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I am convinced that whoever is posting positive stuff about Russell Brand is 100% shill. And by the looks of it, there are 4 shills that dislike your post that exposes this wicked pervert.

Thanks for sharing that! It's very thoroughly made.

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Indeed, the official narrative makes no sense.

The nasal swab is highly suspicious:

  1. Smart dust on swabs - https://odysee.com/@UNVEILINGTHETRUTH:3/amuck-deep-coyote:2


  1. Swabs are radioactive - https://odysee.com/@IroamNZ:5/Nose-Swabs-emiting-Radiation:0

  2. Swabs are luminescent under UV light - https://www.bitchute.com/video/s1QJ38zevFD0/

It seems the nose swabs are using the Olfactory nerve to get this nanotech in the brain through the nose, while they lie it's just for testing... Horrifying indeed, couldn't have said it better.

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This is fake news. Just like the cloned sheep.

Do you expect the truth from the bbc?

Also, I find it interesting that the "free-will-of-choice" bot is here to overspam this post. As if he is working for a certain outcome... :D

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Wow, nice connection! I wasn't aware of that, thanks a lot for making this known!

The graphene is really what ties all the pieces together. Why there are special laws to protect the building of technological infrastructure (5G) during a pandemic? Why nose swabs, when they say they test the DNA, while a normal saliva swab would do fine? What is the deal with all the UV lamps everywhere?

If you are interested in more information on graphene, I can share anything that I have on the topic. The most interesting thing I found is optogenetics - https://news.mit.edu/2013/controlling-genes-with-light-0722 - controlling genes with UV light. As it so happens, graphene quantum dots are glowing under UV light. https://youtu.be/8Y9K2z-ji4Q?t=35

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Very good connections!

I can add the Microsoft patent ID 2020/060606.

Or the fact that Carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons.

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Yes, I recently posted part 1 actually. He has very good videos on corona, you can check his channel, if you haven't.

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You believe Chinese propaganda? Even the Chinese don't believe the Chinese propaganda...

You should learn more about China. They have their own facebook, tweeter, youtube, etc. Everything is being monitored. China still has communism... Social credit score is a term that came from China. You should definitely look into this.

Sorry, bro. They scammed you.

"evidence of burn pits for bodies" - Where is that evidence? Do you know about the Turkish Uyghur population in China? And what happened to it around covid? You should. Or the black people. Or any other outsider. You should also view what they do to their own population. Just look up the words "organ trafficking China".

You should really explore more about China. I think you have the general idea of a general neutral country. But you forget that the US owes China trillions. China is number 1 in GDP now. Covid really worked in their favour didn't it?

Search for youtube channels or elsewhere more about the propaganda in China. You would be shocked of how different it is compared to your idea of China.

"but if they were testing 5G and graphene in people, this was before the vaccines. Maybe they had already introduced it into the populace somehow, through other vaccines perhaps."

Look up targeted individuals in bitchute. Common story, they wake up from an aparent surgery that they had in the hospital, then the nightmares begin... Hearing external commands, getting pleasured or the sensation of extreme fear while alone at home... I didn't believe it until I looked into it more seriously.

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All you have is Corbett talking.

Compare him to the "September 11 - The new Pearl Harbor" documentary. Clearly, Corbett is avoiding evidence whenever he can...

I am sorry but if Corbett teaches you anything, you must know less than 60% on the topic. Even Corbett doesn't reach 60% even in his good videos. Just a talking head working to attract views.

Did he ever gave you a solution to your problem? Or just voice the same complaints that you have?

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I just wonder... If one man, like Bill Cooper can do such damage to the NWO.

Wtf are we waiting for? As you said, "he is so effective". How come one person can do more than a whole forum that is generally united against the NWO?

Perhaps there is something he has that we still lack. I don't know of any other reason.

Is it his radio broadcast? Or his "encouragement of others", as you've put it? Whatever it is, let's gain more of it and make him proud. Or at least make truth proud with speaking about it. W/e it is, I just see a forum here that cannot manage even half of his deeds... That's really pathetic, if you think about it... We have more information. We have HIS information. We have more understanding. Yet, we still cannot advance beyond him...

