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All -isms start with the suggestion thereof; and then gain power by consent to the suggested. Consent to any suggestion implies both wanting and not wanting it; since both ignore perceived need for suggested want.

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a) KIKE; noun - "circle; ring; a visible sign of an invisible bond; no beginning; no end" aka an allegory of ongoing flow; suggested by the temporary form within.

b) the suggested Ellis island story implies themselves using the circle over the cross; hence kikes.

c) nature doesn't brand anything; choice in ignorant response (want over need) to perceived nature does.

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SOR'DET, SOR'DINE, noun [Latin surdus, deaf.] The many are deaf to sound; because the few suggest them inverted meaning thereof. Each of us represents an insane (in sanus aka within sound) person (per sonos aka by sound) aka a choice based response (resonance) to perceived sound.

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Sweet implies temptation (choice of want over need); while poison implies the consequences of falling for suggested temptation; hence the vector for the poison of temptation representing the suggestions of others (which are never needed; only wanted).

The most effective ongoing genocide represents suggested pornography, and the few simply respond as the happy merchants of temptation to the many who ignore need (procreation) for want (lust); which leads to their self destruction by self sacrificing the seed of life into a sock. Sweet; sweet poison.

Have a sleight of hand from the parasites...

"I got the poison, I got the remedy"..."I got the pulsating rhythmical remedy"..."Boom...Bah...The pressure" ~The Prodigy

I got the poison (want); I got the remedy (need)

I got the pulsating [Latin pulsus, from pello, to drive.] rhythmical (proportion of sound) remedy aka form (choice of resound) responding to balance within flow (driving force).

Boom (perceived sound); Bah (choice based reaction to it)...The pressure aka resistance of form to velocity of flow.

The few suggest; the many ignore to comprehend when consenting to the suggested... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18HoL4qAC6I

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We are all bombarded everyday and every moment with distractions.

Consider being form (life) within the ever changing moment (um) of flow (inception towards death); while others use suggested distractions to deceive you to ignore your function as choice (free will) responding to balance (momentum) for self sustenance.

they want our concept of timeline distorted

The few suggest; the many ignore need for wanting vs not wanting what the few suggest. Time implies measurement (by choice) of ongoing flow (tick; tick; tick...); which the many ignore for the suggestion of past; present; future aka affixes states deceiving us to ignore being within the momentum of ongoing motion.

what is on the internet

The suggested internal net represents the inversion of the ONEs growth of understanding (potential) out of perceived (potentiality) ALL. ONE represents the seed; ALL represents the soil that the seed can (based on choice) expand into; causing an internal net of conscious understanding.

My understanding stems from a combination of Hermetic, Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu teachings.

Consider that all these represent suggested -isms you choose to consent to believe or not believe in aka suggested information you want or not want; while ignoring need (perceived inspiration). Try using implication (if/then) over reason (want vs not want; true vs false; believing vs not believing; good vs bad and so on); while resisting the temptation to consent to be a student under a teacher who wants more and more suggested information.

What if adaptation to inspiration from ALL represents to teach/learn ONEself aka to teach self represents to learn for self and vice versa?

Your soul is infinite

What if form represents the temporary finite; out of the ongoing infinite flow; while soul; spirit; from spiro - "to breathe" represents adaptation of form to flow for sustenance of self?

There is an afterlife

Life represents balancing as choice between being moved from inception towards death. So beginning defines end for everything in between.

What if your understanding of the before is needed to understand the after? What if flow to form (inception); form within flow (life); form to flow (death) represents ONEs transmutation out of base ALL?

it may not be the paradise we imagine it to be

a) not; nothing; nothingness implies ONEs ignorance of everything (ALL) for suggested nothingness by others.

b) what if life isn't outcome oriented (inception predefines death); but balance oriented (choice as the response to balance); while others suggest outcomes (hope for paradise) to deceive one to ignore balancing by choice for consenting to suggested choices instead?

we are all the universe experiencing itself.

