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Remind me what happened to JFK.

How is the Taliban doing?

Yeah, your point sucks

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He invested no where near as much money as the Apollo program. Dumb analogy

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It's still triggering low IQs that fall for his bullshit so it's worth continuing to post about.

He is a sellout faggot like all the rest.

He sold you out on mask mandates.

He sold you out on the vaxx.

He sold you out on Jan 6th.

He's a big big big big big big FAGGOT and anyone still falling for his BS is D U M B.

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Commie elites overplayed their hand.

Too many are awake now

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Point and laugh at them.

Ridicule is the solution

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bitcoin has always been a billionaires' manipulation tool for free money.

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That post limit is to prevent 1 person, without bots, to be able to control the narrative.

They want control in their bot armies hands

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Trump is to blame for

Locking down the country

Pushing non-vaxx

Abandoning his supporters on the 6th

Not using his pardon power to save anyone worth saving

Trump sucks. But not because of why lefties say he does.

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Nah man he did everything I said.

I regret nothing. He’s just like the rest, only he’s a better actor

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My liberal friends aren’t buying this.

My body, my choice. We settled this years ago, didn’t we?

Kek never forgets

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You're here. On this website. You support Trump.

Not after he:

Locked down the country Pushed the vaxx Abandoned his supporters on the 6th.


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"This looks like it could be something real because it's acting like something real, so even though it's blatantly fake, I'm going to think it's real"

Q-Tards are so lame. Remember to take all the vaccines plz so bill gates can remove you

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Rick and Morty is low effort programming.

And you are parroting it here thinking you found something profound.

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Rich people love smart people like us.

Bill Gates is based my bro’s. He’s killing off all the stupids.

20-30yr from now, No more commies

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Japan is incredibly powerful and is right there.

Taiwan -> Korea -> Japan is the likely progression path.

Japan matters.

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