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The 1960s generation just keeps on giving. Why do they love this stuff so much? Beetles must have been mass brainwashing.

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Researchers: While on their journey, near Seydozero lake, they began encountering smoothed-out rectangular granite rocks, reminiscent of pyramids, as well as what looked like remnants of paved roads, followed by a strange path that led underground. The group didn’t manage to get inside, however. According to their testimony, everyone was suddenly struck by an inexplicable feeling of sheer terror - they’d all lost control of their emotions.

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“This was not a jail but a hospital. The guards didn’t know this but Stephanie was a beautiful, caring person. She had broken no laws and was harming nobody. She had only lowered the mask to take a breath.”

If it saves only one life.

Guards all tried to cover it up and lied to the courts.

Another reason it is important to lift weights and be fit enough to defend yourself.

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We can add this to the list of ways hospitals murder people. The was probably counted as a covid death.

I didn't know hospital guards or guards in general used handcuffs. I thought that was just cops. Good to learn.

__. By about 6:41 a.m., the guards are seen wheeling Warriner down the hall, her body slumped and legs splayed, not moving. They turn left into an elevator bay and disappear from view.

Court heard it was there that Rojas-Silva noticed something was wrong and started checking for a pulse. The guards removed Warriner's handcuffs as Rojas-Silva called a "Code Blue" and began doing chest compressions.

A coroner's report would conclude Warriner died from a brain injury resulting from a lack of oxygen "due to restraint asphyxia following struggle and exertion," with her underlying lung disease a possible factor.

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If the spike protein created by these vaccines is the problem, why was it never an issue before?

Some might say it is because the spikes are now being injected into the blood system instead of just the respiratory system.

But the earlier flu vaccines would have introduced spike proteins into the body.

Is it just the order of magnitude?

Or is it another factor - the graphene theory? The 5G theory? or the very mechanism of mRNA tech that causes cellular errors?

Curious what you guys now theorize, having been sorting through the propaganda.

Do normies still think this sudden evolution of the common cold just randomly occurred because of globalism?

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I think everyone in Hollywood knows that he got fucked up from some kind of molestation/rape for a long time. This is his comeback. Not sure if he had rejected the casting couch and saw himself be black listed for a while.

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This makes it sounds like demons do a lot of good in the world.. Although working up to a big bad.

I knew a guy who was a ceremonial magician in the line of Crowley. He did sex magick on various ancient sites, as well.

He knew a lot, but even he said occult study is dangerous and has a led many to madness.

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See I just did a test.

This post had 5 up votes and 5 down votes. I just upvoted it and in seconds it got a down vote. That is really weird... if someone wanted to down vote why did they wait and watch? Or was it a bot?

There are a couple of topics this happens to... oddly enough, not covid ir lockdowns. I forget them all but one is religion/jesus and the Catholic Church.

I wonder if it is all related.

The principalities want us to think we are merely souless meat sacks, randomly evolved in a random universe. That nothing we do matters.

The theory of a flat earth implies earth is unique and that humans are special. So it begins to create a different sense of identity and purpose within people.

Back in the day, when people were Christian and had morals, they lived as through their lives mattered. People had more courage and were willing to devote their lives to an ideal. They were willing to sacrifice their lives even.

So I think it is just another way of keeping us entertained in a cave , watching shadow puppets. And never knowing what we are actually capable of.

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It is usually shills/bots. They aren't interested in debate as they are incredibly vicious and mean.

They are ugly and offensive so that anyone reading or lurking psychologically doesn't want to be on the team being attacked. its an old and effective psychological tactic.

Example: if I said that I believe in Bigfoot, I would not get vicious ugly personal attacks on an actual conspiracy community.

Ideally there would be discussion, proofs on both sides, and then other unique theories about Bigfoot.

But with flat earth, it is someone asking a question or providing evidence, and getting downsized within seconds, with tons of accounts activated to launch personal attacks.

This will persuade on-lookers, some of whom will become anti-flat earthers themselves. And go on to mimic the attacks they saw. When all along it could have been bots or paid shills that started it.

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Yes, fuck him. He ended up lacking the humility to apologize for the clot shots and is still pushing them.

Either he was always with them or they turned him with blackmail against his family. Either way, he is now one of them.

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They just found another way to blame conservatives and whites when their shows suck and no one watches it.

Good mental gymnastics or PR team.

In the future, this show will be referenced in universities as yet another attack by white conservatives against POC.

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Some tweets about his literal human trafficking https://twitter.com/seniorJAX/status/1613869437052129284?t=8hLtxYv-d6sAHovFKNOtAQ&s=19

He made fun of a dad fundraising for his son. Said he paid more for his cars and offered the dad money if he begged.


He turned Muslim. and the Tate brother said that that had received an enormous amount of support from muslims but none from Christians while in jail.

Tate in his own words https://twitter.com/LailaMickelwait/status/1609826968324964354?s=20&t=yt2IqeLtsKESmIMtU_e4wQ

And of course the many videos where tate brags about becoming a militant pimp, going onto IG to make women fall him love with him. Making false promises of love and a life together. Then getting them embroiled in prostitution. He truly is a hero.

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Yeah, she claims he flew her out to talk about business... hello, every interview he has had is about just using women for seem why would he ever talk to her about business? And not her dad?

I doubt her story, I think she did something with him he is a very sexually aggressive type of male.

But she has to deny because iirc she was married to her second husband at the time.

Plus, she claims she didn't have any work done, it was just bad camera angles before. Lol.

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Exactly! Someone who understands!!!

Wtf, I have been aware of the manosphere people for years. Everyone from Jordan Peterson, to the Bronze Age guy, to that dude who manipulated an autistic woman into marrying him and having countless children while living off the teat of the givt and his autistic wife's family. And so many other characters. Yet this guy became an idol out of nowhere.

He only recently got his wealth as a camgirl pimp (and probably chatting to guys himself).

He has a very weak build and tbh, if I went back to weight training, had a high level trainer, I wouldn't be very scared of him.

His build is the type that requires constant roids and work-outs. Strong men like Scots and east European males put on muscle like breathing and keep it on. He is possibly fucked in prison if he can't do his workouts.

You can see the difference between real strong men, and males with curated muscles like Tate.

Anyway, here are some yt shorts with a guy who survived Romanian prison https://youtube.com/shorts/E58L9Lhe-aw https://youtube.com/shorts/Ry40z7rPfng

And there are more on that channel.

His scandals https://youtu.be/j4g2uuCeSPs

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Interesting. Lots of occult stuff in Lisa Marie Prestly's death, too.

And didn't her dad die on the toilet/throne, reading about Jesus?

And Lisa's son died.

Her death happened before she could testify on a high level rape case and against the head scientology guy for human trafficking. Apparently her mom sent her to scientology because Lisa was smoking Marijuana?

A post on her family would be interesting.

Her 77 year old mother looks very young..... and is a Survivor.

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Good point.

Plus, from.what I understand, females have a better chance of surviving childhood or infant illnesses. For example, since women have 2 X chromosomes, if one is damaged, the other will compensate. If a male has an x chromosome with colorblindness, he is color blind. But if a woman has 1 x chromosome with that error, she is only a carrier, and will not express it (she won't be colorblind). The same can be extrapolated for other illnesses.

And women traditionally lived longer.

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