What if ALL self segregates into individual ONEs by flow (loss of potentiality) causing form (growth of potential) within its internal balance (momentum)? What if experiencing implies receiving input (perception); which therefore implies being a needed only for the differentiated ONE within ALL, not for the ONEness of ALL (aka unitas; the state of being one; oneness). Growth (form) can only be experienced within loss (flow).

We are tempted to judge ALL through the limitations of being ONE; yet ALL represents the unlimited that causes limitations within itself. ALL doesn't need to experience anything; it represents everything.

the mega wealthy

The highest value within ALL represents ONEs evaluation thereof...balance represents ALL value; choice represents the responding evaluation thereof. The parasitic few suggest a substitute value (money) to deceive the many to ignore the choice of evaluation; which in return causes their own devaluation; which the parasitic few racketeer mercilessly through usury; world wide poverty; copyright etc.

want us attached to machines

The agenda underneath suggested transhumanism represents the inversion of 1 (perceived reality) for 0 (suggested fiction) aka ignoring being ONE within ALL (everything) for suggested nothing by others. It's the same industrialization of the "allegory of the cave" while utilizing different suggested technologies to keep the many choosing want over need.

But do you consider this wisdom?

  • WISDOM, noun - "exercise of knowledge" + KNOWL'EDGE, noun - "perception of that which exists".

Flow communicates itself to the senses of form as perceived inspiration for choice to respond to; which implies adaptation to inspiration (choice of need over want) representing the exercise of knowledge (wisdom) for the sustenance of self; while consenting to suggested information by others (choice of want over need) represents the ignorance of self sustenance.

From One comes All. All is One

Aka from ONE (energy) comes ALL (flow/form aka loss/growth). ALL (flow) is ONE (form). The parasites have a sleight of hand for this..."one for all and all for one"; also from high(flow)lander(form): "there can be only one".

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Whoever did this...

...suggested a sleight of hand for the technology used to deceive the many; which like every sleight of hand; can only be seen when resisting the temptation of how it is presented aka enter-tame-mind.

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if someone is following the talmud you should know they are incredibly dangerous

Allow yourself to question if the talmud (instruction aka suggestion) represents the response to your ego? What if ignoring perceived inspiration for suggested information by others; causes you to shape within your conscious memory a stagnating temptation (ego) that tempts you to reason about suggested information (stagnation); instead of responding to perceived inspiration (adaptation)?

The talmud represents the industrialized instruction by suggestion of the human ego; while consent to suggestion (-isms) causes divisive conflict (reason) by the many; which allows the few a) control of both sides of every conflict of reason and b) the means to perpetuate those conflicts indefinitely by suggesting contradictions (talmudic reasoning) to whatever the many consent to reason about...want vs not want; true vs false; believing vs not believing; good vs evil etc.

In short...those who choose want over need (temptation of ignorance) "are incredibly dangerous" to themselves and others; which in response causes the parasitic few, who ruthlessly exploit that ignorance among the many through suggestions.

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KIKE; noun - "circle; ring; a visible sign of an invisible bond; no beginning; no end" aka an allegory of ongoing flow; suggested by the temporary form within.

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As form (life) within flow (inception towards death); each of us represents ONE growth potential out of ALL loss of potentiality. Your curiosity (choice to ignore perceived need for suggested want) is what corrupts ONEs comprehension (potential) of ALL perceived (potentiality).

Before you ask another ONE; allow yourself to question if ONEself represents the answer to ALL?

