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The few likely try to rebrand homeschooling into "surveillance" online classes tied to digital identity; social credit and NFC exchanges, for which they first have to sacrifice the public school system; while herding their cattle to want homeschooling; which they will effortlessly take over by suggesting the convenience of letting others home-school the children.

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You've flooded the whole page with nonsense, rendering it difficult to read or follow.

a) if I flooded with something, then how could you sense nothing (nonsense)? Why is it so easy for you to dismiss perceivable by suggesting "nonsense"? Who would get a kick out of suggesting "Nothing and Sensing" together as a rhetorical contradiction to tempt those who consent to use it into making fools out of themselves?

b) 12000 word limit, and I'm one of the few who hits that continuously without copy + paste. Yet somehow those who dismiss everything perceivable as nothing sensed (nonsense) find it difficult to follow...

Very good, you have proven you are not a base algorithm.

0100100101110011 01110100011010000110100101110011 0111000001110010011011110110111101100110 01110100011010000110000101110100 01001001 0110000101101101?

But your presence here, only acts to derail threads without addressing them

a) as choice I cannot act; only react to be enacted upon. If you suggest an action; then I can question what it reacted to.

b) how is it that I adapt to multiple words within the OP without confirming to you my stance (want or not want) towards the suggested narrative (kotaku community journalism)? What if I comprehend that agreement vs disagreement about suggested narratives represents miscommunication? How would you reach those who want you to chose a side within conflicts that only exist within their minds?

c) tangible matter aka form perceivable by touch...are you blind while using braille? Is there a digital to braille translator? If so...would they translate a poop emoji?

And this reply only brings up more troubling Questions.

If choice represents the center of balance, then what could trouble choice but ignorance of perceived balance (need/want) for suggested imbalance (want vs not want)?

"look at"...No.

Nice catch. I slipped in a suggestion; instead of using implication (if/then). As for your response...as the one perceiving within everything perceivable; what does "nothing" (no) represent?

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a) form (life) out of flow (inception towards death) represents transmutation in and out of base. Not cyclical; but curved temporary growth potential within straight ongoing loss of potentiality.

b) those who ignore being the temporary growth within ongoing loss are destroying themselves by eating each other aka sucking off each others potential without recharging (growing comprehension by adaptation to perceived).

The parasitic few (a response to the ignorance of the many) use suggestion to manage the self destruction of the many; have industrialized temporary growth, while directing it back into ongoing loss (society aka the beast system) and the allegory they use for that represents the Ouroboros (beginning and end eating each other through the ignorance of those in-between).

c) nature is in control; those within who ignore perceived (reality) for suggestions (fiction) are giving control to the few making suggestions; who in return for consent gain the power to define; redefine; and contradict whatever they suggest.

d) as for farming civilizations over and over again...check out JonLevi for inspiration to question how the few reshape that which was; while curtailing all that is into growing into all that could be. Great stuff.

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a) someone suggested a thread and I adapted to what inspires me as a comment. How does that destroy what others have conversations about?

b) emlosree? Is this your attempt to slap the bot label on me as grounds for a ban? Is this suppose to be an anagram for "else more"?

c) how about inviting me to a topic of yours that you feel comfortable in? Anything that you allow to actually be "questionable"?

d) look at the conversations all over the internet...endless regurgitation within the conflict of reason; while the mainstream media openly contradicts whatever the viewers are reasoning about. Why do you think do I get attacked for standing out of both camps (the few suggesting and the many consenting)? Could it be that me questioning perceived over suggested; is viewed as hostile by both those making suggestions and those reasoning about suggestions?

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  • DISINGENUOUS, adjective [dis and ingenuous.] - "unfair; not open"

So for you "free-will-of-choice" asking questions in response to "Questionable" represents "unfair; not open"? Hilarious. You don't see any contradiction in your suggestion?

shit packed

I still haven't quite figured out the feces obsession. Could be a simple response of insolence towards ignorance; but keep using feces and the whole sodomy angle is just too specific for insults.


GRIFTER - "confidence trickster"...confidence (trust; belief) represents choice (consent) to choice (suggestion) contract law; which ignores perceived balance (offer) to choice (response) natural law. Is me questioning this really a trick or do you feel it as threatening to your belief based foundation of confidence; hence trying to "ban" free-will-of-choice from questioning the foundation of everything perceivable; while resisting the suggestions of others?

