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I wonder if that will ever change?

The issue here is the choice of the many to ignore self sustenance; hence consent to suggested government (govern/control and ment; from mens/mind) under the few.

Ignoring self sustenance as form (life) within flow (inception towards death) also represents ignorance of flow; of constant change. That's why the many seem to not change; because they ignore change; while the few racketeer their ignorance.

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Essentially we are leaderless.

Consenting to a suggested -ism (patriotism) represents using free will to consent to believe a suggestion by the free will of another; thereby giving them the choice to define what you believe. Consenting to believe the suggestions of others represents submission to their free will and ignorance of ONEs own free will of choice within the balance of ALL.

Free will of choice represents ONEs sole authority over self within ALL. Freedom represents "free" will of choice for form (life) within the "dom"-inance of flow (inception towards death).

Every leader you will ever consent to represents the same trick to get you to consent to ignore free will of choice aka ONEs responsibility over self within the balance of ALL.

In order to create we must destroy.

Flow represents the natural order; form the temporary chaos within; struggling to sustain itself. Flow (inception towards death) represents loss; form (life) represents growth within loss by choice of reaction to flow (adaptation).

We cannot create "new"; we (form) represent a response to flow aka out of, which implies that ONE can only transmute out of base ALL.

The parasites corrupting us by suggestion to consent to believe in "order out of chaos"; when we as form within flow represent chaos out of order. They invert our comprehension of this system. They trick us to believe in the opposite of everything perceived.

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Suggested society represents domestication of free will and the controlled harvesting of the resulting ignorance.

The CRAFT, noun - "art; ability; dexterity; skill" of choice (free will) is defined by the wielder using it upon the balance that defines choice. Ignorance represents the choice to ignore choice/balance for choice (free will) consenting to believe the suggestions of other choice (free will).

Choice of ignorance (want over need) causes lack of comprehension; hence "stupid; dumb".

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emotional energy

EMO'TION, noun [Latin emotio; emoveo, to move from.] As form (life) within flow (inception towards death)...flow moves; form responds; which implies that "to move from" represents the choice to ignore adaptation for temptation.

As for energy...flow/form represents loss/growth of potentiality/potential within energy. ALL is energy; we are the ONEs within.

spiritual energy

SPIR'IT, noun [Latin spiritus, from spiro, to breathe, to blow. The primary sense is to rush or drive.] aka form adapting to flow aka resistance responding to velocity.

energy of this person is available for the entities to harvest.

As form-state energy within flow-state energy we coexist as segregated ONEs (potential) within the collective ALL (potentiality), so all control of shared power is based on the few suggesting the many to ignore their own power; their sole authority over self (free will of choice) aka the choice of temporary evaluation within the ongoing balance of value. They tempt by suggestion our free will to consent to choose want over need; ignorance over adherence to self sustenance...the ignored potential of the many who consent to ignorance is what the few are harvesting aka accumulating control over.

If within the balance of ALL coexisting energy; the majority of the ONEs chooses to ignore using their own potential; then the power can be wielded by the few who choose to not ignore self sustenance.

You want to starve the parasites? Resist your wants and struggle to adhere to your needs and you will comprehend that each ONE represents a limited potential with temporary access to the unlimited potentiality of ALL offered. Consenting to suggestions corrupts ONEs comprehension of ALL perceived.

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We are dealing with psychopaths who ARE NOT human.

The parasitic; anti-human behavior of the few represents a response to the ignorance of the many towards adherence to self sustenance (aka need over want). It is the many that act against themselves when acting upon the temptation of wants; within a system where self sustenance is predefined by needs.

You said it yourself..."they brought this on themselves". Us vs them does not exist within this system; it's ONE choosing to ignore the sustenance of self within ALL. The parasites suggest the conflicts (reason) to distract us from our choices causing them.

Our free will of choice represents a response to balance. We cannot choose to create balance; we need to adhere to the predefined balance. We cannot act; we need to react/respond; hence our choice representing a responsibility within balance as form within flow.

