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All your examples is not about modern times. They build all that surveillance and other stuff everywhere to prevent or control any possible unapproved centralization. There could not be any Founders anymore. Literally. All of them would be neutralised long before they even will begin to make real steps to centralization.

Trying to project historic precedents over the modern time is a direct way to loose. The treats pattern for rebellion is completely different now. You could not publish Fokischer Beobachter, organize Boston tea party or even just save community money in Switzerland bank. You will not have international support from nearly all first-world countries. And even third-world will not support you. Times changed. You lost an option to centralize.

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I don't think you understand what the word centralization means.

Any centralization means inevitable existence of single point of failure. Dot.

It was George Washington's army, not individual militia patriots, that won the Revolutionary War.

Result seems to be at least questionable now.

it was their decentralization that led to them losing.

But it still exists. It is more importarnt to exist than to win.

Same goes for about every successful vs failed revolution.

Every successfull revolution was controlled by TPTB and immidiately after win it eated nearly all rebels.

The only reason there is no viruses for Linux is because not enough people use it to make it worth the time to create them.

Nice. Do you know that nearly all Internet servers running Linux? And you tell me, that some dude windows PC is much preferrable target than Internet server? Tell that story to some sheeple, may be they believe it. In reality, Windows is so bad written and designed OS, that even scholar could write a virus for it. So they just do it. That is why there a tons of viruses for Windows and no any really working virus for Linux. Linux was written by professionals for ourselves for doing job, and Windows by cheap workforce for taking money from sheeple. The result is clearly visible.

Peer-to-peer needs to be in person, to build connections.

No. You don't need to know your peer in person at all.

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An organized minority will always win against an unorganized majority.

Organization have nothing to do with centralization. You could easily have a perfectly organized and fully decentralized community.

And torrenting is a niche thing where most people end up with a virus on their computer.

I'm waiting for more than 20 years to see any working virus for Linux. Still waiting without any result. May be a problem is not in torrents? May be you just should not use proprietary OS where you have a need to download proprietary software in binary form from murky sources, and everything will be OK? How torrents could be connected with your wrong choice of OS?

Most people use torrents to share music, movies and books and not software.

You are basically saying the way to fight back is to create a black market.

Exactly. It is just a necessary part on the way to win. In any case you will need some kind of goods exchange in your community. If trade for f.e. unvaxxed or conservatives become outlawed, there will be no any other way except creating black market. So why don't you want to create working solition without a hurry and thoroughly tune it to the needs of community before it become an urgent necessity?

That doesn't get you political power.

All and every political power was literally bought on black market. Obviously you can't go to some legal shop and officially buy some political power.

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He's trying to build a parallel economy. That doesn't happen around decentralized platforms.

It is orthogonal things. You could build parallel economy on any platform. Crypto+illegal things economy build completely on decentralised platform and works perfectly.

this is often why leftists win. They aren't afraid to centralize and plan

Don't even know where to start....

  1. Current leftists (or better say "leftists") win only because TPTB want that. Without TPTB support we wouldn't even hear something about all that SJWs, marxists, fags and other crap.
  2. Independent leftists win or stand only when used decentralized resistance tactics. (f.e. Zapatista)
  3. Planning have nothing to do with centralization at all. In case of modern TPTB leftists planning is done for them by TPTB.

Torba could be a nice guy, trying to do something good and make some money. There is nothing bad in that, but unfortunately his platform have a giant inevitable vulnerability right in its core. If somehow he change his mind or would be destroyed by TPTB or appear to be not who he is, all his platform will be immidiately taken over with all its participants.

That is why distributed things are much preferrable now. Corporations try to destroy torrents over 20 years without any success. It is a very good result for a technology.

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There is no way around some centralization for a platform such as gab


So, perhaps we obviously should forget about existense of different Mastodon, PeerTube, Diaspora, Zeronet, Tox and other decentralized and absolutely uncontrolled things.

