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a) DEMOS (together) KRATOS (strength)

b) nature sets itself apart, hence from whole (process of dying) into each partial (living).

c) if the process of dying is stronger than those living within, then ones strength is based on resisting the temptation of being put back together.

d) what if to be represents ones struggle for apartheid (living) within wholeness (process of dying), while others tempt one to come "together" aka e pluribus unum (out of many, one) aka tikkun olam (healing the world by bringing together" aka equality (same) through diversity (difference) aka united states; united nations; european union, universal pictures, universal basic income; uniformity etc.?

e) consider diaspora aka DIA (diametrical aka surrounding through center) SPORE (sporadic aka separated from one another)...

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They can say anything.

Does perceivable nature ever utter a word? Are those within nature able to shape suggestible words out of perceivable sound? Could one be tempted to ignore perceivable sound for suggested words? Could those suggesting words "say anything" to describe everything perceivable if one consent to suggested (fiction) over perceivable (reality)?

Does spell-craft imply crafting the spelling of others by suggesting them letters and words to communicate with each other? How could a suggestible letter be shaped without using perceivable symmetry? How could a suggestible word be shaped without using perceivable sound?

What if saying anything represents a temptation to ignore everything unsaid? What if consent to anything said represents suicidal consent to genocidal suggestions? Does ignoring reality (perceivable) for fiction (suggested) destroy oneself, while corrupting ones surrounding?

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media propaganda

a) to mediate implies from center; to propagate implies through motion.

b) what if each one represents the center (life) of motion (inception towards death)?

c) what if perceivable propagation (process of dying) mediates perceiving (living)?

d) what if suggested "media propaganda" tempts the mediated (perceiving) to ignore propagation (perceivable)?

e) if choice represents the center of a balance based system, then what does it imply to choose to consent to the suggested choices of others? Balancing as choice or following there a difference?

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We know very little

a) KNOWL'EDGE, noun - "perception of that which exists"

b) what if everyone (perceiving) knows everything (perceivable), hence having the opportunity to grow comprehension through adaptation?

c) what if ignoring everything (perceivable) for nothing (suggested) tempts one to comprehend only a "little" throughout ones willing ignorance?

d) what if suggested "we" (plural) tempts perceivable "one" (singular) to ignore self (partial within whole)?

WE the people; WE are the world; WE will rock you; WE are off to see the wizard; WE don't live here no more; WE are all made of stars; WE ain't got nothing yet; WE can work it out; WE better talk this over; WE are not gonna take it; WE belong together; WE built this city; WE told you so; WE love because he first loved us etc.

Why do the few keep suggesting "WE" in the name of (e nomine) the many? Reconsider..."hey fellow white people..." in regard to that.

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Info, stats, and news reports on deaths are on both sides

Your consent (belief or disbelief) to suggested information; statistics and news reports shapes both sides of the conflict of reason (belief vs disbelief), which the few then rebranded into vaxxed vs unvaxxed.

I assume they're accurate...

a) ASSU'ME, verb - "to take or take upon one. If differs from receive, in not implying an offer to give."...your assumptions contradict your consent to receive suggested information.

b) to take upon self implies as free will of choice; while consenting to the suggestions of others represents ignoring ones free will of choice for the suggested choices by others.

Only those who suggest can define, redefine and contradict the meaning thereof at will and they utilizes ones consent to the suggested as the power to do so. Ones assumptions afterwards have no power of the suggested, yet corrupt oneself more and more, while reasoning with others.

c) AC'CURATE, adjective -"free from failure"...being free will of choice implies within (life) fall (inception towards death). Failing grows choice.

it depends if the stats can be trusted

Consenting to suggested statistics places one in dependence to the one suggesting, hence becoming a trustee of the one suggesting. The statistics represent the distraction from that, hence tempting one to put ones trust in them, while ignoring to be a trustee of the ones suggesting them.

come to the conclusion

a) introduction (inception) inclusion (life) conclusion (death)

b) the few suggest that reasoning (want vs not want; belief vs disbelief; true vs false; agreement vs disagreement etc.) can be concluded, but it will always result in even more conflicts of reason...because nature keeps moving.