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Try to start a word based conflict ( not screaming) without suggesting first a true or false assumption to reason (conflict) about. Us suggesting words to each other represents the suggestion of substitute definitions for a world that is in the process of defining itself through flow/form (aka energy). Us slapping labels onto a moving world corrupts us to ignore the movement, and this ignorance is being exploited by parasites that define the labels through suggestion.

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It's called talmudic reasoning aka deliberately suggested contradictions to the reason of others. It doesn't matter which side one chooses to believe/not believe; only that one consents to keep reasoning (true vs false).

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Energy represents the source of ALL information, and we cannot add to it; for we are within it; out of it. We cannot create; only transmute out of ALL that already is; which we use to reshape form within flow.

That being said...this system communicates inspiration to our senses aka we perceive movement that inspires us to adapt as form to flow. That inspiration is what we "need" to adapt to; yet what we "want" is information aka others suggesting us what ALL the inspiration means. The latter represents a temptation to us; that tricks us to ignore to adapt to inspiration, in exchange for believing suggested information.

How can others suggested information? By offering "words" as definitions; in ignorance of a moving system; a system that doesn't use words to communicate with us; it doesn't brand itself; it moves us.

How To Be Reasonably Certain A Source Of Information Is Accurate?

The source of ALL information represents moving energy; accurate and inaccurate represents believing the suggested information of others who proclaim it to be accurate or inaccurate. To believe one side automatically causes conflict with the others side aka true versus false...this they call reason.

Don't believe suggested information; adapt to inspiration. Don't reason (true vs false); use implication (if/then) instead; and underneath all choose need over want and learn that all suggestions represent the want of others for you to believe them. Resist the wants of others; and adhere to the needs we all share for the sustenance of self.

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I agree the biggest factor in one's prosperity (how ever you define that) is oneself.

ONEself...the ONE represents body/mind; the self represents shared blood aka the shared identity that represents ONEs self. As body/mind you represent temporary form (life) within ongoing flow (inception towards death). Life represents the choice of form in response to the balance defined by flow.

As for prosperity...each ONE represents temporary growth potential (form) within the ongoing loss (flow) of potentiality; which defines the aforementioned choice within balance for potential within potentiality as temporary choice of evaluation within balance of ongoing value.

In short...your choice (free will) applied to balance offered as inspiration grows your potential; while using choice to consent to believe the suggested information by other choice corrupts your potential.

Your potential represents your comprehension; formed by your choices (need/want); in response to the potentiality offered to your perception, and what your senses are perceiving represents "movement" aka form being moved by flow to inspire you.

But... there's a LOT of external factors that contribute.

Flow represents the external contributor of ALL balance; form represents ONEs internal response of choice to it.

I can't simply be a professional baseball player because I want to.

Want represents the choice to ignore need. Profession (open declaration) implies using your own choice to declare yourself; but a "professional player" seeks (wants) the validation of those who own the game, who in return use the vetted professionals as idols for the control of their followers.

The need underneath baseball is adaptation to motion for self sustenance; not to be validated by others; not to seek suggested achievements; not to be used to tempt others to ignore self sustenance by following idols instead of maintaining themselves.

Play baseball and some 1000 hours later you will have defined yourself as a proficient baseball player, and you training/teaching yourself will also attract others to your growth, and if you keep at it, your potential will grow around baseball. You don't need to seek the validation of others; not the suggested values they offer...if you build it; others will come.

I have to adjust my path based on externals out of my control.

Flow controls the direction for the form within (from beginning towards end); form chooses how to react to this (need/want) aka demanded adaptation/temptation to ignore adaptation. What other ones choose causes the ever changing circumstances you need to adapt to; but only as choice (form) to balance (flow); not as choice (free will) to the suggested choice (free will) of others. To consent by free will to believe any suggestions represents the submission to the free will of others.

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a) the highest value within all represents ones choice of evaluation within. Money represents suggested substitute value to corrupt us from understanding (and utilizing) choice of evaluation upon all existence has to offer.

