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It’s hard to have a discussion on this topic with most people, even in fringe conspiracy circles. You will typically encounter either fervent believers, or fervent disbelievers, and typically just get insults or dismissive reactions.

I think it is a discussion worth having. There are some interesting points in the flat earth world. There are also some good points in the conventional round earth position.

The truth is that the extent to which we have been lied to, manipulated and indoctrinated is staggering, as is the length of time this manipulation has been going on. We are living in the matrix already.

Convincing society that the earth is a round ball flying through space, when it’s not, is absolutely something “they” would and could do- if that were the case. The ability to also believe something (such as round earth) is entirely obvious, evident and easily provable when there are angles and fallacies embedded in that belief is also possible.

Creating a flat-earth conspiracy movement as a psyop to fuck with all of our heads when the earth is actually round but they know they have us questioning everything and trusting nothing is also something they would do.

You ask a good question which I don’t have any answers to. When you apply the rules of logic and epistemology to any belief or theory you can see that most of our reality models are castles made of sand.

Belief perception and expectation dictate our realities including the perceived outcomes of our experiments and observations. And much of our description of these conclusion are semantic more than fundamental.

And there are more possible answers than either or. Could be both, neither or something else. Look at the wave particle duality. The fervent assertion that matter is atomic was pushed as entirely obvious. As had the wave nature. Now they say it’s both but it may be neither.

Remember just the act of observing and experimenting is intricately wound into what we perceive as absolute and out there, and the observer ultimately cannot be separated from the observed, allegedly lol.

There are always angles, positions, factors etc that we don’t see that could totally obliterate as what we hold absolute, proven and fact.

I’ve wanted to analyze all this more but there are just way more pressing things for me to research, and it could totally make sense that a flat earth psyop could be used to keep us focused on shit that doesn’t matter, like usury.

For a fun plot twist though, remember plate tectonics is an unproven theory. Germ theory has also never been proven, and has been disproven. But we assert that it must be true because it’s “obvious “proven” and “evident”. All those scientists doing all those experiments. If you research it you can see how people could think the results of experiments prove germ theory and then when you dig to the underlying foundations and experiments (and history) of it, it becomes clear that it’s not.

I find a lot of the flat earth stuff to be hogwash. But some of it (which is interestingly censored and hard to find) addresses this and some of those people make some great points. I also find it interesting that just about anybody that is against flat earth refuses to debate, is very dismissive and relies on logical fallacies to silence the conversation. Because everyone knows the earth is round and its obvious and you’re crazy. Yeah folks in this forum have never heard that before.

I’m not taking a position either way on this in this post. Learning how to think, understanding how you know what you know (epistemology) and realizing that its entirely possible to be ‘convinced’ with ‘proof’ that something is fact when it is not are essential tools in the seekers toolbox.

You must study and listen to all sides of a debate. Other than the person right to speak, the first amendment is also about the open market of ideas. One cannot draw any serious conclusions only examining a limited set of ideas on a subject. One must be ready to totally discard what they believe to be absolute truth at any given point of time. That’s TRUE science. But not willy nilly and gullible either. Discernment is key here.

Most of the great minds and intellectual advancements in human history are typically some “fringe wing-nut” asserting that a commonly held “absolute fact” is actually wrong. They are usually treated as heretics, piss off the status quo and are dismissed (of beheaded, hung, house arrest, excommunicated, etc).

There are also fringe wing-nuts that are very gullible, see connections that aren’t there and draw erroneous conclusions. As truthers, we learn that they have been lying to us. And the depth of those lies has no bottom. This can lead some to falling in logical traps just to refute the status quo.

Also psyops are scientifically engineered to do what they do and make it almost impossible to discern the truth while dividing people.

Unfortunately the majority of the content in my post is not the norm in how people think, which is why the masses are never responsible for a paradigm shift in civilization. Just make sure you’re on the right end of the bell curve!

Kudos to you for keeping an open mind seeking truth. Careful not to be gullible. Study your logical fallacies and careful with authority and convention.

Remember all theories are just models. They are called theories for a reason. And even the so called “laws of nature” have been discarded or revised many times as well. I will leave you with this:

“Nature can never be completely described, for such a description of Nature would have to duplicate Nature.

No names can fully express what it represents.

It is nature itself, and not any part (or name or description) abstracted from Nature, which is the ultimate source of all that happens, all that comes and goes, begins and ends, is and is not.

