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Thanks. An unexpected surprise, but wonderful.

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How many atomic bombs has Russia or The USSR detonated on foreign soil?

Japan isn't the only country to have a USA nuke go off in it's borders. England and France have also detonated atomic bombs on foreign soil.

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When my wife couldn't get into the doctor at the beginning of covid for birth control, we avoided these days.

It didn't work.

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I think you are right.

Right now they could shove through a federal pro abortion bill with control of the house of reps and the executive branch. All it would take is one Republican jumping party lines to pass the senate.

Instead the dems will milk this out as long as possible, to get votes.

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OP is a groomer.

Call out this bullshit.

They try to get you all confused in what is right and wrong. Then they go for the kids.

Never give an inch.

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Drinking semen is not eating people.

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Something to think about housing prices.

The prices in my area have just equaled their highs of 2006. I have a lot of neighbors excited to move because their house finally equal out to when they bought at the height of the market. These weren't even new houses in 2006.

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You're welcome.

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I don't think he is a glowie, just a closeted homosexual. They have frequent outbursts.

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Snopes doesn't believe there is such a thing as deviant sexual behavior.


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Sucks to be a minority kid that does well in school and then is told by the governor that they have to lower academic standards because of you. The governor isn't blaming white kids for this. If I was a minority, I would be pissed off.

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Because it's rude to play video with sound in public places.

How autistic does a person have to find that bizarre?

I don't know what to tell you.

You got that part right, when you couldn't even post a brief summary of the video.

When OP doesn't even care enough about the video to summarize it, then you know it's not worth wasting your own time on.

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Yeah, I won't watch it either.

I'm in public most of the time and feel the need to broadcast to the people around me.

If OP can't be bothered to write a summary the message isn't that important.

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You are 100 percent correct.

Straight males have no interest in appearing gay. So all of the betas will do everything they can to prevent it.

It is by design to keep men from bonding and conversing. If you have a bunch of straight guys talking about how pissed they are, then they might do something about it. Such as run for local offices and boycott business.

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Awfully coincidental that front man Dave Grohl showcased an ultra satanic album for his new band, the day before Hawkins died. Dream Window, Studio 666.


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