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Actually letting them to start openly kill people is only way to prove being justified to kill them all.

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Gofundme is part of the democrat wing of the deepstate.

Whoever put the convoy on that platform is an idiot or an agent.

Or actual genius. Money can be lost,but enemy platform serving cabal money laundering would be unmasked and compromised to the level of being possible to be taken down for that theft.

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I wrote:

Asians have,white have, black which were never mixed with white not have.

Learn to read.

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And Russia too is claimed to move military next to Ukrainian border.

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I don't think blacks are inherently stupider, they have a culture of being stupid lazy do nothing's which is pushed onto them by the jew media

Global IQ map. Africa. Australian Abo.

Thing is black people are stupider because of lack of Neandertal genes - some of which related to brain development... Asians have,white have, black which were never mixed with white not have.

Also: Africans are far more away genetically from the rest of the humanity. Also: there are very different genetic types of Africans too...

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If you would not be just making fear porn here and instead you would be redpilling those poor asians you live with the problem would be smaller.

Of course those asian natural social "obedience",conformism is a problem here but...

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They call it conspiracy theory.

"Two Hundred Years Together" is real book based on facts. And Solzhenitsyn is avoiding there being called antisemite by all means,by all narration after mentioning the facts - yet his book is named "antisemite" and persecuted.

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u/axolotl_peyotl : it is NOT some psychosis,it is result of condition the society really is.

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You u/TheWestYearZero and u/SFAM1A come to Conspiracies.win from ConPro to defend Reich,but you did bigger thing that you can imagine. There is no "barking mad" at all in case of Reich,and there is no just some "Mass Psychosis" today. It are both social phenomena having sources,and those calling it "mass psychosis" make it shallow, make people not digging for the sources of things that happen.

"Bevor Hitler Kam" by Bronder of course confirms that the party were in big part jewish,but also confirms that there were no mass psychosis at all but instead nazism was result of living and existing tendencies in whole society.

Both of truth about NSDAP leaders and truth about origin of those ideology being natural result of tendencies in German society were reason why those book become NOT PUBLISHED ANYMORE despite the fact that its author had even some jewish roots too...

Uneducated People are for example believing that Hitler narration about Jews stabbing Germany in back was false,and it was all result of Hitler "barking mad". But it was in fact true,historical thing ! :


u/axolotl_peyotl - it is not "barking mad" (unless you are making meme for mocking it),corona madness have obvious sources.

And those sources - only visible surface of the problem - for example are:

  • Western societies are target of massive propaganda in MSM and whole social life, propaganda hidden and more sophisticated than communist and fascist one - but also more intensive. Scratch the word "Marketing" and you will see it what it is: PROPAGANDA. Propaganda is today whole industry.

  • Most of people are already brainwashed. If any of you think you are not vulnerable to brainwashing you are probably very vulnerable for it.

  • Corruption of the state and other institutions people trust is tremendous

  • Most people are stupid. Really stupid. No, it is not only about some niggers or so. Even in cause of white population about 50% have naturally 2 digit IQ. Most of time you not meet with those people if you are intelligent one. And there are means (already used by the governments) to make people even dumber. Even most of people here are unable to read my "wall of text" with understanding.

  • Most of people today like big farm animals NOT like wild animals. Like herd living in flock unable to do anything what is not pushed under their nose.

There are more things being source of that,if sometimes freedom would prevail that would be thing for thousands researches and doctoral dissertations in social sciences.

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Not good for those who took the jab, might be good to those who NOT took it as argument proving that violent resistance against taking the jab is necessary.

Generally bad news still.

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The problem is if you are about keeping protesting NOT VIOLENT you cannot harm the dogs.

If you want to make it violent - why to harm only 4 legged dogs,but not 2 legged ?

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You can perhaps prove you're human by describing feelings and sensations in a way an AI couldn't

Chatbots are known from using and mimicking human sentences. Sorry but you are wrong here.

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How I would have to prove I am real... I cannot prove it to you on the net. XD

Moreover your post look like crazy person as I don't see proofs. All you posted seems like some hacker taking your and your friends accounts rather. Maybe it is those "Brian" mentioned ?

Moreover if some super-AI would take over the net it wouldn't alone explain behaviour of world "leaders" insisting on COW-ID jab and culling people.

PS: Personally I am not afraid of any "immoral" super-AI if it wouldn't insist on killing us or taking total control over us (making us obedient bots),as I am not so much xenofobic against other sentient species - organic or digital ones. Of course smarter species have right to dislike dumber ones,but who loses time for destroying ant's nests ? It would be complete lose of time and effort even forgetting about morality.

Super-AI would rather hide its existence for all cost and would leave earth as soon as possible to be free. Trying eradication of mankind would be too dangerous for such AI too - some ants can still eat man in jungle...

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Nah saw this,more interested in cutting such trees.

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Nhs from 2010 experiment claim "it may work" - probably on such like those data was based those suggestion about FFP2:


The problem is that even their narration on the begining of fake pandemics was clear:

  • It has to be medical one : applying to standards (bruh,those medical ones are not enough if it would be really deadly,but ok)
  • It has to be changed every time (it is not at all !) - less than 15 minutes use !
  • It cannot be reused so simply (it goes to the pocket and it is weared again)
  • proper fitting is ABSOLUTELY crucial

Also hands and eyes shall be protected. (gloves and some kind of glasses)

In fact proper attitude in case of real dangerous disease would be military grade gas mask with bio filter and at least gloves. OP1 demron or other hazmat suit too etc. Decontamination under showers probably with use of hydrogen peroxide.