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a) moderna suggests "at present time"; which represents the inversion of being within the ever changing moment(um) of flow (inception towards death) for the form (life) within...the form with the choice to "measure" (modus) in response to balance (momentum).

b) "mRNA is the software of life" aka SOFT, adjective - "easily yielding to pressure" + "WARE, adjective - "provided against".

c) mRNA aka "messenger ribonucleic acid" aka messenger (suggestion) ribon (sugar) nucleus (a nut) acid (poison) aka a sweet suggestion to poison your nuts.

d) "the talmud is ensconced in the vaccine" aka ENSCON'CED, participle passive "covered, sheltered; protected; secured" + "VAC'CINE, adjective [Latin vaccinus, from vacca, a cow.]. So the so called talmud represents the "instruction" of the human ego by means of suggestion; hence the ego being protected by the ignorance of the goyim (cattle).

e) CMO aka Chief Marketing Officer aka Chief (he who commands) Marketing (suggestion) Officer (authorized to perform over others).

In short...nature does not use language to communicate itself (it moves everything; which those within perceive as inspiration for their choice to respond to aka adaptation). The parasitic few use spell-craft (suggested idolized meaning aka words; languages) to deceive the many to ignore real communication (choice resonating with balance) for fictitious communication (choice reasoning with other choice over suggested meaning by parasites) aka suggestion (-isms) causing division (conflict of reason); which represents dissonance to communication (resonance).

In short (2nd attempt)...all suggested words; languages represent the inversion of communication and consenting to suggestion gives the few power over the many.

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The temptation of desire only curates expectations that cannot be fulfilled by others; since it's ONEself that ignores ALL perceived for what another ONE suggests.

Resist wanting to put others on a PED'ESTAL, noun [Latin pes, the foot.]; and instead learn/teach yourself to utilize ONEs own foot on the foundation of ALL.

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Your posts suck every single time.

Doesn't "every single time" imply your consent to that which you evaluate as "sucking"?


Look underneath the Asberger story and you can find an internationalist; anti-human parasite called chaskel leib kanner; suggesting and mass propagating the autism belief system.

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interfere also means to prevent or to disrupt and that is how I intended its usage

Does life prevent or disrupt being moved from inception towards death; or does it balance while being moved aka being form within flow? What if the parasitic few use suggestion to cause division (reason) so that we consent to attempt to prevent; disrupt those we believe to be our opposition within reason? Aka want vs not want; believer vs not believer; truth vs false; left wing vs right wing and so on?

What if the conflict you perceive and try to defend yourself against; represents a fictitious suggestion (want vs not want); which deceives you to ignore the perceived reality (need/want). When you choose between wanting and not wanting anything suggested; you already made a choice in response to balance...want over need aka ignorance of perceived need for suggested want.

Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

What if "two" was suggested to you (one) by another (one)? How does nature communicate two to you? Two horses represent you using choice to count one and another one horse.

Bigger picture...as form (life) within flow (inception towards death); are these representing two or flow causing momentum within itself; which allows temporary formation within ongoing flow? What if flow/form represents the internal balance within energy aka the loss/growth balance energy uses to sustain itself?

What if we each represent ONE (form) within ALL (flow); and ALL (flow/form) represents ONE in energy? What if what's missing here represents ONEs understanding of ALL perceived; hence understanding representing growth potential?

What if time (tick; tick; tick...) represents ongoing flow; instead of the suggested affixed states of past; present; future; that deceive form to ignore being within flow?

What if SPACE, noun [Latin spatium, space; spatior, to wander.] represents being form wandering within the momentum of flow?

What if meaning of words are suggested to us to deceive us into ignoring perceived meaning of moving inspiration?

in my journey

If inception defines death for life...is life an outcome oriented journey; or a balance act? What if ignoring to resist the natural order (flow for form) by balancing as choice; causes imbalance among form? An imbalance representing the conflict between wanting vs not wanting the suggested orders from others?

then I have to choose to either go around said obstacle or go through it

Because you want to move on; yet you ignore that you are being moved towards death; hence in need of balancing by choice (adaptation). Whatever happens around you represents inspiration to sustain yourself within balance and temptation to want to fall for aka a balance for your respond as choice.

