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a) Perceivable GANG (German gehen) - "a going, journey, way, passage" implies alone aka as one (life) within all (inception towards death) aka apart from one another.

Suggested GANG - "group; society of associates; internal organization" implies collectivism as the inversion of apartheid.

b) Effect (wave) within cause (line) implies curve (life) within straight (inception towards death)...curves holding together appear parallel.

APPEAR (Latin apparere) aka AD (towards) PARERE (to submit, obey) implies effect being affected by another, hence "deceptive appearances".

DOPPELGÄNGER, noun - "apparition of a living person"...consenting to the suggestions by others makes oneself the dead person, hence becoming in-corpus-oration (incorporated).

c) As for doppel/double/two....there can be only one + one for all and all for one aka ALL (perceivable) for each ONE (perception).

Sleight of hand for those with eyes to see...Austin Powers and Dr. Evil being played by the same ONE, while Dr. Evil performing with Mini Me "Just the TWO of us"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzvTHhWDjIg

Still not enough coincidental "evidence"? How about Snoop Dogg's "On The Double"... https://www.lyrics.com/lyric/36272143/Snoop+Dogg

"Doctor Evil, we gon' do this on the double nigga"

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god hates

If god implies omnipotence; whole, all, then reasoning (love vs hate) implies partials within fighting each other over an outcome, while ignoring god as the only origin.

COWARDICE, noun - "fear of exposing ones person to danger"

a) Fear implies towards outcome; courage implies in response to origin.

b) Only within imposition (inception towards death) can there be exposition (life).

c) Person aka per sonos (by sound) implies being instrument (perception) within sound (perceivable).

d) Temporary security from Latin seco; to divide (life) can only exist within ongoing danger (inception towards death). Only danger can offer security.

Sleight of hand: "Danger is my middle name"...AUSTIN/OUSTING (ejecting) POWERS (potential).

Bonus: LOVE/EVOL...both austin (love) and dr. evil (evol) are played by the same guy.

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doesn't matter...nothing is changing

Matter (life) within momentum (inception towards death) implies MO'TION, noun (Latin motio; move) - "the act or process of changing place; change of local position; the passing of a body from one place to another; change of distance between bodies".

Nothing implies suggested nihil-ism (Latin nihilo; nothing) and ones consent to de-nial perceivable for it...

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a) Point implies end of sentence; being implies life sentence. Others suggest points to distract from sentence, which implies progressivism aka tempting ones focus towards suggested outcome and away from perceivable origin.

Life isn't about outcome; but about adaptation to origin.

b) Being separated (critic) from others and attaching self with critic to others contradicts perceivable (set apart) with suggested (put together)...and the word "critic" is the spell-craft utilized to establish this contradiction within the minds of the consenting majority of mankind.

It's ones consent to the suggested word "critic" which tempts many ones together, while permitting a few chosen ones to rule through suggested rules of behavior aka laws of men aka rules for thee; but not for me etc.

c) Freemasonry implies initiation to hidden knowledge aka to initiate one another to perceivable (knowledge) underneath suggested (understanding).

The trick...the suggested layers of initiation by others to something "hidden" distracts one from "hiding" willingly from everything perceivable already revealed to each ones perception. It's ones consent to suggestion, which hides oneself from perceivable, while making it seem hidden. This hiding spot within self implies ignorance (Latin ignorantia; ignoro) - "not to know".

Let's bring this back to the "point"...focusing on a suggested point tempts one to ignore perceivable sentence, hence narrowing ones sight to a focus-point aka point of convergence aka Latin focus; foci - "a fire, the hearth".

Focusing by consent to a suggested point implies a burned offering by those suggesting it. Suggested implies a rite of passage (ritual) to those suggesting, and a self sacrifice to those consenting to take the rite.

tl;dr: Derivation (inception) + Sentence (life) + Point (death)...is this hard to comprehend or easy to ignore?

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a) Motion (male) to momentum (female) to trans-form (matter) aka andro (male) gyno (female) ous (having).

b) Shell of darkness implies ones ignorance of all perceivable for another ones suggestion. Growing self discernment implies breaking ones shell, hence letting the light in.

c) Light gives everything through consumption; decomposition; setting whole into partials internally; hence ray/raddix/race (particle of light). Ones destitution (want) within light (need) can only obscure ones perspective momentarily.

