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The choice to join suggested implies the choice to ignore being partial within perceivable whole.

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a) is the jewish mob in jersey still running the 2nd hand cloth distribution into Africa; while preventing them to sustain a cloth industry?

b) NU'CLEUS, noun [Latin a nut.]...ain't it nuts that the many consent to be afraid of suggested nuclear power; without realizing what could "spring off" nuclear explosions?

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nation led by

If nation represents "a people"; doesn't that imply each one of them to resist (living) temptation (process of dying)? What if the few suggest leaders to lead the following many astray from resisting perceivable origin?

Is life being led from inception towards death or pushed while resisting to reach?

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pretending to be civilized.

What if suggested civilization represents the domestication of men by weaker men to allow them access to women?

  • CIVIL, adjective "relating to the community"

Do you represent one (singular) or community (plural)? If others suggest you community (e pluribus unum aka out of many;one) and you consent; then you submit to them; hence your choice being domesticated by theirs to follow suggested orders; while ignoring to be the resistance (living) within the natural order (process of dying).

How about this...the choice of civil disobedience implies the choice to be obedient beforehand. Does the following sound familiar? OBE'DIENT, adjective [Latin obediens.] - "submissive to authority; yielding compliance with commands"

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Over a decade of "it's happening" threads on /pol/ and the many still haven't figured out HAP'PEN, verb "to come by chance" + CHANCE, noun - "effect of an unknown cause"...

You..the perceiving represent the effect caused by KNOWL'EDGE, noun - "perceivable". There's no unknown cause only the choice of the effect (living) to ignore the known cause (process of dying).

What can one ignore perceivable for? Well; whatever others are suggesting; like "it's gonna happen"...

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How to cuck every Italian man? Trick them to consent to suggested Meloni; hence being the lower case "i" behind "the Greek plural of "melon", which was used from ancient times for "a girl's breasts."

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a) a suggested FAX (Latin facsimile; exact copy) tempts one to ignore perceivable FACT, noun [Latin factum, from facio, to make or do.] - "effect produced by cause".

b) consenting to or suggesting copies (fax protocol) represents miscommunication; while ignoring being perceiving reaction within enacting perceivable...the only real communication...adaption to origin.

c) I do enjoy the old dial-up sounds tho...the nerds rite of passage for endurance to reach glory. Was there any glory on the other side of the hole? Nope. Just dicks.

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after getting into power

a) one ignores power when using it to consent to be represented by the power of others.

b) getting into suggested power implies being vetted by the ones wielding it.

c) the power of the "chosen ones" represents each other ones ignorance of representing choice.

d) the few wield the ignorance of the many as the power over them.

with executive power and not a legislator

Natural law represents LEGIS (law) LATUM (given); those within represent EX (out of; from) SEQUOR (to follow); hence one being executive (living) within legislating (process of dying).

All suggested legislation by the few tempt the many to consent to submission of choice...a choice required to execute within the legislating natural law, hence expressing (growth) within impression (loss).

did absolutely nothing on the issue (israel)

a) that which HE BREWS (process of dying); she transmutes out of (living). A suggested brand to hide an alchemical process.

b) ISRAEL; noun - "the jewish people". he-brew no "j"; hence "yew" aka kabbalistic phonetic for "YOU"

c) the few suggest jew vs gentile to tempt the many to ignore oneself (me) among the "generated yous". For the generated (process of dying) me (living) every one else represents a perceivable "you". Who can one blame but other ones? Who can I blame but the YOUS (jews)? Are the YOUS (jews) living rent free in my head when I choose to blame others?

d) what if all represents one in energy? What if one (perceiving) exists within oneness (perceivable) aka as partial (living) transmuted out of whole (process of dying) aka as temporary growth within ongoing loss?

What if being form (life) within flow (inception towards death) implies flow to form (inception); form within flow (life) and form to flow (death) aka ingredient transmuted out of base alchemy?

e) what if one thing (perceiving) within everything (perceivable) can be suggested to ignore it for nothing? What if the suggested word (fiction) tempts one to ignore the perceivable sound (reality)? What if consenting to suggested over perceivable allows those suggesting to define (idolatry); redefine (revisionism) and contradict (talmudic reasoning) the suggested meaning at their free will of choice?

f) what if choice (consent) to choice (suggestion) contract law; not only binds one to the choice of others; but also tempts one to ignore being reaction (perceiving) within enacting (perceivable) under natural law?

to support...