Both going around and going through the obstacle represents your consent to the suggested obstacle. Why suggested obstacle? Because you consented to the suggested meaning thereof. Look at this...OB'STACLE, noun [Latin obsto, to withstand; ob and sto.]. That implies your choice of resistance; not that something else represents an obstacle. You choose to evaluate something as an obstacle; because you wanted to; and that is what is causing the imbalance.

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Interfere (to enter into)...what does that imply for free will of choice? How does one enter the choice of others? Could this be suggestion of choices towards choice? And doesn't suggestion imply consent by choice to suggestion by choice of others?

Now let's change perspective. If you go outside and a pigeon uses you for target practice; then that represents the pigeons choice...yet does it represent a suggestion? Without suggested meaning by the choice of others; is there still a conflict (want vs not want) or do you have to adapt to balance (need/want) anyway? Would reasoning about wanting vs not wanting what the pigeon is "providing" represent the needed way to adapt by choice?

What if the conflict (want vs not want) only exists within oneself when consenting to any suggestion by others; which then corrupts one to perceive reality through the lens of conflict (reason)?

What if we need to adapt to any circumstances; yet are tempted to ignore need for wanted or not wanted suggestions by others? Circumstances imply perceived movement; which our sense receive as inspiration aka pigeon does business; you see it; you respond. Adaptation.

Suggestion implies consent to affixed meaning (information); while ignoring adaptation to ongoing meaning (inspiration). The issue is that I can describe this; but only your choice; used upon inspiration (need) over suggested information (want or not want) can grow your understanding of this. Choosing to believe me does not represent understanding reality.

The issue is that all languages are suggested; hence us having such a headache communicating the self corrupting deception thereof. Real communication doesn't represents reasoning among choice (agree vs disagree over suggested information); but response as choice to balance aka resonance as choice with balance; as form with flow; as ONE with ALL etc.

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  • AN'IMAL, noun [Latin animal from anima, air, breath, soul.] + HU'MAN, adjective [Latin humanus; Heb. form.]

These suggested terms represent an allegory for animated form aka life (form) animated by inception towards death (flow). How can flow causing momentum (balance); within which form (life with choice) exist; be a conflict? What if you ignore balance (need/want) for a suggested conflict (want vs not want to be harmed)?

What if those other life-forms don't intent conflict against you; but respond by choice to balance for the sustenance of self?

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If it doesn't make sense

Sense implies perceiving reality. How could one not perceive reality through senses?

it is a scam

Does a scam originate in what inspiration ones senses perceive or from what information others suggest?

arrest everyone responsible

Does one perceive the laws of men or are they suggested by other men? What about the laws of nature?

the price

Price implies value; which implies evaluation thereof. How does one evaluate? By choice. What defines choice? Being a response to balance. What if balance represents value for ones choice of evaluation instead of the suggested values by others?

the weight of billions

As one; do you perceive a billion or do you consent to believe the suggestion of a billion by others? How does nature communicate a billion to one?

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Life (form) being moved from inception towards death (flow) implies that flow represents the natural order for the form within; which makes form the resistance to the natural order of the velocity of flow.

How could this resistance of life be corrupted? By suggesting it to ignore resisting the natural order; while instead following the suggested orders by others aka progress; achievements; hope/fear; outcomes etc.

If life exists in-between inception/death...does it maybe represents free will of choice responding to balance? What if balance for form within flow represents the ever changing moment (um)? What if others suggested choices (want vs not want) towards free will of choice; to deceive it to ignore responding to balance (need/want)?

losing mind

What if mind (Latin mens; Gr. memory) represents a response as form (growth) to flow (loss)? What if responding by choice to perceived inspiration within balance causes the growth of comprehension; while falling for the temptation to consent to the suggested information by others causes the lack of comprehension?

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Productive vs useless is better.

What if productive vs useless represents want vs not want; just like rich vs poor? What if want implies consenting to a suggestion of others; which then causes the versus conflict (reason) between want vs not want?

