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The whole point of religion is that you believe in something. All other things, outside your religion, need to be known, so have to be proven.

So, I believe in God, soul, eternal life, free will, and other transcendental stuff. Orthodox Christianity gives a complete consistent and logical picture of transcendental side of our existence. All other things need hard scientific proof.

Since there is nothing in my religion about psychology and around, psychology have to be scientifically proven, beginning from its right to exist at all.

Psychology obviously does not sustain even first step of questioning.

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Stress, anxiety, and depression do not exist?

Yes, they do not exist. It is artificially created terms that sounds like something scientific and medical to describe absolutely normal and often very useful human mental states in wide range of circumstances as kind of ilness that need to be treated by "specialists".

You are a materialist

I'm Orthodox Christian.

Do you also believe that IQ isn't real, at least how we measure it?

IQ as a measure of overall intellect is not real. IQ measure mostly pattern recognition and attentiveness, not, say, ingenuity, creativity or other integral parts of intellect. It is very narrow testPerson with high IQ could be dumb. Simpliest example are authists who could have high IQ but have little intellectual abilities.

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You think WWI medics witnessing a man's nervous system snapping

Well, nice picture - a solder with shot-through lung, bleeding and in insane pain observed by a doctor as a person with mental problems. It is fucking hillarious.

Again all that "stress", "anxiety", "depression", "PTSD" bullshit. This things just does not exist at all.

What is really happening when so called psychologist do his shit: He began to push on subject to find something he want to find in subject. It is pure programming. That makes subject insane and mentally unstable. All that self-digging and self-analysing mixed with introducing necessary narratives could easily fuck subject up. If you so like papers, then read something about "nocebo effect" or "prevalence inflation" f.e.

Continuously pushing subject with "questions" like "Don't you feel anxiety?", "Recall some shit from your past you never think about", "Think about yourself" and so on is a literal psychological abuse close to NLP. If psychologist stubborn enough, he could easily make a mental invalid from perfectly healthy person. First, psychologist literally braking person self-confidence (the basic mental protection of healthy person that makes human sane and mentally stable) forsing him to doubt in himself, then began to put that crap about whatever psychological disorder.

You don't understand a simple thing. I dare to question psychology itself, as whole. And it's not hard to find that everything psychology use and force is just made up and does not really exist.

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Acknowledge the evidence I presented,

You didn't present any evidence at all. Psychology you refer to is the worst example of disciplines that want to look like science but constantly fails. Psychology experiment repeatability and paper reproduceability is even worse than for sociology. It is a level of astrology, really.

You don't have any scientific evidence, and try to point me to the obvious scam that even does not sustain simple logic check of basic dogmas.

You can't make it while you have a country with huge BigPharma influence where PTSD is a thing and another country where pharma is just an industry without PTSD.

It does not differ from "transgender", "anxiety" or "CRT". Things that exist only on the West. I'm shure that this non-existent crap also have papers, studies, lectures and wide representation in MSM and culture. But that does not make that things real.

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I think we observe a competition of different NWO leaders wannbes. There at least Western and Eurasian players, may be also others, like kind of international corporate force and so on. Gamemasters watch who will deserve to lead NWO.

Western game is pretty straightforward - forcefully push everybody into brave new world where Western aristocratic families will rule over dumb mass of sheeple under strict control of letter of law. Eurasian approach is different - make the world so connected that NWO will evetually become inevitable and self-installing with ethnic and cultural differences that will be erased by itself. Possible corporate approach is to make everyone a consumer and obtain total control over them through control over necessities.

Interesting, that from famous public bastards, Soros actively stand for Western variant, while Kissinger stand for Eurasian one. Schwab seems to be standing for corporate variant.

In the background we could find several globalist projects that implemented everywhere, regardless of side. This could be a proof that final goal is the same for all players, but that discord among elites have to be resolved in a fight.

Something like that.

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Something measured and weighed via modern psychology

Psychology is not a science at all. It is a cult based on bullshit of disguisting kike pervert Sigmund Freud.

I could create such "psychology" out of thin air in a second. F.e. : "All human behaviour subconsciously directed by the desire to produce as much poo as possible." Here we go. Using this bullshit I could easily "explain" any "psychological" thing in the same way as any approved psychologist. Humans even have sexual attraction just to produce another human being that will produce more shit. Easy and simple. That is your psychology in a nutshell.