SUPPORT, verb [Latin supporto; sub and porto, to carry.] - "to sustain"...what if support implies self sustenance by carrying the burden of response-ability (living) within temptation (process of dying)?

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burn everything

The process of dying represents the source of heat; those living within represent the offer thereof. The status quo of existence represents a burned offering (holocaust). In other words...ongoing generator (process of dying) temporary reactors (living).

Sleight of hand for those with eyes to see...who controls the field out of which everything springs (springfield)? Mr. Burns.

Sidenote...'Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber "Monty" Burns' has more hidden shit up its sleeve; like the House of Plantagenet...

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a) one can only exist in-between (life) entry (inception) and exit (death). Others suggest borders to tempt one to want or not want to be inside; which causes the conflict of reason (want vs not want); which can then be narrated by suggestion as for example...wars.

b) balance aka need/want aka perceivable/suggested represents the coexisting borders for the free will of choice at its center.

c) within the borders of "dom"inanting balance; each ones "free" will of choice represents free-dom. Others suggest freedom under the disguise of LIBERTY - "freedom from restraint"; which tempts one to ignore being temporary unrestricted (living) within ongoing restriction (process of dying).

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everything causes cancer, right?

a) motion causes everything inside.

b) if cause (process of dying) then effect (living).

c) each one thing within everything represents a reaction (growth) to an enacting system (loss).

d) what if the few suggest "cancerous growth" to associate growth with loss, as to tempt the many to consent to want to lose growth?

e) what if consent to want (suggested) over need (perceivable) tempts one to want more; hence starting to accumulate unneeded?

f) what if growth within loss aka resistance (living) within velocity (dying) aka response-ability (need) within temptation (want) requires adaption to motion?

g) what if unneeded accumulation restricts adaptation from resisting, and what if growth shelters (isolates) unneeded accumulation to sustain self within loss?

In other words...you fill yourself up with suggested poison; your body resists the accumulation thereof by isolating it from the rest of the body, until others suggest you to consent to take more poison as to destroy the growth around the accumulated poison.

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From chaos comes order?

What if temporary chaos (life) exists within the natural order (inception towards death)? What if others suggest "order out of chaos" to tempt one to ignore resisting the natural order to sustain chaos a little longer?

Could the many be tempted to ignore that the process of dying represents "order"; while living within represents "chaos"...simply by the few suggesting them to believe the inversion?

No thing makes matter or becomes matter?

What if ex nihilo (out of nothing) is being suggested by the few as creationism (to create something out of nothing), as to tempt them to ignore perceivable transmutation (each partial shaped out the whole).

What if as form (life) within flow (inception towards death)...flow to form (inception); form within flow (life) and form to flow (death) represents ingredient transmuted out of base alchemy?

What if one represents partial (perceiving) within whole (perceivable); while others use suggestion to tempt one to ignore this? Could one be tempted by others to ignore perceivable reality (sound) for suggested fiction (words)?

How could one thing (living) within everything (process of dying) perceive no thing?

Who would have the chutzpah to suggest everyone else that "nothing" exits? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQnaRtNMGMI

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On one hand...washingtontimes suggesting foul-play by the US Postal Service

On the other hand...Owen Benjamin Smith being the target of half a decade of foul-play by the international establishment; while sustaining the connection to his audience by the one institution that didn't kick him of for his legally protected speech offending others...the US Postal Service.

What if restricting or dismantling the US Postal Service only benefits those who want to restrict and dismantle others?

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If nothing matters

Can one perceive matter as nothing or do others suggest one to believe that "nothing else matters"?

Forever trusting who we are...until nothing else matters? Really, or just fiction tempting one to ignore reality?

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We accuse them

a) why are you suggesting in the name of others (we) to accuse?

b) if one consents to suggested accusations; then one is tempted to ignore perceivable AD (in regard to) CAUSA (cause) aka being the effect (living) within cause (process of dying).

