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The US might as well just annex Ukraine

ANNEX (connect with, to join; attach) + UKRAINE (ukraina; borderland)...connecting with Ukraine implies US becoming borderland of Russia.

Gotta mcgyver the mercator maps again for that to work...

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I believe there's a collective....

Believing implies ones consent to suggested collectivism. Those who consent hold onto suggested information; while those suggesting it are aggregating/collecting those who consent.


CON (with) SCIO (knowledge) aka being within (perception) knowledge (perceivable)...others utilize suggestion to distract ones awareness thereof.

our explanation

EX (life) within PLAN (inception towards death) of TION (action) implies ones singular reaction aka free will of choice...suggested collectivism/pluralism (our) tempts singular (one) to ignore this.

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SLEEP, verb - "to take rest by a suspension of the voluntary exercise of the powers of the body and mind"...how about trying to invest some effort instead?

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...are sluts. Why?

Slut (ones contempt for a woman) implies ones consent to suggested feminism, hence now judging others from within a conflict of reason (hate vs love).

This tempts one to ignore being trans-form within momentum (female) of motion (male) aka flow (inception towards death) to form (life) transmutation.

One can only exist within fe(minine)male + wo(mb)man + s(plit)he, hence only there intercourse for off-spring being possible.

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What would you do if you had an intense....paralysis

Discerning the obvious...INTENSE (strained; strict) contradicts PARALYSIS (loose; weakened).

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The jew thing is so obvious...

...and yet most are oblivious to JEW/YOU.

so blatant

BLA'TANT, adjective - "bellowing as a calf"...if jew equals blatant; then why do gentiles behave like cattle?

plastered everywhere

Like suggested information (word) over perceivable inspiration (sound).

jews are not intelligent, creative and powerful enough to subjugate

a) INTEL'LIGENCE, noun (Latin intelligo, to understand) aka a gentile consenting to "stand under" the suggestions of a jew

b) consenting to suggested creationism (out of nothing) tempts one to ignore perceivable transmutation (partials within whole)

c) consent by the many becomes the permitted power of the suggesting few. In other words...a chosen one is only as powerful as the collective that chose him to be their representative choice. Each jew represents the ignored power of gentiles combined.

Each suggestion is powered by combined consent.

What could be such power?

Consenting to suggested "what could be" tempts one to ignore "what being can" do within perceivable. It's that simple to trick one into repressing self by ignoring to express self.

Sleight of hand: "express yourself; don't repress yourself"...and I'm not sorry; it's human nature".

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PLAN'ET, noun (Latin planeta; Greek wandering)...anything being moved (action) implies reciprocal vicissitude (reaction), hence vibration aka VIBRA (reaction) within TION (action) aka VIBRA (life) within TION (inception towards death).


Aka solid body (life) generated within six equal sides (up/down; left/right; towards/backwards)... https://img.gvid.tv/i/4R3fFGCP.jpg

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  • Concert of Europe until WW1
  • League of Nations until WW2
  • United Nations until...

Each re-brand another burned offering.

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The box experiment.

Suggested information shapes a box out of ones mind/memory if one consents to keep holding onto it. Only within perceivable inspiration is one free to choose...suggested information tempts one to ignore that.

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Overdosing on maple-syrup, while hearing a muffled voice above the pillow whispering: "I heard you didn't clean your room; bucko"...O Canada!

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destroy empathy

EM (within) PATHOS (suffering) aka moderation (life) within suffering (inception towards death). How does life moderate self while being moved from inception towards death? Choosing to resist temptation.

PATH (inception towards death) destroys EM (life within).

I sense it from media

Sensing implies being center (perception) of surrounding (perceivable)...consenting to suggested MEDIA (Latin medius; middle) tempts one to ignore self (center) for another (middle).

Instead of moderating self within reality, one is permitting others to mediate fiction to moderate one.

"What, somebody died?!"

Your consent to suggested progressivism (towards outcome) tempts you to focus on death over life...others mediate death (watchpeopledie) to tempt you to ignore life.

Growing life grows ones resistance to being tempted by death.

The ongoing process of dying implies generator for each temporary life as reactor within. Choosing to react to generation implies re-generation aka self sustenance...

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solution to all the problems

a) problems (life) can only exist within solution (inception towards death).

b) PROB'LEM, noun (Latin problema; to throw forward) + SOLU (separating) TION (action) aka being separated reaction (life) within thrown forward action (inception towards death).

c) ALL implies solution; each ONE within implies problem.


...implies perpetual conflict (reason) against war.

So even if you hate somebody...

...you'll will be stuck within a conflict of reason against those who love somebody.

You can try the other way...

