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Hillary, not Obama - but yea... basically.

We are in Hillary 5th term as acting POTUS

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nicely highlighted and presented.

i don't think that what she released was "the kraken".

what she released totally damning. and yes... as you / she say... "Nothing was being done by nobody" - shame on all of us.

but my vibe was that she had some very seriously damaging documents about Dominion, and she was forced by very power players to stand down.

She never released - what she termed, "the kraken".

Just my opinion.

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ceding U.S. sovereignty

not really.

the US can choose to not follow WHO guidelines at any time.

i look at it more like... "outsourcing".

not saying that's a smart move.

(it's not a smart move)

but it's not ceding U.S. sovereignty.

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Teslas are the safest cars on the road - by nearly every measure -- and go 0 - 60 in less than 2 seconds.

Who cares if they are green or not?

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Trump then quietly injects: "Should have let us know.". It's unclear if Trump was expecting greater transparancy from Pompeo or China. (Who should have let whom know?)

and perhaps more to the point:

#no one will go to prison...

...because this is all authorized - just like 9/11 - these are legally* occuring actions.

* legally - until some court determines the legality of the actions were misinterpreted

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They still do.

the chinese are also leading contenders

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in fairness, trump did try to push HCQ very early on.

and he was very theatrical about removing his mask on the steops of the whitehouse one evening.

but he is boldly claiming responsibility for the vaccines. so... lol... yea... kinda hard to ignore that...

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hahaha wow, so the sun is really fucking close to the earth..?!

and super small!! like... the sun (round) is smaller than the earth!! lol

/comeon.,.. get this shit out of here

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ICUs are only 77% full

average ICU had 5 beds (rural united states) - look it up

ergo, avg ICU has ~3 people in it.

sounds about right

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It was rushed because of Trump and greed.

And therefor, the planned "collapse" will fail.

Arrest them all:

  • Gates

  • Fauci

  • Birx

  • Tedros

  • Scott Morrison & Dan Andreose (that aussie traitors)

  • Jacinda Adern (that kiwi traitor)

  • Trudeu (that canadian traitor)

  • Biden & Kamala (those USA traitors)

et al.

#CitizensArrest - we might not be able keep them in jail, but we can put them in handcuffs and perpwalk them to the police station - scare the shit out of them, until #nurenberg2

remember: this globalist coup will not end until they are all in prison and/or on the run.

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agreed, but private solutions means tyranny (aka global monopolies)

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suddenly he does this

it's called responding to bs allegations.

kyle is not guilty of murder, but he's still white trash.

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Please let it be Hillary.

Please let it be Hillary.

Please let it be Hillary.

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say it with me people... HILL-A-RY!!

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