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I meant that your examples have no sense, points in your list, not your points about very limited abilities of ANNs. Sorry.

All your examples are perfectly expectable and predictable for any user with knowledge, so no such user will ever ask them.

As for computer code, it is not just some compilation of patterns reused over and over. To write something sensible programmer should understand context and code itself. ANN could generate working code, but it does not mean this code will work correctly. There are already many articles around about attempts to generate useful code. Even "Hello world" sometimes appear surrealistic, especially for languages rare in training dataset. Worst thing is that ANN easily insert code in another language if required piece of code was not found written in specified language. For something more or less large, say from 1Kl, it is easier and faster to write everything from scratch than to review generated code and fix all nonsense.

There was attemtps to create real code generators in 90s on the basis of expert system with knowledge databases, but all of them was ostracised and declared "bad coding practice".

I see only real use for such ANNs is creating marketing ads content - senseless more or less standard texts and pictures. Or may be few other places where content does not have to have some sense, it just have to exist to attract somebody attention or occupy some area.

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Why do you guys still don't get that "AI" is not AI at all? It have nothing to do with intelligence at all. It is so called "Artificial Neural Network" which is basically nothing more than a system of equations, which just produce result which can be described like "combination of most often replies in texts used for training" and nothing more.

So nearly all your points just have no any sense.

  1. It understand nothing, it just never was trained on answers with values you entered.

  2. It was never trained on something exactly like your grocery list, so just give something as close as possible.

  3. It does not understand anything about episodes, it is just give you some average of episode descriptions it was trained on.

  4. It just show most frequent answer that occur more often in training data.

And so on. There is nothing strange or unexpectable at all in all that "AI" stuff for those who don't buy all that marketing and just studied how that simple thing really works.

It is kind of leaking of magic type conscioness into our techological reality. Instead of explaining new technologies, those who want to control them present them as magic. Any kind of magic is nothing more than technology that is unknown to those who don't want to know how things really works. And with time, instead of less and less magic consiousness, we have completely opposite result - everything around becomes some magic for average Joe or Jane. Seems IT industry suffer this much more than other, but I already meet people who don't understand how their cars or even coffee machines works and think it is just magic.

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Especially funny a "eternity of Israel will not lie" part. Miserable 76 years of shitty illegal country existence is in no way could be named "eternity" and itself is a lie. :)

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Any loudspeaker could produce any frequency from 0Hz up to hundreds of kHz.

That nominal frequency range you could find in loudspeaker characteristics does not mean that loudspeaker suddenly stop produce anything as frequency goes out of range. Range just means that outside of that rande sound pressure created by loudspeaker drops more than 0.7 times in comparison to average in working range.

It is just about efficiency, not the ability to produce sound. You could take some loudspeaker large enough to see diffusor movements and apply something like 0.1 Hz frequency, i.e. 1 oscillation per 10 seconds and observe how diffusor perfectly moves in that insane slow rate.

You could perfectly produce all that 6-8 Hz with any loudspeaker, even small and high-frequency ones. Just result would not be as loud as for nominal range. Just add some more power and that's all.

There also such thing as loudspeaker resonance frequencies, manufacturers try to move them outside nominal loudspeaker frequency range to avoid distortions and make frequency response curve as flat as possible in that range, but resonances also does not mean loudspeaker could not produce sound on that frequencies, on the opposite, it will do it too well for normal functioning and could even damage itself if the input power will be too high.

6-8Hz sound really perfectly sensed by humans, despite being nearly unhearable. Loud enough sound of that frequency will be sensed as vibration or itch in the whole body. This itch is uncomfortable and many expirience anxiety. But this is only in case when this infrasound is powerful enough to cause itch in a body. With low power you will feel absolutely nothing, may be hear some buzz if sine wave is not clean enough.

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You wrote h a nh a n. Khan of khans. It is two words, not one. Means khan who conquered and rule over other khans.

Khan is written as "хан" in Mongolian or "ᠬᠠᠨ" in old script.

"Kagan" is different from "hanhan". And have completelydifferent meaning. Khazarian Kaganate never conquered other khans, so no one in Khazaria could name itself even "khan of khans".

Also, take a look how many "kagan"'s, "kogan"'s, "cohen"'s and other similar surnames among jews, but you will not find anything similar in Mongolian surnames.