Corbett is nothing like Bill Cooper. I wish he was, but he isn't. Cooper had something extra that made him powerful, that Corbett clearly doesn't have. Which was the aim of my initial comment.

Corbett is just a talking head. He will complain about the system, but do nothing against it. He is suspicious to say the least. He offers no solutions. Why people promote him like that, I don't understand.

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But that's my point. If he is really making that video to the "101", why is he spending so much time talking and not showing evidence like the recent superb documentary that was made aware because of this forum - September 11, the new Pearl Harbor.

If you can compare both, you can see evidence and then talking (in Sep11, the new PH), while Corbett likes to hear himself speak.

Sorry, but I have seen a lot of documentaries. Corbett is bad at it. I respect you for having a different opinion on that, but I will also ask you to confirm your view with anyone NEW that has joined because of Corbett. He seems to talk only to those that ALREADY know the problem.

Yes, I am upper division now, just like most of you. Please explain how Corbett is still not.

So, I can advance further into the topic, but "superb" Corbett cannot? That's why I don't take his videos seriously. He never digs deeper than the surface. His "reports" are as plain as Joe Biden's brain. Sorry, but that's my honest opinion. I've never seen people convert because of his reports. He is the guy that says things that conspiracy people agree with. Just like Alex Jones, or David Icke, or Russel Brand...

Just compare the 9/11 documentary "The new pearl harbor" to any of his videos and witness the difference by yourself.

  1. 9/11 documetary - Media story -> Facts that prove it fake -> New theory (the right theory)

  2. Corbett bs - Complains -> Media titles (no videos) -> More complaints.

Do you often feel angry after a Corbett report. That's because he states the problem, but never offers a solution. Same as any other propagandist. Because if they can control your emotions, they know that rational thinking comes way after it, so you won't use it in their videos.

Sorry, I know where you're coming from because I used to agree with him. However, I was not agreeing with one of his videos and I wrote him regarding it. He chose to ignore it, which is why I think he cares only about positive views, not the actual truth. He would love to have 3 hours of video that only he is talking. That's not a documentary. That's an opinion.

I know you thought you would slam me to the ground with your comment, but I just so happen to know way more about him than you anticipated. I hope that was useful for you in any way.

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I don't have a favorite but regarding the topic, I can suggest several.

I have graphene auto-assembling due to EM waves - https://www.bitchute.com/video/BcTVYC8KW0k7/

Or Chinese health problems because they have their first total 5G city in September, 2019 - https://edition.cnn.com/2019/11/01/tech/5g-china/index.html

Or the usual magnetism or UV light from veins - https://www.bitchute.com/video/9gGUIRrlfyeo/ //// https://www.bitchute.com/video/nz7ScMSDZ31D/

I would be more than happy to send you whatever you need. But I don't have a favorite. I have examples based on your current suggestions. Depending on your understanding, I have downloaded videos that would best describe the most frequently asked questions. If the 3 that I chose are not appropriate for you, just let me know what exactly do you want as an outcome, and I will do my best to provide video materials on that.

I can show you connections to 666, which is the most damning evidence that I have, but I got religious when I tried to disprove the Bible and it backfired on me. To me, a prediction that was made 2000 years ago that is coming to light EXACTLY AS PREDICTED is quite the evidence. But I know some people view religious people as inferior because they never read the Bible. Kind of an opposite logic, but I get it because I was an atheist.

I have the physics scenario and how it connects to 5G gigahertz frequency, so people can match the "strange low-profile upgrade of technology around us". If you think about it, when were politicians low-profile when they supposedly help people? They remain quiet for a technological advance this big? Something is clearly fishy.

I also have the cryptocurrency and how it ties to a microchip under the skin. But since we talk about graphene, we must use the term "nanochip", since it is only few atoms wide.

So, I would like to help you with anything that I have, but you will help me if you say what specifically you want from this? If you want a general understanding on 5G, I can offer you this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX4yclXvcts

Anyway, I hope any of the videos bring you value. If not, you can always ask directly what you want as information regarding the main topic. I am not the best in this, but I will do whatever I can to help. It may not be much, but it's what I've got.

