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Ayh think it is fair to suggest that any one who invested and maintained that investment after the first spike in value of DWST are more than likely users. The rest are corrupt investor in the laundering mechanism.

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Knew too many NCOs who were absolute units who will never see the credit they deserve. Those are the guys who shd be holding political offices, not suits. The whole of America changed when men who served were who were a standard for electability --> now having a business, even if it went bankrupt or sold garbage, is the standard.

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Just curious -- which of these do you follow from the Bible, your doctrine for life -->

  1. Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel. (1 Peter 2:18)
  2. No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the Lord. (Deuteronomy 23:1)
  3. Stone your daughter for losing virginity before marriage? (Deuteronomy 22:20–21)
  4. Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death. (Leviticus 20:9)
  5. Have you killed any sorceresses lately? (Exodus 22:18)
  6. Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material. (Leviticus 19:19)
  7. Do you avoid lobster, crab, shrimp? (Leviticus 9:10)
  8. Do you own slaves? (Ephesians 6:5)
  9. When was your last donation? (Luke 3:11)
  10. Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place. (Ephesians 5:4)

Can you humble your self to the fact you do not follow 75% of what the Bible says that was written over hundreds of years?

No.. bcz you are clung to this conditioning and will not surrender the fantasy that comforts you despite the reality being that no where does believing in God save you from any thing.

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no data

? The data is available that there no users on Truth. You must know this to be true. Themselves claim only 2 million users but only less than half active.

The valuation is fact at 8B$

So where is the opinion that there is some thing corrupt about this?

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The problem for me with the moral code rationale behind the advent of Jesus and the Bible is that these fundamentals existed prior to Jesus. We had numerous cultures over the span of 6,000 more recorded years prior to Jesus with the same religious mechanisms to boundaries of life. We then see examples going back at least another 7,000 years of cultural spiritual guidance to living well and with nature. In those 14,000 years, what has also been consistent is how those religions were used to weaponize the peasant and to enslave the peasant to standards defined by "earthly deities". Babylonians had spiritual leaders who became kings and enslaved peasants and waged war. Pharaohs and emperors and etc.

Where then does one make claim that there is a divergence between religion and exploitation when it is symbiotic for millennias? Christianity is just the latest greatest version of consume next religion. When then we can see how many denominations span from Christianity.. shd be warning to there is not true fundamentalisms in these faiths -- only adaptations to appease supply and demand.

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  1. It was a joke. Ayh thought that was obvious. :/ You get it right? If its not carbonated .. its flat water? Flat Earth? Eh? C'mon buddy.

  2. You triggered me on the second sentence --> "most mainstream science does not claim to know the answer"

My friend.. if any thing has radicalized me more in the last 10 years it has been the repetition that theories are now asserted as fact and communicated like faith to students. Journals now print hypothesis in excess over experimental research. People like Neil Tyson and Susan Hossenfender (sp?) and Physics Girl (die already) are celebrities but they are book and word of mouth trendy non-critical idiots. People like Hawking are celebrated yet he never proved a single thing -- not one -- and even lost most of his wagers about theories. YouTube channels with 15M subs and 5M views per video regurgitate the most invalidated of theories with absolute certainty.

Young people do not have a chance to be hyper critical of theories bcz they do not recognize them as theories. The biggest one for me is some thing ayh have worked on for decades with others in that the Standard Model (ie particle physics) is absolute wrong. It remains a theory and is consistently upended by discrepancies in modeling. So instead of tearing it down and better examining the field that envelops said "particles" they simply add next particle. Bear in mind that physics is the goal of understanding the simple mechanisms of all things in nature and yet now we have 17 particles that make up the Standard Model with 3 more suggested -- this does not include double that when adding Quantum Mechanics b/s.

The rebranding lies of science has pissed me off and ayh want the whole field undone so fresh perspectives can once again have access.

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Same (thrice)

Ayh had relationships with a few PhDs in my time and ayh respected their wisdom (at the time) only to later discover that they all turned in to mindless sheep.

