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that is all...

Couldn't even come up with a reason you didn't like it. Lazy.

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A News company thats purpose is to make you hate your neighbor.

I learned about that, the name is Propaganda.

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Your cancer results have come back positive.

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Yeah lets prosecute the 80 year old man and not the families that paid him and profited.

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The opiate epidemic has proven that, kids like needles.

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Knowing what I do now, my question is,

What is he doing with the hand that I can't see?

The old magician trick of misdirection.

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Are you sure? CNN has made no mention of this.

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Ewwww, a reddit link.

No thanks, I don't want AIDS.

Screenshots, archives, or nothing.

by Renzus
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He fingered himself?

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Totally. As we are popping out kids, most of my peers are having to turn to fertility clinics.

I tell them the secret but none want to listen:

Don't keep a cell phone in your front pocket. Instead wear cargo pants and shorts to put it in the lower side. Keep it away from your gonads.

Every idiot dad like myself with a bunch of kids walking through Costco has the same uniform. Cargo shorts and pants

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And without men and women who want to screw, you wouldn't have ANY people.

The world runs on base instincts.

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Keep in mind the NAACP has the word Advancement in their title, not equality. It is a racial supremacist organization, not an equal rights one.

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They've done everything they could to start a race war and make neighbors hate each other.

Burn the bridge.

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