Fuck, you even don't know that old mongolian script just don't have a letter to deliver sound "K" as in "kagan/kogan/cohen" or "kaganate". There is simply no any way in old Mongolian to write "kagan". Only after changing to Cyrillic, Mongols get a letter to write the word "kagan/kogan/cohen".

Funny, how you still pushing that nonsense about some "good jews" and trying to pervert words of New Testament.

Jews in Biblical sense is a nasty tribe of greedy traitors who betrayed God who once helped them and turned pure evil killing Jesus, Son of God. If that biblical Jews hade any option to kill God, they definitely did that. Funny that Jacob from Old Testament, as soon as he meet God's angel, guess what, began to fight him and demand blessing from him. And then he was named Israel, i.e. "one who fight against God". This place from old Testament is often used as example of prophetic events that predicted murder of Jesus by Jews.

Whole history of that Biblical Jews from Bible is an example of what good person should never do. They are not the heroes of that book, they are villains who betray, cheat, seduce, genocide, swindle everybody around since the beginning. God even send his Son in attempt to fix that tribe and bring them to sanity, but everybody know how that ended. Modern Jews just continue all that evil traditions of their ancestors. And unfortunately fingers on your single hand will be enough to count those rare Jews who dare to question that Jewish way.

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Any source on that bizarre claim?

Ancient Russian text named "Сказание о Словене и Русе и граде Словенске".

Many Russian historians, including Lomonosov and Tatischev started Russian history from Slovensk foundation. Of course, Western/Jewish historians could not allow such version of history, that is why you hardly find any mention of Slovensk in Western literature. But Persian and Turkish historians confirm that town of Slovensk existed as noticeable point of interest long before Christ. And other Russian towns too. There is also mentions of Gardarika state with center at Slovensk/Novgorod position in ancient Scandinavian legends. Gardarika means "country of towns".

Have you heard of messianic jews?

Where they are? Show me Jews who openly and willingly share their Thalmudic knowledge with goyim.

There is still no any exact and unredacted translation of Thalmud to some european language - what messianism you are talking about?

In USSR was relatively active kind of Jewish sect with goal of spreding judaism, but only among ethnic Jews who for whatever reason (f.e. orphans or those who accepted communist ideology being young) abandon or was not teached judaism.

Khazaria was established as khaganate initially

No. Khazaria initally had khan, not kagan as top leader. It was Khazarian Khanstvo, as many other Middle Asian states. "Khan" and "kagan" are different worlds with different roots from different languages. Jewish "kagan" have nothing to do with "khan". There was numerous "khanstvo"'s around Russia, but only few "Kaganate"'s - Khazarian Kaganate, Uighur Kaganate and Kimak Kaganate.

That modern mixing of "khan" and "kagan" is pure fantasies of all that Jewish "historians" who are rewriting real history already for a long time for their benefit. It is just another Jewish chutzpa, nothing more.

khazarian false jews

There can't be "fake jews". Either they are Jews by blood of maternity line, either they are not Jews at all. You can't just declare yourself as Jew, that does not work even on the West like it work with gender, race or whatever. To be a Jew is absolutely not enough to declare yourself a Jew and/or practicise judaism. The approval and acceptance of other Jews is absolutely necessary.

Jews often declare themselves as belongin to other etnicities, but this does not mean it will work other way.

I'm sorry the truth doesn't sit well with your delusions.

Well, somebody tricked into believing that "khan" and "kagan" are same word, and spreading Jewish chutzpa about "bad fake jews" is talking about delusions. :) Fascinating.

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Using pedowikia as source of historic knowledge is worse than eating fake WEF meat.

Russia as state is traced at least from year 3099 from Creation ( 2409 B.C.) when brother Dukes Sloven and Rus established town of Slovensk (now Novgorod) as capital of Rus. And it is just first documented occurence in ancient written sources, and who knows how far that really goes into the past, especially taking in account fact that people live here since paleolite.

Around 1100 years ago Russia just become empire, and that does not mean that there was no Russian statehood earlier.

Just some little educational lecture for arrogant and ignorant European.

I know Kazakhstan didn't exist at the time

Nothern Kazakhstan become part of modern Kazakhstan only in Soviet times. Before that it was Russia. It was mostly uninhabited steppes really, East to Volga river with rare Russian outposts, built to prevent raids of nomadic tribes. But they was established long after Khazarian Kaganate destruction.

What jewish elite? The ruling dynasty converted to judaism - they were the elite.