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Ever see those assembly-line robots? Timeful as metronomes they are; never missing a beat. Regular like the tides as they set about their tasks.

Who assembled and maintains them? What if the origin of ROBOT (Latin robur; strength) represents resisting (living) temptation (dying); and what if others suggest strength as loss in disguise to tempt one to ignore growing it?

The few suggest the automated assembly of sameness to tempt the many to ignore being the manual difference within the self differentiating (automated) sameness. They call it strength (robot) to manufacture sameness within differences (out of many; one) as the inversion of being different within same (one within oneness).

Suggesting these automatic assemblies represents mesmerism aka hypnotism to domesticate free will of choice from adaptation into stagnation.

Show them to the sages and they'd declare them almost definitionally unnatural, in no small part owing to their precision, yet those same wiseguys sit on a stump and marvel at the bird-nests high above.

Showing ones understanding (consent to standing under the suggestions of others) reconfirms the positions of others as above oneself. Resisting suggestion corrodes the position of the ones suggesting; because the ones suggesting utilize the lack of resistance by the ones consenting to sustain their position.

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how sticky the road turns out to be

Because growing out of it implies resisting (living) being transmuted back into it (process of dying). The wanderer (life) is stuck to the road (inception towards death); while representing the constant crossroad (choice within balance) in-between keep wandering and becoming roadkill.

if ever they should stop

They (the partial) cannot stop the whole...only ignore being moved by it.

if they start going backwards

Backwards/forwards; up/down; left/right represent choices bound to balance (aka while within the momentum of motion). The "if" (if/then implication) for life is predefined by being moved from inception towards death. The reaction to perceivable implication can only exist within the momentum of the enacting motion.

One exists in-between; at the center of; in response to...if/then. The "/" (forward slash) aka SLASH; from French ESCLACHIER (to break); also ESCLATER (to break; splinter) represents the forwards motion self differentiating into the forwarded slash (broken partial within whole).

Sleight of hand for "starting"...

"We didn't start the fire...It was always burning...Since the world's been turning"

"We didn't start the fire...No, we didn't light it...But we tried to fight it"

I'm in a lifeboat and pulling for shore

You're representing the boat of life floating from inception towards death. You are tempted to misuse the other lifeboats as a shore for temporary habitation.

Sleight of hand: "Islands in the stream...that is what we are...no one in-between...how could we be wrong?"

The parasitic few suggest the ignorant many one such island as "America" aka the land of the free (will of choice) and the home of the brave (fearless of danger) aka a collective of lifeboats forming the island "united states" of America. What's gonna happen to islands in the stream? Just listen to the suggested "mainstream"...

Ask yourself if pulling to shore represents selling yourself short?

Seems awful busy (ongoing whole)...

SEEM; verb - "to become; to befit"; which implies the temporary partial to come to being by the "awful busy" ongoing whole. Not that flattering to self to discredit origin as awful...and yet the living (reactors) keeping discrediting the process of dying (generator).

Always going and going on...

..."and on; on and on; the beat don't stop until the break (self differentiation) of dawn (inception of life) aka Rapper's Delight aka RAP (Latin rapio, rapidus, rapid) DE-LIGHT (off; away from light).

let's call me "a monument to an anecdote on the massive inanity of existence."

Aka a single mind (mono-ment) given out (anecdote) to express the collected (massive) empty space (inane) of being within (existence).

Ask yourself if collecting suggested nothingness (ex-nihilo) really expresses everything one exists within? What if one (perceiving) represents the monument within the anecdote of oneness (perceivable)?

There's this other saying: "There are two..."

Who but "one" can say it and who but another "one" can consent to it being said?

those who don't

Suggesting "those" implies one to perceive others; while suggesting them to represent "those"...this implies them being done by; otherwise one couldn't perceive other ones without being done by motion. So how could those who are done do nothing (don't)?

