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Nature doesn't offer true or false; only change.

Nature offered us the ultimate Truth in form of the only true divine Godhead Jesus Christ, who changed the whole world with his light while dying for all our sins.

Those within wield the free will of choice to ignore change

It's your free will of choice to reject the ultimate Truth of Yahshua HaMashiach, and sell your soul to the devil for earthly fame and riches.

Know implies need; true vs false implies want vs not want, while ignoring need.

True vs False implies undeniable facts that you don't wanna seem to hear, which leads to the point where you are ignoring the need to know our creator God's ultimate Truth.

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a) Gnostic/gnostos/gno - "to know" implies ones perception, which suggested gnostic-ism tempts one to ignore.

False knowledge, just like Sophia's false light that is identified with her alter ego's Isis, Ishtar, Venus and Lucifer!

See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ. Colossians 2:8 ESV

Gnostics worship Sophia who is Venus/Lucifer, and the Demiurge (false creator god) who is Saturn/Satan.

  • “In antiquity and reality, Lucifer, or Luciferus, is the name of the angelic Entity presiding over the light of truth as over the light of the day. In the great Valentinian gospel Pistis Sophia it is taught that of the three Powers emanating from the Holy names of the Three Tριδυνάμεις, that of Sophia (the Holy Ghost according to these gnostics – the most cultured of all) resides in the planet Venus or Lucifer.” Madame Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine (Vol. 2, p. 512)


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Do they talk about The Pilgrim Society in this vid?

Chaitkin talks about Montagu Norman who was the founder of the Thorpe Lodge.

Seems like Montagu Norman was heavily associated with the Pilgrim Society, he is even listed as a member.


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Yup, Adolf Schicklgruber is a Rothschild bastard child that murdered way more than 6 million innocent Slavic Christians alone.

He was actually a Bavarian communist in 1919, before Rudolf von Sebottendorf created the masonic Thule society which was the predecessor of the socialist NSDAP.

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Historian Anton Chaitkin talks on the subject of how the British Empire dominated the History of the USA through subversion, drug money via the Opium Trade and political influence through their front organizations.

Video Chapters:

  1. Intro. The British Foundation of Rule. Topics in this video section: The Hebron Massacre. Meyer Lansky (Hollywood/Vegas/Gangsters--Luciano, Capone, General Hade). Zionism. B'nai B'rith - ADL Anti Defamation League. Hollinger Corporation.


  1. Zionism is British Freemasonry (the end times idea). Lord Palmerston. Satanism. Anton Chaikin talk in 1994 on how the British Empire dominated USA History through subversion, drug money via the Opium Trade and political influence through Zionist front organizations.

Topics in this video section: Geo Politics, Lord Palmerston. Zionism. Exploring Jerusalem (Palestine). Charles Warren. Quator Coronati Masonic Lodge. Jack the Ripper. Theosophy. Astrology. Aleister Crowley. Thule Society. Nazism. Laurence Oliphant. Balfour. Satanism.

further research: Laurence Oliphant and the Question of Jewish Settlement in Palestine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh5AK83GPbE


  1. Thorpe Lodge. Montagu Norman Pro Hitler Averell Harriman. Psychiatry & German Guilt. How the British Empire dominated USA History through subversion and Zionist front organizations such as the Nazis.

Topics in this video section: Thorpe Lodge. Montagu Norman Pro Hitler Averell Harriman. Hitlers financing. World federation for Mental Health and psychiatry, German collective Guilt. Scottish Rite Freemasonry.


  1. Slavery. Royal African Company. American Revolution. George Washington. Alexander Hamilton and Banking. Anton Chaikin talk in 1994 on how the British Empire dominated USA History through subversion, drug money via the Opium Trade and political influence through Freemasonry and Zionist front organizations. The whole world was a slave system in the British Empire way of thinking.


  1. Dutch or British invention of Slave Traders? Venice Venetian Origins! How Venice started the Slave Trade. They didn't want the Renaissance and man`s freedom. Power must be maintained. Venetian Secret Government then goes to Britain.


  1. B'nai B'rith Jewish Freemasonry - Another British Operation! B'nai B'rith - the sons of the covenant. FREEMASONS. A pro-confederate British-linked party to help break up the United States. Their committee is the ADL the Anti Defamation League.


  1. Hollywood is another British Plot to Destroy America from the Inside. Culture Destruction. Financing of hollywood is coming from laundered drug money. MKULTRA.


  1. Short Summary on The British Power Setup. JAPAN. Recapping the British Organized Crime vs. America and how they would handle Japan.


  1. The difference between Rothschild and Rockafeller Private brokers and bankers of the British Crown. Also the Warburgs.