...and ignore the only way (inception towards death) for being (life).

You can try the other way...I don't know...the only way

You do know (perceive) the only way; you simply chose to ignore it for other ways suggested to you.

I need to be

Being (choice) implies within need/want (balance). Being moved from inception towards death implies the need for life to resist, and the wanted temptation for life to ignore resisting...different choices within same moment.

used to be the captain of the planet

Sleight of hand: "Hear what Captain Planet has to say: "THE POWER IS YOURS!!"...With your powers combined I am Captain Planet!" That's suggested collectivism tempting one to ignore that "the power is yours" before you permit others to wield it.

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There's a link between authoritarianism and theistic religions

RELIGION (Latin religio; to bind anew) implies one binding self by consent to the suggested -isms of another, hence establishing another as authority over oneself.

especially Abrahamic religions

Suggested abrahamism (father of multitude) aka tikkun olam (healing the world by bringing together) aka e pluribus unum (out of many; one) aka united states; united nations; european union aka uniformity; university; unicode; community-ism (communism); society-ism (socialism) aka miscegenation; mass migration; melting pot; multiculturalism etc...implies each one of a many consenting to suggested collectivism by a few; hence being herded together like cattle.

Nature sets itself apart, hence from whole (inception towards death) into each partial (life)...those within tempt each other back together; which then permits a chosen few to remain apart at the center of a collectivized many.

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think of possibility with understanding...and ask not for a sign.

Sleight of hand through ace of base: "I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes...Life is demanding without understanding" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqu132vTl5Y

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come to save

Coming (inception towards death) to be (life) implies exposure to harm...others suggest salvationism (to preserve from injury) as the inversion thereof.

Why? Because consenting to suggested tempts one to ignore resisting (life) perceivable temptation (inception towards death), and ones lack of resistance permits others to exploit ones weakness.

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What is the Gospel?

A suggested good spell (gospel) to tempt one into a conflict of reason against suggested bad spell aka truth vs lies. Why? To distract from...

SPELL (a turn of work)...work implies energy (internal/inherent power) and action (inception towards death) turning into reactions (life) implies a turn of work.

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free will of choice..

Addressing "free will of choice" implies using ones free will of choice to address...

proove you're not a bot

a) If you ask AI "prove you're not a human", then I can utilize free will of choice to contradict whatever proof it suggests.

b) can one prove "not; nothing; nothingness"?

c) if nature offers each one (perception) everything (perceivable); then why would one want proofs; affirmations; definitions etc. (suggested) from others?

busted him...

...cause bustin' makes me feel good.

leary exopsychology...larval

a) growing (life) pains (inception towards death). Suggested larva tempts one into hoping to grow out of it; while ignoring to be growth within loss.

b) exo (inception towards death) generates intro (life); which implies psyche (animating spirit)...suggested logy (logic/reason; logos/words) tempts one to ignore that.

See if you summon..."free-will-of-choice"

Which tempts one to overlook using free will of choice to summon.

Like who's this guy

a) different from other ones.

b) https://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/guy

what's your real name

NAME (Latin nombre; number) + NUMBER (designation of a unit) + UNIT (Latin unus; one)...being implies one unit within reality. Others suggest branded names to distract one from discerning that.

where were you born

a) BORN (brought forth, as an animal) aka brought forth (life) through animation (inception towards death).

b) as for where? Center of surrounding aka local of circumference aka momentum of motion, hence from male (motion) through female (momentum) into trans-form.

Sleight of hand: "people ask my why I never find a place to stop and settle down, down, down...but I never wanted all those things people need to justify their lives, lives, lives"

If one comprehends "born to be alive"; then one can discern who; where; what and why aka discerning self.

what year

YEAR, noun - "whole circle"...if the circle is whole; then what else could there be? Why would one count a whole circle (Yiddish kikel; kike) when whole implies chosen one?

my brand name

If it's yours; then why do you give it to others? What if you were tempted to consent to a suggested brand, hence getting branded like cattle willingly?


I get all my tweets from the original...birds.

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a) local truth (suggested words) within universal truth (perceivable sound)...the issue...oneself choosing to hold onto "truth" while ignoring that sound (entire; whole) moves every local instrument (partial) within.

b) universe aka VERSE - "line (inception towards death) of poetry (life)" within UNI (motion).

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a limited set of rules can't define infinite truth (it's analogous to counting to infinity, no matter how high you count, you're no closer than when you began)

Counting implies holding onto finite units (partials), which in return tempts one to ignore being within infinite oneness (whole).

The trick...suggested analogism (an argument from the cause to the effect) tempts one to ignore being effect (life) within moving cause (inception towards death).