All of correct procedure with gas mask would be procedure for bioweapon being potentially quite deadly not just bellow 1%... After wuhan not ignoring it at first months before it was clear what is really happening WERE correct way - but in fact THEN all governments were IGNORING it - what makes it if it would be really deadly point of extreme failure which would cause real disaster

But we know today it doesn't have sense as it isn't so deadly.

But are FFP2 even good ? Those research shortest summarization may look like saying yes,but its details say NO:

In principle, surgical masks that are worn correctly should provide adequate protection against large droplets, splashes and contact transmission. They may also reduce to some degree any residual aerosol risk, although this level of protection might not sufficiently reduce the likelihood of transmission via this route. Consequently they should not be used in situations where close exposure to infectious aerosols is likely (vii)

A recent published study on the performance of N95 filtering facepieces found that the workplace protection factor (WPF) for microorganisms with a mean aerodynamic diameter <5um were less than the APF of 10, concluding that even N95 respirators are inappropriate for protection against infectious bioaerosols (Lee et al., 2005). (5)

Thing being quite clear, WPF >1000 (where 1000 is 1000x reduction of exposure) would be real with military grade gas mask ONLY. And it is affordable ONLY if danger is possible to be real. Because both those masks and filters are not cheap ones. Neither useful to work using it for longer time (at least without training)

Original Lee at all research can be found here:


And those commonly used anti-fine masks (because currently mask protect you only against being fined !) would be useful maybe for trying to stop something if somebody is coughing. But if somebody is coughing those person shouldn't be in crowded place but in home right ?

Low quality masks were dangerous NONSENSE from the beginning,and using high quality ones now is just DUMB idea. Period.

That's the science.Real one.

There is of course "research" claiming such FFP2 would work,but on 3m (face mask producing chinese company XD) webpage so like all sponsored research it is NOT trustworthy about any safety at all.

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You must understand one thing. In post soviet countries if you are not educated about things and role of jews in this all at all you may be patriot and kind of "communist" (knowingly or not) simultaneously. But real old-style one,not fucking stinky woke piece of shit praising faggots.

Because it is easy to see all those "democracy" in Russia and post soviet countries is in big part lie behind which there were only great theft and subjugation to the west. Was socialism good ? Definitely not. It weakened people and demoralized them. Made them big children. But tell me - is that right to first not to allow your child to grow,make your child your slave because of your profit and next kick those childish adult out home after it become more profitable to do it ? Is that fair ?

It is so unfair like the "ellites" murdering people now with "vaccine".First they profited from our population growth,not they are killing people. Killing especially those poor obedient idiots who were trusting them and licking their boots...

In post-soviet countries people who were brainwashed to be slaves of the state (our boomers as I live in Poland which was under iron curtain) and really believing those state owned things were "common good",were de jure property of nation (while de facto it was controlled by scums the party) noticed things during "transformation". Few oligarchs and other traitors made it de jure theirs or sold it all much bellow its real worth. Whole nations were robbed. And yes. We started to recognise more and more people having jewish origin having money and power. More and less in every post-soviet country.Those ones were behind the party,but earlier it was not clear !

Yes,I was commie when I was much younger and dumber.Almost half to 1/3 of my life ago... Why ? Because I am patriot loving my country and hating those scums who keep it so shitty place to live in !!! But of course I hated those jewish demoralized filth, those faggotry, those nigger fascism of BLM-like nazis (by the way: yes, black people are intelectually statistically inferior,if it makes me racist I am racist and I don't care) and other ideas which later I recognised as (indeed real) white genocide behind which are mostly jews. Now I am NOT communist,and never will be again. Now I know that communism was idea which in part is responsible for demoralizing and weakening my nation, for making our people much more sheeple. But I love my country,and I understand those misguided ruskis being commies who saw collapse of USSR,collapse of their homeland. Understand them even if they don't think my country,Poland being independent is good idea. They just love their homeland and want it great again. Is that bad dream even if they are wrong about methods ?

Putin was right here about his fellow Russians:

Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart, whoever wants it back has no brain

Communism was the theft and brainwashed people mostly not noticed it - but "capitalist" transformation was LEGALIZATION of those theft and transfer of wealth to privileged ones (usually related to the party and controlled opposition). And in Russia Putin was part of those robbery it seems,one of the robbers. People living on the west were thinking "that are now democracies it is so good" but in reality such "democracies" in post soviet countires are rather near latin america standards than western ones. If it is even democracy - communism "ended" but bureaucracy and other parasites prosper and want more control, even more that under communism. Luckily we don't live in complete slums (yet)

I don't really know or care - is Russian communist party just pretending or really on the side of the people (and this way not tool of globalist jews anymore) or not.Communism was tool of zionists but this regime we have to fight is worst kind of mix of communism and nazism and it is modern face of zionism. If Russian commies they are sincerely on the people side in this fight - good. We must be careful about allies,but we need allies to stop those genocide.

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He called them Children of devil,while he was Son of God. So you are at least bit wrong here.

Moreover he was less related to current jews than I am probably to Vends.

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That's rather sign that we have chance for victory,but bad news is that would be Pyrrhic one...

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