Instead of darkness taking...consider focus narrowing sight within visible spectrum of light.

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own religion

Religion (Latin religio; to bind anew) implies binding self by consent to suggestions by another. It's those who consent who're willingly submit to those who suggest; hence religion implying getting owned.

causing hate

Hate (not want) implies vs love (want)...a conflict of reason about suggested, while ignoring perceivable cause. Perceivable is the cause for each ones perception within...not the suggestions from one another.

Being implies effect (life) within cause (inception towards death).

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meets the eye

a) EVER implies perpetual (motion); EYE implies temporal (matter)...the momentum of motion implies the EVE aka the consort of adam, hence sorting motion into matter aka the break/rip of male into female.

b) To meet implies coming together...to perceive perceivable implies a setting apart of recipients within input.

Suggested "more than meets the eye" implies all perceivable, which one ignores when focusing on suggested.


Aka perpetual immaturity...referring to curtailing the growth potential of many in perpetuity.

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parents curse

Curse/cursive/course/current - "running; flowing" + PA'RENT, noun (Latin pario) - "to produce or bring forth"...therefore...parental curse (inception towards death) for each child (life) within.

leaving us

LEAVE, noun - "permission; allowance; license; liberty granted by which restraint or illegality is removed"...hence having free will of choice within natural law.

Ongoing (inception towards death) sets temporary (life) on administrative leave.

burden passed

Suggestion passes burdens; consent takes on burdens...perceivable relieves ones perception of any and all burdens, unless ones chooses to hold onto suggested.

Sleight of hand: https://genius.com/Ryan-bingham-nobody-knows-my-trouble-lyrics

"I've been carrying my trouble...In this bag strapped to my shoulder" (holding onto suggested)

"Ever since I was a baby (baby-lon aka babbling on suggested)...I've been running from everything I know (ignoring perceivable).

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redundant from inaction.

a) Being implies reaction (life) within action (inception towards death).

b) REDUND'ANCY, noun (Latin redundantia; redundo) - "to rise in waves"...once again that implies being growth (life) within loss (inception towards death).

c) Believing others that inaction equals idleness or that redundancy equals superfluous...that's where ones reaction is being corrupted.

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  • RULE, noun (Latin rego) - "to govern, that is, to stretch, strain or make straight"
  • CRITIC, noun - "to separate, to distinguish"

a) Rule (inception towards death) generates critics (life) aka only within straight (loss) can there be distinction (growth).

b) To critic one another implies seeking conformity from others; hence tempting others to ignore distinction.

c) Freemasonry utilizes square parallel to rule as to establish angles/angels/anglo/english...

not allowed

A suggestion contradicting ones "free will of choice"...

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Looking at what another suggests implies focusing on suggested (information); while ignoring perceivable (inspiration).

Education misdirects focus on objects, which tempts one to ignore being object (life) directed within subjection (inception towards death). One needs to resist direction; others tempt one to want to follow directions.

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the psychos in power

a) Psycho/psyche implies animating power (inception towards death); any one within implies re-animating power (life)...ignoring this for suggested the-ism puts one into power of another.

b) "psychopath" implies the path of animating power. Consenting to the noun "psychopath" (a morally irresponsible person) tempts one into a conflict of reason (moral vs immoral).

Doing that distracts one with reason (LOGIC) from the PATH of animating power...this implies applied pathology and psychology.


Aka Greek hairetikos - "able to choose"...that implies being free will of choice.


Aka Hebrew qabbalah - "reception"...that implies being perception holding onto suggested within perceivable, hence recipere - "to hold, contain".

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The term 'flatline' is derived from...display

  • TERM, noun (Latin terminus, a limit or boundary)
  • DERIVE, verb (Latin; a stream) - "to draw from, as in a regular course or channel; to receive from a source by a regular conveyance".
  • DISPLAY, verb - " to unfold; hence, to open; to spread wide; to expand"

Matter (life) derives from motion (inception towards death)...only then can solid be displayed within the boundary of fluid.

monitor shows...activity

a) If it's monitoring; then it reacts to something else...re-activity. Furthermore; the MON in monitor implies mono; sole; singular, which is what motion (whole oneness) is for matter (partial ones).

b) Your consent to the suggested box (monitor) permits others to monitor you, while tempting you to watch "activity", while ignoring to be "re-active".

