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What does that even mean?

They're going to tell everyone their bonds are worth $0?

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Remember, it's totally fine to shut down our economy for three years and lock old people in nursing homes but BANNING OR MONITORING TRAVEL FROM CHINA IS RACIST AND UNACCEPTABLE.

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But, the 4chan behavior got worse. Either people are stupid, or this site is being littered with shut down material on purpose.

Or you're a bitch.

I pointed this out, and it was ignored.


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It's the Sun, dude.

See the Sun and try to figure out how it could move as it observably does. It only makes sense on a globe Earth.

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The worst thing about banning FE is that they all start sperging out about how they're "being silenced".

I get it, the constant nonsense and pointless youtube videos can get annoying, but banning them only makes them louder.

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Even though I think FE is a psyop to obfuscate real conspiracies, I have always argued against banning it's discussion.

They're honestly some of the most fun on here.

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Assassination of Joe Biden by "far-right anti-semites".

They get to field a new candidate without having to explain why they ran a vegetable in the first place, and then pass all the hate speech/anti-gun/foreign war laws they want for the next four years.

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The cops have a pretty sweet deal going.

Border security gets kick backs to let opioids into the country.

Local PD busts dealers, confiscates their cash, and gets their pictures in the paper.

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Usually more expensive.

250g bag of potato chips? $2.50 5000g bag of potatoes? $6

Price increases with the amount of processing.

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Meh, I've been saying this since day one, of Ukraine. News to me that I'm Jewish.

With any contemporary war, it's going to be next to impossible to get any accurate information until the dust settles. You aren't there, and literally everyone who is has skin in the game. With Covid, we were all in it and could see firsthand what was happening on the ground, but if it were happening in only Malaysia, say, it would be nearly impossible to confirm or deny anything. The lesson was: governments lie, people lie on behalf or governments, especially "experts" and "news media", and we shouldn't believe anything we can't verify ourselves.

That said, I would say that Israeli propaganda is by far the more outlandish, but is pushed by more "experts", and most people will believe it without question (six gorillion dead babies, anyone?).

I try to look at this from a historical context, rather than looking for "proof", at least while the conflict is still hot (although now would be a good time to figure out exactly what happened in Ukraine). From that perspective, this looks a lot like Israel pulling some shennanigans to heat up their pet conflict with Palestine.

I don't particularily believe that Palestine flew into Israel unimpeded and proceeded to terrorize the populace for hours, with zero plan for dealing with the inevitable counter attack. I don't buy that Israel wasn't keeping an eye on all the weapons and equipment that recently entered the black market from Ukraine and Afghanistan. I could believe some of the atrocities committed by the Palestinians (and pretty much all the ones committed by the Israelis) because they both have a history of savagery and disregard for human life.

But I don't know for sure, so I can't really say and my default answer to any conflict like this is "we should withdraw all support and boycott both sides until the conflict is settled". We have no interest here and both sides are our enemies, ideologically. I wouldn't even send peacekeepers, because we could be roped into taking more refugees later because of our involvement.

That, and anyone in the West who is chearleader for either side should be sent to the conflict zone on a one-way ticket.

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Aww, I was hoping the title was a setup for a joke.

In seriousness, it's in the interest of the Zionist infiltrators that use our governments' wealth to fund their own to keep us confused, angry, and distracted while they loot our countries.

I can't say if FE is a tactic, or a measurement tool. Anyone who believes in FE a) can't determine objective truth for themselves and b) is so dissillusioned that they'll believe anything so long as it goes against popular concensus. I suppose that Israeli intelligence will occationally put out FE threads on "conspiracy" boards to see how many non-normies are simply reactionary versus being able to actually figure out what they're doing, and adjust their propaganda accordingly.

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And yet, not blaming them for everything gives them license to genocide.

What to do?

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Lol, explain again how you think the Sun works.

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There's already an oral treatment for obesity. It's called a ball gag.

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The Israelites ended as soon as the Ministry of Jesus Christ began.

Why? The Bible states who will get into Heaven, and how many (144,000 of such and such a tribe, etc). It never mentions that this is or isn't first come, first serve.

Suppose all these places were filled by the tribes of Israel, so no one else is getting into Heaven, even members of those tribes. However, we can still potentially avoid Hell. How? By following Jesus Christ anyone can be "saved", not just Israelites.

Therefore, the distinction of Israelite is meaningless from that point onward.

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Link to the Judicial Watch press release:


Tons of allegations with the receipts to back it up.

Our governments lied to us and paid the people who are supposed entertain or enlighten us to push their lie.

This is an actual, provable, conspiracy playing out as we watch.

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Forgive him for what?

Being incorrect, even as an "expert"? Sure, we're only human.

Forgive him for calling every person who turned out to be absolutely correct a racist, anti-science, grandma-killing monster and trying to deplatform them to prevent "misinformation"? Forgive him for trying to force and trick untested medicine into people, including kids? For intentionally panicking the entire world into self-destructive safety theater?

No. I don't think I will.

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