I began to think that all that crap with centralized and closedsourced "new freespeech platforms" is continously happens only to distract people from really working distributed solutions by any means.

Every time, sheeple who was banned from one centralised platform just go and register on another one, again and again. Mice cried, pricked, but continue to chew the cactus.

It's insane. Absolutely insane. It gives even worse loss of belief in humans than coronahoax.

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I see nothing bad in calling kikes, bug tech, pedos, fags, whatever. That does not mean anything. The only thing that matter is that Gab is centralised. That is an absolute no-go for such platform.

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You could make it stable making its foundation at least as wide as widest floor of building and positioning center of mass directly over the center of foundation. From the point of view of ground load it will not differ from any ordinary skyscraper. Something like an adjustable table lamp. It is perfectly stable on any surface, if projection of its center of mass to the base is close to base center.

But the beams that will hold such shape above the ground should be enormously strong. It will be definitely most expensive building ever. And the math needed to calculate them all, don't forget about that racist math!

Really, I think it will end with nothing. They will make few loud presentations, gather some donations and everything will be forgotten forever.

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They just forgot to renew certificate. It is expired few hours ago. Just wait, somebody from admins will finally wake up and fix it.

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It is definitely possible to build such building in spite of extreme high cost, but even if you have enough money, you still have to do a lot of math in strength of material area. But math is racist, you know. :)

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I began to think that all that thoroughly created "fact-checkers" network could be a good source of interesting facts. :) Just search for "falsed" facts and with high probability you will find something intersting.

Interesting, do they understand that they build a complex and expensive system that could easily be used not in the way they planned? :)

Another thought was about the facts that "fact-checkers" will try to avoid checking by any means, just to not attract any attention. That would be very interesting things too.

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Do they know about very simple thing named "backups"? :) People do them half a century, it is not a shame to do backups at all! Why do they need to "determine what information the data contained" instead of replacing compromised server with new one and restoring it from backup? :)

Sometimes looks like I could become a billionare just telling that stupid companies about backups. Unfortunately that really have nothing with ransomware or cyberattacks, just an easy way to take out company money...

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shit just doesn't leak

Yes. but diarrhea do. :)

Really it is unknown is it a intentional leak or occasional. But you could check if it is aligned with reality or not.

You already have some picture or model of what happened with ivermectin in your imagination build on facts you already check, so just check if that leak fits in your model and how it change it.

If it fits and does not change model, it has high probability to be true.

If it fits, but change model, check if model still aligned with known facts. May be it will even fit better and explain things that was not clear earlier.

If it does not fit, may be you need another model that aligned with known facts and siutable for fitting that leak.

If it is impossible to build another model due to inherent contradictions with known facts, leak is a lie intentionally made in attempt to damage model you build.

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You are the liar spreading the lie. Masks significantly lower oxygen levels. Why don't you want to get an oxygen sensor and objectively measure that simple fact by yourself? Are you so dumb that you can't take a multimeter and measure voltage between two pins of the sensor? OK, you could buy ready-to-use oxygen level meter and measure. You don't believe in electricity? Or may be you can't read digits from LCD? What is your problem, tell us please, we will try to help.

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Yes they do. You could check it yourself for cheap - buy one of City AO2 oxygen sensors, take a multimeter and just measure. Instead of usual 20.9% you will get barely 18-19 depending on density of mask. Fancy "reuseable" masks could show even lower values. It is so easy to check that even low IQ person could do it without any problems at home.

If you are completely handless and think that sensors and wires are some kind of magic, you could easily just put your stupid mask on and run a mile. Then do it without mask. Compare your feelings and breathing rates in both experiments. Think a little. I can't think out anything easier for you.

Why don't you want to check it yourself instead of referencing some shitty lying authority?

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Permanent brain damage from oxygen deprivation is scientific fact. Oxygen deprivation lead to cerebral hypoxia with well studied effect. There are enough solid scientific papers on that topic. It is absolutely correct to suppose that any level of oxygen deprivation earlier or later could become a cause of brain damage. Human body certainly could compensate oxygen deprivation for some time and to some extent, but there are no any studies of how long exactly that ability works and what will happen if noticeable oxygen deprivation at levels of mask wearing will last for years.

