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/u/clemaneuverers it seems all the toxic and abusive users are getting upvoted massively in this post and anyone noticing it getting massively downvoted, right in line with the user that is breaking site rules and vote manipulating posts.

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No, I was noticing someone was breaking site rules and massively vote manipulating down all my posts within minutes of me posting. Hence, I tried re-posting.

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Yes, I have a pathetic stalker that is violating site policy and persistently harassing me for a long time now. It is not organic.

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FYI, I have a pathetic stalker that is breaking site rules by vote manipulating my posts, using bots or alts to downvote everything I post to about -12 within minutes of posting.

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There is a large amount of video evidence from the election showing democrat party member vote counters illegally running batches more than one time, several in fact, and running fake votes (hidden suitcases that were dragged out to be run through the machines after counting was officially stopped is the most notorious one).

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I have a stalker that follows me around and downvotes all my posts. It got to the point they used a bot to downvote everything I posted to -12 within five minutes of me posting. Scum of the earth. I suspect the alt of that user is posting here, FuckChinaLongTime.

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That is an incorrect assumption. The Palestinian people are under heavy attack by the fascist, racist apartheid state of israel that is illegally stealing the land and homes of the Palestinians and murdering Palestinians at an ever increasing rate. It is a fact that israel is guilty of DECADES of oppression and murder of the Palestinian people. The conflict is so skewed against the Palestinian people that portraying is as anything other than a methodical genocide over time is only absurd.

Israel is the modern era nazi state.

It is abundantly clear that the Palestinian people is well within their rights to respond to such criminal actions they are the victims of with violence.

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Elon is going to get Twitter on the cheap once all the shit the current leadership has faked is revealed.

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It's been blatant from the start. We know many, many corrupt and criminal democrats have money laundering and pay-for-play illegal rackets going on in Ukraine.

Ukraine also illegally helped the democrat party to spy on President Trump, so there is also troublesome blackmail and illegal actions of corrupt democrats in that regard to consider.

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Evidence through whistleblowers and his actions reveal that Sanders is a sheepdog for the democrat party and a traitor to his followers. He never had any intention of challenging the ruling elite of the party, instead he fools actual leftist, social democrats and those tired of the criminality of the democrat party with false pretenses of change. In reality, he never does anything against the corrupt and criminal democrat party's wishes. His "trusted friend" pedophile joe biden can attest to that.

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Israel is a fascist, racist apartheid state.

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There are more than 30 US funded bio weapon research labs in Ukraine, that fact is already established. The US is operating many illegal bio weapon research facilities in Ukraine, right on the border to Russia.

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It is precisely what you need. It's primarily for Smart TV:s, Chromecasts with Android TV etc.

SmartTubeNext is an advanced YouTube app for Android TVs and TV boxes, free & open source. It is not a live TV client and does not support "YouTube TV".

Features: no ads | SponsorBlock | adjustable playback speed | 4k and higher | 60fps | HDR | does not require Google Services | helpful international community

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Use SmartTubeNext. It completely blocks ads and supports SponsorBlock innately.

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There are a massive amount of RINOs and traitors in the republican party that walk hand in hand with the criminal and corrupt democrat party.

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Anyone still defending the corrupt and criminal democrats after what has been leaked by whistleblowers and discovered about the 2016 and 2020 elections are either shills from ShareBlue/Media Matters or outright stupid. The DNC riggs elections.

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