  1. IMF. Credit. Inflation. The International Monetary Fund, Credit, and Inflation.


  1. Did Russia Finance the USA? Was British or American debt to the Tsars eliminated with the Bolshevik revolution of 1917?
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No problem buddy, may the Truth set you free.

So Jesus said to the Jews (Israelites) who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32

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a) A mason can only shape (suggested) if free (consent) is given.

The devil needs your consent and cooperation to be able to take control over you or to harm you.

You have to give your consent to be deceived by the father of lies.

Moralism (good vs evil) implies a masonic shape; held by free will of choice within ones mind/memory.

Luciferian/Kabbalistic moralism is the inversion of good vs evil, they have rejected the one true almighty creator God, and replaced him with a fake demiurge (Saturn/Baal/Satan/Luficer) which they worship.

Ones satanic (adversary, one who plots against another) mind/memory is set within a conflict of reason against another.

satanic mindset = people who are seduced by the doctrines of demons

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 1 Timothy 4:1-2 (KJV)

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All Evangelical Zionists are brainwashed by the dispensationalism of the diabolical Scofield Bible.

Heretics are actually following a wicked ideology that got funded by the Rothschild's back in 1913 in an effort to create Christian Zionism.

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And I say that as one who things Francis is either a terrible pope or an invalid one, I'm not sure which.

Look up St. Malachy's prophecy of the popes, it's pretty clear to me that Jesuit Francis really is the last antipope Petrus Romanus, who is nothing more but a luciferian puppet of the illuminati, that will be responsible for the total destruction of Rome and the Vatican by God's almighty Hands.

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop]. Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge[a] will judge his people. The End.[17]

Point is, theological speculation on the existence of aliens is not new. Theologians wondered if a different race was discovered in the Americas, what it would mean? Where they fallen, like the sons of Adam, etc. etc.

The Jesuits know exactly what's going on, they know about the remains of the godless Nephilim (Giants) who were a product of fallen angels that ruled the whole world before God released the Great flood in an effort to destroy them.

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pondering the existence of aliens and what it means for Christ's salvation of our fallen world.

Aliens are the fallen demons aka Anti-GOD forces there is no salvation in them. Jesus Christ the only true Godhead will destroy them, and all their wicked human minions.

This is not the same as "prepping for Project Blue Beam."

Check out the books of occultist & witch Alice A. Bailey who was the Lucifer Publishing Company (UN Lucis Trust) founder. She channeled a demon to write all her books back in the 1940s, and predicted the arrival of their new age messiah, Sanat (anagram of Satan) Kumara in 2025.

Never trust Jesuit theologians or the Reuters fakestream media, but I'm sure they are plotting for the arrival of the Antichrist who will usher in the NWO, and rule from his rebuilt 3rd temple in Jerusalem.

I actually believe that Satan/Lucifer already sits on the throne of Saint Peter in the Vatican right now.



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promoting pedo Shaitan activities!

Because no REAL Muslim Brother would support that shit!

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Sneako is a Wahhabi Zioshill who is promoting pedo Shaitan activities!

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They made up this term to steal your constitutional rights through the Hegelian dialectic.

The parasites are nothing more than the foot soldiers of Satan/Lucifer, and money is literally the root of all evil.

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It's the oldest recorded civilization in the world, the luciferian mystery schools & Baal worship spawned in ancient Mesopotamia.

It's what is written not what I think. Read the books of Enoch, and the book of giants to learn about Nimrod/Marduk/Gilgamesh, who really was the first antichrist.

Nimrod/Osiris, Semiramis/Isis, Tammuz/Horus all represent the devil, the occult cabal still worships the "unholy trinity" from ancient Babylon to this very day.

Symbology of the number 3 is significant in all secret societies, just take a look at the freemasons buddy.

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But they are the minions of the devil for many millennia, the unholy trinity of fallen angels goes back to the story of the godless tyrant king named nimrod in ancient Mesopotamia.

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But everything gets to believe what pleases them and always does so anyway. Best of luck.

Ancient pagans that practiced blood sacrifice worshiped the devil in form of various different pagan gods, thousands of years before Jesus Christ was even born.

I believe that the devil (Lucifer/Satan/Osiris/Nimrod/Baal) is the fallen demon god of 1000 faces.

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The luciferian cabal has also created dispensationalism over 200 years ago, and the satanic Scofield Reference Bible in 1909.

They have infiltrated Christianity a long time ago, and now these so called Christian Zionist outnumber the Jewish Zionists 30 to 1.

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That's why the freemasons and Rothschilds created WW2 propaganda that Hitler was against them, but in reality he was nothing more than their puppet.

Hitler had Zionist generals, and founded Israel in 1933 with the Transfer Agreement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE_daetNn8s


I don't believe any of them because Humanity has already been corrupted way before the so called "greatest man in History", Alexander the Great was even born (356 BC).

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