Also, we were told numerous times that oxygen deprivation from COVID-19 is a cause of brain damage in those who had severe case of COVID-19 in hospital and that's why everybody have to take a jab.

You also could easily notice that persons who still obey mask mandates and constantly wear mask in correct way (not on their chin, as most who obliged by employer do) are much dumber than normal people.

IDK about US, but in Russia surgeons obliged to change surgeon mask every 40 minutes or so and have a rest without mask for some time during that change, IIRC. And they get a good money compensation for heavy conditions of work, just like any other worker who had to wear some potentially harmful, or even just uncomfortable PPE.

AFAIK, children in schools where mask mandates inplemented don't have any rest time, punished for wearing mask formally on a chin and didn't get good money compensation for heavy contitions of work.

In any case - do you have any data showing that surgeons IQ is not lowering with time they spend wearing masks? Or may be there any papers with such research or at least publically available data with results of periodic IQ measuring of surgeons along with their legth-of-service we could use to check your theory?

May be wearing that stupid stone-age tissue sugical masks by doctors is a direct cause of one of the reasons why medical error took leading places in top of death causes.

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That is interesting not because some company was "hacked", again, but because there suddenly exists some company nobody knew about that turn out to service SMS messages all over the world for many years without any mobile operator customers knowledge.

Interesting how it looks from the side of laws. Customers of mobile operators don't give access or permission to that company to deal with their SMS's, nor sign any agreement with it to handle that private correspondence. IDK, it is like you send a paper mail from USA using USPS to, say, Russia where it will be handled by Russian Post, thinking that there are only USPS and Russian Post will deal with your mail according to laws of Universal Postal Union and constitutions of both states that grants the privacy of correspondence and then discover that there is some unknown company with murky jurisdiction status owned by TPTB (Carlyle Group) who have full access to the contents of your paper mails.

PS: Possibly there is a tons of such shady international proxy companies owned by TPTB who have access to all private information you could imagine, some "dispatch" phone calls, some "take care" of your medical records, some "secure" your commercial secrets, some "store" states military info, etc. without any knowledge of end customers who think that they deal with white law-abiding services who signed privacy protection agreement with you. Since all that TPTB proxies have access to everything, all that wars, elections, bankruptcies, health care, economic crisises, nearly everything social, political or economical is just a directed by TPTB performance and never was anything more.

Interesting that for internet they had to create giant centralized honeypots like Facebook or Google/Apple to put their hands on peoples communications.

Never outsource anything critical.

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In Russia most people don't give a fuck to all that shit now, even ones who take it seriously at the beginning.

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Nice example that any simulation means absolutely nothing without replicateable experimental confirmation.

No replicateable experimental proofs for simulation - there are absolutely nothing to talk about, take your shit back and show your experimental results that show your simulation valid. That is how it works in real science.

This applies to every single simulation - from simulations of nuclear reactors or electronic circuits to all that "climate change", "terrorism", "covid" and "cyber attacks".

Talking specifically about MSM and government, If you see a reference to any "simulation results", it is like big red flashing warning with sirens - "This is a total bullshit".

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moving to the bush.

It is an excellent idea, really. I think people should not live on the heads of each other. But you don't have to loose anything moving to the bush. You could even acquire more you ever had in city.

Why there is some strange believe that "moving to the bush" is something like travelling to stone age? That is absolutely not true. Modern technology and materials allow you to live in bush without any discomfort and have everything that one who live in town have and even much more.

You don't get fucked when moving to the bush. Really you are fucked if you still live in town.

If you are really interested, start with searching for, f.e. "post frame pole barn house" (easiest way to build a large house with minimum effort), you will find numerous success stories of how people make their life much better moving to the bush with enough details to get the ideas and start your own.

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