There's books also

Perceivable as or suggested by?

no doubt

Sleight of hand: No Doubt - "Don't Speak"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR3Vdo5etCQ

"Don't speak" (don't suggest words)

"I know just what you're saying" (I perceive sound; you suggest words)

"So please stop explaining" (resist the temptation to ignore perceivable for suggested)

"Don't tell me 'cause it hurts" (you are tempting me to destroy myself)

"Don't speak" (don't suggest words)

"I know what you're thinkin" (your memory is filled with suggested words)

"I don't need your reasons" (I don't need your conflict of want vs not want)

"Don't tell me 'cause it hurts" (you are tempting me to destroy myself)

a complete akashic record, containing within their pages all of knowledge

Each (perceiving) one exists contained within all (perceivable) knowledge. Others suggest a twist (chord) aka suggestion as the inversion of perceivable as to tempt one to respond to the twist (re-cord) by consenting to memorize suggested information; which then tempts one to remember aka respond to twisted memory.

The parasitic few suggest AKASHIC; from AKASHA (ether) to tempt the many to ignore E'THER, noun [Latin oether; Greek to burn, to shine.] aka the origin of heat and light aka when flow (velocity) and form (resistance) meet within momentum (balance).

Sleight of hand..."we don't need no water" (cause form exists within flow) "let the motherfucker burn" (let the living resist dying)..."burn; motherfucker; burn" aka out of heat (burn), within momentum (mother; womb); as self sustenance within temptation (fucking) and back to heat (burn).

In life - debatable. In cards - essential.

The essence of cards implies the suggested game (winning vs losing). Others suggest games to tempt one to ignore the essence of being growth (living) within loss (inception towards death) aka evaluation at the center of value. Loss represents the generator for the reaction of growth.

Consenting to suggested games tempts one to debate (winning vs losing) against others, while ignoring to sustain oneself within perceivable. Those who think they can win what others suggest; ignore being the highest value (evaluation) within existence.

As for the center of everything, if one were to go there

The center of balance isn't a place for choice to go; but the origin demanding resistance (need), while tempting with ignorance (want). All the other "places" around represent the perceivable inspiration (need) and suggested information (want) temporary formed (living) within the momentum of ongoing flow (process of dying) for the choice at the center of balance.

I imagine it'd be a prime location in which to set up a tentpole.

a) LOCO; LOCATUS (to set: to place, to position) -ATION (through action)...hence the enacting represents the prime for all reactions within it, and reaction by choice implies within enacting balance (momentum of motion).

b) one is being set up as the tentpole and the higher the pole grows; the more shelter it expresses for the sustenance of self.

c) TENT (to stretch) POLE (instrument of measurement) aka a prepared (instruo); measuring mind within predefined sound; able to grow (resistance) within loss (velocity).

weapons, much like people, have somewhat-distinct personalities about 'em

Everything by (per) sound (sonos) represents a different expression thereof; hence choice being used to adapt to the expressed inspiration thereof as to be able to grow comprehension thereof. Every so called weapon one utilizes becomes inspiration for ones partial growth, hence the more one trains with a distinct weapon; the more one feels the need to train with other distinct weapons.

Perceivable differences represent communicated inspiration for adaptation.

Probably better to reason with others

What does "better" imply? A conflict of reason against "worse". One cannot reason "with" others; because reasoning represents wanting versus not wanting suggested; while ignoring the need to adapt to perceivable, one exists "with" and "within".

Reason (want vs not want) represents the suggested inversion of perceivable balance (need/want)...imbalance; hence conflict. Choice exits at the center of balance, and only the choice to ignore perceivable balance, shapes suggested imbalance. Others use suggestion to be able to shape imbalances among those who ignore balance.

if pushed to againstness

a) life is being pushed from inception towards death

b) being alive doesn't represent being against death; but balancing as choice within the momentum of motion.

c) one feels pushed by the suggestions of others; because ones consent to any suggestion causes the conflict (reason) within ones mind. If one chooses to be within a conflict; then the other side will be perceived as pushing the limits of ones side. Nature doesn't push the limit...it sets one (choice) into the limit (balance).

Sleight of hand: "Push it to the limit" (be the resistance within the limit)..."Walk along the razor's edge" (be choice within balance)..."But don't look down, just keep your head" (resist the temptation of dying; keep sustaining life)

to serve the sandwiches silently

The origin of sound which allows one to shape through resonance within, is so loud, that one perceives the vibrations thereof as for example the ingredients of a so called "sandwich". Everything perceivable represents the materialized expressions of immaterial sound, and everyone perceiving it represents the free will of choice to shape it through resonance (need) or dissonance (want).