Jews who flee from Judea from Romans or whatever, settled in Khazarian state and began to put their daughters and wives under the men from Khazar elite. (Jews did it since the beginning of time and massively do it today as well) Their children born by Jewish mothers was already 100% Jews and inherit Khazarian power from their fathers.

They studied judaism and adopted jewish culture, names and rituals.

If you are not aware, it is not allowed for goyim to study judaism. It is one of the first talmudic rule that become core of modern Talmud. There is no way that Khazar etnicities was allowed to do that. Only after replacement with Jews, Khazarian elite began to practicise judaism, because they was already Jews. Then they began to build their sinagogues and Khazaria become Kaganate, because state become leaded by top Jewish priest - kagan (cohen, kogan, cogen... - many Jews have that surnames). Only since then Khazaria become Khazarian Kaganate.

they're khazarians

There is no such etnicity as "khazarian". Like there is no etnicity as "american". It is not etnicity, it is citizenship. Khazarian Kaganate was multiethnic state, with Jews as elite and many other local tribes as slaves and serves. In the best case you could speak about "Khazarian Jews", just like you speak about "Americal Jews" or any other Jews. And this means they are Jews ethnically, not some "khazarians" or "americans".

This trick with replacement of etnicity with citizenship works only for Western population. That absolutely does not work even with Eastern Europeans who speak slavic languages. There is clear distinction between ethnicity and citizenship, and different words with different meanings used to describe one or another. F.e. English adjective "Russian" have no any real sense in Russian language, since it does not differentiate etnicity from citizenship. We have two distinct words - "Russkiy" and "Rossiyanin" to describe etnicity and citizenship. Same with most East European languages. It is just laughable to read some titles in Western MSM like "Russian oligarch Abramovich". He is not Russian, he is Jewish, he just have Russian citizenship (along with few others), and that does not make him Russian.

With that disgusting trick Western people start to forget their true roots, their ethnic pride and history, turning from people with ancestry into faceless citizens. And aslo this trick allow different aliens, including Jews sneak and dissolve ethnicity of European people. Pity.

You could continue to play that disgusting game, but this will not make Jews someone else. Jews was Jews, is Jews and will be Jews, whatever names you will try to push. They will always be the same Jews as in Old Testament.

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Actually their kingdom reached past Kiev to the West, they had Crimea, Georgia, parts of Kazakhstan and European Russia.

No. They made raids stealing and enslaving people in that regions, but never had any control over that territories. They never reached Kiev that was capital of Russia at the time, and there was no any Kazakhstan at all at the time. They had relatively small state in and around delta of Volga and had no any resources to establish any kind of control over territories they raided.

If you are not aware, it was Great Duke of Novgorod and Kiev Svyatoslav who decided to finally solve that annoying Jewish problem on the outskirts of Rus and completely destroyed Khazarian Kaganate around 970 AD. There was another nomad etnicity - pechenegs, who roamed over south-east of Dnepr river and also was known by brutal raids over Russian settlements, but they had nothing to do with khazars and never had any kind of state.

Some jews immigrated to the kingdom and while they helped judaizing the country and intermingled with the locals.

It is still unknown if locals who was under control of Jewish elite allowed to practicise Jewdaism. Taking in account that Jews does not allow goyims to study Talmud, I think that star of David symbols on khazarian shields was just a signs of their masters, not symbols of faith of shields owners.

Also, in case of Judaisation of locals, there still should be remnants of Judaism amond local etnicities, some non-Jewish tribes who practicise Jewdaism and all that stuff. Svyatoslav didn't exterminate all citizens of Khazarian Kaganate (who mostly was just slaves to their Jewish masters), only Jewish elite who ruled over there and those who dare to protect them. But there are no any non-Jewsih etnicities or tribes practicising Jewdaism or even any remnants of that faith. There exist some so called "Highlander Jews" in Caucasus mountains, but they are Jews by blood, not some non-Jewish people who adopted Judaism.

Jewish direct power grab usually done via their women who marry some local elite. Jews account their own by mothers, not like any other people. So, child of Jewish mother and local father was 100% Jewish by all Jewish laws, and of course was introduced into Judaism and all that Jewish life with all consequences since birth, regardless of father desire and often in secret. This child eventually become heir-in-law of elite father, but he was already Jewish and so worked for Jewish interests, not local ones. Looks like something like that happened in the early days of Khazaria, when alien Jews accounted that new state as promising for their purposes, so they send their women to work on local elite men. IDK, seduce them or whatever. Khazarian elite turned into pure Jews within several generations. But their subjects was not Jews. Really, number of Jews in Khazarian Kaganate hardly was significant.

it still is the true origin of 90+% of modern jews, especially in the west and in Israel.

