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The freemasonry encyclopedia covers numbers very well. They explain why they use numbers for “operations” and spellcraft. The number 8 has its own entry in their encyclopedia as well as many other numbers. It’s called hermetical freemasonry, practiced by higher level masonic degrees. Likely why you and many others have been programmed to hate numbers and math in public school (they teach primarily useless theories). For example sacred geometry is not taught, because it’s a secret craft.

This masonic hermetic academy uses the H or the 8 and the three pillars of freemasonry in their own logo. https://www.hermetic-academy.com/gematria-the-secret-of-numerology-and-number-symbolism/

Then of course the mockingbird shills are programmed to call people “conspiracy” nuts if they expose the numerology occult practice they (jesuits, masons, media) use constantly on the masses. Covid-19 LOL. A 32nd degree mason told me masons actually “start” conspiracy sites to shut down thought and people that can “see”. Typical on reddit, curious if that has happened here as well. It would not surprise me.

Curious, do you personally have a vitriolic reaction when someone brings up alphanumerical ciphers and hermetical freemasonry conspiracy? I’m also interested in the psychological aspect of this. Most Americans (especially) hate math, yet they are constantly bombarded in the media with alphanumerical coded news reports, on purpose. It’s almost like they don’t want to see it or can’t. I have found both cases to be true. Blind leading the blind.

I was hoping to get more helpful feedback. I have been studying hermetical masonry for over 2 years. It’s used constantly in FF events and media reports.

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There is a book called “childhoods end” written in the 50’s.

“…mysterious Overlords, whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia under indirect rule, at the cost of human identity and culture.”

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I just caught that because you pointed it out, knew about “27 club”. I was only reading the numeration by numbers section, tunnel vision. lol.

27 is nine nine nine or nein nein nein! 3 nine inch nails? It’s on the NiN album, resembles the crucifix. Number 27 in the concordance is “dearly beloved” or the first thing you say at a funeral or death ritual.

Reminds me of prince (priest of pop) and his connection to 27, his best album released on the 27th, the album was 1999 (On the album cover art it’s a phallus and 3 {9’s}, 999/27). In the bible concordance 1999 means “conspiracy”. He was also an admitted conspiracy theorist (prob a larp). Also (allegedly) played 27 instruments (digital and accoustic). Of course the album length 70:29. or a reverse 9 and 27 (the zero rarely counts). Born on a day with 207 days left in year. 27 no 1 entries or hits. Supposedly had royal blood (prince) and sacrificed for the queen. Good conspiracy back in 2016. “his” part in the androgyny psyop is off the charts, pun intended.

Prince played 27 instruments:

Prince’s “Dearly Beloved” (27) (let’s go crazy) lyrics “not going to let the elevator take us down”, supposedly died in an elevator. Also song “I would die 4U”, died on 4/21 or 4U, U is the 21st letter. “Prince” also “died” on the “queen’s birthday”, Purple Rain or Purple Reign 🫅.

Interesting synchronicities.

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The masonic ritual game of baseball is based on the numbers 3, 6 and 9 (and a few others that I won’t get into, like 108). The baseball diamond is shaped like the masonic square and compass vector.

Baseball is an excellent beginner level introduction to hermetical freemasonry. The entire game, the numbers are all based on “circling the square”, very similar to billiards. All masonic games represent heaven, earth and the “Great architect” or the G in the center of the freemasonry logo.


The word “Baseball” in the triangle cipher (numeration by letters aka hermetical freemasonry) equals 369. Anyone remember fielding “triangle” drills?

I was good at baseball. Played catcher.

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That’s (alot) of what I previously researched as well. Thanks for confirming. The “bricks” - I thought was a rumor then a friend sent me a pic of a stack next to old neighborhood, youtube kept taking “brick” videos down - confirmed. Surreal.

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Yes, the angle theory and angel just means “messenger”.

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thanks for commenting, it’s appreciated. Much of it sounded honest. btw I know I’m nuts.