But to describe Nature as “the ultimate source of all” is still only a description, and such a description is not nature itself. Yet since, in order to speak of it, we must use words, we shall have to describe it as ‘the ultimate source of all.’ ... To try to express the inexpressible leads one to make distinctions which are unreal.

Although the existence of Nature and a description of that existence are two different things, yet they are also the same.

For both are ways of existing. That is, a description of existence must have it’s own existence of that which is described; and so again we have to recognize an existence which cannot be described.”

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Best comment

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i have looked into this also with an open mind, and i must they have some good shit. the moon landing is fake as fuck. and there is 100% something going on with false history and ancient power plants. they call it the mudflood or first reset, either way something fucking big happened in the 1700-1800. ( maybe the charrington event who knows)

as far as flat earth, i cant go fully on board because iv seen asteroids and comets with my own eyes. My grandpa took me outside as a child to watch hailbop comet, we went out every night for 3 days till it eventually moved out of sight. it was real and flat earth has no answers for that.

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I have respect for people who can look into this theory because it's definitely taboo even in conspiracy communities.

You can still research and enjoy researching Flat Earth without having to "believe in it" or be a "Flat Earther".

It's a theory with a lot of history attached, some physics, some fringe esoteric stuff, and much learning to be had.

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Everything we think of, is afforded to us because we are human and we have spent a lot of time, from a human perspective, convincing ourselves what reality is. And it is much, much different for other creatures. Ants are more abundant than humans, have been around much longer, and have no concept of Earth's curvature or Earth itself. We had to give this place a name, and create a story about how it works, but ants don't have to do that.

When all the humans are gone and the ants are still here, do you think they'll tell their children about those strange humans who were always so delusional about what they think they know, to the point that they eradicated themselves over their beliefs? While the ant scurries along, surviving, enjoying life on this planet they call " ".

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Who knows but there is zero evidence of it being round.

Just lots of propaganda from those who invert reality

And what’s the inverse of flat?

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pick point of reference, travel, witness angle of elevation change .. do math. Is that hard?

Can also do math with shadows.

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lol you have 11 downvotes and 185 upvotes on your video. Relax.

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Earth is more pear shaped with the equator being fatter than the poles yet NASA continues to show us perfectly photoshopped blue marbled Earth pics.

Difference is only few hundred meters, it is just unnoticeable on globe images. But it is still important for calculation of altitude.

You could receive high-quality realtime whole globe images from GOES satellites without any third-party between you and satellite using cheap RTL-SDR receiver and few more bits. To check if they are showing real picture you could compare cloud pattern with closer images received from satellites on lower orbit (NOAA,Meteor, easily received on same RTL-SDR dongle) and finaly looking at the sky above you.

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Dark City

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Look, man. These kids wanted to end the debate forever, so they took a camera and put it on a high altitude balloon and had a long distance transmitter for the imagery. THey showed the camera at the ground. It was not a wide angle lens. They had the camera looking down. They let it go.

It went up into the sky for like 25 minutes, streaming the whole time. You could watch it. it was a boring ass video

Eventually you got to see this was quite higher than 30,000 feet. It went up like 20 miles and was looking down


The debunkers said 'wide angle lens', forgetting that they said it wasn't and demonstrated it wasn't at the beginniing of the g D video.

So there you have it. That put an end to this whole retardedness FOREVER

find the video, watch it.

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20 * mile = 105,600 ft

nothingberg 1 point ago +1 / -0

3+ x higher than highest airplane

Allas8 3 points ago +3 / -0


Here is a channel with 25 high altitude balloons released, if you can find any curvature in any of them, let me know.

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We live in a snow globe?

Mad_King_Kalak 2 points ago +7 / -5

Please, just walk away from the flat earth stuff. Go study UFO abductions instead, because there is more evidence for those happening, then that the earth is flat.

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Mad_King_Kalak 2 points ago +2 / -0

I admittedly don't get quite what you're saying.

Afks 1 point ago +3 / -2

Wholeheartedly disagree

Proving the Earth is not a spinning globe as described by NASA and the others, doesn't require secret leaked classified documents or the alien abduction testimony of someone stranger on the internet

Rich, poor, young, old, fat and skinny and anywhere in the world, one can observe their surroundings and conclude that the spinning globe around the sun big bang claim is a lie

Go research UFO's though...

Mad_King_Kalak 4 points ago +4 / -0

Much UFO data and was put out on purpose by government agencies to obfuscate Cold War research, and combined with actual mysteries, no one could (or can) tell what's up and what's down. They still do this today. Flat earth conspiracy theories are not much different, except the purpose is to make anybody who looks into government goings on as a nutjob by a guilt by association character assassination.