The line is secondary and only a derivative of the primary activity, which is the actual heart beating.

HEART, noun (Latin cor, cordis) - "core"...it's the periphery (inception towards death) which generates the core (life).

The foundation for this deception is ones consent to suggested "creationism" aka something out of nothing (in this case; heart creating beat). In reality...sound generates BEAT, verb (Latin batuo; abate) - "to decrease; to lessen; to diminish; to moderate".

How? By differentiating whole (loss) into partials (growth). Sound generating beats implies PULSE, noun (Latin pulsus, from pello, to drive). Energy pulsates internally.

I get so tired of all the shit you post

Resistance (life) within velocity (inception towards death) diminishes (tires out) if holding onto. Holding onto "shit" implies constipation of matter withing motion.

Which you do purposely to disrupt.

a) Disruption (setting apart) implies being partial (perception) within whole (inception towards death). Notice that the ongoing process of dying (motion) disrupts itself into temporary living (matter).

b) PUR'POSE, noun (Latin propositum) aka before (motion) position (matter)...you are being tricked to see purpose within matter; while seeking purposes towards outcomes.

I comprehend being positioned within that which came before, hence "before" implying "forward being" aka out of origin...a transmutation; not a creation.

all you do

Each one (partial) is done by all (whole)...one can only re-do aka respond (life) to being done by (inception towards death).

schizo word salad son of a bitch troll.

No matter how many nouns; names; brands; idols; definitions; suggested information etc. one tries to attach to another....labeling nature (motion) only erases self (matter).


Aka organs of motion...consider electro (motion) magnetic (matter) aka magnetic organs (matter) within electric (motion) body (momentum).

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a) Notice spectrum on both sides; mixing in the center...only in-between white (pure light) and black (absence of light) can there be a visible spectrum of color.

b) Light at the end of a tunnel implies ones own ignorance of being (matter) within the visible spectrum (momentum) of light (motion); hence focusing/narrowing/tunneling ones perspective to the suggestions by others.

c) The more the bright and the dark child are set apart from another, the more the visible spectrum of color in-between can be seen, while the walls painted by ignorance will disappear.

d) Color implies inherent in light...others have to use suggested paint to besmirch perceivable sight. Ones consent to it ignores ones inheritance.

e) Parents watching movies implies parents not watching children.

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hate in particular

Particular implies different from one another; hate/dis-like implies semblance to each other...love implies holding onto semblance while ignoring differences.

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chain of evidence

EV'IDENCE, noun (Latin evidentia, from video, to see)...within perceivable ones sight is aimed by "free" will of choice...choosing to consent to suggested evidence "chains" one to it.

a Small Club, and you ain’t in it.

a) A suggested assembly (club) is always bigger than any partial (perception) within whole (perceivable). It implies ones (singular) consent to enter any club (plural)...

b) Being implies within (perception) everything (perceivable)...all suggested clubs tempt one to narrow ones focus within everything perceivable to a controlled environment suggested by others.

c) Notice who "In da Club" is aimed at...Shorty.

Understand first that...

...one cannot expose the dark, while standing under the shadows of others. Both bright (discernment) and dark (ignorance) imply how one handles the light going through self.

actually trying to put together

Setting (all perceivable) apart (ones perception) implies actual...putting together suggested implies fictional.

the number of such people on conspiracies.win is less than 10

a) Number implies "designation of a unit", hence UNIT (Latin unitas; unus) - "one"; hence...more (whole oneness) and less (partials ones) implying that all is one in energy (internal/inherent power).

b) 1 (reality) or 0 (fiction)...hence suggested 0 as ordinal and perceivable 1 as cardinal.

putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle

The pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are held within a box which offers the solution to the puzzle beforehand...perception implies solution; suggestion implies puzzle; ones consenting mind implies box.