Only man in the whole history of psychology who somehow tried to do something really useful was Lombroso. But he was later ostracised for very obvious reasons - just look at the faces of modern politicials or those psychologists f.e.

That "traumatising event" nonsence that is declared as PTSD reason is purely fictional construct. If it was real, then, same "traumatising event" have to always produce exactly same PTSD in any person. But it does not. Ergo, this theory, and PTSD thing are not valid.

Humans have a lot of "traumatising events" in their lives, but only very tiny part have some mental disorders then. Trying to conclude that it is "traumatising event" lead to PTSD is just unscentific and no different from trying to conclude that PTSD is caused by drinking water, because every person with PTSD drinked water.

It's disgraceful.

What is really disgraceful, is trying to argue with somebody using some old kike pervert vomit named "psychology".

You could easily find a lot of potential causes for PTSD. Real ones. F.e. - desire of BigPharma to sell drugs to vets at expence of taxpayers money. It is much more real, than some psychologist fantasies.

Why I insist on Russia example of PTSD non-existence? It is because Russia is a country of vets families. You will not find a family without a real battle veteran or few. And if PTSD ever was a real thing, then it would be widely known even if governement for any reason tried to deny that (we don't give a fuck about what governement want to deny if its real). PTSD thing appeared in Russain mass-media only after USSR fall when Western swindlers began to sneak into. Psychology, as finding different mental issues in paying clients was not even a thing until Western NGOs began to fund all that psychological help practicioners and all that stuff. Of course their results are not different from astrologists or fortune tellers. Some people fall for that crap, but most despise that completely alien shit.

Mental health problems are in sphere of psychiatry, not psychology. But people with mental diseases were never allowed for military service here, even in times of war. And as I said, mentally healthy people can't become mentally ill just because of doing right thing - fighting for their own.

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After the American Civil War, they called PSTD "soldier's heart"

So, no any scientific, measureable and proven by experiments facts. Some feelings and literary forms.

after and during WWI it was called "shell shock" and many soldiers from all nations had it.

"Shell shock" is just a mechanical brain concussion caused by nearby blast pressure wave. Not any different from any other consussion by consequences and repair. If brain was not irreversibly damaged, then there could not be any consequences for mental health. It have absolutely nothing to do with what is posed as PTSD at all.

Of course, soldiers in war could get severe, brain damaging concussion from a blast (shell shock) or a shrapnel inside a skull that damaged part of brain. This could cause mental problems. But it is brain injury that causes mental problems, not the fact of their participation in war. Just like brain injury and following mental issues due to car accident or employment injury.

Soldiers could get wounded. But they can't suddenly become insane just because they participated in battles.

In literature, Odysseus in the Odyssey sure acts like his had PTSD. There are lots of examples historically.

Do you understand that Odysseus is a fictional person?

like Russians are supermen and never had shell shock.

Russians are just normal humans, and that's all. And "shell shock" just like other concussions is nothing special or exceptional for us. It's just consussion, nothing more. We don't create fictional things to cover up some shit.

And this "Superman" thing - it is not occasional, that you used that cultural reference. Don't you find interesting, that Russians have no any need or tradition to create fictional heroes with superpowers? We don't have "supermen" or "superheroes" with "superpowers" in our culture. Our heroes are real ones, even those from ancient legends. If American cultural elite like to make up fictional heroes, it is pretty valid to assume that they will actively make up other non-existent things, like PTSD. It's just kind of cultiral thing - make up things that does not exist if it suitable for something.

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you're the worst troll account

Yep. That's because normal thinking people are not trolls like you, they don't have troll skills of evading discussion or whatever.

And you still didn't present any sane proof that PTSD exists. You are definitely much better in trolling than me.

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Yet another Zelensky. Will do shit with the country and then will be thrown under the bus.

Argentina is resource rich and relatively developed country, but political establishment continously do everything to keep it close to the bottom. Only 100 years ago Argentine was succesfull country with good perspectives. Somebody didn't like that.

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You don't like truth, aren't you? I understand that to be fooled like idiot with some crap like PTSD, COVID or Holocaust is pretty isulting, but it is your problem, not mine. :)

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Do you have any scientific proofs, confirmed by independent experiments that PTSD exists? Obviously no. Sorry, but your PTSD crap is just another hoax.