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As always Corbett talks too much but says too little. He is always the guy that seems like a conspiracy researcher, yet he never exposes anything that a normal researcher would. Posts in here are way better than the information that he has.

In his video, he has a quote, a podcast part (with him ofc), and spends a lot of time at the end to promote his channel... Textbook operative. Same as Russel Brand.

I watched his video and he is mostly incorrect while he reaches nothing in depth. It's only to focus the anger of the listener - "here's who you should hate, and here's why". What solutions does he offer?

I would offer that you compare it to William Cooper's materials and tell me which one is better. Corbett seems to be only influenced by written media and misses a ton of video information. That's why he has to compensate with a lot of talking during his videos. All well-spoken, all well-written... like a fairy tale. Like the podcast that you can go asleep to...

But have you gained anything?

Posts in this forum are usually WAY WAY better than any of his videos. If you choose any video of his and do your own research, I am confident that you will find WAY WAY more information than this exhausting talker Corbett.

But I welcome you to even watch Corbett videos. Then it won't be just me that wasted 30 mintes on things that were obvious way back in 2020...

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Well, I watched it and you are not far from the truth. However, I noticed an interesting connection between several news from the US, if that interests you.

  1. UAP is a term used initially by the CIA when they publicly reported that their pilots have seen these "phenomena". I thought it was bs at first, but then I heard main channels promoting it - news, comedians, talk shows, etc.

  2. Then the actual pilots came out and used the same exact term to describe something, that was initially known as UFO. Why would they change the term? I guess so AI can track it online as it doesn't overlap with any known word in English, to my knowledge.

  3. They now seem act according to the pilots' hearing. Seemingly the public (those pilots) are asking questions, now the government (NASA) is replying by selecting an "independant" team to resolve it. It is interesting how many Brits are in the team. There was even one black guy with pink suit probably gaining the lgbtq w/e crowd.

They all seem connected and if you consider that, you will understand that they won't use their propaganda tools and stage so many things just to end there. Consider how many aliens you've seen in recent movies and propaganda. I think they are pushing so hard because they are ready to unveil project blue beam a.k.a. fake alien invasion.

Also, the Mexican thing is the fake-out. Even people not hooked on the alien theory, would prefer this team of "independant" NASA researchers to observe the issue.

All 3 steps seem orchestrated by the CIA. Their waste of resources on this to gain attention, suggests that they want the attention, rather than suppress it.

Elon Musk's satelites are in the sky. Trump created the Air Space Defence or whatever it was called. The movie/series propaganda about aliens is at most high. Even mainstream media screams aliens...

Anyway, it seems that all the needed requirements are there for a fake alien invasion. If you just scoff at the subject, you might miss their coordinated actions. I hope this was useful in some way.

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Wow, you went from memes to excellent posts. Very few reach the current nano-weapon that is graphene oxide. Even fewer connect it to EM waves...

If you require anything on the topic of graphene oxide - video materials, studies, interesting connections... just ask. I hope I have the things you need, but I have a lot of videos and materials on that.

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Apparently today - "A live streamed media briefing, headed by Nasa boss Bill Nelson and other leaders, will begin at 3pm BST (10am EDT) from the Washington headquarters."

How quick is NASA to react to the Mexico "aliens"... :D I wonder if it's connected to their probe from space Osiris Rex that is set to come back, on the 24th of September this year, with materials from an asteroid... https://www.nasa.gov/osiris-rex

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You seem to always spam posts like these.

4 out of 9 comments in here are yours. Do you work overtime to spam posts?

You can easily check your mistakes with a simple google search. GOOGLE! You cannot be that stupid to miss it. You must be a shill spammer.

Oh, and I know the mods don't care about this community, but I do. So as long as you post crap and spam, I will be here to expose you.

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What do you think are the chances of success on that?

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Very good point. Perhaps it will help if you divide the "scientists" into conservatives and liberals. E.g. Neil Disgrace Tyson - That "aliens" guy on the history channel.

Some will completely deny the mysteries, some will go to the radical absurdisms. Divide and conquer. As long as people divide on a subject, they will not care for a solution, they will only care to win against the opponent.

You've said it - Coral Castle should have more information regarding building huge and heavy structures. And that's why they hide it.

Perhaps you can help out with the information here:




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