What's the difference of you suggesting the "need" to ban others and the alleged crucifixion of heretics; the burning of witches; the slaying of infidels; the persecution of the intellectuals; the threats of force wielded against denial of suggested beliefs and so on?

What if one doesn't need confidence; but represents response-ability aka choice at the center of all perceivable existence? That doesn't require trust or belief; it requires the growth of comprehension; which others cannot suggest you.

I have been too polite with you

Why choose between being polite (want) or impolite (not want) to whoever wrote the text one consented to read on a screen; instead of using the text as inspiration for whatever one chooses to shape out of it? Question the weakness of being tempted into conflicts by consenting to text, and then question why the parasitic few control the distribution of suggested information world wide?

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In your casual dismissal of one single premise that was never stated

a) if you write "journalist"; then the "ist" implies the suggested journalism to be a journalist within. All your reasoning (want vs not want; true vs false etc.) afterwards are within the boundaries of you consenting to a suggestion of others, and only those others have the power to define; redefine and contradict the definition of suggested journalism...not you who already consented to it.

b) if the perceiving dismisses the perceivable, then that represents ignorance. On the other hand...if the perceiving resists the suggested; then he respond to the premise aka that (perception) which was send before (suggestion).

you leave a stack of lies on the table to be taken in without review.

The premise of suggested lies represents suggested truth, and you choosing any side represents your consent to want (truth) or not want (lies) the suggested information by others; which is what puts you into the conflict of reason (true versus lies).

Your consent to suggested truth is what tempts others to utilize suggested lies against you. The "table" I adapt to represents perceivable inspiration; not suggested information; hence RE (response to) VIEW (perceivable through senses).

Baseless assertions

a) does balance represents the base of choice? Can one have choice without being within balance?

b) ASSERT(to set form) -TION (thorough action)...choice represents being the formed reaction.

logical fallacies

LOG'IC, noun [Latin; Greek] - "reason". Reason represents the want versus not want conflict; caused by ignoring need (perception) for want (suggestion). You are tricked to misuse choice within a suggested imbalance (want vs not want aka true vs false); while ignoring to utilize choice as the response within perceived balance (need/want)....need sustains life; want tempts towards death.

The age of reason is suggested to you by the parasitic few; who use suggestion (-isms) to cause division (reason) among the consenting many.

loaded Questions

a) LOADED - "charged"...what if adaptation to perceivable charges comprehension; while consent to suggestions discharges comprehension? Have you noticed the parasitic few suggesting things; that when consented to makes the many less perceptible to their surroundings?

b) do you view a quest as wanting to reach a suggested goal? Have you considered that life is about resisting being moved towards a predefined outcome (death). What if the few tempt the many to seek quests; while I direct questions at the ignored origin aka as choice questioning the balance required to be a choice?

c) why aren't you trying to disarm the questions with your "logic" instead trying to red-flag the user of the weapon of "choice"?

If OP has a point to make he has yet to do so.

Why wait for a suggested point; when one can adapt to any perceived expression?

To control the direction of this forum

Are you in control of direction as life being moved from inception towards death or are you reacting to being controlled?

to frame it in a specific language

I like that...what if suggested words (if consented to) frame comprehension of perceivable sound into a box (ego based memory)?

SPECIFIA (notation of limits) -TION (through action); hence flow causing momentum (balance) for the reacting (choice) form within. Does balance represent the limit for choice?

Which will only weaken it as a community.

COMMUNITY, noun - "properly, common possession"

a) what does temporary life within ongoing motion from inception towards death possess?

b) who claims property over and possess the world wide web...the few who suggest it or the many who consent to use it?

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a) that implies you consenting to suggested choices as value; while using your own choice to evaluate my choice as of no value.

b) can you have a choice of evaluation without being at the center of balance, and wouldn't that imply balance to be the value for the responding choice of evaluation?

c) "add no(thing)"...how could one perceive nothing and what could one add to everything perceivable?

d) "your words"...are suggested words mine or do I choose to shape them out of perceivable sound? Could words be owned when they represent a reaction to sound?

