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There is no way Musk took the JJ not-a-vax then a mRNA booster. Fuck no, no way, b/s --> do you hear me you lying sack of shit, Elon. You are lying, you are purposefully deceptive, you are manipulating peasants and you have +/-6 months to enjoy the ride. Might as well come clean now.

yup i agree

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He was instructing them on which kids to pimp.


Are you saying George Webb was instructing others re: which kids to pimp?

If so, i need a link - a screenshot - something - archive, etc.

Otherwise, you got nothin' champ.

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to be fair, drag queens will eagerly perform in front of any audience.

i say let the drag queens be drag queens.

but probably !!! fire the teachers, principals, mayors !!!, etc. who participate in the funding of these "performances" at schools.

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sorry to hear mate, always a kick in the gut when someone more powerful than you takes-away your work.

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Scott highlights the problem with liberals:

they believe everything is a "game" (to be won or lost).

This wasn't / isn't a game.

It's just common sense.

Experimental drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

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He's not on our side

maybe not, but he's not on "their" side either.

and he's not serving up pills

maybe not to you... you already have a handful.

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it's easier to keep cleaner

leaving the tip of the foreskin on creates an area that is easy to get dirty.

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No Refunds

Corruption and apathy got us here, not compassion.


I didn't know it was a lifetime role. That's bizarre.

One thought I had this morning...

  1. Jacinda is a complete psychopath

  2. Jacinda doesn't cry unless she believes it benefits her.

  3. "They" default to doing the opposite (i.e., if she is sad, she would put on a confident face. if she is happy, she puts on a tearful face. i.e., she's elated - pig in shit). Like throwing a rabbit into a briar patch - she is basically being released of her current confines of public life, released into the wild with $10mm (minimum). She's the blossom of globalism - loved by them all world wide. She'll basically become a deal broker to the Davos crowd, and will easily increase her wealth by 10x over the next decade. #sadsad :(.

Is he really?

yes, really. maybe not as many red pills as you might drop, but he has dropped some legit redpills (historically). he limits himself - as savvy business players do - not limited hangouts.


great topics! all good morning coffee thoughts. cheers

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I feel like the depopulation crowd were all "limited hangouts".

Instead of 3 Billion people dying, only 3 million people have died from the experimental human trials of the mRNA drugs.


That way, people like you go "Seeee!!!! No depopulation event!! The vaccines were safe REEEEE!!! " lol

Go get another boo$ter™, #dumbass

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and data-mining

when your device is on, they want to be able to know what websites you visit, who you send email to, from whom you get email, what you chat about, your contacts, etc. etc.

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I have no further details other than this:

It is my understanding that the Watergate burglars (CIA) were looking for pedophile (explicitly) related photographs of various political assets. i.e., #pizzagate for a long time.

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You’re stuck on the proof you know and not listening to what is being suggested


or maybe you are stuck ...refusing to acknowledge that style was used -- not as Semantics Nuance -- but as simple redundancy.

I believe it is more reasonable to assume redundancy vs nuance, since no where else in the statement was "controlled demolition" defined other than exactly as it was specified:

meaning that the collapse was intentionally initiated and proceeded in a uniform manner.

you are misinterpreting the context and tone - w/o reason - except to fit your knowledge of an opposing official story.

based on the exact text presented in response to the specific question, it's not reasonable to conclude there is any hidden function coded into "style" so as to secretly re-define the cause of collapse to be something other than a "controlled demolition" - explicitly defined:

meaning that the collapse was intentionally initiated and proceeded in a uniform manner.


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...could be both true and false at the same time.

no not really

not unless you had in mind a reasonable explanation for the 7.1 seconds collapse

or if you knew nothing of physics 101 :)

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