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Not only that, but they're also instantly downvoting any attempts to open their eyes to what's happening to them.

You know, falling for the same manipulation tactics they come to boards like this to tell other people to not fall for.

And then they keep on escalating the frenzy themselves, virtually assisting in the manipulation:

There's another one!

and another!


When a simple query on the search engine of their choice would show them how many railway accidents actually occur each year.

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I prefer "Conspiracy Whistleblower" myself.

by pkvi
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Here's the source for that screenshot.

by qbqb
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I read the Old Testament. Jesus is running around all over the place in there. In fact, it's basically about the same bunch of people just living over and over and over and the things they do.

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Lockdowns and mandates were to "slow the spread" of some basically harmless flu

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Here's the first episode in that story arc. I just watched it last week, and it's pretty good. It's got Joel McHale playing "Alex Jones," so there's that.

Pro-tip: don't bother with episode 3 (or do, idc), it's just your standard werewolf story and is not related to this video at all.

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I just looked up Ethiopia, and they' seem to be advancing largely on their own.

I mean, if you're dead-set on finding a reason to discount someone just for the color of their skin, I'm not going to lift a finger to stop you.

...I'll just lump you in with them...

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That's for 50, I think. But the other ones you could get 100 for $303.

But I like yours better now, too, and since you can sell them at protests for a $10 bill, you're still swimming in bank.

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I don't know how technological Lesotho is, but I know South Africa has a strong start.

So it's the same thing. A whole segment of society rapidly advances, leaving a subculture behind, and that subculture can either learn to assimilate, eat itself or react violently toward those who've advanced.


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A lot of people on this site use statistics like that to dive straight into racism, but let's look at the big picture for a second.

Some merchant aliens come to Earth and snatch up a whole horde of people and carry them off to distant galaxy RockSupernova to be slaves.

After a couple, like what -- four? -- generations, the citizens of RockSupernova decide they don't want slaves and then just cut them all loose in society.

Then four generations later, those people still wouldn't entirely fit in, because they haven't had the millennia of experience building the culture that they're now expected to be a contributor to.

By now their original culture is foreign to them, and their slave culture's gone. What do?

Just something to figure on.

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Great idea! I just looked, and you can get them pretty cheap.

Got any money? I'm saving up for a gallon of gas.

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FBI: This title is misinformation. We clearly have different uniforms than the gestapo. Take that, cOnSpIrACy tHeOriSts

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The "conspiracy theorist" in me figures it may just be because, while they have bots to parse through all the posts looking for things like porn links and scams, bots are notoriously hard to teach what the contents of a picture are.

They can be, but it's just really hard. So it's probably just easier not to allow images at all.

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Now that you mention it, I ran a few phpBB forums in the early 00s, and allowing users to embed images (and even video) was a trivial matter.

A few subs on reddit appear to allow images in posts, but I've never seen it used as more than an inline-gif kind of thing like FB does.

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Somebody in "event planning" must have seen that recent meme pointing out that for school shootings to be less suspicious there'd be more workplace shootings.

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