My dogma is that

environment dictates

And the men these women were then surrounded by were weak and unsubstantial (due to their own environmental conditions). Subsequently women become guided by trends when the man lacks substance -- bcz women are inherently influenced by their surroundings. They are reactionary as a species due to the innate need to protect. The consequence in the modern era is that 'need to protect' is diminished so without a strong male, they wander mentally and consume next thing.

Then these wandering women then leave the man to mentally wander and back and forth and we are left with mindless couples breeding mindless products.

1 of 8,937 reasons ayh believe the only way forward is to turn off the electricity for a while.

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Ayh spent the last 3 years cataloging how 90% of journalists misrepresent their field of expertise and how the real mechanism of modern journalism is that the editor is the arbiter of content and the journalist (always right out of school having done nothing else practical from their degree) (aka cultivated from uni to be a drone) (which if you have lived in Brooklyn for any amount of time, these people are desperate from college bcz they are useless idiots) is only asked to write up the content based on no interactions, hand it back to the editor same day, who macros the document and publishes.

Fact is that 100% of publications are not 100% of the author's work.

Fact is that those same authors then have an avg 4.5 articles per week. These article that supposedly have in depth interviews, travel, phone calls, deep dives, research -- all in the span of an avg 0.75 days miraculously.

One example from 2022g was me posting about one Brooklyn cunt who miraculously was interviewing people in Texas after a shooting despite having never left Brooklyn and next day writing an article about some thing Boston and next day writing some thing about Florida.

My favorite example is a sports tennis journalist in Washington state who went to school for tennis, writes endless tennis shoes reviews, his twitter feed at the time was all tennis nothing else --> but when CoHoax hit he ended up being the name on a CoHoax article with "scientific perspectives" at least once per week.

It is the science faker ones that really radicalize me.

Any who --> ayh hate these people and the system far more than the average person does and they know if the switch gets pulled, ayh will see them all drown.

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Bear in mind that the explanation you posted is not official -- it is one model and it is incomplete. At present, the very same scientists who tell you that model is correct can also not explain what 89% of what the universe consists of -- and also can not explain how the Standard Model of particle physics seems to contain endless primary particles (bcz SM is wrong)

Again --> do not rely on the current theories as being leverage to dispute. They are are muddled as the opposition theories.

As to your "physical barrier" -- again, falling, not pressured like expansion. The atmosphere is not some fixed bubble but a gradient.

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This is not uncommon for not just Biden -- all documents and social media and PR and orders are not written by the actor, so often times the actual authors either become too ambitious or miscommunication moves some thing forward without verification the actor is aware.

But then again, with senior citizen dementia patient Biden, they likely push stuff thru and give him notes later hoping he shuts up. On this occasion he either misunderstood or did not know until the note.

Moral of the story is -- we know he is just a puppet and we let it persist.

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  1. Space is not a vacuum, that is a misperception and often poorly communicated by idiot narrative moron scientists with their book degrees.
  2. If you have a mass falling towards a center, the density of the mass is decreased further from center. Pressure (to us) then exists by falling within the threshold.
  3. Worse about both those things is the Standard Model is wrong and Quantum Mechanics is an absolute grant fed larp -- so the conditions at which the above actions exist is better explained by variable field collision density or Resistance Field Theory.
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clearly states

According to who?

Setting aside that these doctrines are often decades and centuries older than the timeline of Christ, even church scholars admit there is no good evidence of verifying events -- especially when timelines are so abstract between scriptures.

For fucks sake, Christians do not even celebrate on the correct dates. Xmas was not in Winter. Easter was not in early Spring. These were Pagan adaptations.

Do you believe in Revelations or Genesis even tho they are admitted dreams and visions, not communicated by whom Christians worship?

As for Jews --> no where does it convey Jews but rather specifically those who betrayed the dogmas of God's will and instead lust for xyz. So literally any one and every one.

King of the Jews*
*void where convenient

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Believe me -- they do not make COs like they used to. They have been manufactured from cheap stock for decades now -- and most who were bred from infantry in Vietnam, have aged out, and we are left with either no combat experience stars and suspiciously ranked stars like the women, fags and blacks who at best served empty stations for a paycheck long enough where they became Brig Gen by rank only. Modern USMIL is a fucking embarrassment and shd be burned down. Aym glad white nationalist parents and white Gen Z are turned off by the current climate and not enlisting. At least we will know who are enemies are in the civil war -- as plain as black and white

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No poisoning.

