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I'll take this under advisement.

What I hear is "We're just openly evil now, and there's no reason to for you to offer us the benefit of the doubt for even a second."

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For one, indians were required to give up children by law, or go to prison.

If anyone took my kids, especially the government, prison wouldn't be a factor. Either the families were complicit, or they're bad parents.

Again, there isnt a question of "is there graves", the question is, where are the graves at, and exactly how many are there.

Well, who's missing? There are supposed to be hundreds or thousands of kids that just never came home. Did their parents never come looking? Never filed a police report or sent a list to Ottawa? Never passed the names of missing aunts or uncles down through their oral traditions? Doesn't sound like they care too much.

These kids should be dug up, and returned to their ancestral homes though, its a travesty to leave them in unmarked plots, ill bet money the site with "anonmalies" becomes a parking lot in another year.

The activists can afford ground penetrating radar equipment, but not shovels? Why don't they excavate it; it's been years (and dozens of church arsons)?

For the record, I think the Residential School system is fucked, and an excellent example of why no government should have rights over anyone's children. I think a lot of people actually though they were doing good, but were so arrogant and ignorant that they committed atrocities instead. I think a lot of parents sent their kids to these schools because they thought it would be helpful to integrate. And I don't doubt that kids never came home, were abused, and that this was covered up.

That said, the "mass grave" narrative doesn't hold water. Either there are no (or very few) unaccounted kids from the RS system, of their parents don't care about them at all.

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Yeah, I'm pretty fine with it. Just disappointed that there isn't a APPAC that does the same thing but against Israelis.

What's the point of money if you don't spend it.

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Now all I have is obligations (rent, car insurance, phone/internet).

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Tim Poole a well, I clearly remember him dropping many videos pumping up the China numbers.

Side note: It's darkly hilarious that the "health agencies" fully recognized how dangerous cruise ships were to spreading disease, and then put people into quarantine camps setup the exact same way.

And we're still putting oldies in "nursing homes"...

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No name, no city, no deets, sources are the Star and Public Health.

Didn't happen.

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Notice the plane crossing an existing trail for blanket coverage of the area.

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account deleted

You killed him, dude.

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And you should entertain FE. For exactly as long as it takes you, with your own eyes, to disprove it.

It's an excellent test of aptitude for simple geometry and spacial sense.

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God gave me eyes and a brain. Every conceivable outcome and effect of the Earth being round can be readily observed in reality.

If the Earth is actually flat, whoever is hiding the truth is apparently able to bend the laws of physics to the point that they may as well be God.

In that case, what does it matter even if everyone discovered the "truth"? There would be absolutely nothing we could do about it, so why would "they" even bother to hide it?

Flat Earth is a black pill disseminated by the CIA to demoralize and discredit free thinkers.

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I'll add that NPCs aren't stupid, they're cowards. If you can make it seem as though "everyone" has woken up to the truth, they'll parrot it as well. But they'll never resist what they consider to be orthodox.

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Memory hole-ing in 3...2..

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You're making the claim, you bring the proof.

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Rememeber that time, three years ago, when the Canadian health agency decided that the Astra Zeneca shot was too dangerous to use because of "rare side effects"?

And then they "donated" all the shots they already paid for to African countries, instead of suing and destroying them?

Ha haaaaa, crimes against humanity.

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What will we do if he's able to rally the millions of living Holocaust survivors of fighting age against us? We're doomed!

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At this point, I only want them to be clear when these treatments are mRNA.

The only way people will wake up is if this thing explodes. I say let them keep gettibg the jabs until it's so bad that no one can deny what happened.

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I don't "support" these people, but why would you assume that a person claiming to speak for them, and getting all the media attention, has anything to do with them?

It's almost as though a Zionist plant is making ridiculous demands on behalf of protestors to make them look like idiots...

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Seems to me the FDIC should be attempting to prevent major banks collapsing, rather than picking up the pieces.

What are they going to do, bail them out harder?

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Anything that is run by a committee will eventually be controlled by Jews.

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It's the exact same playbook as BLM or feminism.

Jews gain power through victimhood. They were given Israel specifically because Holocaust.

These protests make it look like Jews are under threat (they aren't, really, because these protestors are Leftist pussies), which will in turn cause laws to be passed protecting them, ie anti-"hate speech". I'm not calling it, but I wouldn't be surprised if people hate Biden so much that we'll see another narrative flip this November, and Trump's first priority will be supporting Israel.

As for radicalizing the next generation, it doesn't matter. They are planning to have everything shut down, every scrap of power removed from the next generation before they're any sort of motivating force. Generation Alpha will be the first true chattel generation.

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This is something that is only ever said by a child of the upper classes.

Do you know why the have-nots never overthrow the haves? Cause they have nothing with which to do so.

The smart move for the have-nots is to either have more or make themselves useful to the haves.

One last thing, Jesus didn't flip the tables against the "haves"...

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It's never an acceptable idea to censor ideas because they're "dumb". We're on the Internet. If you're wrong, people will tell you, in autistic detail.

This is the reason I fully oppose banning FE discussion.

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