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Value, a concept used to articulate preference representing choice

a) RE (response to) PRESENT (presented), hence as choice (evaluation) to balance (value). Choice represents a reaction to an enacted balance (need/want aka sustenance of life(temptation luring towards death).

b) CONCEP (formed) -TION (through action)...form (life) represents the reaction to enacted flow (inception towards death). Hence...evaluation (choice) represents the concept of value (balance).

c) ARTI (artificial; hence in response to natural) CUL (cultivated; formed) -ATION (through action). As form within flow; one represents the articulated reaction to the articulating nature.

d) suggested preference by choice ignores that "pre" (before) choice comes perceived balance to choose within.

e) evaluation (choice of perceiving) can only exist within value (perceivable balance); yet choice allows to ignore this for evaluating the suggested choices by others as value; while de-valuating their choice of evaluation.

f) what's the value in articulating the preference to not breathe? If you're forced to breathe; then your evaluating choice is subjected to a balance (need to breathe/ want to not breathe).

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your words hold no value

Can a word hold value; when the choice used to suggest it represents the evaluation of perceivable value?

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It's only journalism if one consents to want or not want it; otherwise it represents suggested temptation.

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cannot be directly proven

If a process is ongoing; then how can those within proof it; while being directed by it?

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SCI'ENCE, noun [Latin scientia, from scio, to know.] aka to perceive (communicated inspiration). The root of dishonesty represents scientism (suggested information).

One cannot consent to others suggesting what "is"; without ignoring that both of you already "are" within all perceivable.

"My belief is" represents consent to suggested information under the umbrella of scientism; hence now reasoning about the true vs false state of the suggested information.

from the top to the bottom

Being able to suggest this implies having choice; which implies being within the center of perceivable balance, so it's from the center expressing outwards. Whenever one chooses to step up top; one came from a bottom and vice versa.

the Iron Law of truthfulness

a) truth implies versus lie, so there can only ever be imbalance (conflict); whichever side one chooses to reason in favor of.

b) as choice within balance one is subjected to rules (laws of nature); not being able to define them by suggestion (laws of men)...unless one chooses to ignore the former for the latter.

c) iron is in motion (form within flow), it can be melted, which is what the parasitic few are doing when contradicting suggested truths (want) with suggested lies (not want); while everyone ignores constant change (need).

having ‘somebody’ in control.

Being "free" will of choice in response to the "dom"inance of balance (aka free-dom) represents a controlled environment aka EVIRON (surrounding) MENT (mind; memory); hence being the perceiving mind surrounded by the perceivable inspiration, while being tempted by suggested information to ignore this.

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TER'ROR, noun [Latin terror from terreo, to frighten.]

Terrorism is suggested; fear implies consenting to it.

justify their actions

As form (life) within flow (inception towards death); one represents a reaction enacted upon by that which "just" is. Existence doesn't need justification; it demands expression.

addicted to power

Form within flow represents being the power of resistance within the power of velocity...if the many ignore this; then the few are tempted to wield it against the less resisting many. It's the many ignoring need that gives the few all they could want aka a parasitic reaction to a host weakness, which will continue until the host chooses otherwise.

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defined in the past carried to the future defining the scale and direction and momentum

Momentum (balance within motion) has no past; present or future, only the ever changing moment(um) of motion. The ignorance of that allows the parasitic few to suggest past; presents and future as definitions to the consenting many.

The only direction for life represents being moved from inception towards death. Motion represents direction; and the momentum of motion represents the perceivable balance for the responding choice formed (life) within flow (inception towards death).

generations of thinkers

Form within flow aka choice within balance represents being a differentiated reactor within the same generation. Thinking implies reacting to input; hence impression (perception) to compression (comprehension) for expression (growth) or regression (loss).

that defined humanity

HU'MAN, adjective [Latin humanus; Heb. form, species.] implies being defined by AN'IMAL, noun [Latin animal from anima, air, breath, soul.] aka formed (human) by animation (animal). The parasitic few suggest words (human animal) to tempt the many to ignore perceived (being animated form within animating flow).

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HEART, noun [Latin cor, cordis, motion, pulsation.] represents adaptation to being moved; hence as perceiving to perceivable.

Evil implies versus Good aka a rebranded conflict of reason (want vs not want); caused by consenting to either want or not want a suggestion; while ignoring perceived.

Temporary life (form) grows within the ongoing loss of being moved from inception towards death (flow). In other words...resistance (form) grows within the temptation of loss (flow). This isn't a conflict of good vs evil; but a choice within the balance of need (resistance) or want (temptation to ignore need).

Furthermore; lurking (out of sight) represents the consequences of consenting to suggested (information) over perceived (inspiration); hence the temptation of ignorance causing the lack of comprehension towards perceived. Those who choose to ignore perceived are lurking within suggested.

