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It's his job to do briefly mention and then delete.

so he does this a lot?

ps. no, this is the first time Elon has deleted a post. so your basically wrong.

any more theories?

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Just to build credibility after he went with Netanyahu and backed the Israelis in their genocide.

he just deleted the post.

curiouser and curiouser

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SS. #pizzagate is real, and Elon knows it too.

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fair to say every major religion is a cult?

if not, what's the difference - thoughts?

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  1. he only has the trademark for "hats" and "shirts" (and only in the USA)

  2. might not even hold-up in court because the phrase has already been so widely used ...would be like trying to trademark "equal pay for equal work".

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This bitch is so full of shit.

You're not convincing.

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"Free the Jews."

In this video Polly St. James show how the fascist globalists have turned Judaism from a religion into a cult, and how they use classic thought reform techniques to advance their global agendas.

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I don't understand the public school mind very well.

Apparently you don't understand private school minds either, champ - sucks to be you :D

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Israeli soldier breaks ranks and identifies Oct 7, 2023 as a false flag / inside job.

#insidejob #BibiKnew

ps. Just like ISIS™, Antifa™ and Hezbollah™ ...Hamas™ is #ControlledOpposition -- puppets doing exactly what they are paid/commanded to do...

For 14 years, Netanyahu's policy was to keep Hamas in power; the incident of October 7, 2023, helps the Israeli prime minister preserve his own rule.

spoiler: Hamas™ == Netanyahu™/Likud™


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If Muslims stopped infighting and united,

not possible

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Like ISIS™, Hamas is #ControlledOpposition.

If Netanyahu were to eliminate Hamas (easily done):

  1. There would be a power vacuum that would need to be filled;

  2. Netanyahu would lose his boogeyman.

It's the same strategy that leads to the CIA controls the drug cartels and the FBI controls the domestic terrorist groups.

Control the boogeyman, so get what you want:

  1. Gun control (USA)

  2. The Greater Israel (Kazarian Mafia / Zionists)

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OCT 7 ("The Hamsas Massacre") was an inside job too -- Netanyahu's specialty.

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Not only was #pizzagate real, but also just the "tip of the iceberg".

Epstein is (probably) alive #jailbreaked

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… elites are knowingly compromised by being filmed having sex with children and worse.

Blackmail ensures top down control.

Sadly, the most prolific institutional perpetrator may be Deep State Israel.

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It's obvious.

To some. Most have NOT A FUCKING CLUE!

Meant to be so.

Disagree - just stupid and sloppy.

Revelation of the method.

Am unfamiliar with that phrase - sounds interesting - meaning?

Game run out of qatar.

The game will be run out of whatever nation that they want to extort.

"Give us money, oil, or we will bomb your cities for harboring terrorists."

It's the oldest racket in history - "protection".

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"being against vaccines is not enough. You must get to the core of their deception"

Come at me, shills!

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