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a) WILD, adjective - "roving; wandering; not tamed or domesticated" aka free will of choice. Consenting to the suggested choices of others tames and domesticates ones free will of choice.

b) WILD (life) RIDE (inception towards death)...the few suggest "wildlife" to distract from that. Add suggested animal (Latin anima; animation) and the animated ride is implied for the wild life within.

c) suggested ALWAYS - "continually; without variation" tempts one to ignore ALL (partials) within WAY (whole), hence being susceptible of change (variable).

d) consider if everyone (partial) has a different view of everything (whole)...unless ignored for consent to the same suggestions by others...norm; mainstream; consensus; society; commune-ism; e pluribus unum (out of many, one), uniformity etc.

Thank you for inspiring me to write.

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don't the jews magically control the bodies of Christians through Goblin Magic?

If the few suggest abrahamism and the many consent to believe or disbelieve it, then the few gain control over what the many consented to.

pouring together "jew" crimes and "socialist party" crimes

a) what if both judaism and socialism are suggested by the few, while the many consented to believe/disbelief in "jew" and "social"? Does nature brand anything a "jew" and does nature bring together (social) or does it set everyone within apart from one another?

b) how could partials (living) within whole (process of dying) commit a crime against natural law (land air water)?

c) CRIME, noun [Latin , Gr. , to separate, to judge, to decree, to condemn.]...what if nature setting itself apart represents separation from whole into partial; judged minds; a decree (division) of oneness (perceivable) into designated units (perceiving) and a condemnation to a "life" sentence?


What if the few suggest both NEO (new) and nazism? What if "neo" from the matrix and "new" world order are suggested by a group of ashke-nazis? Wouldn't the "merchants" utilize "new" to tempt the consumers to discard old? Didn't the ashke-nazi ADL recently suggest that not all nazis are bad when commenting upon the Ukraine narrative? Doesn't the ashke-nazi rothschild (bauer) hold the deed to (apartheid) israel?

the most effective lie would happen to be...

...suggesting those within constant change that "truth" can be defined; claimed and held onto without it being changed, hence automatically becoming a "lie".

The foundation for that...suggesting perceiving effect (living) to ignore perceivable cause (process of dying) for whatever is suggested.

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Suggesting a lie, allows one to contradict it at will to suggest a truth....if others consent to want (truth) or not want (lie) the suggested.

Nature doesn't suggest divides everything perceivable (whole) into each perceiving one (partial), which in return communicates whole to each partial within as moving differences (inspiration).

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research rejected

a) RE (respond) SEARCH (searching for) + RE (respond) JECT (throw away)

b) if another suggests one to search for, does one have the free will of choice to "throw away" the suggested?

c) was consent to suggested given before one can throw it away or could resisting the suggestion be seen as throwing away consent?

a) PROFITERI (lay claim to, declare openly) + STUDY (strive after)

b) if one professes claims and others resist striving after; then wouldn't one lose the power to hold onto the title "professor"?

c) if the natural order (inception towards death) openly declares itself by moving everything within, then what if life needs to strive to resist it?

trans woman

a) WO (mb) MAN and FE (minine) MALE implies a transmutation of ingredient (female) out of base (male).

b) flow (male) generates momentum (female), which transmutes form (life) within flow (inception toward death).

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You mean like NASA aka SAtAN? But what about the missing "t"...minus 9,8,7,5,4,3,2,1...

Almost forgot...Take the F from UFC and use it as "I" + "L" and you'll get LUCI. Still a stretch?

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  • Biggest soybean exporter in the world...Brazil.
  • Biggest international soybean exporter/food processing/grain trading /fertilizer company...Bunge Limited
  • Biggest stakeholder in Bunge Limited...Edmond de Rothschild (over 93%)

Using soyjacks to mock the jews that shape everyone else into soyjacks doesn't really drive the punch...

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a) LI'BRA, noun - "balance" + LI'BER; adj. - "free"

b) free will of choice within the dominance of balance (free-dom) aka free (living) within dom (process of dying)

c) balance represents the momentum of motion; choice represents the center of balance, hence each one perceiving the ever changing moment (um) of perceivable motion.

d) choice requires a "moment" to be able to adapt to balance, hence life operating in-between input (inception) and output (death), which represents choice operating in-between need (perceivable) and want (suggested).

e) ones mind/memory represents the tool required for choice to operate within a moment (um), hence a memory that can handle perceivable inspiration (like a ram) and suggested information (like a hard-drive)...the former needs to be adapted to, while the latter tempts one to want to hold onto it.

f) knowledge represents perceivable inspiration, ones perceiving free will of choice represents ones conscious opportunity to draw inspiration for the growth of comprehension from it, hence shaping temporary growth (life) out of ongoing loss (inception towards death).

g) knowledge (perceivable inspiration) is always available to everyone within aka a constant flow of input. Suggested information tempts one ignore the constant flow of inspiration by filling up ones conscious memory, which in return forces one to constantly "filter" which suggested information one allows in.