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relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence

All is in the open for those with eyes to see aka them utilizing perceivable inspiration underneath suggested information. The narrative suggested by the few represents the perceived narration ignored by the many.

on infiltration instead of invasion

Suggested information infiltrates memory when consented; while suggested invasions represent a conflict narrative (imbalance) as to obfuscate the choice made underneath within a balance based system.

on subversion instead of elections

Before one votes to elect; one consents by free will of choice to the suggestion of "voting" by the free will of choice by others. That represents a) choice (consent) to choice (suggestion) contract law; b) submission of choice to choice and c) shirking of response-ability (as choice within perceivable balance).

on intimidation instead of free choice

All intimidation represent suggestions aiming at getting consent by free will of choice aka either to want or to not want to be intimidated; which both ignore need (perceived) for want (suggested).


As form (life) within flow (inception towards death); each represents ONE within ALL, and ALL (flow/form aka loss/growth) represents ONE in energy (internal power).

The differentiation of audio (flow) into mono (form) happens inside energy; hence each ONE perceiving (mono) existing within ALL perceivable (audio). The parasitic few are intimidating the ignorant many with a suggested one world system as to deceive them to keep ignoring the perceived one world system.

They operate by covert means.

"Killing in the name of"..."those who die are justified"..."And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control"..."Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me"

That ain't covert; that's chutzpah; that's letting the ignorant goyim celebrate their own self destruction; while idolizing those who suggest them to destroy themselves.

Secrecy originates in the want for suggested information; which in return allows those suggesting information to keep it secret.

Manipulation. Blackmail. Subversion. Infiltration

Manipulation based on consent to suggestion.

Blackmail based on ones choice of want (suggestion) over need (perception) beforehand; hence shaping the host weakness for the parasitic exploitation with blackmail.

Subversion based on consenting to let other shape the perceived reality with suggested fiction.

Infiltration into ones mind (memory) through the suggested information by others; hence becoming a golem aka a monster out of clay; controllable from the outside.

good at propaganda

What are the few propagating? The temptation to ignore need (perceived) for want (suggested); hence being happy merchants of temptation; yet that's impotent if resisted. Suggestion of porn made potent by consent to jerking off to porn aka self destruction by choice of want over need.

Nature doesn't require propaganda; it communicates everything perceivable at any moment to each ones perception within. Nonstop narration to inspire adaptation...unless ignored.

they control all the mainstream means of propaganda today.

As form (life) within flow (inception towards death); it's flow that represents the main stream that communicates all perceivable inspiration. Ignoring this for the suggested mainstream narrative by the parasitic few gives them control over you.

allowed them an insane amount of control

"insane person" represents a suggested information by the few; for which the many ignore to be "in sanus" (within sound) + "per sonos" (by sound) aka within; by; out of and in response to the perceivable origin of sound.

The few control what the many consent to ignore; which the few gain by suggesting the many to ignore perceived.


The "ship" represents allegory for ONE vessel (form) within ALL motion (flow). Censorship; ownership; leadership; citizenship etc. use the same allegory as the sleight of hand; notice of liability; reveal of method for all with eyes to see. Same with all the water allegories within banking (river banks).

What does deception mean? To hide the truth.

Truth implies versus Lies; a conflict; an imbalance. Truth vs false represents a) the rebranding of want vs not want; b) the conflict of reason as division by suggestion, and c) ignorance of being choice at the center of perceivable balance (need/want); hence being deceived to ignore need (perceived) for want (suggested); which then puts one into the conflict of reason (want vs not want); which gives the parasitic few the power to define (idolatry); redefine (revisionism), and contradict (talmudic reasoning) everything the many consent to reason about. This is how the few control both sides of every conflict the many consent to have among themselves.

These conflicts of reason can then be rebranded at will into for example...true vs false; good vs bad; believing vs not believing; capitalism vs communism; nationalism vs internationalism; us vs them; feminism vs patriarchy; McDonalds vs Burger King; Pepsi vs Coke; Trump vs Biden; left-wing vs right-wing; Nintendo vs Sony; hot vs not; upvote vs downvote; smartphone vs brickphone and so on.

Choice represents the reaction to enacted balance (need/want), and needs to resist the temptation of suggested imbalance (want vs not want) by the choices of others.