Their origin is Babylon-Egypt-Judea Jewish tribes. They track their Jewish bloodlines carefully, by maternity line. So there is zero chance that some locals from Khazaria somehow sneaked into Jewish population. You need Jewish mother who gave you birth to be accepted as Jew. All that thing about ghiyur (many think it is a rithual to become a Jew) is that it only make you Judaic, but for Jews you will never be accounted as a Jew. Just a goyim who was allowed to study Thalmud and practicise Judaism and not be punished for that.

All that modern European Jews are ancestors of those Old Testament Jews, just Jews track their ancestry by maternity line. That is why they could differ a lot, like Sephards and Ashkenazi, but all of them still keep that Jewish genetic material from Jewish women X chromosome.

It is pretty interesting, that Jews track their ancestry by maternity line, unlike all other etnicities. It is even kind of logical, really. Woman have XX chromosomes, and man have XY. Father have a chance to continue his genetic line only in case if he will have a boy. If he have a girl, then only father's mother X chromosome will continue his bloodline. In case of Jews, their X cromosome will always be continued, in all children of Jewish mother.

In the past, people probably instinctively suspect something like that XX/XY thing, that is why men always wanted to have at least one boy among their children, to keep their Y chromosome through generations.

Jews don't care about Y chromosome. They have bloodline tracking system different from all other etnicities. Interesting, that they encourage their women to make childrem with anybody, but condemn their men who marry non-Jewish girls. They even have special offensive word for such non-Jewish wives of Jewish men - shiksa. Children of such marriage are not accounted as Jews. Look like they are greedy for that Jewish woman X chromosome (even when it is in Jewish man XY pair). This Jewish X chromosome musr stay only in Jewish population so wasting it by Jewish men marrying non-Jewish women is condemned.

Who knows, may be they carry that X chromosome from something non-human, Lillit daemon in woman form or they are result of some alien experiment, choose whatever you like, but literally, one of their most important task is to keep that X chromosome going through generations and in their tribe only.

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Khazarian Kaganate barely touched Donbass region from the East, and in no way you could tell that it was "modern day Ukraine". Khazarian Kaganate had its capital city Itil in the Volga river delta, near modern Astrakhan city.

Khazarian Kaganate was a state with elite practicizing Jewdaism. Most probably this elite was Jewish, formed from Jews who fleed from Judea long before.

Those who you try to name "Khazars" are 100% Jews, from that 12 Jewish bloodlines, they are named Ashkenazi, and all Jews, from all rabbies to ordinary people account them as 100% Jews. They are different from Sephards just because they mixed with another nations, mostly Middle Eastern, while Sephards mixed with Spanis and other West Europeans.

Your "Khazars" are Jews, direct ancestors of those Jews who shout "His blood is on us and our children".

Whole New Testament story is about failed attempt to convince Old Testament Jews that betraying God in favor of Mammona is a bad thing requiring a deep and sincere repentance. That is why Jesus was sent to Jews - to accept their repentance and enshure in its sincerity. But Jews denied Him, and even more - took the guilt on themselves. That is why Jews named as not who they was, not those who sweared to obey God, in exchange to salvation from Egypt, but are perjurers and Satan's mob.

All of them. By bloodlines. There are no any "good Jews" and "bad Khazars", it is complete bullshit. All Jews are bad, until they repent for their crime of God's betrayal and Jesus denial and death. In whole, as nation, not as some rare unique persons, in whole, like in whole they demand Jesus execution.

Those who spread that "it's bad Khazars, not good Jews" nonsence are clearly Jewish shills paid, or ignorant, or both.

Today, Jewish criminal tribalistic faith in their exceptionalism and choosenism become more and more obvious, Earth population less and less buy their chutzpa, so the trying to do some damage control in their usual way in attempt to avoid wordwide retaliation. That's why we have a flood of that bullshit about "Khazars not real good and nice Jews".

Fuck that. Jews are Jews. They know it, we know it. Nothing will help them except full, complete and sincere repention for all their crimes since Old Testament genocides.