Each person is being served by (per) sound (sonos). The few suggest serving to represent "working for" as to tempt the ignorance of all representing one in energy (work).

scarper whilst they masticate

Growing while others feed upon loss; through their willing ignorance to grow, for the appetite tempting towards the fleeting.

It's the mindset between "I want the taste of that" and "I need to grow what sustains; which would surround me with ever changing tastes".

As for inception-toward-death being representative of it - sure, as are rivers, reeds, the compass winds, falling rains, traffic jams, winged animals, and non-winged animals.

Others suggested you brands for different aspects of the same motion as temptation. Your consent to suggested (information) represents your willing ignorance of perceivable (inspiration), and suggesting to others perpetuates the temptation of ignorance (choice of want over need).

RE (response to) PRESENT (being within essence); hence as partial (perceiving) within whole (perceivable)...not responding to what others are suggesting (words over sound).

comprehensive is this particular work of civil engineering

Choice (suggestion) towards choice (consent) contract law represents the foundation of civil engineering aka the temptation to stand under (understanding) the suggested information by others; while ignoring to grow comprehension by adaptation to perceivable inspiration.

The parasitic few suggest EN'GINE, noun [Latin ingenium.] - "agent for another" to tempt the many to ignore being the reaction within the enacting; while surrounded by reacting others, hence tempted to react to them.

they were the last of the grasses

A temporary convenience (living) within an ongoing inconvenience (process of dying).

Hunger was everywhere

Within the temptation of appetite; the inspiration to sustain self (hunger) was everywhere.

as were the predators

a) a temporary convenience (want for prey) within an ongoing inconvenience (need to predate upon to still hunger)

b) "if it bleeds; we can kill it"

leaving them to fall on that habitual dullard; Billy.

Frequency of adaptation (as choice within balance) to perceivable differences (need) or suggested sameness (want) shapes form sharp or dull; yet since this is about balancing..."all work (need) and no play (want) makes Billy a dull boy".

the "C" eyeball

EYE C ALL...ALL SEEING I...balls to the wall annoying wordplay. Meanwhile among the phonetic kabbalists: "such foolish insolence".

it didn't really dissuade the others much

Because within the inspiring whole perceivable; each partial represents suggesting temptation. Each dissuading advice represents suggested temptation to others; until each one chooses to resist suggested (want) for perceivable (need).

Dissuasion represents the temptation to not want what others suggest, while suggesting them to want what's needed (perceivable). One cannot suggest perceivable without tempting others to consent to the suggesting substitute of the perceivable origin.

My suggestion (this is reality) tempts you to consent to me as the representative of the perceivable reality I suggest. Each one is then being tempted to ignore RE (response to) PRESENT (being within essence).

steered out of the worst of trouble

Hence the living temporary resisting the temptation to ignore the ongoing process of dying. It's less steering, than it is you spending resistance to pick others up; while attempting to get them to grow by themselves within the loss they're willingly ignoring to be in.

Unless it's karst terrain. A pox on the house of karst terrain.

House of Karst (karra- "rock")...you don't seem to like caves that much. Claustrophobia or did you had to spend a night hiding in a den; while waiting for the occupants to leave?

I know the difference between rain and "other sources of falling water"

"source of falling" implies motion...look at yourself (living) within motion (process of dying) and notice how different it feels to be alive; from the consequences of dying, which are perceivable among the remains of the living?

Living is not just dying; but a different expression of the same origin. Branding living as "humans; nations; races; families etc." tempts the perceivable singular to ignore self for the suggested plural.

The story of rain goes, that it was water given freely the warmth of the sun, but was then mugged for said energy by the workings of the sky, and thus robbed of all of its wealth, it goes back home - and directly, too

Reacting liquidity within a directing current. You are being tempted with the suggested shape of the perceivable liquid from the current directing it.

at no point does their presence enter into the water's own calculus

CALCULA (computing by numbers) -TION (through action) implies being the reacting number (one) within the enacting (oneness). Counting is what's being suggested to you. One doesn't need to count oneness; one (perceiving) needs to adapt to oneness (perceivable); because one (partial) is being moved by oneness (whole).