Ask yourself...if you evaluate something as better or worse; did you define reality by choice; or did you evaluate a constantly changing reality? Look at suggested entertainment...doesn't your evaluation thereof (better or worse) automatically turns into a conflict of reason against those who chose the opposing side? Aren't all your evaluations of suggested entertainment a want vs not want choice for you?

What if the few use suggestion (want or not want) to cause that conflict (want vs not want) among the many?

No one should be exempt from misfortune. Its bad for humans not to suffer and struggle.

a) does inception(beginning) implies death (end) for life (choice within balance)?

b) is any life exempt from death?

c) doesn't life represent the resistance to being moved towards death; hence the struggle of survival by choice of adaptation?

d) what if that which moves life from inception towards death represents ongoing loss; while life represents temporary growth within?

e) "no one" implies you (as one) consenting to believe in suggested nothingness; while ignoring that as one within all you cannot perceive nothingness...or can you? How could one within everything perceive nothing?


Can you respond to the reality around you without consenting to the suggested better vs worse and good vs bad conflict (reason)? What if you are outside interacting with other life-forms...if you evaluate them as good or bad; better or worse...will they reason with you; will there be a conflict?

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Alright that's funny on the periphery; yet once you look closer it falls apart...first pic uses the "grassy knolls" allegory to hint at something suspicious; then comes the ugly ass temptation merchant; who offers the Faustian deal of bestowing without compensation (which always turns sour in the end), next we have a character switch; where Debra is the one rubbing her hands; followed by the character with the longest nose; pretending to be one of the fellow ponies; while forgetting to use lowercase "jew".

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Change the perspective of productive vs useless to rich vs poor and question if both conflicts are caused among the many by the few who suggest money as value?

As for WELFARE, noun [well and fare, a good faring] - "exemption from misfortune"...as life being moved from inception towards death; what exactly is one exempt from misfortune in terms of outcomes?

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How do we know what the historical numbers were like

  • NUM'BER, noun [Probably the radical sense is to speak, name or tell, as our word tell, in the other dialects, is to number number may be allied to name, as the Spaniards use nombre for name, and the French word written with the same letters, is number ] - "the designation of a unit reference to other units".

Question a) does nature communicate numbers or do those within nature suggest numbers to each other? b) As ONE within ALL...what represents the reference to other ONEs? What differentiates ALL reality into each ONE within?

  • HIS'TORY, noun [Latin historia; Gr. knowing] + KNOWL'EDGE, noun - "perception of that which exists"

...not the suggested his-story by others; but what ONE perceives within ALL.

They’ve covered up a ton about our history

If knowledge represents ALL perceived reality; then the cover up represents ONEs lack of understanding thereof; which can be easily achieved by consenting to suggested his-story.

Why would I assume the numbers are real

As form (life) within flow (inception towards death)...one can only assume everything; not define anything. for all is constantly changing. How to corrupt ones understanding thereof? By suggesting affixed meaning (words; brands; idols). Nature does not use words to communicate itself; it moves all within to communicate inspiration towards perceiving senses.

even if they have never been caught lying before

What if consenting to a suggested "truth" is what allows those suggesting it to then contradict it as a "lie"? What if true vs lie (conflict of reason) represents want vs not want towards suggested information; while ignoring perceived inspiration?

HOW do we have any idea of world populations thousands of years ago

Question if you represent ONE within ALL; then question if everyone represents ONE (form) within ALL (flow); then question if ALL (flow/form) represents ONE in energy aka EN'ERGY, noun [Gr. work.] - "internal or inherent power".