A mind/memory adapting to perceivable inspiration does not need to accumulate information, it can utilize the ongoing flow of inspiration to adapt on the fly to whatever inspires. One cannot run out of inspiration; one can only feel filled with information, while lacking access to inspiration.

Filled with fiction (suggested information) yet starving within reality (perceivable inspiration)...

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Why would they need to prove something that everyone already believes?

a) to believe implies ones consent to the suggestions of another. How does mass consensus (the many consenting to believe the suggestions of the few) prove reality?

b) what if believing represents ones choice to want or not want the suggestions by others, while ignoring the need to adapt to perceivable?

It's like saying....They don't need to.

a) does saying (to utter in words) represent a need or a want?

b) what comes first...suggested words or perceivable sound?

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a) how can a theory (speculation) be proven while continue to represent a theory?

b) if life is being moved from inception towards death; hence being within constant change, then how could those within change prove anything without change changing it?

c) does motion require those within to prove aka to establish as real, or does the reality of motion force everything within to adapt to being moved by it?

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I don't know if there is a virus or if there is not a virus.

a) if KNOWL'EDGE, noun - "perception of that which exists", then can one perceive that which "is not" aka that which is nothingness?

b) if everything represents perceivable, then what if nothing represents suggested?

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  • VI'RUS, noun [Latin See Virulent.] - "poison"
  • VIR'ULENT, adjective [Latin virus, poison, See Venom.] - "extremely active in doing injury"
  • VEN'OM, noun [Latin venenum, venor, to hunt, to drive or chase; venio, to come. See Venus] - "poison; matter fatal or injurious to life"
  • VE'NUS, noun [Latin ventus, venenum; Eng. venom to poison, to fret or irritate].

Suggested "virus" represents the poison; choice (suggestion) towards choice (consent) represents the vector to inject it, reasoning (is vs isn't, yes vs no; true vs false) represents the consequences (conflict; imbalance) of being poisoned, and suggested THE'ORY, noun [Latin theoria; Gr. to see or contemplate.] represents the justification for one to keep ignoring perceivable (reality) for suggested (fiction).

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that does not mean what they sponsor is

  • SPONSOR, noun - "a surety; one who binds himself to answer for another, and is responsible for his default"

Consenting to a suggested sponsor represents submission of response-ability (free will of choice) onto others. In regard to UFC...willing submission of every participant before any fight has even started.

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"Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo...another burned offering benefiting the jew"

"Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee...a ruse that the gentile refuses to see"

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a) a suggested actor tempting you to react. If you consent to react, then those directing the suggestion can misdirect your reactions.

b) the few suggest idealism to tempt the many to ignore IDE'A, noun [Gr. to see, Latin video.] aka perceivable.

c) one (perceiving) has access to everything (perceivable); others suggest "no" (nothing) to tempt one to ignore/doubt it.

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You have to go, "ok" and then you don't realize it..

Consenting to suggested (giving an ok) tempts one to ignore perceivable (lack of realization).

that injecting shit

a) from inception over life towards death...outside through inside injection.

b) IN (being within) JACIO (thrown by)

out in the wilderness

Outside order (inception towards death); inside wilderness (life)

Almost can't even reach the larvals any more

a) suggestion tempts one to ignore perceivable...if one uses suggestion to reach those who already ignore perceivable, then one weaves more suggested wool over their eyes.

b) L'ARVA, L'ARVATED, adjective - "masked; clothed as with a mask"...suggested information (words) masks perceivable inspiration (sound).

the danger they've been in

Sleight of hand: AUST-IN (within that which shines) POWERS (resistance within velocity aka growth within loss)...DANGER (exposure to loss) is my middle name.