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Exactly. Somehow all those who love to quote New Testament about coming Apocalypsis, forget to quote Matthew 24:36 "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only."

Not only humans could not know that, but no supernatural species too. That's the whole point, really. Humans should live their lives honestly and proudly every single day, not like "well, I'll make all that good things right before that deadline".

All that "signs of Apocalypsis" are worth attention not because they are signs of Apocalypsis, but because they are bad things inherently, so should be resisted and opposed by any sane human being every day, regardles if Apocalypsis is tomorrow or in 1000 years in future.

But still here we are. :)

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It's barely could be named "seen". All that nice photos are made with huge exposition to make picture better than it really look like. Auroras at that latitudes are not rare thing, but to see something you need to know what exactly you looking for, where and when. Then, if you are lucky, you will notice that dim glow.

To get real entertainment, better be somwhere close to Polar Circle at least.

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Well, sometimes it do a nice aurora show for entertainment of those living relatively close to poles and who dare to look at the night sky. :)

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This bright green laser is added specially to make targeting of this robo-dog as simple as possible or to swindle dumb and ignorant investors out of money? :)

by Asterix
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I could confirm that "Riverside FM" translation. Nearly word-to-word.

Untranslated Sasha through phone - "are you kidding me?", "wait for me, I'll get to Wallmart in minutes", "are you serious?", "where they will bring you?"

They speak pure Russian with light Ukrainian accent and few Ukrainian dialect words.

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Yes, that will work too, if PDF is suitable for you.

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If you want to save some web-page and be sure that it will be here as long as you want, save it to your local computer.

Today, it is not a simple task to save a page when it is rendered by numerous JS bloatware in your browser, however, there are still options to do it - to save rendered web page just as you see it. One of option is using Firefox with "Single File" extension. It allow to save current state of DOM you currently see in browser as a single HTML file with everything embedded inside - fonts, images and all that stuff. Of course, all that JS mumbo-jumbo will not work as on original page, but it will look exactly like original.

AFAIK, it is much harder to do same things in Chrome based browsers, but may be there are solutions too.

If you want to get something done right - do it by yourself. Never rely on any third-party services, also known as somebody else computers, especially if they are free.

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Yep. Four or five dimentional one, if not more. :)

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It is unknown if it safe or not when nobody check it experimentally, because medicine is not a science and so have no any ways to predict outcome with certainity like real sciences have.

Since it could be both, then why risk with normal people when we have plenty of those who have to pay for their crimes?

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There are tons of convicted criminals with death or lifetime sentences that could be easily used for such experiments. At least they will finally have some usefulness for society, instead of being dangerous useless eaters who living their lives on your taxes.

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But the fact still remains the asymptomatic carrier can pass the disease to other people, despite not having symptoms themselves.

First, "asymptomatic carrier" does not "pass the disease". He pass virus/bacteria. Second - the fact he have no disease is a solid proof that this virus/bacteria is not the cause of disease in that case.

Technically, viruses could be pathogenic (say, produce some really dangerous poisons as a byproduct of their replication process), but that should be proven scientifically. If somebody does not fell ill being infected, that means this virus itself is not pathogenic. In the worst case it could be catalyst of kind in people who fell ill, but not the cause of disease.

Inability of body to contain and defeat a virus is a cause of disease, really, not virus itself, in overhelming majority of cases of viral infections.

But my overall point is that this claim that viruses aren't real NECESSARIALY requires that diseases defined as "viral" not be contagious.

Bacteria or even some highly agressive poison could be contagious too. Contagiousness itself does not prove that viruses exists, Virus existence proof is in other experiments, with separating everything that is bacteria or poison or other known pathogens and studying what is left in that sample causing disease.

If "terrain makes you sick, not viruses", then someone who lives in healthy terrain should be able to inject HIV blood and be totally fine because they are safe from the root cause of the disease....

HIV blood injection does not always cause disease. There is no scientific proof that HIV cause AIDS. However, this does not necessary connected with terrain, more with correct functioning of human body.

At the same time I suppose that today people who live in "healthy terrain" (in rural areas?) have better health than those who live in cities f.e. and so have lower probability of getting disease regardless of disease initiator.

So, basically "healthy terrain" as healthy way of life is really helps to not fell ill from viruses. But that in no way prove that viruses does not exist.

"Viruses does not exist, it's terrain" is the same logical fallacy as "Viruses are cause of diseases, not anything else".