The debt clock represents a suggested tool to promote fear and stress among those who consent to ignore evaluation for the suggested value of money.

b) the only number that matters within ALL represents ONEself; hence the few burying the ONE under exponentially increasing numbers suggested to them.

c) ONE represents a growth potential within the potentiality of ALL offered, and suggested population growth causes fear of growth; which corrupts adherence of ONE to ALL for growth of self.

Resist consenting to believe their suggested numbers and instead use your choice to grow the ONE that is you; which will help all those around you; while lowering the power of the few over the many.

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It's called aut-ism; because it represents a suggested belief system like every -ism. What beliefs require are consenting followers; and what followers want are idols to follow by consent.

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Black and white is very masonic

A building block of reality actually...black/white as natural opposites imply the spectrum of color within, just like masculine upwards triangle and the feminine downward triangle as natural opposites, imply the generative aspect in-between (procreation).

It's like how humans try to solve matters by framing things deterministically

We represent form; form represents momentum within flow...we represent form within flow. Flow sets and solves matter (from); hence us representing a growth potential within the loss of potentiality.

Us trying to determine by framing represents the few suggesting "words" for the many to consent to believe in; which gives the few who suggest the words the power to act in the name of these words; these brands; these idols; which like all words ignore us representing form within flow.

Form needs to adapt to flow to be able to sustain itself temporarily; while upholding words represents the ignorance of adaptation to flow.

How do the few offer suggestions; how do the many consent to them; how does from adapt to flow? By free will of choice.

choice such as "good vs evil" or "lawful vs unlawful" while missing the bigger picture.

Flow/form represent states withing energy, and conflict (versus states) do not exist within the coexistence that is energy. Your examples represent reason (the conflict between true vs false), and this conflict is caused by consenting by free will to believe/not believe the suggestions made by the free will of another. If you believe anything, you choose to believe/not believe that it's true/false; which represents consent to those who suggested the belief (-ism); which then gain the power to not just define it at their will; but to contradict both sides of the resulting conflict of reason, by suggesting contradictions.

The few use suggestion (-isms) for control of the many, which causes reason (division) between believers/non-believers; which is being maintained by 'talmudic reasoning" aka suggestion of contradiction to reason. Meanwhile the talmud teaches the use of implication (if/then) over reason (true vs false); which just so happens to be in adherence to natural law as defined by flow upon form.

the binary computer, a choice of 1 or 0

You're falling for transhumanism; which aims to invert our comprehension of 1 (natural reality) to 0 (digital fiction). Within energy, the state of zero; 0; off; nothingness does not exist; while each of represents ONE within ALL aka form within flow aka potential within potentiality etc.

It is flow (movement from beginning towards end) that represents the balance for the free will of choice for the form within aka the life balancing by choice of action (adaptation); in-between the movement from inception towards death.

law & order.

Flow define the natural law for the form within, and flow represents the natural order for the temporary chaos of form within. The laws of men represent parasite suggestions that invert the reality of us representing chaos out of order by suggesting us to seek order out of chaos aka death over life.

"The more you learn, the less you know"

Knowledge represents perception aka input through flow upon form. Flow moves form; which the form within flow perceives with their senses as inspiration for the sustenance of self. Learning as suggested by our parasites implies student under teacher aka consent by free will to suggestion by free will of another aka ignorance of ONE having a free will of choice within ALL.

As form within flow; to teach/learn represents the same action when applied in accordance to the sustenance of self aka to teach self represents to learn for self and vice versa. Others represent inspiration for adaptation to us; not the source of information we need to consent to believe in.

Our consciousness needs to operate like a ram aka temporary storage of information in adherence to the flow-state of inspiration, not like a hard-drive aka accumulation of information upheld as beliefs in form of suggested words. The parasites use words to fill up our consciousness to restrict our comprehension and ability to adapt to flow.