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a) count to six million or until you question consenting to any suggested numbers...especially as ONE within ALL.

b) HU'MAN, adjective [Latin humanus; Heb. form] + RACE, noun [Latin radix; radius; ray, radiate, etc.] What if the radius of form (life) represents the momentum of flow (inception towards death), and radiating form outwards within flow represents sustenance of self (blood); shared among others (bloodline)?

c) what if agree vs disagree represents the conflict of reason (want vs not want) caused by consenting to a suggestion (numbers)? Why consent by choice to a suggested conflict by the choice of others; when choice represents the response to balance?

d) SITUA'TION, noun - "position; location in respect to something else". What has more value...being choice (free will) within balance (need/want) or choice vs choice (want vs not want)?

What if choice represents evaluation in response to the only value of balance? What if there can't be a higher value than evaluation?

e) what are the ramifications for the few if the many (how many is irrelevant) are culled? Does the few controlling the many dynamic change at all?

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If only she knew...

"Go right to the source and ask the horse...He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse...He's always on a steady course".

If only everyone understood...

"People yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day...But Mister Ed will never speak unless he has something to say"

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more meaningless than logic

Logic equals reason; and reason represents conflict (want vs not want) over suggested meaning; while ignoring perceived meaning.


Ignoring that which is (momentum) for that which might be (hopeful outcome); mostly suggested by others.

Nothing is more pointless as Hope

a) life is predefined at inception to move towards death; which until then puts life within a momentum (balance). Balance represents the "point" for life.

b) nothing (fiction) represents the ignorance of everything (reality); and reality doesn't suggest nothingness; those within reality do.

Hope is merely a construct from media that makes you believe

Hope implies towards; hence towards a suggestion by others; which implies consent to the suggestion of others before choosing to want (hope) or not want (fear) the suggested outcome.

Media (from Latin; medius - "middle") represents suggestion of information in-between perceived inspiration and choice of reaction to it...a parasite between perceived reality; that suggested fiction to deceive choice to ignore responding to reality in favor of fiction.


Life being moved from inception towards death represents form (resistance) within flow (velocity). How does life resists being moved towards death? Adaptation by choice of response to balance (need/want). That choice represents the free "will" to oppose the natural order...not the suggested orders of others. Ignoring this is what allows the few to control the many by means of suggestion.

Who knows, maybe it's just me

Knowledge represents perception, and each ONE perceives (knows) ALL; yet lacks comprehension (understanding) about what it means. This is where your choice comes in to grow understanding by choosing to adapt to perceived (choice of need over want).

the Elite

From French élite "selection, choice". If the many ignore using the free will of choice in response to balance for the suggested choices of the few; then the ONEs who ignore choice will find themselves under the "chosen ones" who make all the choices.

The few suggested the term "elite", and whenever the many are using it; they confirm their ignorance of representing free will of choice; because they select others for their choices.

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lack sound evidence

What if sound is self evident? What if reality represents the source of sound and all within the re-sound (resonance to perceived sound)?


What if nature doesn't communicate information; but moves all within; which senses perceive as inspiration to respond to? What if therefore all suggested information represents "disinformation" aka subversion of perceived inspiration?

generally unknown

What if knowledge represents perception? What if each ONE perceives ALL reality; yet lacks comprehension about what it means; hence being in need of growing by response to inspiration?

limited in scope

What if the only limitation in scope within ALL reality that matters represents ONEs lack of comprehending the perceived?

involve a limited number

What if the highest value within ALL existence represents ONEs evaluation thereof?

don't scatter hints anywhere

Aka ignore perceived inspiration; listen to suggested information...

often massive in scope

What if ALL represents ONE in energy; hence the interconnection of everything within?

large groups of people...need to keep a secret

Chain of command aka a world wide caste system aka a pyramid scheme based on the many consenting to the suggestions of the few; hence following orders; following the party line; adhering to the mainstream; kissing up; while kicking down to progress. Ask the McD minimum wage burger flipper what his shift manager is up to and they have no clue; because they don't question authority; they follow the suggested rules; while blaming authority for their position underneath.

evidence everywhere

EV'IDENCE, noun [Latin evidentia, from video, to see.]. How dare the goys use their eyes to see...

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