Nature doesn't lie; nor does it communicate any truth...it moves everything; which those within perceived as inspiration for adaptation to being moved; which represents self sustenance as form (life) within flow (inception towards death). Your consent (want) to suggested truth is what allows the few to contradict it with suggested lies (not want); meanwhile you ignore perceived change (need) and it's that weakness of ignorance that causes the parasitic exploitation.

We beat them our way. Through overt means.

Beating them represents the us (want) vs them (not want) conflict of reason; caused by your consent to suggested fiction over perceived reality. Perception represents the overt means of communication; while suggestion causes the self inflicted overt means of lacking to comprehend perceived.

to remove the parasite - by force.

a) form within flow represents force of temporary resistance within force of ongoing velocity. Ignoring to resist for attacking others represents going with the velocity from inception towards death; instead of resisting it for the sustenance of life.

b) consider getting the boys ready to go into the woods to remove the parasitic ticks by force...will that stop ticks reacting parasitic to your host weakness of ignoring the perceived threats? Does removing the parasitic behavior of the porn-jew address the host weakness of willingly self sacrificing the seed of life for the temptation of lust?

c) what if ALL represents ONE in energy; hence suggested "removing" not representing getting rid of something; but perceivable RE (responding to) MOVING (being moved)?

They are creatures of the dark. The way to beat them is by fighting them in the light.

a) suggested creationism (out of nothing) ignores perceived transmutation (out of everything). One cannot perceived creation; only the reshaping of already perceivable.

b) the light vs dark allegory represents growing comprehension of perceived (light) or ignoring it for suggested (dark) aka enlightenment (light) or ignorance (dark).

Sleigh of hand: "exit light" (exit comprehension) "enter night" (enter ignorance) "take my hand" (consent to my suggestion) "we-re off to never-neverland" (ignored growth of life).

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Voting represents a suggestion and if one consents to it, then one consents to the conflict of reason (want vs not want aka upvote vs downvote) among everyone consenting to the same suggestion...a suggestion defined; redefined and contradicted only by those suggesting it.

You are the choice; using it to consent to the voting suggested by others ignores that and puts you into a conflict defined by an outside party.

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Communism can't create, it only destroys

Consenting to any suggested -ism; tempts one to ignore perceived motion; hence as life being moved from inception towards death aka being in the process of destruction...unless resisting; hence struggling for the sustenance of living (temporary growth); while dying (ongoing loss).

The parasitic few suggest communism to give the ignorant many a blamable explanation for destruction; as to keep them in ignorance towards the need for each of them to resist being destroyed.

On top of all that...the few suggest creationism (out of nothing) to tempt the many to ignore perceived transmutation (out of everything); hence flow to form (inception); form within flow (life) and form to flow (death) aka ingredient forms (life) transmutation out of base flow (inception towards death). Shaping what's already perceivable doesn't represent creation; but transmutation. Try to create a "new" thought without shaping it out of already perceivable...

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a) how could an implication (if/then) block thought; unless already blocked by reason (want vs not want; true vs false; believing vs not believing etc.) beforehand?

b) does "free-will-of-choice" sound like an attempt to block thinking?

c) logic (reason) represents conflict (want vs not want) over suggestion; while ignoring perception. Illogical would imply resisting the temptation to reason about suggested fiction; while ignoring perceived reality.

d) "nonsensical issues" ignores that perceiving an issue through senses contradict the suggested judgment of "nonsense".

e) "a dumb bot"...what's so DUMB, adjective - "mute; silent; not speaking" about BOT; ROBOT (Latin roboro, robur, strength)?

Wait a sec...silent strength? As in...

"People talking without speaking"..."People hearing without listening"

"People writing songs that voices never share"..."No one dared"

"Disturb the sound of silence"

That sound must have some bad ass mf strength if no one dared?

f) "cherry picking" or utilizing free will of choice to meticulously go at the contradictions within suggested information; while pointing out the ignored inspiration the contradictions were shaped out of? You may only see a cake with a cherry on top; while I comprehend the alchemy of baking the suggestion of "the cake is a lie".

beat it

"no one wants to be defeated"...aka choosing to not want a suggestion.

"It doesn't matter who's wrong or right"...aka perceived need sustains matter; not the want (right) vs not want (wrong) reasoning about suggestions.

"just beat it" refers to the temptation to fall for suggested information (want) over perceived inspiration (need).

"You have to show them that you're really not scared" aka resisting suggestions.

"You're playin' with your life, this ain't no truth or dare" aka sustenance of life (need) over temptation (want vs not want) luring towards death.

