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How so? Sometimes his responses seem like they used AI but it’s hard to say with him.

I’d say your more suspect tbh.

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The jury apparently had only like 7 people? And they tried to get someone removed for liking Tim pool?

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You defend shill accounts.

You can call out whatever you want, retard.

Brave defender of the shills. Promoter of bad faith arguments.

Super impressive. Definitely not glowing. Wit beyond comprehension.

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Because that makes sense.

I think it’s interesting that calling out these shills accounts has your panties in such a bunch.

I think you protest a bit too much.

Nice alt. And if it’s not… congrats… you’re literally the definition of a useful idiot.

Why don’t you go ramble about “muh joo” and noses some more, vlad.

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Feel free to think I’m wrong.

Go ahead and not block the shill accounts if you don’t want to, retard.

I’m confident in my conclusions.

“YOur nOsE iS sHoWInG!!!!”

Only you can stop yourself from being a useful idiot.

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Feel free to engage with shills if you want, retard. I’m confident in my conclusions. None of these accounts communicate in good faith.

No one but you can stop yourself from becoming a useful idiot.

In your case… the question isn’t whether or not your an idiot… because you clearly are…

It’s a matter of whether you’re a useful idiot.

“yoUr nOsE is ShOwInG”.

Try not to give yourself away so easily.

And the irony here is that sliding is done as a de facto way of controlling and censoring an online community. Another bad faith argument from an account defending shills.


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Unlike you and your creed, I don’t engage in vote manipulation. Votes mean nothing here.

That’s a shill farm thing. So why don’t you tell us all about it, you fucking retard.

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Happy to do it. Keep in mind this list in not exhaustive and it’s likely 1-2 of these are real people/useful idiots.

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And? Most of the country wanted Trump to do something.

You’re vastly underestimating the political risks of coming out anti vax.

Which is glaringly suspect.

Maybe you should hop on some other alts, fucktard.

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You don’t understand the difference between a governor and someone running for President?

Or just bad faith arguments to try and push anons towards DeSantis?

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Why does everything you say sound so dumb…

Could it be because you’re an idiot?

You’re not even properly setting parameters here to have a debate. This is a completely pointless exercise.

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He’s probably a disinfo agent. Shit is retarded logic.

Probably rambles about bad photo comparisons too but doesn’t take the practical step of running said photos through facial recognition software.

Anyone claiming the hoax angle, as opposed to the false flag angle, is either gullible and low IQ, or straight up spreading disinformation.

A lean false flag that minimized operational risks by involving as few people as possible, is the only plausible scenario.

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Oh look, it learned how to use a paragraph!

How cute.

But seriously, you sound like you’re 13 years old or something.

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Kids will stumble into worse on social media.

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Your kid will find a way to use the internet. Stupid argument.

You sound like you’re trying to imitate a retarded teenager from Instagram.

Learn how to use paragraphs.

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I’m talking about the shills reinforcing your message. I haven’t observed your account to make a determination.

And trump was anti mandate.

Governors pushed the vax on people.

Interesting that you seem incapable of nuanced thought.

The alternative for trump would have been to develop nothing and let the media bury him. It’s wild that people don’t acknowledge that legitimate political risk when assessing this.

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Free masonry is not really that nefarious.

It’s just a secret club for adults to get together and wear stupid costumes, for the most part.

Simple networking, for the vast majority of participants.

But that doesn’t mean this network isn’t occasionally exploited—or potentially systematically exploited—for certain operations and clandestine activities.

But for most masons it’s nothing special.

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The shill accounts here regularly push anti Trump rhetoric.


It’s almost like you want to fracture anons so they gravitate towards a controlled alternative.

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You don’t provide anything of substance to engage with.

You’re clearly trying to slide here.

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I don’t see neural link as nefarious.

Think about it from a game theory perspective.

Musk has tried to slow down AI research and has publicly advocated for that his entire career.

Musk knew what the NWO was planning and designed his businesses to succeed within that framework. Because he’s an opportunist.

But it also seems clear he wanted to push that framework in a better direction.

If you thought AI was inevitable… and that it would eventually destroy humanity… then merging with it represents a better outcome.

I think the idea that all this tech will go away somehow is not realistic and musk is operating from the perspective of harm reduction, not idealism.

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