The more information you uphold; the less space for adaptation to perceived knowledge you can utilize. Also; flow represents the flow of ALL information (potentiality) ; and each ONE of us represents a potential out of it ALL. ONE perceives ALL; but choice of action (free will) builds ONEs comprehension (potential) of ALL perceived (potentiality).

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Maybe just become concordant to our "reality" instead and that is the answer ?

Adaptation to inspiration (ONE to ALL) instead of consent to suggested information (ONE to ONE). The answer (response) to flow is form...we need to adapt to the question; to the ongoing flow of information, and then choose to form; to be the responding answer.

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Then why here ? (in some internet forum, instead in some notebook). Why this?

Adaptation to inspiration. I try to do it in all aspects of my life; but a somewhat less restricted location within the web of control allows me access the subversive suggestions of the few; the self destructive ignorance of the many, and endless different states of potential (comprehension) in-between.

I don't "need" to.

Choice defined by balance of form withing flow. The temporary existence of form within ongoing flow defines need (self sustenance through adaptation by choice of action); while the pull of flow upon form represents the temptation (our wants) to ignore the need to struggle for sustenance.

I'm just saying you use words for describing other words perhaps describing picture having sense (or not). Nature is more efficient.Usually.

I use older definitions of words to show the corruption since then; while also putting it into the perspective of natural law (flow upon form); which doesn't use words to express itself. The efficiency represents our senses perceiving movement (flow upon form); which a) demands us to react (adaptation) and b) inspires us to sustain ourselves by teaching/learning ourselves to mimic how form reacts within flow aka 'monkey see; monkey do'.

Usually represents not a flaw of what nature offers (perception); but the choice based response to it within us (comprehension). As form within flow you represent ONE (potential) within ALL (potentiality), and ALL is offered to you (perception); but your choice (free will) defines how much of it you understand (comprehension). Form represents a response to flow (the momentum of motion); and that makes your choice of action within (free will) your responsibility over ONEself within ALL.

It was about app.Those app: http://dia-installer.de/index.html.en example of useful tool :)

DIAGRAM, noun [Gr., to write.] - "demonstrating the properties of". That represents an allegory for us...form within flow. Form (potential) demonstrates the property of flow (potentiality). We are the ones who "app"ly choice of action upon perceived inspiration to build comprehended information.

When you put a seed into the ground; it already carries the design to grow into a tree; into a forest; into a self sustaining ecosystem. We represent the tool of choice in use as form within flow.

Fan of not complicating messages rather.

Simplicity over complexity. The problem with communication is that we are deceived to consent to use words; to describe a system that does not use words to express/describe itself, and our ignorance thereof is what corrupts our comprehension about how this system works (flow upon form). Our consent to believe the suggested words of others is what endlessly piles up complexity upon our simple (instinctive) communication as form to flow (resonance).

But maybe it looks things you do are not messages at all...

Correct. I do not offer information (affixed assumptions); I adapt to inspiration (things that move). That's my free will of choice. What you do with what I write represents your choice...the want to believe information; or the need to adapt to inspiration.

I cannot make that choice for others: I can write down to not believe me; to use need over want; to use implication (if/then) over reason (true vs false) and inspiration over information, but that doesn't change the comprehension of others...only their own free will of choice can.

Well then... If it isn't logical it is like we speaking each other "other languages" and at least I (cannot know sure things about you) was believing there is one language used by both of us.

LOG'IC, noun [Latin id; Gr. from reason, to speak.]. Reason represents the conflict between truth versus false. Nature neither offers false information to our perception; nor does it proclaim what truth is; instead it communicates movement to our senses, which we perceive as inspiration. Nature doesn't brand this inspiration as information. "grass" is what it is; because it acts like it does as form within flow; not because we call it "grass", and no otehr life form requires the word "grass" to perceive; comprehend and act upon it.

The conflict of reason (true vs false) originates from us consenting to believe that the words offered by others represent "truth"; which then a) makes anyone who chooses to not believe it into the opposition (liar), and b) it allows those who offer words to act in the name of them; to contradict both believers and non-believers of true/false within the conflict of reason.

