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IDK, but that should be the first logical move of such institution, by definition designed to hide the truth - to hide the truth about its existence.

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It could be just the first "official" disinformation produced by that Disinformation Governance Board.

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One more video on same topic - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPd2iXUYe-o

She also mention one important thing - the BigMoney buy out most demanded houses, not every house they could buy, effectively cutting out population from the realty market.

Recommend that nice girl videos - https://www.youtube.com/c/SorelleAmoreFinance/videos with many interesting topics we all know about.

Very useful when you tired to explain what the fuck is going on for normies. She looks and behave mostly like typical videoblogger, normies used to, but talk about things normies don't want to find out by themselves.

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And they will finally rename that racist White house? Waiting for this since BLM riots. :)

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I'm assuming they're asking for the phone number to make sure we're human.

There are a lot of another ways to do it without any problems. But only phone numbers accounted as valid for different stock traders and other market swindlers.

As for other ways to identify humans, I personally like ones used f.e. on some electronics forums, where you are presented a circuit drawing and have to describe how it works in words. It is both effective in rejecting bots and works as a perfect filter for really useful users.

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If any internet service want your phone number - it is a total shit. In no way any internet service need your phone number to work. Never needed, do not need now and never will need.

Putting away the thing with "identification" (AKA surveillance) crap, amount of collected phone numbers become de-facto standard for evaluating the market price of service. So, any service asking your phone number is a profit-maiking one.

And when you get something from profit-making service for free, you absolutely not a user, you are a commodity.

So, any service asking for your phone number should be avoided without exception by any sane human.

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Don't moderators have access to logs with time/IP of voters/downvoters?

If you do - check order of downvotes and time difference. You will clearly see a repeating pattern if it is not real different people who are so obsessed with this user.

If you find out that it is something definitely automatic, you could try to find similar patterns for votes, and if you do, it will be a pointer to the source of that thing.

As for me, I don't care about votes at all, I prefer to take in mind the content, not that karma thing.

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Like seeing cloud iridescence in person.

Knowing exactly what is happening when you see cloud iridescence in person does not make it less fascinating and marvellous. Even more - when you know how it works, you are much more amased, because you not only observing an enchanting show, but also understand the beauty of the universe design that make that wonderful things possible. You lose absolutely nothing when it is not a "magic" anymore for you, on the contrary, it becomes much more interesting.

If their "magic" was so real and strong, they wouldn't need to hide behind lies..

Lies could be part of "magic". To get your satanic goal you need to seed a lie that will be believed by many souls. That lie in billions of souls will f.e. somehow feed the entity that will in exchange provide them power or know-how to get the goal or help with the goal itself.

Or it could be like with a role of acid in shugar hydrolysis. You have to add a tiny amount of acid, may be in form of fruit juice of whatever to begin process of separation sucrose into fructose and glucose. That acid is even not consumed during process, it just create a conditions where this process become possible. So with lies - if they will not add them, they will not be able to start the real process.

I prefer to leave the "magic" for them, not buy it for myself. If they do some rithuals just because they stupidly believe in them, or because somebody told them to practice them, that does not mean I have to leave attempts to try to understand the technology they actually using. Even if I could build some very approximate, but working model of process they do, I could be able to find a way to stop it or resist it, f.e..

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Has any magic been shown to be actually functional?

Anything that look like magic for some person is just a technology that this person don't understand. Take any average smartphone user - smartphone is a literally magic box for them. They just used to it. So, magic don't really exist at all. It is just a technology we don't understand.

I've seen real magic in the workings of synchronicities.

In no case it is a magic. Just some unknown, hidden, unexplained process.

Can things be encoded in crystals (I know they can be used for encryption)?

You have such crystals in your USB flash memory sticks, SSD's and other *ROM's everywhere around. So, yes they could.

what ACTUALLY happened there?

Nobody knows for shure. Even if you somehow find out exact actions of all participants, this will tell nothing about the actual purpose. Even known results could say a little, since you could miss the real result, just because you don't know what to look at.

So, there could be only theories, one that will best fit for all known facts could be taken as a decent model.

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Me too. Any autologin crap in browsers is a bottomless security hole.

There exists secure methods to authenticate without entering password (like ssh public key auth, f.e.), but I never saw this thing used for the web.

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USA does not restrict the trade of USD.

Do you understand, that "trade of USD" is just a tool for obtaining and selling USD (USD is just a tool too), and not a self sufficient goal? If you don't need USD, there are no any reason to trade them. Is that some revelation for "economists"? Nobody needs to keep "trading USD" just to "trade USD".