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  • "I got the poison" (suggestion)
  • "I got the remedy" (perception)
  • I got the pulsating rhythmical remedy (animated proportion of sound)
  • I got the pressure, the pressure (comprehension)

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what do you want me to do here

a) before any suggested want exists perceivable need.

b) before one can suggest to do; one is being done by, hence a reaction within an enacting system.

to understand how they gradually infiltrated

a) ones consent to "stand under" the suggestions of others fills those others into oneself.

b) GRAD'UAL,adjective - "proceeding by degrees in a descending line or progress; as a gradual decline" aka life being progressed from inception towards death. One exists within a gradual process, the suggestions of others tempt one to ignore that, and it's ignorance which allows others to then gradually infiltrate oneself.

every mainstream organization over generations

a) suggested "every" (plural) mainstream tempts one to ignore being (life) within the only (singular) mainstream (inception towards death).

b) suggested "generations" (plural) tempts one to ignore being (living) within the only (singular) generator (process of dying).

c) everyone (partial) represents the instrumental mind within the organ of everything (whole) in motion (-ation)

any media is their stuff

MEDIA (Latin medius; middle)...if everyone perceiving ignores everything perceivable for the suggestions by others; then suggestion becomes the intervening mediator.

Everything was perceivable before anyone within can suggest to one another what it's on oneself to resist suggested (fiction) for perceivable (reality).

Gets really complicated

Nature reveals itself as perceivable inspiration (simple), those within nature conceal everything perceivable with suggested information (complex), hence keep shitting their definitions; their labels; their idols; their meanings; their revisionism; their contradictions etc. upon inspiration (perceived as moving differences).

The more suggested information one consent to "save" within ones mind/memory, the harder it becomes to view perceivable inspiration, because all the accumulated crap in ones mind/memory distracts one to view reality through the lens of fiction.

the actual real truth

Actual aka action implies ongoing motion, hence constant change...perceivable change contradicts both suggested truth and false. What happens if you apply change to either truth or false? They change into the opposite. This is why every truth and lie can be effortlessly contradicted by those not holding onto them.

Reality (perceivable) does not communicate true or false (suggestions) communicates change aka motion; hence everything (process of dying) moving everyone (living) within.

they completely took it all

a) how could a partial take a whole, when being a partial (perceiving) implies being within a whole (perceivable)?

b) does being alive imply being complete or still in progress? How could anything within motion be complete?

you can trust

a) does one need to trust thirst and hunger or do perceivable thirst and hunger force one to adapt by drinking and eating?

b) what if trusting represents ones consent to want or not want the suggested information by others, while ignoring the need to adapt to perceivable?

c) why is it called a bank & TRUST?

go outside of your domicile

a) what if each one represents center (choice) of domicile (balance)?

b) "free" will of choice within the "dom" -inance of balance aka free-dom aka free (living) within dom (process of dying)...

c) can partial go outside of whole?

it's all their corporate

CORPUS ORATION aka voice of the dead aka suggested information (words) over perceivable inspiration (sound).

Those who adapt to perceivable sound represent PHONETICIANS (from phonics; sound), while those who ignore it for suggested word based definitions represent DEAF PHONETICIANS...

I don't know

Knowledge represents perceivable inspiration, "doing nothing" (don't) represents suggested information. Your consent to suggested (don't) tempts you to ignore perceivable (know)...only oneself can discern this. Self discernment cannot be shared with others, it needs to be grown by oneself.

they killed us all...

A suggestion in the name of others, while being alive...hence willingly perpetuating contradiction. This ignorant behavior is being directed by the few and shaped into efficient self destructive narratives for the many, who willingly keep perpetuating it upon each other.

I'm out

To be implies within (living) outside (process of dying).

There's nothing left for them to conquer

Everything (perceivable) cannot be conquered by anyone (perceiving) within, yet each one can ignore everything (perceivable) for nothing (suggested), which allows those who suggest to conquer those who consent.

The few manage a world the many willingly ignore to utilize...if each one of the many willingly ignores to utilize free will of choice, then that shapes the few into the "chosen ones", hence into the only ones utilizing free will of choice.

being phased out

Temporary resistance (living) within ongoing temptation (process of dying) implies being phased out unless resisting.

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a) choosing want (lust) over need (self sustenance) darkens (ignorance) the mind, while choosing need over want enlightens (comprehension) it.

b) one needs to resist temptation, while being tempted to want to ignore resisting.

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