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The reason we can know when the sun will rise and set is because it has happened before, and is reliably periodic.

Then show how you determine sunrise and sunset without a formula that requires a round Earth. Demonstrate that you are right. Should be easy.

You won't because you can't.

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So you believe

It's a fact.

Fortunately, you can test it yourself.


All you need are charts.

Show those charts.

If it's cyclic then there must be a formula to calculate it. Do you know a formula that does not require a round earth?

because the formula are built from (and in accordance with) the real observations

Correct, and the observation is that the Earth is round and rotates 15 degrees per hour. Without that part, the formula doesn't work.

If the Earth is flat, why does the formula work?

Why can you not produce these "charts" that you claim exist or a formula that doesn't require the Earth to be round?

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We've been able to do that for millennia (at least).

Who did it and what formula did they use?

I'm looking forward to hearing your excuse for not answering this question.

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The flat earthers are winning the debate

Nobody takes Flat Earthers seriously. Their delusion does not contribute anything to science or technology. There don't debate so there's nothing that they would win.

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This place never has supported free speech.

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