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How long will the toxins from Ohio be carried in rain/weather?

The rest of your life.

And the life of your grand-children.

Enjoy the largest chemical attack on humanity.

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It's been here since 1776.

Bled over the rest of Europe in the form of "COUNTRIES".

Fathom it, if you are capable.

Oh: Did you know there were President before Washington?

  • Tada.
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If you look at "juice" as as the Vortex of Demons, you'll understand.

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There's enough "scientific Justification" behind the fact that we're ALL breathing TOXIC AIR.

Add some electromagnetic radiation, and you get the Duracell Bunny.

Man, I wish people were sane again to recognize the obvious..

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Russia must stay within it's own grasp of Sanity.

Expand to Poland, say, and it'll be Putin's downfall.

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You want another n*gger to RULE OVER YOU?

Fuckin' laughable.

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Did anyone figure out if Russia™ went mRNA?

  • It was forced on their soldiers.

(Not that I mind mindless zombies killing other mindless zombies because someone said so. It's hilarious to watch. (Both sides). Zombie for a paycheck is a waste of life I long to introduce to my shotgun. May them all rot in Sheol.)

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This man is a pink anal dildo.

I don't fathom why you even give the man attention.

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No-one is gonna freak.

They'll continue committing suicide like always.

Enjoy the shit show.

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Stop playing into their hands.

Victim-hood is despicable.

  • A Nord.
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Some of these people (this one in particular) are so horridly brain-dead they can't even fathom nor equate the injection might have anything to do with it.

A more recent tweet from the same zombie:

It was only a matter of time before the anti-vaxxers were going to use our stillbirth for their agenda. And boy have they have showed up. Mostly on FB where garbage information lives. If you see my pics being used on FB. Please report it. <Grimacing> <faceGrimacing> <faceGrimacing> <faceGrimacing face> I'm too afraid to look.

Some people are beyond reckoning.

The worst part?

-She just killed her own child - and think she didn't - playing a victim.

Is she a victim?

Sure. Of an actual agenda - and of agenda-following zombies surrounding her.

But when she denies logic by her own admission, and still plays a victim...

  • Want them around anytime soon to knock on your door? What'ya gonna do then?

Praise Heaven's they hate guns... - But order-followers in costumes (aka "Pigs") following orders "for the common good" however...

It's said: "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

I will only forgive up until my own life is on the line.

And a little time before that...

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Point 1: Ask why One mod is constantly revered as the "Boot-Kicker"

Point 2: Repost since "Post Disappeared", simultaneously pointing out my post about said "Boot-Kicker" got disappeared

Point 3: Instead of answers: Banned for asking about the "Boot-Kicker".

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An initial post that ripped up the front page, was from another user:

This post too has been deleted from Reddit.

(User is still active/alive though)

I managed to download most pictures that went up on r/conspiracy this week by deleted account in post above.

Shall I repost them in this here forum?


I saw the imgur link in the SS after writing this. Pardon.

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If I'm to pin-point one mod:

After some consideration, I suspect this account may be a "trash-can" account to alleviate bad rep on mods' main accounts.

Just a "feel", but I won't be surprised if it turns out to be true.

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The torrent link above

"Ohio, Cincinnati ; 1995 Summer"

links right back to this domain (https://conspiracies.win / this post).

You should edit to fix it.

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Graci, Mr. Nazi, paparazzi choose to not see, many Ashkee meets the Swatzee while me own Chi knows what's up, see?


Adding link to the torrent in mention (valid for a few days) for those who want a quick, decent introductory to the whole debacle:

Bless this man.

-You too OP.

Edit #2

I wanted to refer folks to

but realized they have requested Log-In to Access.

I downloaded the whole thing back when, and made a torrent:

It's about 58 GB worth.

Mostly mp4.

At least 4 jp2 files/folders involved for those who enjoy to convert - (eBooks), a few audios and some txt files.

It's Ray-Ripoff from archive.org, since they don't deliver i torrent for this archive:

Trackers used:

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Not once in 9 posts did you ever mention the benefits of Vitamin and Mineral prevention:

  1. Shame on you

  2. Vitamin C, D & Zinc are those you missed.

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Put a jew on a chair, drop a shekel on the floor next to him, and see how fast he reacts.

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Touchy subject, I suppose, but I can't leave this aspect out when studying history.

It plays into a lot of historical aspects - as well as current.

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Blocks those who mask IP.

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Have no access to Instagram, but heard this is her account

Feedback on what's in there appreciated, 'cause all it is to me, is a meaningless url.

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