It's like VHS tapes. Some time ago many people need them, so there was a market for VHS tapes. People buy and sell them. When VHS tapes become obsolete, nobody needed them anymore, so VHS tapes market disappeared.

USD become obsolete, useless tool. Why should anybody trade them?

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Look up trade volume for Rubles right now. You will be in for a very nasty surprise.

Do you understand that all that stupid western money theories don't work anymore? Because western sanctions broke nearly all conditions that forced that stupid theories to look like they work.

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Russia pretends it has a value against the dollar but does not allow trade against the dollar.

Bullshit. You could easily pay from your rouble account in USD everywhere, where payments from Russia in USD will be accepted. Obviously it done by automatic exchange of your RUB to USD by bank. To have USD for that exchange, bank buy them on the stock for you. I did it just few hours ago on Aliexpress who still want payments in USD (however, they working on switching to direct rouble and yuan international payments now).

Yes, there is some kind of deficit of physical USD banknotes, since they does not delivered to Russia by US now. But you could get your bucks if you need them, just need to order them before visiting bank. Just like with big sum of roubles. Many people who kept their savings in USD/EUR in the past, now move to precious metals, realty, means of production, investing, whatever, to get rid of useless USD/EUR that lose all trust they had here just in a month, so there will be no any real problem with USD banknotes, just longer logistic, if you need them for whatever reason.

It is not Russia who does not allow USD trade, it is West who don't want to accept USD payments from Russia. I personally gladly will pay for few pairs of Mexico made Wrangler jeans from US sellers on eBay right now, as I did it in the past often, so I will need to buy USD for that, but eBay/Paypal don't want to accept my USD. So no any reason for me to buy USD at all. That is why USD weakening here, nobody need a currency that is not unconditionally accepted as a payment.

Also, you already could open an account in yuans in many Russian banks. Unlike with USD, you could buy the same things for yuans, avoiding Western brands resellers who pose obvious "Made in China" stuff as Western one.

So, there is absolutely no miracle or need for government interference to weaken USD in Russia.

Unfortunately, our NWO shilling government officials still cowardly follow many IMF orders that prohibit backing of our currency with real things, making international transfers with rouble and other shitty stuff, lowering key rate to sufficient level and other stuff. So, things are not as good as they could really be for Russia now. And it is not because some "sanctions", but purely because of Putin & Co treason and open IMF shilling.


why are not all Russians buying dollars? Easy answer: because they can not.

Is wrong answer. Easy, but correct answer: Russians don't buy dollars just because they don't need that useless for them currency.

Even if dollars become dirt cheap, Russians will not buy them. Russians rarely buy useless things, even if they are very cheap. May be some will, but just for fun or as a souvenir. West, by its own hands, just destroyed any trust to its own currencies in Russia.

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I think we could ask our asian friend u/Mrexreturns . At least he is closer to China and may be will be able and willing to confirm or disprove our statements and observations.

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That is partially true. It is some kind of average among all cases where there is 3 base stations "see" one phone. But it is heavily depends on the used cellular network generation, distance to base stations, landscape, buildings around and the hell ton of other stiuff. In towns where base stations are on every block corner precision is much higher, up to hundreds of square meters, if the network is less dense, reflections from buildings and interference lower the precision. In the rural area when there is only one base station see mobile device it is a 90-120 degrees arc with the width of few hundred meters and length depending on the distance from base station, i.e. from that ¾ square mile close to the tower to dozens of square miles far away from it.

Really, triangulation is not the main source of phone position. GPS receiver in phone often permanently on and it's data constantly shared with multiple parties, from all that shitty social networks to the "innocent" app of some cafes of gas stations installed because of that annoying "do you have our app to get discount and collect bonuses?" each fucking time you visit that place. And of course most people just have navigation app turned on permanently.

That shit share your position with precision of few meters.

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I disagree to a certain extent, the Chinese will produce shit if you don't provide verification.

They perfectly know how to bypass your verification. F.e. they will make gears from cheaper, harder, but brittle plastic. Device will perfectly pass postmanufacturing verification, but gears will fall to pieces very quickly. If you want to "save money".

Chineese relatively honest with customer who do the business honestly. But somehow have very good sense of greedy customer. If they feel that greed, they will never be honest with such person.

If you hand them a lot of money, and don't verify, they will keep the money and turn out shit.

