Secret in nature implies Latin seco - "to divide" aka from whole (all perceivable) into each partial (ones perception)...hence not a secret kept; but wholly/holy revelation through division/divinity.

secret detention facilities all over the United States

Schools...those ain't about setting anyone free.

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a) How about taking a step back and reflecting about the allegation "you make up new meanings"?

b) If you are under the spell of suggested words within perceivable sound, then would you view attempts to break that spell as "babble"?

c) What if your mind set on accomplishing aka bringing together aka reaching an outcome tempts you to ignore origin?

ACCOM'PLISH, verb (Latin compleo) -"to complete; to finish entirely"... https://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/accomplish

If you are alive, then doesn't "to finish completely" imply your death?

d) What if way (inception towards death) carries me (life)?

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When was the last time you heard a mainstream "artist" exposing anything of relevance?

Art opposes nature. Artificial mainstream tempts one to follow...natural mainstream (inception towards death) inspires one (life) to resist.

The issue here isn't lack of exposition, but thinking that suggestions by others will expose perceivable to one.

Who hold the balance of the world.

The perceivable world implies balance; otherwise those within couldn't wield free will of choice. Choosing to hold onto suggested...imbalances ones choice.

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a) https://www.etymonline.com/word/sue#etymonline_v_22308

b) Understanding implies standing under the suggestions of another, while ignoring to rise ones discernment within perceivable.

c) To refer implies in response to perceivable origin...not by consenting to suggestions from others.

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talking about

About (on the outside of; around the circumference; enveloping)...few suggest aboutism to tempt many off-center, hence distracting them from self.

more diversity

Equality (inception towards death) generates diversity (life)...few tempt many into a conflict of reason (more vs less) to distract from that.

In short...being apart sustains diversity; mixing together equalizes diversity.

Irish teacher

Aka IRE, noun (Latin ira) - "wrath; anger; keen resentment"...one doesn't need a teacher to get angry; one needs to learn how to resist anger.

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Not a conspiracy

Ones perception within all perceivable implies whole breathing through each partial aka in-spire.

Many consenting to suggestions by few implies breathing together aka con-spire.

in every media

Ones perception within all perceivable implies each media/medius/middle...many consenting to suggested media by few implies every.

Suggested media by few collectivizes consenting many; while within all perceivable; each ones perception implies at center/middle/median/media.


Aka BIDE, verb - "to dwell; to inhabit; to remain; to continue or be permanent"...

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