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Yes, I have only watched a few of his videos, but seems like he really went deep. Most recently I was watching a Video from "OverWatchProject" and HE mentioned HIm.

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I doubt it.. Dems don't trust the Right at all, so they would likely rebel against it more, if it was seen as Orange Man Bad Shot.

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Do I snort it, shoot it, or parachute it?

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I don't quickly accept anything that I read, but I do find that reading and trying to understand various views, helps me come closer to some semblance of Understanding.

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Yes, in the book VALIS by PKD he investigates Gnosticism and many other concepts in-depth,.. I'm on my 3rd read-through, but most of it still goes over my head. I understand Gnosticism to some extent, but the concept of Homoplasmate seems to be related to "Logos", the Word become flesh, or in other Words God dwelling within man through the mating of the world and flesh.

Most importantly PKD claims that the Christians of the 1st Century were able to overcome death through some form of Anamnesis .. Rememberance of true identity. Anamnesis also comes forward in many Vedantic sources, and there is surely something to it.

PKD gives an analogy in the Book... He says that some beings were in Heaven, or beyond Space and Time.. When they decided to challenge themselves, and so they made a Maze with an Exit, they then added a level of difficulty by making the Maze dynamic and constantly changing and reorganizing.. SO the Exit became much more difficult to find..

The only real way to find the Exit would be to rely on the Ajna Chakra, or the Third Eye which is a source of Spiritual Intuition, but after a long time caught in the maze, the beings forgot how to use the Ajna, and then they forgot that they even possessed the Ajna.. So they could not remember how to use something that they were unaware existed.. And so another being, likely God or the Over-Soul had to insert himself into the Maze, perhaps in the form of Jesus Christ, and remind them of their Ajna, and how to use it.

Really far out stuff.. I have to read the next novels :

1980 - The Divine Invasion 1981 - The Transmigration of Timothy Archer

Take care friend.

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Hit the Red Button that says "Search Covid reports" and you can find all kinds of ailments.

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At least you can travel and hug Grannie now?!

No, no.. Stop , that's not Grannie! That is a Cactus, Grannie was killed , i mean died of Covaids in the Old Persons home. HEre is your free Burger, and Donut.

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But you have to be careful of who you eliminate right? I mean, you cant get rid of the creators and maintainers.. and only keep the consumers?

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It is a start. The most effective tool of (((Democracy))) is Fear. Fear of the Pleb by the Politician. The Tyrant must think.. If 10K gather peacefully after what we have done to them already, what might bring them to more than Protest.

This is one lesson that we should learn from the Left. Signs are simply not enough..

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When I posted about the Infant that died, a few days after its mother received the EGT, and Breastfeeding, Patriots Banned me. They said that it was cuz i was Anti Trump, but it seems like they are walking the line on EGT Opposition

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Noooo, you can't just Peacefully Protest against your Government, without a Loicense from the Government!

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