Of course there could be swindlers among them. But most will look at you first, and then decide, will they swindle you or not. I have some business with them, and rarely meet open swindlers, and when I do, it was always clearly visible from the beginning. IDK, may be they treat Russians somehow different, but I doubt they see any difference among Europeans, just like we barely could distinguish them.

If you hand them money AND send western quality managers to run the plantation, then you get what you want.

Never did that, but never had problems with quality. However, I never ask them to do something for the limited price or tried to lower price. I asked for quality, and then they named price I usually agreed with. May be that could be the secret, IDK. Also, interesting fact - when I start some project with Chineese, they usually ask, if I want my own brandname and all that "Made in Russia" stuff on the product. I always told them that I do not see any reason to do that, and I don't want to disguise their devices as my own. May be that could be the key of honest business with Chineese.

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Chineese really simple people. You got what you pay for. Just that simple. If you pay Chineese good money they make a good product. If you pay a little you get garbage. They are not like Europeans who will still try to do the job right even if paid less. Chineese will just make worse product if you pay less. Without any thoughts. You need a hand drill - OK. If you pay reasonable money they will make a perfect drill, with good copper-coiled brushless motor, steel gears, quality plastic body and precision chuck. It will be really good tool, may be even better than Western brand one. If you tell that there will be slightly less money - they without problems and questions will make you a drill with working brushed motor, plastic gears and still decent body. If you will pay them little, they again, without any thoughts, questions and single warning will make you drill too. It will still look like you want, but will be made from complete garbage - weak plastic, shitty chuck, aluminium coiled brushed motors (with short and unchangeable brushes) and gears from the unknown substance resembling dried snot. And it will be assembled using worst possible wires and screws. And they will do it with same smile, just like in first case. You could name any price and they will say - OK, we will do it.

IDK, Chineese have completely different attitude to the creating things for money. They assume that customer better know what he want and that is why he pay that price. They don't care about quality of product at all, they care only about providing the product to the customer for his price.

You could observe that thing on the example of formerly good Western brands. When they moved production to China, initially things had decent quality. But the "effective managers" began to "save money". They come to Chineese and ask - "could you make that same thing but for lower money?". Cheneese answer - "Of course we can, no problem, where is your money". "Effective managers" got their bonuses for "saving money" and end consumers got thing that looks exactly like older ones, but with lower quality. "Effective managers" of the brand did that trick multiple times, and "suddenly", we now have brand things made from garbage and like garbage.

So, really, playing that game with Chineese, Musk will just get complete garbage instead of same thing for lower price. AFAIK, the quality of latest Tesla models already worsening. So, Musk will just get what he paid for. No less, no more.

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No physicist would use a database with a disclaimer

LOL. since when "disclaimer" become something scientific? If I measure voltage across the resistor with different currents, store that data into database and write a "disclaimer" that "it can't be used" will it make Ohm's law non-existent or will it make that data unuseable to check that law? No. Science don't give a fuck to any "disclaimers". You have no any idea, what science is.

cannot be interpreted as evidence of a causal association

Where is the evidence of casual association between result of PCR test and cause of disease? Where is the evidence of casual association between the jab and occasional immunity? Where is at least the evidence of casual association between presumed virus and disease?

To prove casual association scientist throughly isolate the potential cause from all other potential causes of effect. To be shure, that the cause he study and only the cause he study is the real cause of observed result. This is what real scientist do. Real scientists spend years and a lot of money to isolate the object of study from anything else. Buld filters, shields, even whole underground facilities to get that probable cause as pure as possible. This was never done in any paper you praise and in none of other papers your praised papers link to. Your medical cheaters even never get a presumed virus particles in pure form, without any contaminants to study them. Only as a soup of dead cells, medications, solvents and hell knows what else. And used only PCR tech, absolutely not suitable for that, to "prove" that there is some "virus" in that dirty soup. They did not bother to do even the most basic part of any scientific research. :) Swindlers.

You could get all your coronahoax shit and try to sell it to instagram dumbfucks. You have absolutely zero chances to do it here.

PS: You also gave a perfect proof that you absolutely can't do your own research, even simpliest possible one, and using stupid assumtions backed with literally nothing. I never mentioned VAERS data for anything. In Russia there are no VAERS or anything comparable at all, so I just don't care.