Me pointing out the revisionism in language is how they corrupted your consented to truth by changing it, which causes more and more conflicts of reason with each suggested change. It's simply divide and conquer through suggestion.

Words do not represent communication; but the temptation for us to affix form within flow; which corrupts our comprehension of the ongoing flow the moves the temporary form. Languages represent the suggested spell-craft of the few to deceive the many into ignoring natural law (flow upon form).

Our attempt of communication was probably almost "mistake"

Look away from the screen...I'm not there. We didn't communicate; our senses are deceived by suggested technology to emulate communication and the few are offering us all the tools to mimic reality with...endless information to mimic inspiration; up/downvote for choice; emojis for emotions; avatars for identity; friend-lists for unity; instant messaging for senses; input devices for adaptation etc.

They utilize technology within their transhumanism agenda; which aims at exchanging our comprehension of 1 (the natural reality) with 0 (their digital controlled fiction).

Form to flow represents resistance to velocity; which causes friction; vibration; resonance. That's the origin of (re)sound we need to communicate with; not through the substitute technology the few are suggesting us to ignore reality for. us looking at the screen represents 'the allegory of the cave'... https://www.thephilosophyman.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/An_Illustration_of_The_Allegory_of_the_Cave_from_Plato%E2%80%99s_Republic-768x324.jpg

"implication (if/then) over reason (true vs false)"...For my view they are the same unfortunately.

Because you use implication upon reason aka from within the conflict. Try to sue implication before consenting to the conflict of reason (true vs false). We don't need true or false information; we need to adapt by if/then to inspiration from perceived movement. Train this; it takes a while; but you will soon be able to prevent engaging in most of the conflicts suggested to you.

Your belief in truth is what causes lies; neither exist as states within flow.

if something then {} implies for me "something is a condition having to be true or false

If inception; then death...so what is life in-between.True or false? Where is the conflict between inception and death? If you say "life equals truth", then you affixed a temporary state; which ignores ongoing movement, and the change resulting from that movement will make your truth into a lie when you're death.

Now while you consent to believe that life equals truth; I can simply take a life to contradict you, but why not suggest another one that death is truth, and then sit back and watch you both reason (true versus false) about life vs death, while I exploit the shit out of both of your ignorance? That's what our parasites are doing to mankind as a whole.

CONDITION, noun [Latin, to build or make, to set in order, to send.]...what if the order form sets its actions into represents flow aka constant change? A condition represents something that expresses itself within movement, which others (form) within movement (flow) need to adapt to; not affix with words (true/false).

Question being form (life) within flow (inception towards death). Keep trying to disprove it; until you fully comprehend this; which represents gaining self discernment (as ONE within ALL). You consenting to believe me offering this; does not represent ONE comprehending ALL perceived; but ONE submitting to the suggestions of another ONE; while ignoring ALL.

If - then not allows even for blurred logic,not mentioning abandoning logic at all.

ALLOW', verb transitive [Latin loco, to lay, set, place.]. That's you as form set into flow; which is why you have a free will of choice to evaluate ALL offered. You wouldn't abandon reason (true vs false); you would choose to let go of self imposed restriction upon comprehension. You "want" to believe in true/false; that was your free will of choice, and others were suggesting you what to believe to be true/false, which they did to control you.

When you let go of restrictions, your consciousness will start to directly adapt to flow without being held back by your self imposed rules (beliefs).

Unless you are telling about RELATION: A binded/linked to B instead. Then that would be OK (except the fact you use other words than other making your language other than used by others - so not compatible).

The "relation" of form within flow represents the momentum of motion aka a response within the same. Each of us represents ONE (form) within ALL (flow) and ALL is ONE in energy. Comprehending the former represents gaining self discernment (which you need to do yourself by your own choices), and the latter requires the former to be comprehended.

Relation is less complicated and allow indeed structures...