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so you’re complicit? ever wonder why ghislaine (jizz lane) maxwell wasn’t actually “real” nor was she actually prosecuted? should be the biggest headline in history but you retards are more interested in the shape, size and color of Amber Heard’s Turds. You should be ashamed, but you’re not. That’s both sad and telling, psychologically speaking..that you took time to respond to something you aren’t really interested in.

How do you know this post wasn’t a honeypot? You might want to block me because I’m thinking I should get a warrant to check your basement.

Are you even allowed to be on the interwebz per your probation terms?

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also the “black eye club” or the “fallen angel club”: the “conspiracy” theory is that an entity enters your eye after you drink blood to signify your conversion. And of course the protagonist edward is a “blood drinker”. A blackened eye and “sticking out tongue while winking” (barry obama’s famous photo) is a sign of allegiance (straight out of the joo torah, Isaiah 57 Proverbs 10, 16) and signifies hidden knowledge and intent.

“The Black Eye Club - The list is lengthy” https://www.bitchute.com/video/7icANbM2sXTK/

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I like talking about the moon landing, taking photos, pondering the false light beaming from the sky. That’s why I am here. I am obsessed with alot of things. The moon landing (to me) is about as interesting as:

why is Russia always marked as the antagonist in the media? Seems like a big deep fake.

why is Jesus the only “religious figure” allowed to be ridiculed? (“piss christ” “art work”, can you imagine a “piss allah”?) lol

why is there a rumor that Billy Gates (gates of hell lol) wants to “block the sun” and buy up all my land? (I’m not selling)

why did the pope (201st pope, event 201 lol) and vatican call the their infrared telescope lucifer, invest millions in infrared sky mapping? (Supposedly they found a red dragon in virgo in 2017, why did google sky maps block it out?)

Why does the vatican (from google maps) look like a big pregnant crowned serpent with a big dead sheep in its mouth (St Peter’s basillica)?

Why does the core of an apple look like a vagina (eve and the apple) and why does the core of an orange look like a clock (clockwork orange)?

Is Paul McCartney dead? He doesn’t look like the original.

Why did the show I love lucy(fer) characters spell “LucyFER” L uci F red E thel R icky? was lucy actually a dude? (got grounded for that one lol)

Why is the word president an anagram of Serpent ID?

why did nasa have so many “apollo” rituals? and why is CERN’s collider (cernunnos the horned god) built on top of the temple of apollo (apollyon from revelation, the angel of the pit)

I am much like a 3 year old just learning and asking endless questions. The kid you want to suffocate. LOL

I regularly suggest to grumpy old fucks to just mute or block me like my grandfather did.

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In case you didn’t notice you have “fuckchina” in your username. You made it about china.

whatever is going on in ukraine is fucking satanic, not denying that, Marina Abramovich, head satanic priestess from hollywood is visiting ukraine, google “pentagrams” satanic worship in ukraine.

Youtube taking ukraine satanic worship videos down constantly. No one is denying that there is evil shit going on in ukraine. What I question is who is really the culprit?

Biden says Americans “can’t have ghost guns” but we (US) are sending thousands of “ghost guns” to ukraine? LOL wow

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I get what you’re saying but have they? I mean I know china has suicide nets, literally enslaves, puts people in “re-education camps”. Saw that while I was there but Russia? Go there (russia/china) and compare, they (russia) must hide it really well, where as china, not so much. They (chinese citizens) use 2 year olds to beg in the streets for money. You would get hung in the yards for that in russia.

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russia is maybe nationalist “woke” and that’s why the press hates them. russia russia russia.

It was recently reported by cnn that they are the leading “anti nwo” govt. Probably not but one can still hope.

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first good reality hit about capitalism. watched one show because I was too busy trying to make money. lol.

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don't trust people who won't admit they at least "like" trump. what's not to like about a great troll? We all grew up with him (genx/y), WWE, mtv, a lot of sitcoms/movies, the millionaire we wanted to be. I had 2 jobs at 14 partly bc of him. People were programmed to like him, then hollywood/media suddenly hate him?

"you describe women as pigs"

"only Rosie O'Donell" LOL

You can like a "character" and not trust it at the same time.

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