"They'll kick you, then they beat you, then they'll tell you it's fair"...aka it was your fault all along; goys, we are just healing the world.

"So beat it, but you wanna be bad" ..."And the whole world has to answer right now"..."Just to tell you once again who's bad?"


A lie represents the contradiction of a suggested truth previously consented to. Nature neither lies; nor does it communicate truth...others suggest you affixed states aka true (want) or false (not want) to tempt you to ignore adapting to perceived change (need).

What if instead of judging others as bots; you try to express yourself as human; then learn from the consequences?

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to end up somewhere completely different yet entirely identical.

Such is the nature of energy; differentiation within sameness aka temporary form within ongoing flow.

nature has a pretty novel legal system, since it only has one law and no courts

ALL law; each ONE the court of judging mind (judgment), and novel (recent origin) represents ONEs inception within ALL. The temptation represents the judging of others; which then leads to want to rule them by suggested laws of men.

it also elected to employ phrasing for said law that makes it literally impossible to communicate to anyone.

All expression represents communication (perceivable inspiration); yet ignoring to be within moving communication for affixed labels (suggested information) causes the miscommunication issue, and the parasites control over suggestion as the means to control miscommunication.

as well as a not insignificant amount of amusement for several others

Schadenfreude; also suggested as sarcasm.

I give NatureLaw...

Can one give as; while being processed by? What does a fish give the water? Isn't all labor of the fish a choice based response to being processed by water aka internal growth/loss balance?

"something's moved somewhere"

Aka the what (form) and the where (flow); while "moved" represents as formed choice within balance (momentum) of flow. The positioning issue represents lack of self discernment; caused by ignoring need for want; hence wanting to go places; instead of adapting to placement aka place (space of indefinite extent) of mind (memory).

since there's always something somehow in some way

Mostly in the way of me trying to get stuff done.

in some probably undisclosed location

Sofa; within the abyss of the washing machine, or in some pocket.

Gotta stay nimble.

Nimble (quick in motion) represents frequency of adaptation by choice; which is how one increases resistance (form) within velocity (flow)...unless ignored for quickly wanting to reach suggested goals.

My dictionary has thrapple as gullet. Must be one of those multifunctiative words.

We can always do fancy and use "esophagus".

Perception of a lack of difference is more tricky.

That represents the struggle to grow comprehension of perceived. Resonating with perception implies comprehending it...in this case that the same flow differentiates into form.

a sensory-deprivation tank

Using suggested information to drown out suggest information; in hopes to find the perceivable inspiration; one as of yet, still lacks to comprehend being available at any moment.

We call him Andy Armless (His name is Frank)

Franky Few Fingers.

To be completely oblivious is to disengage the flywheels and put the sensory apparatus wholesale into a halt state.

That contradicts itself at the beginning..."to be complete" ignores to be incomplete (ONE) out of completeness (ALL); hence no disengagement; no halting, and no wholesale within whole-free-for-all.

Maximum exist, minimum aware, until eventually... you just...

Form to flow (maximum to minimum); form within flow (minimum within maximum); and form to flow (minimum to maximum) aka minimums transmutation out of base maximum.

Just don't work.

EN'ERGY, noun [Gr. work.] - "internal or inherent power"... "just" represents work.

people following after the words, not paying any attention to what's actually being said

Because they view others as the source instead of an expression (word) of the source (sound); which is based on submitting to the authority of others through choice (consent) to choice (suggestion) contract law.

Most of them not qualified to handle even a single letter, let alone an entire word album.

Hence all the suggested dictionaries being controlled by the few; who simultaneously direct all languages back towards a single one (English so far). A language numerically encoded; filled with rhetorical tricks; stripped of all natural connotations and continuously shaped by revisionism.

spend their entire life studying, dilligently, letter by letter

An attempt to understand (stand under) suggested information; while regressing in growing comprehension of perceived inspiration. Any one can at any moment choose to grow comprehension by adaptation to perceived inspiration; but all the suggested information keeps tempting ignorance aka want over need.

Instead I'm here, effortposting.

Which is much appreciated.

The sleight of hand, eh? The ol' -slap word- this bad boy can fit so many meanings in it.

Try adding "...for those with eyes to see" and it implies perceivable (inspiration) over suggested (information). It's a reveal of method; a notice of liability for those who comprehend ignorance.

"Never be the first, never be the last, and never volunteer for anything."

