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Same, 9/11 never sat right with me. Waaaaaaaaay too convenient in so many absurd ways (all fighter jets nationwide being grounded for “training”, the pancake collapse, the psyops around it like DEWSs, hologram planes, JetFuelCantMeltSteelMemes, etc etc).

And also the “Arab Spring” stunk of yet another US led series of Coups, like they’ve been doing for going on a century now. Gaddafi like you mention, but also Egypt, Lebanon, and all the shit they threw at Syria...

I think my big “is anything they tell us real” moment was Trump. It became so obvious that this shit is scripted 6 ways from Sunday, narratives, counter narratives, psyops, all prepared years in advance. 9/11 just had me dazed and confused more than anything.

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You hate Hancock because you think he’s making stuff up for money.

I am generally uninterested in what he has to say these days because I think he’s accepted his role as a comfortable gatekeeper for the spacejews.

We are not the same.


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I remember watching the Wakefield doc Vaxxed a few years before the cohoax, and another one about the origin of aids (fucked up simian/human “vaccine trials” which ended up transferring a simian disease (SIV) to Humans (HIV) in the Congo, iirc). I wasn’t convinced, but I was certainly suspicious enough to be wary.

Come PsyOp Warpspeed and I had decided my body was a temple dedicated to the opposition to transhumanism lol

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Interesting, do you apply that more broadly to geoengineering in general, or just the notion of secret chemical dispersal incorporated into all/many commercial flights?

If you’re interested, I have a paper which I think supports the notion of at least some form of nefarious atmospheric chemical dispersal (contributing to Chronic Wasting Disease plaguing deer populations - wonder what it’s doing up and down the food chain):


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Communism is a great answer, that I personally share. When I was a kid, I was only vaguely aware of things like “McCarthyism” and “communist blacklisting”, being treated as basically absurd things from the past on par with open racism or whatever other “dumb thing people used to do”.

“So, people had their lives ruined for wanting healthcare? Like they have in Canada?”

“yes billy, they also made African Americans drink from different fountains!”

I blame the schools. I also used to love shooting Nazi Zombies.

Then 2015-2016 comes around, the whole idea of “cultural marxism” enters the discussion, and I start putting together some dots and getting pissed.

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Hey been a while buddy nice to see you (please consider adding c/manna to your hopper)

Allow me to attempt to translate your post for some of the denser denizens here:

the “biggest” conspiracy is how we allow ourselves to be shaped and moulded by the suggestions of others, when the only truth is our own perception and comprehension of the world around us

Is that approaching what you were getting at?

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I left it opened ended just to see the widest possible array of answers. I’m interested both in the “official narratives” people have cast off and in the “fake conspiracies” people once believed but went on to change their minds about

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Have you ever recorded anything in the “ballad” genre? I think your lyricism combined with your respect of “forgotten” genres of music could lead to something awesome. I’ve been listening to a lot of Marty Robbin’s Big Iron lately lol, can’t get enough.

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Are there any choirs near you not run by queers? Perhaps a local church?

You’re great man, don’t let the parasitized state of the modern world get you too down

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Cosmology which “proceeds by inquiry”

I don’t really get what you mean?

Edit: my bad I should have searched the entire term, is this what you meant?


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Have you ever studied the octave? The eight densities? It makes sense to me that crystals and plasma and other “simple” structures represent the first step on a staircase, one which grows to include all life (i.e. self sustaining patterns)


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They first (?) did 9/11 back on 12/7

We’ve been in the Truman-verse for a while now I think

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I never gave the man the attention I’ve heard from many he’s due - that was funny though lmao and makes me look at Tenacious D through a whole new lens (seems their entire existence is basically based on that song lol)

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the whole point is to flood boards like this

That’s why {eisenhorn}, who despite being here for 3 years has never once made a good faith post, has chosen to make 3 flat earth posts this morning

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So you admit that practically no genuine users here promulgate flat earth, yet you chose to make 3 posts on the topic this morning.

What does that tell us if not your status as a forum slider?

Take your meds btw

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You’ve flooded the board with flat earth questions this morning, the only conceivable reason being an attempt to paint this board as “flat earth supporting” even though most of the faggots making those kinds of posts are just like you (disingenuous homosexuals on sockpuppet accounts)

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Take it to c/FlatEarthResearch

No one here cares about your bad-faith attempts to slander the board

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a) an umbrella is designed to shelter those under it from what's falling from above...why does the suggested rhetoric "fall under the umbrella" invert that?

You’ve got me thinking - but perhaps those distinct Ones who are most alike (Family) share a common umbrella for common protection.

Though admittedly the phrase “fall under the umbrella” does seem oxymoronic on its face - perhaps “gather” is more fitting than “fall”

Could ONEs consent to the suggestion of another DIVIDE one into reasoning over suggested from two sides?

Do you believe one can consider an idea without consenting to it? Or does the act of the ideas admittance to our mind imply a consent? I suppose it does in some sense

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Over your head? I doubt that, but maybe the total lack of context threw you off, but it’s almost anthropomorphizing Yin/Yang dynamics or “the force” from Star Wars. Gardener = Light = “good” / Winnower = Darkness = “bad” with many more layers thrown in for good measure.

This one always gets me, and it works with basically no context needed:

Thank you for making room in your life for another talking ball. Let me ask you a question.

In the three billion base pairs of your root species' genome, there is a single gene that codes for a protein called p53. The name is a mistake. The protein weighs only as much as 47,000 protons, not 53,000. If you were a cell, you would think p53 was a mistake too. It has several coercive functions: To delay the cell's growth. To sterilize the cell when it is old. And to force the cell into self-destruction if it becomes too independent.

Would you tolerate a bomb in your body, waiting to detonate if you deviated from the needs of society?

However, without p53 as an enforcer, the body's utopian surplus of energy becomes a paradise for cancer. Cells cannot resist the temptation to steal from that surplus.

Their genetic morality degrades as tumor suppressor genes fail. The only way to stop them is by punishment.

You now confront the basic problem of morality. It is the alignment of individual incentives with the global needs of the structure.

Patterns will participate in a structure only if participation benefits their ability to go on existing. The more successful the structure grows, the more temptation accrues to cheat. And the greater the advantage the cheaters gain over their honest neighbors. And the greater the ability they develop to capture the very laws that should prevent their selfishness. To prevent this, the structure must punish cheaters with a violence that grows in proportion to its own success.

My question follows.

Is p53 an agent of the Darkness, or the Light?

I found that the Bible, particularly the OT, was an account of the interactions of some humans with the powerful aliens that created us.

Have you seen the work of the former Vatican official translator Mauro Biglino? It speaks directly to this, and some of the things he brings up I had never seen mentioned or considered before - unfortunately almost all of his output is in Italian (often translated in subtitles) - I often recommend a short video series he did:

Mauro Biglino - the Naked Bible / the Literal Bible (6 videos, ~15m each)


And regarding Westworld, despite being a big fan of Michael Criton, I’ve not yet read the book, seen the movie, nor the show. Maybe I’ll have to check out that first season soon.

quite lonely

Cheers brother, the irony is you aren’t alone in that feeling

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