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PTSD does not exist. This shit was invented by US military to cover the fact that they intentionally hired/drafted mentally ill men into army. Mentally ill soldier did shit at war, went even more crazy and retrun back home with completely broken mind.

There was no any PTSD after WWII in USSR. And obviously, Russian soldiers and civilians expirienced much more war shit than any US soldier or civilian at any given time and in much larger quantities. Of course they had some skills, habits and developed enhanced senses and reaction useful in battle or under attack, but they was completely normal and succesfully rebuild country after severe war, made healthy families and lived normal lives. Today, those who come back from Ukraine war also don't have any of that PTSD shit. Usual people with military past, similar to generation that won WWII, nothing more.

Of course war is horrible, but it could not do severe mental damage to the mentally stable human. Fighting against enemy is a normal human behaviour, basic instinct to protect family, etnicity and nation. Normal things don't fuck normal people minds.

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They are going to nuke some shit and blame others for it.

This will make things much worse for them. Everybody know that Jews do have nuke and boldly lying that they don't. Also, they did a lot to make their "Samson option" widely known.

Whoever will really blow nuke in ME, nobody will ever believe that it is not Jews.

Such event will guarantee Israel extermination by its neighbours.

From the other side, elimination of that shitty and illegal Israel state will give Jews next thing to play victim, in replacement of weared out holocaust bullshit. It could be their real goal, just like with holohoax. Do some insane shit, then be beaten, use that to gain unaccountability for future crimes. This, of course will put the end to Jewish dream of Third Temple and all that crap, but they lived without Israel and Third Temple for 2000 years, so they easily could do that for yet another millenia or few, doing their usual shit parasitising on world societies.

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A lot of tanks and armored vehicles was blown in Gaza, and nearly same amount, if not more on the Lebanon border. Usually that means also noticeable personnel losses.

In addition, Hezbollah methodically destroy all Israel installations on the Lebanon-Israel border, there is literally nothing left from fortifications and surveillance systems Israel built since 2006. This means personnel losses too.

I think something interesting is cooking up on the Northern Israel border. Israeli settlements near border become abandoned, and any attempts of IDF to repair or reinstall surveillance infrarstructire is instantly suppressed. AFAIK, Israel lost control of its Northern border already, but Hezbollah didn't advance or anything, they just keep border destroyed. Only thing Israel could use ther is satellite surveillance, but this terrain is hilly and covered with bush/forest, so satellites are not very helpful.

Another interesting thing - Iron Dome turn out to be Iron Sieve. A lot of arrivals on the targets in Israel cities. Too many for simple rockets and "world best anti-missile system". And nobody used something like Shakhid-136 drones yet.

Despite all Western propaganda, something already going very wrong for Israel. IDK about Israel neighbours plans, but there is non-zero probability that Israel is already fucked. Will see in month or two.

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Looks exactly like rants of Ukraine spokepersons, politicians and "experts" some time ago. Saw this shit a lot, and pattern is very familiar.

It's exactly same textbook. Hiding huge military losses, waiving with some "wunderwaffe"'s, whinning about non-existent or self-inficted civilian casualities, blaming rivals with all possible sins, begging billions, "winning" in propaganda battles instead of real ones, issuing empty threats and so on.

Why do they think that if it didn't work for Ukraine, it will somehow work for Israel? Doing exactly same thing again and again in the hope to get different result is mental illness.

IDK, for me, it looks like that arrogant Jews are loosing and desperate.

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Interesting, how that happens that there is any sales of artificial lemonade made from chemicals in a country where lemons are domestic product, and not even expensive one?

IDK, it is like selling artificial flour in Russia made from chemicals instead of real wheat/rye, artificial mashed potatoes in Belarus or artificial apple pies in Poland.

I could get the idea of selling instant coffee, or premixed cake mix, people are lazy and all that stuff. Also I understand that making ready beverages in bottles/cans from chemicals could be profitable, as they will have much longer shelf life than natural ones. But there is no any difference between making lemonade from a fresh lemon with spoon of sugar and making lemonade from that powder.

Does anybody really buy that stuff, or it is just occupy supermarket shelves since it have long enough shelf life and stores like long shelf life products?

Really, I don't see anything really harmful in the list of ingridients of that powder, titanium dioxide is just white pigment, naturally occuring in soil in noticeable amount, so you are daily breath it with soil dust while there are no rain. But the whole idea of making things like this lemonade powder makes me puzzled.