Agent777 1 point ago +2 / -1

Most people's direct experience does not suggest that the earth is round.

That's what is interesting about flat earth theory, is that it points out that what people consider facts are really just beliefs. You can be told something is true and fact, but unless you have direct experience of that it is simply a belief.

I am actually one of the few people alive who actually knows that that the earth is round.

Several years ago, before the flat earth people I saw something that caused me to realize that the earth is round.

When I had the realization I realized that before I saw what I saw I never actually knew the earth was round. It was a significant experience in my life. When I realized it it was like satori or spiritual realization in a way. I realized that although everyone believed the earth was round, they did no know it because you could only know it by realizing it. There happen to be unique conditions one night that allowed me to see something that demonstrated that the sun was much larger than the moon and much farther away, the moon was much closer to the earth and that the earth is round.

So ever since the flat earth psy-op came about I've thought it was cool because it points out that no one really knows, there is no practical proof.

And what is funny is that NASA actually does fake all kinds of pics. I've even discovered them myself when reading articles.

Skyrison 1 point ago +1 / -0

if the earth is flat, or a "bubble dome' as flat earthers put it, and we live on a plane, can you please explain why every other planet is circular? and the sun and moon are circular? are WE the only dome? are the other domes facing us so we are seeing them top down??

Bobb1 1 point ago +1 / -0

Well…flat earthers also believe this is a prison.

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JaxBoot 1 point ago +1 / -0

If, according to the flat earth model, the sun never sets but just moves towards and away from us at a constant elevation, then why does it's apparent diameter never change and why have I observed the sun illuminating the underside of the clouds as it sets innumerable times?

Allas8 3 points ago +3 / -0

Are you not in luck, Phuket World just made a video about this exact topic.


JaxBoot 2 points ago +2 / -0

Thanks! I'll check it out when I have time.

Afks 0 points ago +2 / -2

I just posted Eric Dubay’s most recent video about an hour ago

Shills already downvoting it, and as always, never actually commenting with an argument, because there isn’t one

I’d like someone to help explain why the time of sunrise and sunset doesn’t change throughout the calendar year, as referenced in Eric’s latest video

Among other things…

Throwyourselfaway 1 point ago +2 / -1

Yeah those round earthen shills being paid off to convince morons the earth is flat...

Your idiots that's why people downvote you.

Million ways to debunk this you can do in you own backyard, but yal too stupid to actually check.

Afks 2 points ago +2 / -0

" Million ways to debunk this you can do in you own backyard, but yal too stupid to actually check."

Such as?

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Afks 0 points ago +1 / -1

It's absurd to you that "they" would allocate resources to containing the globe lie?

It all falls apart if flat earth gets out

HeyJesusBringMeABeer 0 points ago +1 / -1

Weren't certain religions no different? They didn't have the perfect theory, but they modified it to remain relevant with people of the era. And it WAS relevant for a long time, and STILL relevant.

Science is no different. In fact, the root of the word theory is theo, which means God.

Science is a modern attempt at God. Did they not get the memo?

If scientists aren't doing theory (contemplating God) then what are they doing?

Allas8 0 points ago +2 / -2

We are a creation made by the one and only God who loves us so much that he sacrificed his only begotten son in order to save us, to give us a chance of salvation in a evil world. All the answers are in the Bible, specifically the King James Bibles from 1611, 400 years ago the Bible is still the same today, as God does not change.

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what's the point and ultimate destiny of humanity if we're supposed to believe that we're all alone here?

Your choice to want to believe the suggestions of others is what causes your want for "the point and ultimate destiny of". Your choice of want represents the ignorance of need; which isn't suggested by others, but offered by the system you live in.

As form (life) within flow (inception towards death) you need to sustain yourself by choice based adaptation to balance, yet also want to ignore this for the suggested choices of others. The more you choose want over need (ignorance over adherence to self sustenance) the more your ignorance corrupts your comprehension about this system (flow/form aka loss/growth aka energy).

Your want for "point and ultimate destiny" represents your lack of comprehension about life not being outcome oriented (since inception predefines death for life), but balance oriented, hence you having a free will of choice.

Your origin = flow to form (inception); Your function = self sustenance as choice in reaction to balance; Your destination = form to flow (death).

As for alone...as form within flow you represent ONE within ALL, and comprehending this represents self discernment, after which you can comprehend that ALL represents ONE in energy aka ALL(in)ONE aka "alone". As ONE you react "alone" to ALL by free will of choice as reaction to balance (within flow).