The water neither counts; not pretends to own its reactions; it simply reacts to enacting; while adapting to whatever circumstances are balancing the choice to balance...like Gene Kelly choosing to go singin' in the rain for the glorious feeling of being happy again.

Water doesn't give a fuck; it adapts to everything given; while struggling to sustain itself within momentum.

Now, weird though the words may be, they still have their utility.

Distracting from perceivable now (balance); with suggested new (imbalance); hence tempting choice to ignore resisting. Meanwhile...comprehending the whole process is very inspiring for growing more comprehension out of it; while also tempting with a little bit of schadenfreude.

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The commotion of the motion brings the notion that we're all absolutely stuck, as if by some manner of glue, on a road to, well, somewhere.

What if the process of dying is impressing (loss) to inspire those living within to express (growth); which requires choice of adaptation (need); hence also offering the temptation of ignorance (want) aka self repression?

In other words...those who ignore to grow are tempted to feel stuck; while being moved on a road they ignore (process of dying) towards somewhere (death) their ignorance denies them to comprehend. Furthermore; the choice to ignore need for want; tempts them to want to hold onto; hence gluing themselves onto temporary within ongoing.

The few utilize suggestion to tempt the many to willingly attach themselves to the fleeting material; while ignoring to be the material resistance (living) within the immaterial velocity (process of dying).

commotion of the motion brings the notion

The ignorance of temperance towards permanence tempts impotence of sustenance through lack of resistance.

Which is all fine and good, right up until those differentiated bits start cottoning on and before one can so much as a swing a cat they're all over the show, each one pointing to another one and declaring "That's me, over there!" at which point it rapidly becomes very confusing for everyone.

Which is why the ongoing whole differentiates into "temporary" partials; which have to struggle to sustain self (apartheid); while resisting the temptation of "cottoning" together. Entrance the parasitic few suggesting the ignorant many to pick cotton together.

As for losing and winning - these are different words for what is far too often the same thing

If one (living) comprehends the only origin (process of dying); then it isn't about wanting (winning) vs not wanting (losing); but about the need to grow within loss; by resisting the temptation of suggested wins or loses.

to sell

Choice (consent) towards choice (suggestion) contract law allows the few to sell everything perceivable back to the many who ignore this for suggested.

Everyone (perceiving) exists at the center of everything (perceivable) as the free will of choice to utilize it (growth)...or ignore it (loss). The few sell perceivable loss under suggested growth back to the many who pay growth (living) into loss (dying). A self destruction racket; more or less carefully hidden behind suggested narratives; which are collapsing upon each other over and over again.

In short...suggesting to sell what is perceptibly free.

if choice itself were a weapon...

WEAPON, noun - "any instrument of offense"...there has to be a weapon of offense (choice) within a self sustaining system of defense (balance). The "will" within free will of choice represents the want (temptation) within the need (resistance).

Self discernment has to be grown for one to comprehend that "instrument" implies in response to perceivable sound. Without that one views any weapon as offense vs defense among others; instead of as response-ability (choice) to origin (balance).

I have no basis for suggesting

Choice represents the base for suggestion (want); perceivable balance (need) represents the base for choice. Those who are reasoning against each other about suggestion; lack comprehension about base (choice) because they already consented by choice to the suggested choices of others; hence willingly ignoring free will of choice; while submitting the choices of others.

never yet led me astray

Inception towards death represents the way; momentum (balance) represents what one perceives it at, and ones choice operates at the center thereof. One cannot wander off the path (astray) while being confined to the momentum of the only path. Wandering around in willing ignorance is a choice tho...

face forward, no doubt to better track prey

Why hunting prey? To sustain self. Where to sustain self? Within momentum (balance); hence origin of every choice to hunt. Now change perspective to the prey...sustaining self; while resisting the suggested temptations by others (getting hunted down) all while adapting as choice to the ever changing moment (balance).