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I'm more optimistic, I suppose that it is their ignorance and incompetence will save billions.

If competent people they try to kill or replace are really competent, then they are definitely able to circumvent or workaround shit created by much dumber persons. If they can't do that - I have doubts in their competence. To be competent you need at least minimun critical thinking skills. If you have them, you will figure out what the hell is going on, and being competent you will avoid their traps. At least in general.

It will be a cascade of failure and death.

Humans are really pretty good in failover, fallback mechanisms and workarounds when they really driven into a corner. In Russia we passed through a lot of shit after USSR fall, but losses, even been noticeable, still was not critical. And we had pretty lazy and comforted population. We had every thing West afraid of today. They are not as scary as they could seem (or as MSM tries to make you believe) to be. Everything is solvable and survivable. The worst thing you could do is to surrender before it all even seriously started.

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No, I downvoted/updownvoted topicstarter, also downvoted/undownvoted myself. Works as expected. Too lazy to create another account.

I usually don't care about that upvote/downvote crap, but looks like I was noticeably downvoted here, f.e. - https://conspiracies.win/p/17rlrS9zoF/solar-superstorm-could-wipe-out-/ Looks like it works and those who don't like what I say could downvote me without problems.

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Yeah and its not like they dont already have an extensive profile on every one already anyway.

If you are care about three-letter agency surveiling you in your country, and for some reason don't want to use decentralized solutions, then just use communication platform in a country wich is declared rival to your country government. If you are in USA, then, obviously you don't give a fuck to Russian FSB, f.e.

Billions are going to die and we cant stop it.

They could kill billions some time earlier, but today I think they already passed a point of no return and don't have that option anymore. To kill billions you have to be smart enough to avoid suspicions, resistance and consequences. I don't see anybody smart enough among modern elites. And I don't talk about celebrities and politicians puppets of TPTB, I mean TPTB themselves and those who behind them. It is not clear who is fucked up - top masters or that shadow low level dudes who pull the strings here, but they definitely fucked up. They fucked up with multiple things, and it is very obvious now. Just imagine, f.e, if coronahoax would have been perpetuated by smart and wise enemy, not by those idiots. Thoroughly, without rush, with clever programming and propaganda. We definitely could easily get billions of dead people. But we didn't.

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If you account videos as a proof of anything, then, you are too late with your concern.

Videos, pictures or words are not proof, in the best case they are supplement material or a hints for something. Facts you didn't witness by yourself are discovered by their consequences and things around them.

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Had no any problems with registering through VPN. And I don't give even a tiny fuck about ADL/FBI/CIA/ATF/IRS/whatever at all. They are absolutely nobody for me and could go fuck themselves.

The worst thing I noticed about this site is that it uses shitty Cloudflare service as frontend proxy. This means Cloudflare have site certificate private key, so it could interfere in site trafic and modify its pages for the users at will.

I don't care who run this place as soon as they don't ask for phone number, e-mail or whatever things absolutely unnecessary for registration and use.

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Wait a second. When corporations was able to pay providers for prioretization of their trafic over trafic from people, it was somehow better?

Net neutrality is a basic principle of Internet reliability. Every IP, port and protocol is equal. There is no difference between trafic from fucking Google or trafic from some conspiracy theorists forum. If that principle is not enforced, Google could pay providers to prefer Google trafic over conspiracy theorists forum so that latter will become nearly unuseable. So they do exactly that AFAIK. That is why torrents trafic become slower, f.e.

Any bans or whatever FCC could demand from providers under that law is nothing comparing to the prioretizing trafic from corporations, because bans could be easily circumvented without any noticeable losses while it is not easy to do something if your channel is mostly sold to some corporate shit and there is no place for trafic you need. No proxies of VPNs will help in latter case because their trafic will be heavily discriminated too.

So, it looks preferable to have state bans with net neutraliry than corporate driven discrimination of independent hosts without it.

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If they really cared about privacy of their citizens, what prevented them from using Monero type of blockchain where nobody except sender and receiver could see transaction? :)

And it looks like they themselves want to use their CBDC, so they want hide their own transactions from the public.

That's again prove the theory that they really believe in their own bullshit they create for others. IDK, but it is insane.

Let them do it. They will screw themselves earlier than they will screw others.

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