Ayh watched the behavior of my mother explicitly -- and her blind ignorance is bliss blasé attitude about some of the most complex unverifiable elements in religion.

Here is the contradiction of rearing a child while promoting religion. You instill in your child understanding the tangible -- "this is a xyz" "if some one does xyz then xyz" "no this won't happen bcz xyz" and countless real world boundaries so you can anticipate things (if it is a good parent).

At the same time, then that parent teaches you to ignore these proofs in the case of faith. You must suspend reality of what you were explicitly taught so as so survive -- so that you may enter another place you can not visit/see/feel/verify.

Ayh think engineers are probably the least religious in civilization bcz they inherently conduct themselves with tangible perspectives -- things must equate to values so as to function in a recognizable way.

Ayh then had the luxury of experiencing numerous permutations of as you say "people's relationships with God" and they all requires abstraction from norms.

The math never added up very early bcz ayh exist ultimately, on the basis of proof. Or at least strive for it -- which is why we come to these forums -- which is why it is extraordinary that so many people who come to forums to dispute the abstract then prescribe to their own abstract and do not see the irony.

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This video is a good joke response to those certain people who end up on conspiracy forums that effectively seem like alt plants to discredit conspiracy theorists.

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My focus is still leveraged on how they have 3 years until a well spoken deadline of phase 1 (2027g) to start provoking people to digitize which requires mass adoption of the latest tech to ensure greatest compliance up front.

To me that speaks to needing people to think what they have in their hands right now no longer works -- hint hint solar flair cyber etc.

Disease is always just a nice profitability margin indefinitely so they will never stop having stories ran creating fear porn to maintain production scale costs -- but too close to CoHoax, having shot their load too hard this time -- just does not make sense.

How ever --> they are never subtle and definitely do not give a shit about image any more bcz they own all the windows and decorations. So ..dunno

All we can sure of is that the destination sucks and many and my self refuse and that is a problem for them.

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You mistake Christians and Nationalists. They do nothing to diminish Christian worth, even support the Church and Christian nations as Israeli Empire states -- the burden is nationalists who also happen to be Christians within these states.

Either be a compliant Christian and non-Jew servant to Jews (as is in the Talmund) or you must be destroyed.

Do not mistake their goals as whole about Christianity -- which is also the red flag about Christianity.

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But that just emphasizes that they are authoritarian regurgitations used to exploit the same fears of peasants to keep them in line for over thousands of years.

Your perspective that stories told for thousands of years give credibility to some truth ignores that there is a limited boundary to story telling sustainability. Legends are the same all around the world regardless of interaction bcz we have a limit set of rules even in fantasy.

To demonstrate this --> look at Hollywood.

It has only been around for JUST 100 years. In that time the same stories have been retold countless times. No matter how abstract the technology, the same story is told, just with different sets and actors.

Sitcoms today have exhausted premises bcz they have to recycle the same bits every 5 years.

Sci Fi is exhausted bcz it recycles the same material every 5 years.

Now imagine stories with only word of mouth thru varying languages and cultures over thousands of years -- it will always be homogenized down to simple boundaries.

A flood becomes THE flood only when exploited for purposes of corruption. Always has been.

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  1. Have read it (more than once)
  2. Have listened to Church respected scholars.
  3. Have experienced just about every denomination of nearly every religions' gathering in some form in countless places around the world. (Many against my interests but were obligations -- not some thing Christians do which is odd considering your wrath about devotion --> pretty stale)
  4. Grew up with devote Methodists.
  5. Went to Sunday School as a child.

The difference between you and ayh IS experience and ayh grew from it -- you never moved an inch.

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Ayh honestly do not believe this will be a disease year. They already dropped concern for CoHoax twice this year. Ayh think this will be the economy year.

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He would never admit if he did.

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Checks and balances are operated by the people we want checked and balanced.

Until we become the judge, jury and executioners, nothing will change and the theater will play on.

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UN did want to start a pre-mis-information campaign :/

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