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It most certainly does invalidate all the postulates because it ends with the assumption that reinfection will cause disease in a healthy animal, which is not the case with asymptomatic carriers.

Or somebody just mistaken with pathogen.

If "asymptomatic carrier" does not get disease, then, there is obviously a reason for that. Just like there is a reason why others get disease.

Do you understand that a peson who didn't get disease after interaction with some substance is a normal healthy person, not others, who get a disease and probably have something wrong in their bodies.

Do you know that there are tons of bacterias, viruses, substances that does not cause any disease in anybody? And there are more of them than pathogenic ones. It is absolutely normal to not become ill because of some virus or bacteria. This is normal, not getting ill. Looks like it is something that was hidden from you by medical swindlers who feed from ilnesses.

And please, show me a single example from any natural science where exist anything similar to that insane concept of "asymptomatic carreer". When from 100 identical experiments 90 give one result, but 10 give completely opposite one, because of "aSyMpTomAtic cArRier" and it is accounted as something acceptable.

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When they put healthy plants beside an 'infected' plant, and let the 'virus' propagate via natural means... the healthy plants did not get sick.

That was not about ways of transmission. That was about unknown pathogen that could not be seen with microscope and pass finest filters they have at the time.

There could be tons of hypothesis about ways of transmission, from rain with wind to insects or animals that obviously was not studied in that research.

The whole discipline is more intellectually bankrupt than I would have thought possible.

That's not the reason to deny any respect for those who tried to bring some science into that discipline.

Throwing out babies with the water is not a good way to change things. Medicine could and should become real science, but mocking over past attempts to do that does not help. Imagine if modern medics, on suspicion of some new pathogen, do the same things as Ivanovsky did with tobacco mosaic disease - could all that swine flu hoax, corona hoax and all other shit be possible at all?

Dude did everything he could at the time as real scientist. He did pretty logical and scientific experiments. But instead of making him an example for discipline, you just making things easier for modern swindlers.

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discovery of asymptomatic carriers,

There are no any "asymptomatic carriers". There are people who does not get illness having presumable pathogen. This means only one thing - pathogen is not the cause of disease,

You know - the question of casuality and all that scientific stuff.

If you heat some object, then thermal IR radiation of object is shifted to shorter waves. Always. Without a single exception. If there a single exception will be found, then, known theories will be changed.

That is how science work. What you are talking about is not a science. When you could not calculate outcome of infection - it is not a science, it is complete bullshit, that will never acquire any respect from any sane person.

thus invalidating every single other postulate

It does not. It just proves that illness where could be "asymptomatic carriers" is not caused by presumed pathogen, and that's all.

Koch postulates are for determining if pathogen could be a cause of disease or not. If even a single person have pathogen, but have no disease, then this pathogen is definitely not a cause of disease. So, medics should do a real scientific research and find what really make other people ill with that disease. But they just yell about all that viruses, bacterias, sugar, fungis, microplastics, climate change, cofee and other stuff, instead of doing their job.

Modern medicine is not a science. It is some mix of cult, conspiracy and religion, where is no place for normal scientific process with theories spoken in math, replicateable experiments that prove or disprove theories, with predictions that always correspond to reality, knowledge of what to do to get guaranteed result and all that real science stuff.

Medics are sect of worst servicemans on the Earth who don't know how what they try to repair works. You will never pay any money to the plumber who don't know what pipes and whater is, or electrician who don't know what electric current is. And of course you will not give a single fuck to what they will tell you. But somehow you still believe medics, who are much worse than that aforementioned ignorant plumber and electrician, because they don't even think about holding any responsibility for their ignorance.

Medics are swindlers who have enormous self-importance along with total irresponsiblity for the results of their activity.

If they really want become scientists, they could begin with something simple - say do a real scientific research and find a way to cure (not treat) a paper-cut in one day, instead of a week. And be ready to return money and pay compensations if it will be more than one day. Then, may be, they will have a chance to get some respect.

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introduced via needles or rubbing etc, neither of which are things that would happen in nature.

Does not matter. Cause and effect connection was established. Scratching or rubbing without pathogen does not cause illness. At the time people knew about control experiments and all that stuff.

It's a bit like when they inject a 'virus' into the brain of a mouse and say -- look, bad things happened!

Now they just do some random and senseless shit, they don't care about anything except money.

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