Even while both hunter and hunted are "facing" death; they each operate for the sustenance of life; hence adapting to origin...not to the predefined outcome. Once again; such a perspective requires the growth of self discernment about living within the process of dying; hence in need to react to an enacting system; while being tempted to want everything else.

gazes are harmonized somewhere forward

From center (perceiving) into surrounding (perceivable) based on free will of choice.

looking in other directions

a) inception towards death represents the only direction...looking freely (choice) around within the momentum (balance) thereof; doesn't change the direction.

b) constant change (aka forward velocity) represents direction (progress of dying) for those (living) within.

c) if all represents one in energy; then others represent moving partials of the whole. All others represent perceivable inspiration (need) and suggesting information (want) for ones free will of choice. If all represents one in energy; then there can be only one; hence all for one and one for all.

What's lacking is each ones self discernment about representing a partial within a self differentiating whole. The more one comprehends apartheid; the more one comprehends wholeness. The parasitic few distract the ignorant many from that by suggesting diversity (difference) for equality (sameness) as the inversion of difference (partial) out of sameness (whole).

regarded by the aforementioned others as some manner of potentate

Every one represents potential (growth) within potentiality (loss); yet it requires adaptation of potential to potentiality to grow; while resisting the temptation to drain potential among others.

In other words...one is tempted to want what others grow; while ignoring the need to grow oneself.

Also...one doesn't need to regard the suggestions of others; one represents the RE (responding) GUARD (preservation; self sustenance) within perceivable.

to have a posse assembled

Strength in numbers (sleight of hand for strength within the designated unit "one") misdirected by suggested collectivism (out of many; one) against others. Notice also...POSSE (possession) aka want over need.

Wherefrom hangs this platform? Why, from skyhooks, naturally?

PLAT (to spread) FORM (that manner of being peculiar to each body, which exhibits it to the eye as distinct from every other body) aka growth through self differentiation within loss.

Also; PLATEAU (elevated tract of relatively level land) aka choice based growth (elevation) within the momentum (level aka balance) of motion, hence the implied relation of growth to loss; of form to flow; of elevation to degradation etc.

The hook on the other hand represents the snare; the temptation to want to hold onto the material (life); while ignoring to grow in response to immaterial (inception towards death).

Does the rain choose upon whom it falls?

Each drop of liquid seeks level (balance); hence representing choice. Liquid also adapts to ever changing circumstances. You don't perceive rain (plural) but partial liquid within whole motion. Branding the momentum of liquid "rain" was suggested to you. Furthermore; suggested "whom" implies the choice to count; while each part of liquid adapts to the whole momentum until disrupted by "whomever" chose to resist liquid finding level.


The few suggest "automobile" to tempt the many to ignore being mobility (living) within automation (process of dying). They furthermore tempt choice into a conflict between manual and automatic; as the inversion of being the manual choice within the automatic balance.

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To be implies out of; within and in response to; hence each one within being able to grow self discernment about origin. Suggesting "I AM" tempts one to ignore the perceivable origin.

Sleight of hand for those who ignore: "I am whatever you say I am; because if I wasn't; then why would I say I am?"

Sleight of hand for those who comprehend: "the way (inception towards death) I (life) am"


Free will of choice implies within; as the center of, and in response to perceivable balance (need/want aka perceivable/suggested) aka "free" will of choice within the "dom"inance of balance aka being temporary free (living) within ongoing dominance (process of dying) aka free-dom.

FREE implies within dominance. WILL implies as want within need. OF implies out of origin. CHOICE implies within balance.


All represents one in ENERGY (Greek; work) - "internal; inherent power". Each ONE within all represents a partial (form; growth; potential; perceiving; temporary; material; living) within the whole (flow; loss; potentiality; perceivable; ongoing; immaterial; dying).

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not just resisting their propaganda

a) PROP'AGATE, verb (Latin propago; to set or thrust in) - "to continue or multiply the kind by generation or successive production". The process of dying represents the generator; those living within represent the reactors "resisting".

The parasitic few suggest propagandism (orders to follow) to tempt the many to ignore perceivable propagation (the natural order to resist).