One doesn't need to put nature together; for it is nature which sets one apart from one another. Anything suggested to one another implies ones consent to hold onto it, hence putting together fiction, while ignoring that reality sets apart.

Hang on

Inception towards death teaches life at its final moment the need to let go of everything one wants to hang onto.

Notice the preferred means of suicide (if firearms aren't available)...hanging.

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Can you explain "flat-line" to me? Notice that the flat line goes on, while the heart-beat was only temporary...that implies a beat can only exist within a FLAT line.

Guess who suggests the opposite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEmX5HR9ZxU + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MkZ4GwHjJg

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a) Being implies departure; reaching out tempts one to ignore that.

b) Others suggest one to "reach out and touch faith"; while tempting with "I will deliver, you know I'm a forgiver"...aka the happy merchant doing his buying/selling routine.


During his travels, Reacher crosses paths with dangerous criminals and is forced to do battle.

a) Departure positions one at center (life) of circumference (inception towards death)...others tempt one to travel outwards, away from center.

b) Inception towards death implies horizontal; life growing within loss implies vertical...vertical during horizontal implies the cross one needs to bear.

Crossing with others implies a double-cross aka TREASON, noun (Latin traho; draw and drag)...perceivable inspiration one draws from; suggested information one drags around.

c) Consenting (want or not want) to the suggested information by others establishes the battle aka conflict of reason (want versus not want), while being within perceivable implies being want within need...hence being tempted to drag (want) while ignoring to draw (need).

jack reacher

JACK aka JACOB (Hebrew Ya'aqobh) - "one that takes by the heel; a supplanter" + SUPPLANT', verb - "to remove or displace by stratagem; or to displace and take the place of; to overthrow; to undermine; to dispossess; to usurp etc."

There's your happy merchant of temptation usurping (by suggestion) ones reach (consent)...if one chooses to fall for it.

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Jodie Foster aka to feed/nourish (foster) the joy/endearment (jo) of receding as sound, and becoming less distinct (die)...that's what a gentile consents to when idolizing "jodie foster".

Meanwhile "Alicia Christian Foster" implies to feed/nourish (foster) noble; elevated, free (alice) anointing (christ).

Watch out for nick/niche/nest-names...

Bonus for those with eyes to see...look into JODY-CALLS aka military cadence (Latin cadere; to fall).

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earth is flat

a) EARTH (German; Erde) - "ground"...hence round.

b) Suggested ground (round) within circuit (circle) distracts one from perceivable...magnetic wave within electric line...hence death implying "flat-line".

c) A wave implies a curve, hence inception (low) to life (high) to death (low) aka an emission. Consenting to the suggestions by others implies to demit self aka "to let fall; to depress; to submit".

This self imposed depression (downward curve) during ongoing expression (upward curve) establishes the circle; kikel; round; ba'al/ball; ourobouros etc.

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  • Valentine (Latin valentia) - "strength, capacity"

Capacity implies CAPA (head) CITY (center)...consenting to a suggested card; paper; bill; decree etc. aka bills of exchange or "a written statement detailing articles sold or services rendered by one person to another" imbalances ones head from center, while diminishing ones strength.

In short...being implies expression (resistance) apart from one another; which others tempt with contraction (consent) together.

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a) Temporary resistance (life) within ongoing velocity (inception towards death) implies a break, and also the breaking of whole into partials.

Here are some jewish lyrics telling gentiles all about the "breaks"... https://genius.com/Kurtis-blow-the-breaks-lyrics

b) Was there any lie within the four sentences I wrote? Any deception? Any hidden agenda? Anything offensive to others? Anything not related to a few conspiring by means of spell-craft against many? What if hidden knowledge is based on oneself choosing to hide from it?

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you; you; you...

And gentiles keep wondering how YOU/JEW hold power...

You don't get outside much do you?

Free will of choice implies within balance aka in-between (life) sides (inception/death).

life of the party

Hence; partial (life) within whole (inception towards death).

Whenever few suggest "party"; then to distract many from being partial within whole.

Like for example: "Party (partial) in the city (center) where the heat (cause of sensation) is on" ... https://genius.com/Will-smith-miami-lyrics

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dissect my statements

To dissect another ones state of mind implies a split; division; separation...schism/schizo.

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