In Russia, if you are interested, here exists one interesting official paper, that was and is actual even right now - "Methodics of determining epidemic thresholds for virus respiratory diseases". It is officially signed and accepted paper with epidemic thresholds (number of cases per 10000 above which authorities could declare epidemic) calculated for every single region and each week of year. None of that thresolds was ever exceeded during all that coronahoax in any region at any week. There was no any epidemic in Russia at all. None of all that shitty illegal orders and laws, federal and local issued during coronahoax have any mention of epidemic. They all use only WHO orders as reason. None of local health entities give positive official answer to the requests like "do we have epidemic now?". There are tons of that official papers where clearly stated by official entities, that there are no any exceed of thresholds, so no any epidemic of virus respiratory disease observed. Link to the official "Methodics" - https://docs.cntd.ru/document/555652160 You will not find any proof that there was any real epidemic, even with all that fake PCR "tests". So there was no any need for any immediate vaccine at all. Case closed. Take your coronahoax to the instagrammers.

You are the most miserable propagandist I ever saw here. :)

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The same terms is completely applicable to the using of PCR technology that can't be used for testing due to its working principle. But I don't see you insisting on rejecting all PCR "tests" results. Or rejecting all papers about not-a-vaccine "efficiency". They should be rejected for the exactly same reason you reject VAERS data - there is no any solid scientific proof of the link between the cause and result.

Either you completely throw out all PCR "tests" data along with all VAERS data and not-a-vaccine "efficiency" data according to your "logic", either you are just cheap low IQ hypocrite propagandist. :)

VAERS data is exactly same kind of data you suddenly praise for promoting coronahoax and not-a-vaccine "efficiency". If you accept latter, you shoud accept former. If you deny former, you should deny latter. Only if you are honest man, of course.

Sorry, but you fucked yourself up. Again.

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In Russia you more likely will find something like t-shirts or stickers "Za НаVального". It is "For Navalny" (jailed by Putin pro-west opposition leader) with Z and V letters used by Russian military units in Ukraine. US equivalent could be something like "Biden is Qool!". Advertising sarcastic absurdism and political nihilism in full scale.

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What were the funding sources of each study?

You didn't read your own "arguments"?

Replications aren't necessarily published

Of course. :) Who need independent replications? Only insane conspiracy theorists need them. Every good science believer will be satisfied with study about BigPharma shit done for BigPharma money by BigPharma "scientists".

Yes, I do. I have experienced peer review. Have you?

Multiple times. But for real science, not for pseudosciences like medicine or sociology. Had successful replications too.

It's an important check on validating a study.

It have absolutely nothing to do with validation of a study. For obvious reasons. Validation of the study could be only in a form of independently replicated experiment.

You don't understand science.

I don't even want to understand all that garbage you name "science".

Physics scientists would say they aren't qualified to peer review a paper on epidemiology or virology.

You have no idea what real peer review is, how it is done and why it does not matter what speciality reviewer have. The purpose of peer review is to check for obvious errors and for compiance to scientific method. There can't be any difference in medicine math and physics math. So with scientific methods. If you insist that physicist can't peer review medical studies it just mean that your medical studies is not scientific.

But you don't believe any scientists are actually independent because they might be financed by the state. I'll let the "non-scientist" thing slide, but what you said was non-scientists.

There are no any World Physics Organisation whose authoritarian orders are absolutely obligatory to all states. Suddenly.

It's pretty clear that you are not an engineer and you are not a scientist.

Of course, you have no any sane counter-arguments, only can go personal. :) Perfect. :)

You don't understand even the difference between hypothesis and theory.

LOL. If a thought about looking for differences between hypothesis and theory come to your interear ganglion, you are as retarded, as a person who decided to find differences between engines and cars. :)

You find a wrong forum for your meaningless propaganda. Try some mainstream social networks and similar shit.

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Something to reduce western dependence on Russian-enriched nuclear isotopes (which is rarely if ever mentioned alongside gas concerns, for some reason).

That is a strangest thing too.

AFAIK, in Europe, only France is relatively independent on nuclear fuel, waste and have its own nuclear technologies. Britain seem to abandon most of their nuclear tech and had abroad fuel processing. Most other European nuclear plants depends on Russian tech or processing in one way or another, even USA made ones. Interesting, that Germany still want to close last 3 working nuclear reactors to the end of 2022. For the sake of ecology, of course. Theoretically, Europe could switch to French nuclear fuel, but France, being one of the largest nuclear fuel supplier have large internal consumption and low reserves for additional fuel production. As for tech, all Eastern Europe nusclear plants use Russian tech. USA buying Russian fuel. So, France and Canada could become alternatives for Eastern Europe, but hardly they could quickly enhance supply for all Eastern Europe plants. And there is silence in MSM about all that.

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