You (form) can act; because you represent a reaction to flow. That's the structure that allows you to perceive; choose; comprehend and act upon.

You have problems comprehending this because others suggest you RELA'TION, noun [Latin relatio, refero.] - "narrative of facts". They suggested words as a description for this system to you, and want you in return to believe them. To believe their suggestions requires you to choose (by free will) them (ONE) over this system (ALL). Consent to suggestion invites the parasite; which corrupts your comprehension aka makes this system complicated to understand.

it is harder to decode and thus understand if there is anything to decode and understand.

Try to view it as inspiration; instead of chasing after the truth for wanted information.

No however senses are only "good enough" not perfect in decoding those information.

If no false; then no true. "good enough" ignores that ALL value is predefined; and that the ONEs within represent the temporary chocie to evaluate it. "perfect" ignores being potential within potentiality. perfection wouldn't allow change; balance; choice and the segregation of ALL into ONEs within itself (energy).

senses represent input of inspiration through movement; while the responsibility of chocie (adaptation) is up to us, and depending on chocie (need or want) we build our comprehension (potential) out of ALL perceived (potentiality).

"Blaming" peripherals not nature not changes too much situation.

Blame always represents ignorance of self sustenance. I point out the contradictions between believed information and perceived inspiration to strip ignorance of its tools to hide behind.

Had I said about me or "things" ?

Doesn't form within flow imply coexistence? You; me and things all represent form within flow.

Movement is officially change of form but is anything moving or we are "ordering just some photos" ?

Information (energy) cannot be communicated to consciousness (form) without movement (flow). What form chooses to reorder out of flow (the natural order) represents ONEs transmutation out of ALL.

Is schrodinger cat objectively alive or dead ?

Object (form) implies subjected to (flow); which implicates constant change, so if "Schrödinger's Cat"; then inception/death (flow) and life (form)...coexistence.

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Am I to understand that antisemitism is wrong according to you?

a) consenting to believe the suggestion of others does not build ones comprehension (understanding).

b) right vs wrong represents the conflict of reason; which is caused by consenting to believe the suggestions of others. Instead of reason (true vs false) utilize implication (if/then); which is in adherence to natural law (as defined by flow upon form). Also; guess who teaches that? The so called talmud.

c) the implication of consenting to any suggested -ism represents the ignorance over ones own sole authority over self...the free will of choice, for submission to the false authority of another aka believing the suggestion they offered with their free will of choice.

d) it represents one of the main suggested censorship tools to invert the persecuting acts of the few; by blaming the many for persecution.

That is not what warmongering means.

Perpetuating anything about China; while ignoring the nation means "a people" and that the Chinese people are not in control of the nation called "China"; but subjugated under its name by the same international parasites that subjugate all other nations, will result in the usual war-racket.

In short...if choice of ignorance; then self destruction. The few racketeer that ignorance among the many by directing (through suggestion); harvesting (through actions in ignorance) and destroying (through the consequences of actions in ignorance) form through flow.

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It is "whatever" :)

Choice of want over need aka ignorance of need.

You write too much making yourself organic bullshit generator

What if I write for the sustenance of self and not for others?

person who just uses not proper words

Show me where nature uses words to communicate to our perception? Why is it that other lifeforms can perceive; comprehend and act upon "grass" without anyone telling them that it's properly called "grass"?

uses really symbolism

How can I use symbol-ISM; while calling out all -isms as suggestions towards the ignorance of free will?

SYM'BOL, noun [Latin symbolum; Gr. with, and to throw; to compare.] Form is "with"in flow; flow "throws" form into its momentum; form "compares" itself to perceived inspiration by flow.

but in text not in symbol or graph

So you want pictures and less text? Are you a smartphone user?

(try dia)

DIA, - "Greek, a prefix, denotes through"...as form I already act "through" flow.

those things you promote

Look at my post count (0)...I don't offer; I adapt to inspiration for the sustenance of self.

shallow part of reality despite its worth

ALL value is predefined within flow; while the ONEs within form hold the temporary free will of choice to evaluate it ALL.

promoting individualism

Consenting to the suggested -ism; deceives the individual ONE to ignore free will of choice for the suggestion (-ism) made by the free will of another ONE.