Oh boy...you represent the first ONE (inception); the last ONE (death); the voluntary ONE (Latin voluntarius, from voluntas, from volo) - "free will of choice". And here comes the sleight of hand for this: SNAP - "The First; The Last; Eternity"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe_0zKVVGQw

Command and Conquer

That's what suggestion does...commanding meaning; conquering memory or as Kane put it: "He who controls the past, commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past". Command & Conquer aka C & C aka 33...do you have eyes to see or are you playing games?

the motivation to breathe comes down to the flowing of rivers somewhere

Right there...MOTIVE (causing motion) -ATION (through action); which then implies being the reaction; the effect of motivation. Not somewhere; everywhere with you balancing at the center.

Lots and lots of alchemy

Again right there...AL (all) CHEMY (change trough transmutation). "lots and lots" represents lacking comprehension of ALL; based on the want to count other ONEs; while ignoring the need to sustain self ALONE aka ALL in ONE aka unitas - "the state of being one; oneness".

How could the ingredient ever find the base if counting all the other ingredients; which are constantly thrown in (inception) while melting back to base (death)? Other exploit this ignorance with suggestions to utilize you for steering the pot.

usage of the word "satisfactioning"

A "catch phrase" interwoven into suggested spell-craft to catch ones attention, and in this case a little less articulation; a little more revisionism.

the cunning of water - it is not shaped like itself, because it don't really have a shape at all

It's you that chooses to want to hold onto shapes; while ignoring the constant shaping aka the ever changing moment (um) of motion. Flow represents the origin of shape (to form); while form represents the free will of choice to "reshape" within the momentum (balance) of motion...unless ignored; which leads to natural beauty ignored for artificial ugliness.

Kings wear crowns

Let's see...ornament (crown) of sovereignty (king). That represents the free will of choice to reshape mind.

Can you hear the sounds of straining metaphors?

Running out of digits; while ignoring to be the one wielding the choice to count within infinite inspiration....leading to....

On a semi-ethically sourced "hand" substitute

Is it really a substitute if you plugged it from the source? Also; "semi-ethically sourced"....If I ask "can you give me a hand"; then is it my fault when others ignore literal for metaphorical when consenting to suggestions? Anyway; back to the business of dealing out hands to those who require a hands up.

prior to being inexplicably handed money

One man's trash...

at a depth of some 35 ft

That ain't skimming the beach; that's more like journey to the center of earth or verning for jules.

On a dusty old fax of a handprint (on the shelf of good shit, naturally)

The whole build-up was for this punch-line; wasn't it? Excellent composition.

I've never cracked open because I've never needed to, but the contents of which I cannot rule out needing in the future

All is contained within need (perceived inspiration); while the accumulation of want (suggested information) always ends as the Library of Alexandria aka a burned offering. It's all about seeing your grand kids doodle within your 'Agent Orange" folders or folding paper planes out of the magna carta.

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"In order to create, we must first destroy."

The order (inception towards death) establishes growth (inception of life) within loss (moving towards death). Resist that which destroys to grow resistance.

its time to be hitting the old dusty trail

Thanks for all the inspiration.

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beliefs vs empiricism

EM'PIRIC, noun [Gr. to attempt; Latin empiricus.] - "one who makes experiments". Consent (belief) to suggested empiricism contradicts being the one experiencing mind.

an opposition research

a) RE (respond to) SEARCH (want over need) implies others who exploit those who ignore need (perceived) for want (suggested). One doesn't need to search nature; it's already all perceivable.

b) those who choose want over need, are causing want "versus" not want reasoning aka the opposition based conflict.

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the Ark of the Covenant

COVENANT, noun [Latin, to come; a coming together; a meeting or agreement of minds.] - "consent or agreement of two or more persons" aka choice (consent) to choice (suggestion) contract law.

'ARC, noun [Latin arcus, a bow, vault or arch; arcuo, to bend; Gr. beginning, origin; to begin, to be the author or chief.] aka ones memory; which becomes the arc of the covenant for the consented to information suggested by others.

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Training and mental state are key to every difference you can find outside of natural intelligence, so not all are equal.

What if everyone's is different; domestication of free will is used to train understanding aka standing under suggested information, and nature is about each different ingredient to grow comprehension of all perceivable inspiration (communicated through sameness)?

all people excel

What if form (life) within flow (inception toward death) represents temporary growth within ongoing loss, and what if the parasitic few use suggestion to direct ignored growth forwards towards what the few want the many to grow for them?

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