Your choice to fight those who suggest propagandism represents your choice to ignore resisting propagation. The few parasitically exploit your ignorance of perceivable (reality) with suggestion (fiction).

b) nobody can offer reality because everything perceivable is already offered to each one perceiving it; yet...everyone can be tempted to ignore perceivable (need) for the suggestions (want) by others. This temptation needs to be resisted by choosing need (perceivable inspiration) over want (suggested information).

c) as choice one exists within perceivable balance (need/want) aka in-between perceivable and suggested aka inside the perceivable process of dying and among the suggestions of the living. The many ignore this for the suggested imbalance (want vs not want) by the few.

d) one cannot consent to an us (want) vs them (not want) conflict without ignoring the need to sustain oneself. One cannot consent to any conflict (imbalance) without ignoring ones response-ability (choice) to struggle (balance). One cannot consent to another one without ignoring oneself within all. Choice cannot consent to suggested choices without ignoring perceivable balance.

killing the people killing us

a) flow (inception towards death) kills form (life)...it also generates it. The generated form (living) represents the reactor within generating flow (process of dying).

b) KILL, verb - "to deprive of life by any means"...nothing deprives the living faster than ignoring to resist the temptation of dying, and consenting to any suggestion represents ignorance.

c) DEPRIVE, verb - "to take from; to bereave of something possessed"...others cannot take perceivable reality from one and one cannot posses perceivable reality. It's the choice of want (suggested) over need (perceivable) which allows those who suggest to exploit those who want suggested. Only then can the suggested be reclaimed; repossessed and taken from those who want it.

d) while the many are fighting each other over suggested values; the few suggest them price-tags for everything perceivable. Consenting to those suggested prices restricts the many from accessing perceivable. All of this represents willing self destruction...not getting killed by others.

e) the ignorance of the many tempts the parasitic response of the few. Killing the few doesn't prevent the ignorance of the many; it strengthens the few; because the many can shirk response-ability (choice) onto the choices of the few aka the ELITE (selection; choice).

As long as each one of the many ignores response-ability (choice) within perceivable (balance) for the suggested choices by the few; so long will the few represent the "chosen ones".

To not be “against others”

a) you are already against yourself by consenting to suggested "not be" aka not being aka suggested nothing over being within perceivable everything.

b) the "to" represents towards which implies being (life) within what moves forwards (inception towards death).

c) choice can only exist at the center of balance, so only if choices chooses to ignore being within balance; can choice experience imbalance (conflict). Where is the conflict (against) for one living within the process of dying; for form (life) within flow (inception towards death); for choice within balance; for reaction within enacting; for the partial within the whole?

literal suicide

a) "need" sustains living; "want" tempts dying...both coexist as balance for ones choice at the center.

b) the few suggest suicide under the umbrella of moralism (want) vs immorality (not want) to tempt the many to ignore response-ability (choice) of the living (resistance) within the process of dying (temptation).

To reason over wanting or not wanting to live; tempts one to ignore being alive; hence already doing what's needed to be alive aka adaptation to perceivable need (breathing; quenching thirst; stilling hunger; sheltering).


To be implies out of; within and in response to perceivable origin...however others choose to be represents the temptation to ignore what you are. Killing doesn't solve problems...living represents the temporary problem within the ongoing solution (process of dying). Every problem will be solved.

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organizing as a show of strength against

What if against others represents a weakness for the sustenance of self? What if resisting the temptations suggested by others represents the growth of strength?

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a) a "mason of free" lays bricks and stones of ignorance into the consenting minds of others by suggesting it through free will of choice.

b) IN (being within) VENIO (to come out of). One doesn't invent anything; one shapes within the venue; the venus.

Sleight of hand: "I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, At your desire"...

And while I'm at VENUS (Latin ventus; venom; poison)..."I got the poison (balance)"...I got the remedy (choice)..."I got the pulsating rhythmical remedy (frequency of adaptation)"

c) where did one exist in 2021? Now. Where does one exist in 2022? Now. Where can one exist within 2023? Now. Timelines are suggested by the few to tempt the many to ignore that inception towards death represents the only "line"; which causes a momentum (balance) within which one exists (as choice) within the ever changing moment aka the "now".

What does TIME; noun (Latin tempus; tempora) - "temporary" imply? Within ongoing. What's the sleight of hand? Tick; tick; tick...the ever changing moment(um) of motion.

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It requires foresight (providence) to comprehend that living within the process of dying can't be insured against loss. Those with the hindsight to aim suggested insurances at those who ignore this have already grown the required foresight.

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