Free will of choice does not equal individual-ISM; it represents the sole authority over ONEself (form) within ALL (flow), and consenting to any suggested -isms ignores that.

Solipsism is probably wrong...

Yet another -ism you consented to; while propagating it to others (even when in doubt about it). Ask yourself this...does nature offer "wrong" information to our senses?


INDEPEND'ENT, adjective [in and dependent.] - "not dependent; not subject to control"...as life (form) are you not subjected to the movement from inception towards death (flow)?

unwanted things

Want represents the choice to ignore need (sustenance of life) for temptation luring towards death. Does it matter if life does "not want" death for death to reclaim life?

it is rather wrong to claim "all in one"/"all is one"...

Correct; which is why I state to use implication (if/then) over reason (true vs false). When you say "wrong" you imply believing in "true"; which is why you judge what others write through the conflict of reason (true vs false).

Try implication and stay clear of reason and you will not find yourself in a conflict. So if "ALL is ONE in energy"; then everything moves...now adapt to what this inspires you to do and keep using implication (if/then) over reason (true vs false).

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You should run for political office.

That would put me on pedestal; which would restrict my actions to those who put me there aka the cult of personality that worships me as their idol.

I rather stick to free will of choice for the sustenance of self.

Hey word-salad bot.

What are the implications of addressing a perceived "bot"? How about you perceive what you read as a potential you lack to comprehend; while trying to adapt to any aspect of it that you comprehend?

Isn't there one line in there that you understand?

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They just seem to keep hitting their mark with #3, #4, and #8.

Only because we consent to ignore the only number that matters within ALL...ONEself.

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The light bearer, Lucifer, created only two basic types of people: we, the Illuminati, and the human cattle, good for nothing but to be enslaved, mocked and slaughtered.

As form within flow...illumination represents ONEs (form) comprehension (potential) of ALL (flow) perceived (potentiality), while Lucifer as the light bringer represents the two aspects of flow upon form...growth/loss aka need/want aka self sustenance/temptation.

In between those two natural opposites defined by flow; operates form in temporary balance within ongoing flow; a balance that results in the free will of choice between need/want aka self sustenance or ignorance.

The cattle represent those who ignore ALL for the suggestions of another ONE (nothingness).

They're enslaved through the consent to believe the suggestions offered by the free will of others; while ignoring their own free will, hence religion (to bind anew).

They're mocked...MOCK'ERY, noun - "the act of deriding and exposing to contempt, by mimicking the words or actions of another" by adhering to the beliefs; suggested to them by the will of others.

They're slaughtered for the ignorance towards self sustenance as form within flow leads to the velocity of flow taking apart the ignored resistance of form. Ignorance of self sustenance equals self destruction.

Achieve the One World Government, alias Global Slavery.

We each represent ONE (form) within ALL (flow), and ALL is ONE in energy, so ALL already is governed as ONE. The slavery aka government (govern/control and ment; from mens/mind) represents mass consent to ignorance; which causes mass lack of comprehension towards being ONE within ALL (aka self discernment) and in exchange the parasites offer them the 0; the nothing to believe in that the ignorance of everything represents.

Have the human cattle robotically repeating that “Black is White”.

Same as above...choice of ignorance towards 1 (ONEness of ALL) causes believe in 0 (nothing). The ignorant believers will perpetuate the inversion they consent to believe in.

Truth (hidden) in plain sight.

Flow offers ALL (potentiality) to the perception of form; forms comprehension (potential) is what represents the limitation. We don't need to unlock nature, we need to grow ONEs own comprehension by adhering to ALL.

Hidden (unseen) represents lack of comprehension; not concealed offer. Your consent (free will of choice) is responsible for growing potential. There's no such thing as true/false within flow; your consent to believe in true is what allows others to contradict it as false.