Ones consent (want or not want) to a suggested -ism, shapes an argument aka a conflict of reason (want vs not want) within ones mind/memory aka logic. This tempts one to view perceivable cause (momentum of motion) through the lens of suggested effects (affixed beliefs; upheld information; -isms etc.).

a limited set of rules

Unlimited (inception towards death) sets and rules limits (life) inherently. Being implies "free" will of choice within "dom"inance of balance aka free (living) within dominance (process of dying).

Others suggest rules (laws of men) to tempt one to ignore perceivable RULE, noun (Latin rego, to govern, that is, to stretch, strain or make straight) aka straight (inception towards death) governing winding (life).

Sleight of hand: "take me to the magic of the moment(um)...in the wind of change (motion)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4RjJKxsamQ

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needs to quit

Quitting implies departing from; being implies partial within whole. Ask yourself why you are struggling to depart from something, while being partial within whole?

working...going nowhere

a) EN'ERGY, noun [Gr. work.] - "internal or inherent power" implies that all power exists only at the center of energy, while being employed (partials) within work (whole).

b) "nowhere" represents a sleight of hand for those with eyes to see...WHERE? NOW! Now implies position within momentum of motion; hence being able to perceive moment aka being able to momentary discern surrounding from center.

needs to stop

a) need implies want...need/want implies balance for ones choice within...balance implies momentum of motion. Suggested "stop" (cessation of motion) implies the inversion thereof.

b) "to" implies towards, hence motion..."towards stop" implies moving towards the cessation of motion, which in return implies that everything being moved would cease to be, which is kinda counterproductive for being alive.

I can keep going on.

Inception towards death goes on...life within cannot keep going on; since it's being run out.

You larvals don't have the attention span

Each one represents attention (life) within span (inception towards death).

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even online psychologic screening tests

Being online (being on a leash), while responding to what others are suggesting on a screen (being screened) represents a world wide web of psychological testing.

big tech is profiling you

Click on the avatar in the upper-right corner....Account: My Profile aka ACCOUNT (a registry of a debt to another) MY (claim of possession) PROFILE (confining self within an outline).

This implies consensual self confinement within the suggested systems of others.

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baby doing a fortnite

FORT'NIGHT, noun - "the space of fourteen days"...fortnite implies "for-teen" so the baby has to be escorted out asap. How did it get in? Bribed the bouncers with a sack of gold (obviously tungsten), while seeking a place to hide from the mohel.

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Crowley called himself the beast

Nature doesn't call by name; it orders by designating units apart from one another. Suggested "beast" represents a compound of individual units aka BE (being) AST (astute), which implies being able to discern.

Calling oneself "beast" tempts others to ignore self (be) discernment (ast).

not because of astrology

Being (alive) implies within cause (inception towards death). ASTRO (star) can be utilized to discern ones position as center of surrounding; while LOGY (logic/reason + logos/words) tempts one into a conflict (reason) about suggested definitions (words).

Once again..."astrology" implies a compound distracting from individual units, and it's on oneself to discern that.

spirits aka demons

a) spirit (Latin spiro; to breathe) implies solid (life) adapting within liquid (inception towards death).

b) demon (Latin dai-mon; divider-provider) implies divided solid (life) within providing liquid (inception towards death).

Using words as labels; definitions (definite; affixed) distracts one from that which one tries to define with labels...which is moving.

white/black magick...any form of magick is strictly forbidden

a) one can neither perceive white (pure light); nor black (destitute of light) since ones perception exists within perceivable spectrum, hence in-between white/black (balance) as spectrum; specter; observer (choice).

b) MAGIC (art of influencing hidden natural forces)...ones consent to suggested (artificial) tempts one to ignore perceivable (natural). Ignorance hides natural (spectrum) underneath artificial (black vs white).

Sleight of hand by Michael Jackson: (before jews) - "It doesn't matter if you're black or white" (after jews) - "Kick me, kike me; don't you black or white me".

c) strict implies restricted; being implies "free" will of choice. Choosing to bind self by consent to suggestions of others implies restricting self.

b) forbid implies FOR (forwards) BID (request aka response to suggested quest towards outcome). Being implies resisting (life) forwards temptation (inception towards death).

The opposite of bidding towards suggested outcome implies replying to perceivable origin.

one and only creator.

  • CREATE (cause to exist; to bring into being from nothing)

If one creates, then one creates more than one. Only within oneness (whole) can ones (partials) transmute other ones. Others suggest creationism (out of nothing) to distract from perceivable transmutation (partials within whole).

The foundation for creationism (out of nothing) implies nihilism (nothing), hence ones ignorance of everything (perceivable reality) for nothing (suggested fiction).

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