Exterminate ALL real Christians and ALL Jews as soon as possible.

"Hello fellow Christians; I got a kosher suggestion for you..."

Obey yourself alone.

Self sustenance as ONE (form) within ALL (flow), while ALL is ONE in energy. "Alone" represents the sleight of hand for ALL(in)ONE aka the ONEness of ALL.

Make the human cattle believe that there is NO creator.

Which as form within flow causes the inspiration towards the opposite...believe in creator. Anyway...creation doesn't exist within energy; it's transmutation out of ALL; which the ONEs within have the free will of choice over. Our choice of action implies upon ALL offered.

The suggested one creator of all represents the inversion of ONE transmuting out of ALL. instead of transmutation out of everything, we are tricked to believe in creation out of nothing.

Endless deception, to serve NOTHING but simulated reality at the end of the show.

Flow offers; form consents to flow. If ignored; form consents to the suggestions (deception) of other form), which ignores everything (reality) for nothing (fiction) aka reality through the lens of fiction (beliefs).

Rewrite History to formally turn defeat into victory.

Self explanatory; bit already within another deception...his-story deliberately leaves out the main actor within ALL reality...ONEself. Flow enacted form with ONEs free will of choice to express ALL for the sustenance of self aka ONEs own story within ALL.

Historical revisionism (another suggested -ism) represents cleaning up fiction within the ignorance of reality. Stop consenting to believe his-story (act upon your own) and they cannot suggest revisionism.

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Self sustenance as form within flow aka comprehending being ONE (potential) within ALL (potentiality); which leads to the comprehension of ALL being ONE in energy aka the ONEness of ALL.

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All believers and non-believers are acting in ignorance of free will; while consenting to believe/not believe the suggested -isms by the free will of another. If you find yourself within the conflict of reason (true vs false) you consented to fight about what a 3rd party suggested you to fight about aka control through division by suggestion.

In this case...believing vs not believing in left vs right represents consent to the suggested choice by the free will of another. No matter what you choose; the initial choice is always ignorance towards free will of choice (ones own).

Its intentional and they don't care.

That represents the maintenance of the conflict of reason after gaining consent to ignorance towards free will of choice. Reason represents division through suggestion, and to keep it going the few suggest contradiction to reason (to both sides), which represents control over both sides of all conflicts. This is called talmudic reasoning, out of the same talmud that teaches implication (if/then) over reason (true vs false).

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If you don’t like civilization please stop using the fruits of it.

CIVIL, adjective - "reduced to order, rule and government; under a regular administration; implying some refinement of manners; not savage or wild" aka domestication aka de-nutted of instincts and in ignorance of natural law where flow defines the ongoing natural order for the temporary chaos of the form within.

Free will of choice represents the sole authority over choice of action as form in response to flow (choice equals balance of form within flow), while being civilized represents consenting by free will of choice to the suggested laws of men as defined by the free will of choice of others. Consent to suggestion equals consent to a) subjugation under false authority and b) choice of ignorance towards sole authority over self (free will).

LIKE, adjective -"equal in quantity, quality or degree"...each ONE represents a different potential within temporary form; yet equal potentiality within ongoing flow. Flow self segregates ALL potentiality into individual ONE potential within form. We each represent ONE within ALL, and ALL is ONE in energy.

Those who suggest us to consent to domestication (civilization) do so to prevent us from using our limited potential (form) within the unlimited potentiality offered (flow).

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Can you show an example of my "warmongering" against China?

Reasoning about the actions of any nation; while ignoring that no nation is controlled by what nation stands for (a people) is what implies the same consequences that consenting to reason about any suggested -ism leads to...conflict, self destruction; war.

Where have I judged you?

The accusation of antisemitism implies the intended subjugation of free will of choice; which represents the choice of ignorance towards natural law, since free will cannot be subjugated; because it represents a response of form to flow. To choose represents to adapt to (as form to flow).

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